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Found 8 results

  1. The Plague was founded by Charles de L’Orme in 1620 in Naples, it rose to power and later spread throughout Europe, and as of recently in 1988 it also spread to America. The group found heavy resistance in the conquest for power and was almost extinguished by the FBI in the early 2000s, but luckly bounced back In 2019. Their current objective remains the same, conquest. With the new leader that rose to power, the Plague will become unstoppable, a new dawn has come down upon us, and it is up to him to embrace it and fullfil his destiny. The new leader had just recently discovered his bloodline through an envelope, that was left to him by his ancestor. Upon opening the envelope he discovered a family tree that leads back to the 1600s, a note containing the location of where he can find his ancestral family ring and insignia, with it he also discovered where his allegiance lies The Plague. This where it all starts…. Ranking System Don (Leader) Consigliere (Counselor) Maestro (Master of Weaponry/Drugs/Thefts/Assassinations) Assassino (Assassin) Soldato (Soldier) Associato (Associate) Dresscode The dresscode applies to using a all types of suits and a bird-like beak mask, along a brown tie, shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, an outer over-clothing garment and dark pants, all of this is optional except for the MASK.
  2. Let me preface this by saying that I am by no means a licentious woman, overcome with desire and incapable of restraint. I treat my romantic dalliances like business investments: I think them through thoroughly, weigh pros against cons, and finally once I've mulled it over enough in my mind, I make a tactical decision. Keeping this in mind, the men I find myself drawn to are no brawny hoodlums. You won't find me eyeing a common bruiser or a stevedore. I'm interested in scintillating conversation. I am myself in possession of a classical education; I know Greek, Latin, natural philosophy and lyrical poetry. I want a man to thrill my mind as much as he does my body. I want my horizons broadened, but I am also insistent upon standing on equal ground with my companions. Mind, not that there have been that many of them. If you must know, I could count them on both hands with several fingers left to spare. With that out of the way, I will make my case. In these cold winter months I've found myself longing for a warm body (attached to an enlightened soul- or is that the other way around?) to wrap myself around. I do not often get sentimental, but there's just something about a gentleman calling upon you that no woman is immune to. Feeling treasured, cherished in that way. Nothing quite compares. In my professional life I am ruthless, curt, to-the-point, often described as rigid and unpleasant, but such are the ways of business. I often offset these qualities in my personal life by taking on the role of a kitten behind closed doors. I want to be prized and lavished with gifts. I want to be the light of one's eyes. It is with these sentiments in mind that I am making my search for a male companion known. The gentleman must be discreet, on account of my life in the public eye, and my fragile reputation. I do not subscribe to the belief that society must be stratified, and so you will not be rejected on the merit of your social standing. That being said, a man leading a life similar to mine will be favored as I believe we will be mutually encouraged to remain discreet and not partake in dangerous, petty games. A few notes: you must not mind me looking busted af first thing in the morning) I sometimes experience problems with cash flow, which comes with the territory when you're trading internationally. You will sometimes have to lend me a few bucks (nothing more than $30,000) I promise I'm good for it. My reputation is Teflon. I'm a devout subscriber of the fruitarian diet (like my peer, the late Steve Jobs GRHS). Listed amongst the common side effects of this diet are fatigue, which fortunately doesn't affect me, and flatulence, which unfortunately does. I do not have much to say about this- you either like it or you do not. I'm told my gaseous releases smell like Victoria's Secret Body Mist if you clench your nostrils just right. I do not snore, but I might Batista bomb you in my sleep. Fret not, however. I'm sure you have a guest bedroom you can bunk down in. Nothing is ever for certain, but I hope we can find a common thread and connect. You never know: sparks might fly. If you wish to make your interest known, you can reach my assistant Star at 3333356. Most sincerely, Eve "E.V.E." Ghandhari
  3. For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the Grove Street Families faction thread: GSF or also known as Grove Street Families are a street gang that operates from Grove Street or also known as Ganton. Ganton is located in Eastside LS and after the activities by GSF in Ganton it slowly became their main stronghold and now runs with the name Grove Street. The main origin story of Grove is unknown but it's known for Grove to be the or one of the oldest gangs in the city. The gang started gaining major notoriety near the 1980s from Ganton and spread out claiming the whole block. The Circle in Grove Street is one of the most scared and respectable spots, recent leadership mostly lived in the houses around the circle in grove street but once the respected G-King passes the torch to the up and coming double O.G or next G-King they are expected to move into one of the houses and pursue full operation from that area. As shown by History the names of the leaders from GSF have all made the names for them self. Now it's time for the Young Bloods and real O.G GSF members to reunite and bring respect, hustle, and loyalty back to the hood. Gang activity as a Street Gang GSF seem to be the most organized out of all the Street Gangs in LS. They follow Strict rules and keep their business running smoothly with good leadership and planning. They mostly operate from The circle located in Grove Street and try to keep it open for their customers, stepping on their turf can be seen as major disrespect towards them so it's not recommended to pull up unless invited or interested in the "product". Goals GSF next goal is to get a foot again in the gun trade but they are still reestablishing them selfs after recent events of vacating members and leadership. Grove Street has never been as active as it is now. The new kings have major plans for the streets and they intend on regaining control of the east side again. Corruption has spread across the country and it has reached the whole new level compared to what it used to be in the 1990s. GSF used to fight LSPD corruption but after defeating it and staying low. it's slowly managed to vex itself back into the city. Death of African-Americans has never been as high. Racist organizations, Corruption, and Enemies of Grove are all major targets and won't be taken lightly. These are some of the problems GSF works to solve and will, with time. Ryder was born in South Side Los Santos, in Ganton that is. Due to his close relationship with Carl 'Tyson Black' and Smokey, he got involved with the criminal life more. Ryder was expelled from high school for assaulting a teacher who was wearing Ballas colors, although Ryder claims he is 'too intelligent' for school. He's been a drug dealer since the age of ten, never stopped doing this. Ryder is one of the three G-Kings grove has, Grove Street Families does not have ONE leader among them. They have three G-Kings that rule the Grove Street Families that you can see above. ((OOC Section)) The Grove "Code of Honor" is 4 OOC rules everyone and even the brand new members are expected to follow and they are the following: Every single member is responsible for research about GSF and is expected to have HEAVY RP with no intentions to sabotage RP for other players on the server. Every member is supposed to base their character progression on GSF. That means once you are invited into GSF, we expect everything in your past life to be forgotten and only focus on the gang, once you are kicked/removed from the gang your character will be most likely be CKed by the leadership after agreements You are expected to follow server rules and if punished you should expect the same OOC level of punishment in the gang. For an example, you might be kicked for breaching any type of Server rule. You are expected to inform management of any issued punishments as well. You are expected to be able to RP properly with others. Be open-minded and be nice to other players of ECRP. If you are OOCly being negative or bringing us a negative picture you will be immediately removed This entire faction thread is Out Of Character, you may not use any of this information In Character. FACTION THREAD NOT FINISHED YET
  4. What is a Vice Lord: The term Vice Lord has various meanings. Vice means weakness, Lord means ruler. Thus Vice Lords are weak to the flesh as it relates to human faults, but are rulers under the dispensation of Allah. A person is a Vice Lord by choice as s/he is initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, nevertheless; women are called Vice Lady. The word Vice also means strong grip as in Vice President. Vice Lord meaning the "Strong grip of a Ruler". Rules for members/non-members: -Don't flag, stack, or otherwise rep affiliation to any gang if you don't have permission. -Electronics stay in pockets after night, only phones, but straight to face no texting. -Nods are most common for of random respect, but if you know the dude it is what it is. -If someone has a nickname, don't call 'em out of it, especially around people you don't know. Vice Lord Nation structure: Vice Lords Symbolisms: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliation: People Ethnicity: All but mostly Black AKA: Almighty VL'S Colors: Black / Gold / Black-Red / Red Saying: If you ain't conservative you don't deserve to live / All is well / Fluid for life ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Where you can find us ? I am still working on a topic and gang. But I also need your opinion about it. If you are interested to play with us, write a comment or text me. It is important. It is not simple gang bang stuff. It is a small world with it's rules. If you want to become a member of gang you need to be on gang's location and follow the rules. Also you need to show proper RP level. It's better if your character is black, because gang members are conservative. It means they are still affected by slavery times in US.
  5. Front Yard Ballas are on of the oldest Gangs in Los santos since the 70's we have been dominating the city with our true brotherhood. We started as a gang of african americans and with the years we became a mixed gang but we keep our brotherhood intact because no matters what happen in our life the family are always in the first place. At the moment we are recruiting so we can keep our name in the most wanted records and in the mind of everyone that lives on Los Santos, we are looking for anyone that beleives in a family and power above all other things. Front Yard Ballas-Rules Gang Rules - (Rules that state, how you should Roll, in this gang) 1) Always Respect and Follow Order's From every rank above you 2) Always Respect Ranks above you, If Caught Disrespecting Anyone. you will be kicked. 3) Always Listen to the leader, who cares what anyone else says. Its all about The LEADER ! 4) Do not do any Business with any other family/gang without speaking to a Right Hand or the Leader 5) Always Role Play, and Follow Every rule in the server ! 6) Never Disrespect another member/Leader in our allies, it will result in a kick or Serious punishment 7 ) Not Following direct order's from the leader, may result in very high punishment. 8) Finally, Have Fun. Role Play Good. And Live free for the ghetto Front Yard Ballas-Application Form In Character Information: Name: Age: Job: Background Story: Why would we let you roll with us? Have you been recommended by one of us? Out Of Character Information: Age: How long have you been RPing? XP ? : Previous Factions: Do you understand every server rule? How much do you play a day in Eclipse? Why do you want to join the Front Yard Ballas?
  6. The Hurezanov Family History The foundations of the outfit began during the mass immigration of guest-workers to USA in the 2000's, and is run by the 3 Hurezanov brothers, Stanislav, Boris and Mikhail.Members of the organization are originally from Eastern European Countries, mostly countries of the old communist block, that know how to survive in harsh circumstances. With close ties with the Eastern European criminal enterprises, The Happy Shooter Firearms \LTD, supplies weapons and high grade war accessories to the whole of the U.S. on paper but it's employees are mostly involved in drugs and human trafficking, money laundering, fraud, extortion, jewelry theft, illegal gambling, loansharking, document forgery and property crime. It's members are often seen driving from town to town, making sure the supply of firearms doesn't go short, as well as attending gatherings and business deals with local politicians. Deeply reliant on loyalty, honor, and family, the organisation might appear to be "old-fashioned", but it’s the only way they can thrive in the continous struggle for supremacy. Present Mission: Nowaday, after having grown roots in the Los Santos Community and becoming a respectful citizen, Mikhail Hurezanov got both his brothers in the city to help him run the new business enterprises they plan on opening. The Three Brothers Being an ex army ranked official during the Crimean and the Georgian wars, Stanislav Hurezanov is the most ruthless of them, having tight ties with the gun imports. Boris Hurezanov is the business head of the 3 brothers, having graduated the Management and Accounting Faculty at the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University Mikhail, the youngest of the lot, came over to the Los Santos area, and started enjoying the life, made the right friends and is known as the pretty face, player and party animal of the brothers. The outfit’s hierarchy The Brothers - leaders the organisation; Underbosses - the associates who have proven their value and are highly regarded by most members; Lieutenants - the members that deal with day to day business deals and rackets; Soldiers - the members that help out Lieutenants run things smoothly; Associates -the members that are pending to actually be accepted by the higher ups. Home The HQ is the Happy Shooters Firearms impex LTD, and most business ventures are conducted at the other businesses the 3 brothers own or run within the county of Los Santos and it’s surroundings. THE HUREZANOV OATH: I am a member of the Hurazanov family, which is above me and my needs, I am here to protect it with my life, I swear to treat everyone in my family as they would be my true blood as I will get the same treatment from them, I swear to follow this oath till the day I die. I swear to: 1.ALWAYS RESPECT ONE ANOTHER 2. ALWAYS HELP ONE ANOTHER 3. ALWAYS USE COMMUNICATION 4. ALWAYS FOLLOW ORDERS 5. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR COLORS WITH PRIDE 6. NEVER SNITCH 7. NEVER BACKSTAB 8. NEVER LEAVE BEHIND 9. NEVER BETRAY 10. NEVER ABANDON Colors: The family uses color code All members are wearing an accent of white depending on their rank Associates wear all white. Associate Soldiers wears all white. Lieutenants wear all white, but more formal or expensive. Underbosses and The Brothers wear white top and pants of their choice. The Brother and Underboss The Family uses Black MATTE cars: Cars ALLIANCES (3): We always treat our allies with respect and help them in any way possible and we ask the same in return. WE WILL NEVER BETRAY THE ONES WHO JOIN US! THE DADDY FAMILY The Daddy Family THE PRUSZKOW & THE INDIAN MAFIA WAR (1): THE SAVAGES CONTACTS - APPLICATION FORM
  7. History The Unione Corse is a Corsican mafia criminal organization operating primarily out of Corsica and Marseille, France. Members of this criminal organizations, along with various other crime families, maintained the French Connection–a heroin trade monopoly between France and the United States from 1930. Since then our family has branched out and has recently made its way to Los Santos, with a new branch we need more manpower. What to Expect To start we're going to need to buy our own section of the city, then after that we can start large scale business ventures. Until then we are just raising money in every way possible, including your usual legal and illegal occupations, as well as any new creative ways to make money. We firmly believe in holding each other's back and when one of our own is at risk we will at drop what we are doing to help them. If you are part of our family, you will be expected to help fund us, but in return you get protection, friendship, and eventually opportunities for large amounts of money. How to contact us Either leave a message the Boss (2443233) or ask DJ (4269214) Who can usually be found by the pier fishing.
  8. xeater

    The Professionals

    The leaders of the professionals are made out of a bond family, Killing, kidnapping nothing is too crazy for them. Before the family was known for its gang activities they did a lot of bounty hunting. They were one of the best in the fields, everybody feared them. Everybody knew that you shouldn’t fuck with the family. they were so good that most of the time nobody noticed they had killed someone even the person who died hadn’t noticed. which explains the name of the gang” The Professionals”. They always make their victims bleed a lot so that there would be stained blood on the ground. When someone finally found the dead victim, they would be shocked by the stained blood which they did so that everybody knew it was them. In the prime of their bounty hunting career, even the police and government feared them. When the police found a body with black blood on the ground the police were so scared that they just closed the case so that they would not interfere with the family. Nowadays the family has made its name in the gang world. Black cars are everywhere and most of the gangs are aware that they shouldn’t interfere with the family. [IC] Note: Failure to follow can result in death. Please make sure you read and understood the rules. No man for himself. if you get in trouble or plan to confront someone. >always< inform the rest of the gang about this. Always wait for backup. Never mug a friend or allies of the family. Follow the chain of command. Never lead police to a gang hideout. Never snitch on family or friends of the family. Don't start or finish any gunfights at Bayview or LSC unless it's been approved by a leader Respond to any backup calls. [OOC] (( If you break any server rule you will be reported to an admin and you will get your punishment. We don't care if you're in the gang. Server rules need to be followed. If you break multiple server rules will result in getting kicked out of the faction. NLR: Our family is for life if you decide to leave, leaders decide you're not made to be part of our great family, or you have something holding you from being a member of the faction can and probably, if you don't have a strong enough reason to leave the gang, will be resulting in your dead.)) Not everyone can join this Family. Only people that we trust can get in. If you can gain our trust you're in, if you can't... Well, if you can't it will be a really sad end for you. If you're interested in joining the gang you can. You can find our contact on my business card. Contact today. Discord: https://discord.gg/T4Z5gSC
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