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  1. Norge + Eriksen = Motorsport 

  2. MotorSports is the best ūüíį

  3. Eriksen

    Option for the Chatbox not to Disappear

    That's not true at all, it was added by eclipse not too long ago. +1 from me
  4. Eriksen

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    James Eriksen 6M - Zentorno
  5. Eriksen

    Selling Super and (Sold the Boat)

    James Eriksen 5M - Zentorno
  6. I have just received word of your beloved sharkie, awfully sorry to hear such things to happen to such good people, stay strong.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  7. Eriksen

    Scammed by Jay Cartier, John Wu or Victor Silva?

    Had John Wu run away from a 500k dice loss at the bank yesterday actually, fairly sure he would have gotten away with it as well. Just pure luck that an available administrator logged in to handle the report. I know Jay Cartier has been doing similar shady shit, didn't know Wu was his alt at the time. Previously called John Wu afaik, ck'ed and renamed to Victor Silva.
  8. BR

    1. Eriksen


      Gang gang, I miss you bro!

    2. xicoloco14


      Do not worry hombre , Carlitos is coming to town. Well not Carlitos , his cousin Fernando ūüėé

    3. Eriksen


      A shieet, pull up
      Tell me if you need anything my man

  9. https://streamable.com/o08z8 Got a clip of them exiting PD
  10. Eriksen

    [ CLOSED AUCTION] International Online Unlimited

    1,500,000 - James Eriksen
  11. Eriksen

    [ CLOSED AUCTION] International Online Unlimited

    1,400,000 - James Eriksen
  12. haha gay

    1. Eriksen


      Stop bullying me... 

    2. Flucifial


      Bullying is not tolerated here at Eclipse Roleplay! What a naughty naughty NAUGHTY boy.



      P.S I am very disappointed.


      P.P.S Sorry for locking it


      P.P.P.S Not sorry


      P.P.P.P.S bad

    3. ChuckM


      This thread is only for golden banana holders. 

  13. Eriksen

    La Fuente Blanca

    Another shipment of Assault rifles have left the cache of La Fuente Blanca and have been transported to their new owner, which will most likely use them for the worst. In La Fuente Blanca's eyes, this is the perfect business strategy as guns have the tendency to create a bigger request for guns the more they get used. Being one of the last big suppliers of heavy weapons, they are experiencing a golden age.
  14. Eriksen

    Borrowed house x2

    Character to be refunded: Walter_Dark Date and time of incident: Bit over a month ago, whenever the script-wise owner got banned. Requested refund (what and how much): 2 houses Description of incident resulting in loss: Lost 2 of my houses when Lexa_Dagaslov got banned, Lexa owned both the houses script-wise to make it easier for us to store vehicles. I paid for both houses around January/December if I'm not mistaken, around 550k per house. The yellow house was borrowed out to @GaiusTavifor the longest time. It was however returned to me not long ago, then borrowed again to Lexa. Lexa_Dagaslov was staff at the time, so I didn't really consider it risky at all. The second house was bought by me, and scriptly owned by Lexa for a while. @Chirlon was there when I originally bought it. I have rented the second house to Tavi for a bit, but it has mainly stayed ours. No money has been involved in regards to selling/buying these houses after I bought them both. They have been rented out to Tavi at one point, but that's about it. Thanks!
  15. hey charlie 


    1. Eriksen
    2. TeamSpeakUser


      How have you been 












































































    3. Eriksen


      I'm doing horrendous after my beloved Sharkie got perma banned...

      How have you been?