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  1. Paid for car and repairs

    I can indeed confirm that the car blew up after getting a small bump in the rear end. HP on the vehicle went from 750HP to below 0 in a matter of seconds. @BallinByNature
  2. [Appeal] Roman_Stewart

    Please refrain from using any offensive language in OOC chat. Punishment will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  3. Amigo , hands up this is rob

  4. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Smith stepped down from Support Staff.
  5. Appeal Jeff Zed

    Punishment will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  6. [Appeal] Jacob Baker

    Cheating and hacking are in no way tolerated in our community. The ban will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  7. [Appeal] Jayden Baked

    Punishment will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  8. On a scale of 1-10: How much of a dick is Eriksen?

    1. Well... the answer is as simple as it sounds... an easy 9... out of 7!
    2. 10?
    3. Why the fuck am I reading this post right now and why am I wondering what the answer is gonna be?

    The answer is as simple as it might sound. James is not a dick. He is a pussy!
    And that is exactly why he is my ICs best friend and one of the best buddies to talk too OOCly...
    My IC is gay... and Eriksens IC is... probably mentally unstable or stupid or retarded or what do I know...

    So we can just do so much bullshit together. Badass!

    On a scale of 1-10, about why he is so awesome, he reaches the 9...  ´cause he cannot count any higher!


    (Let´s see how many people thought that the purple 9 is the answer to my question... and they were right...)


  9. Keys system/car hotwiring

    Locked and rejected as theres already another thread regarding the subject.
  10. LSC Shortcut problem.

    Implemented! Locked and archived.
  11. The locked up properties.

    Properties owned by inactive players will now eventually be sold. Follow the #announcements channel on discord to see when this is done. Locked and archived.
  12. [SUGGESTION] Clothing UI's

    "They will not be reverted, but they will be improved" Locked and archived.
  13. Make taxi requests require a phone

    Implemented! Locked and archived.