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  4. Eriksen

    Eriksen - Ban appeal

    Dear Founders + Head Admins, I have taken the time to consider the response and I will accept the terms of your offer. I would like to thank you for accepting my apology, and you can be assured behavior like this will not be repeated in the future. I would like to thank you for this second chance you have given me, and I look forward to coming back to the community. Kind Regards, Eriksen
  5. For some reason when I came on your profile, I had already written ''Lil Pump is a lyrical genius'' here, so I will just leave it there, hope to see you soon, James. ❤️

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  8. Eriksen

    Eriksen - Ban appeal

    Account name: Eriksen Character name(s): Taylor_Keller Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 01/Jul/2018 Reason given for punishment: Complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches, gross misuse of authority Your explanation of what happened: This is an appeal against the permanent ban against me which started on the 1st July 2018. This ban was initiated for the reasoning I, Eriksen, was: "complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches and gross misuses of authority. I believe the information which lead to this permanent ban was misinterpreted and construed in ways which are out of context. I hope throughout this appeal I may provide clarity to the evidence which resulted in my ban and removal from the staff team. The events that lead to my ban were as a result of myself being a member of "the Minorities" discord. This discord is a community discord consisting of around 150 members. Some of these members are members of ECRP. Unfortunately, some of which have previously have initiated or participated in conducting cyber attacks against the server. During my time within the discord group there was no meaningful discussion around the attacks that they committed, but on rare occasion, they jested about the times they did. As these individuals are permanently banned I did not see the harm in the jokes they made (as after being permanently banned they can cause no real harm). In hindsight, this behaviour is reprehensible and I regret being a party to such discussions greatly. One reasoning that has been provided to myself about why I was banned is: "the several failures in reporting serious information which you were trusted to report in order to uphold your duty to keep our community members safe from the types of people that do these types of egregious internet attacks". I can understand that whilst in my position as a server staff member, in the high position I was, I should have reported more of what I saw, whether it was a joke or not. Again, I sincerely apologise for this lack of judgement on my part. Unfortunately, I could not see then as I do now the error in my judgement; being party to the discord and occasionally taking part in discussions inside of it. My actions of recent, being inside this discord do not reflect my attitude towards individuals who wish to harm the server or cause harm to any user that plays on it. I have not and was never a party to any cyber attacks, and would have reported those actions if I ever feared they were taking place. I, therefore, refute the fact that I was ever complicit in any cyber attacks, in whatever form. I bitterly regret my actions which have resulted in my punishment. Whilst understanding that I have no place in the staff team. I would like to apologize to everyone that I have damaged from my actions, especially those that placed their trust and friendship in me. I hope this appeal is a step towards trying to undo the perceived damage I have caused to those around me, and that the evidence against me is a poor representation of my beliefs and intent. I hope from this appeal to be allowed back to play on the server as a player and come back to the community I have loved since April 2017. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My past actions were reckless and should not have happened. This ban has been a wake up call for me to examine my behaviour. It has made me realize how damaging my actions have been to those around me and that also how much I love ECRP as a whole. I believe I have learnt my lesson and I and am truly sorry for what I have done If you need extra clarification of any of the events, please feel free to direct them to me. Kind Regards, Eriksen
  9. plzz add me i want da good fucc

  10. Eriksen

    Bann appeal Tasnik

    Punishment will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  11. Eriksen

    Skarmyx - Dimitri_Gorbatsjov (Punishment Appeal)

    Hey Skarmyx! I'm glad you are still interested in playing on our server. The ban you received should only last for 72 hours (3 days), as it was not a permanent ban. Feel free to contact me either with a PM here on the forums or via discord if you are still unable to enter the server. Appeal Rejected/Locked.
  12. Eriksen

    Unban - Combat logging + lying to staff

    Thanks for making the appeal. After careful consideration, we have decided to give you another chance. Rulebreaking is not something we take lightly on EclipseRP, so I would advise you to strictly follow the rules moving forward. Any actions remotely similar will be met with a permanent ban. Appeal accepted/locked.
  13. Eriksen

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Papastouch has been promoted to Senior Administrator. Pazz has been promoted to Senior Administrator. BrainDed has been promoted to Administrator. TeamSpeakUser has been promoted to Moderator. Lewis has been promoted to Moderator. Triple Seven has been promoted to Moderator. PBAJ has been promoted to Moderator. Pazz has been assigned as Assistant Head of Administration.