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  1. Right now dealerships have 300 vehicles, scrolling through a super tiny menu takes forever, having some kind of search bar would make things way fast. Sorting by price would also be neat.
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 24.05.21 Character name: James Eriksen Issue/bug you are reporting: A lot of the "newly" added vehicles seems to end up in the wrong category in the buy menu. Heres some examples of vehicles that are in the compact category... Outlaw Sugoi V-STR Drift Yosemite Retinue Mk II Everon yosemite rancher Peyote Custom Gauntlet Classic Custom Seminole Frontier Glendale Custom Landstalker XL Penumbra FF there's vehicles from sports cars, off-road to trucks. I havent checked ove
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 24.05.21 Character name: James Eriksen Issue/bug you are reporting: Sports Classic category cant be minimized like the other categories in the dealership buy menu, this has been a bug for years ever since the classical sports vehicles came out. Expected behavior: clicking on the category does nothing, it should minimized. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: go into any dealership and try to minimize the sports classic
  4. Hey man I was told you could help me

    1. Eriksen


      whats your discord?

  5. This is Ruby. You are going to die

    Posted by AnonymousTOR-299siuad9n38edwd923idsi2-ed23ody32ufdp03j2=-ks-1j

  6. wanna join Shadow Cartel?

  7. Hey ID 123 here. We got a backup call about Millie possibly getting arrested north of Maze Arena and that she was carrying heavy ammo. I pulled up behind the arena and got into some bushes slightly out of sight, then pushed in closer once the call was made over the radio. As others have stated earlier, we intended to extract Millie from the scene, hence why we waited for triads to make sure we heavily outnumbered the cops. This did unfortunately not go as planned when two of the cops started shooting at us on the ground level, at which point I returned fire from above.
  8. Still an issue, yep! Methods Xoza explained above works as a workaround until a fix is pushed
  9. Website for ordering next time!
  10. Money was shown like that back in the day, it was removed to get a more minimalistic ui
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