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  1. plzz add me i want da good fucc

  2. Bann appeal Tasnik

    Punishment will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  3. Hey Skarmyx! I'm glad you are still interested in playing on our server. The ban you received should only last for 72 hours (3 days), as it was not a permanent ban. Feel free to contact me either with a PM here on the forums or via discord if you are still unable to enter the server. Appeal Rejected/Locked.
  4. Unban - Combat logging + lying to staff

    Thanks for making the appeal. After careful consideration, we have decided to give you another chance. Rulebreaking is not something we take lightly on EclipseRP, so I would advise you to strictly follow the rules moving forward. Any actions remotely similar will be met with a permanent ban. Appeal accepted/locked.
  5. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Papastouch has been promoted to Senior Administrator. Pazz has been promoted to Senior Administrator. BrainDed has been promoted to Administrator. TeamSpeakUser has been promoted to Moderator. Lewis has been promoted to Moderator. Triple Seven has been promoted to Moderator. PBAJ has been promoted to Moderator. Pazz has been assigned as Assistant Head of Administration.
  6. Guess I'll throw in a $40k bid on the legendary warrener. -James Eriksen
  7. Eriksen? More like ErikIsPrettyMuchOneOfTheBestAdminsHandsDownHeLovesToHoldAndCuddleWithMeAtNightAndSmellsMyHairWhenEverHesInTheMoodAndRavishesMeLikeABeerBraisedBeefBrisketSandwichsen. 

  8. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: thebossftw (Flucifial) stepped down from Support Staff.
  9. Is there a way out of this sex dungeon? 

    1. M_T


      Is there something you wish to tell us?

    2. LeftSharkie


      I don't think so... @Juholin

  10. LeftSharkie - Lexa Dagaslov (Discord Apeal)

    Horrible. Next tagging spree will lead to a permanent ban, consider this a warning. Appeal accepted.
  11. Thanks for making the punishment appeal. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as the story does seem plausible. I would like to remind you that macroing or using methods to circumvent the AFK script is against the server rules. Doing such behavior intentionally for a financial gain will lead to full account wipe with a solid ban. Appeal accepted.