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  1. Motorsport has been using Slumdumpkin Janitorial Services for around four years now, nothing but good service from this guy. Doesn't matter if it's oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid or other kinds of fluids, this man cleans it all.
  2. Eriksen


    Me and my fiance Lexa Dagaslov decided to hit up the Bean man himself for the possibility that we might want to hire him for our wedding. After a long and deep conversation with Bob at the Bean house, we decided to head home to try out the product. Bob invited us to a walk in the park, cake, and jet skiing the next day as well, which we happily accepted! After a quick sample of the Beans that Mr. Bob was delivering, it was very clear that he was the right man for the job! We hired Bob for a few hours while we had our wedding, and the experience was excellent, thanks for keeping the snooze fest alive, Bob! 😎
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 13.02.2019 - 8:50PM GMT+1 Character name: James_Eriksen Issue/bug you are reporting: Vehicle suddenly disappearing Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Placed a Dinghy on the high-end market place for 1M, the boat is gone but my bank value is still the same; 5M. /vehiclestats and the game panel does not show the boat. Vehicle license plate number*: UDGD2B2Z
  4. Account name: Left/Right Sharkie Character name(s): Lexa Dagaslov, Alex Keller Admin who issued punishment: NBDY Date of punishment: September 16, 2018 Punishment received: Permanent Reason given for punishment: Trying to create drama Your explanation of what happened: There are a few reasons which resulted in me being removed from the community. I want to lay everything out and be completely honest with what I did to receive this punishment so everyone understands. To start off I will give some context of how it started. On September 16, 2018, there was a staff meeting being conducted in discord. During the staff meeting, one of the support members pointed out how it’s quiet in #general, making a joke about players being afraid to talk because of the amount of staff being online. After that, I proceed to say“They ban for typing now? Thought it was just jokes”, which I got muted for in Discord. At that time I thought it would be funny to push it a bit further, so I logged in on my alt account RightSharkie which was already in the eclipse discord. I then proceeded to say “J-word is bad, I'm sorry”. After my bad joke, I got banned from discord. I then went ahead and pm’ed NBDY “ahahahhahaha you proved my point”, after which he responds that he is removing me from everything. This resulted in me getting permanently banned on Discord, in-game, forums and blocked by NBDY. At the time I thought the ban was not justified, but I now clearly see that such acts should not go uncalled for. Two weeks after the ban was issued, I tried to contact Osvaldon in order to find out if it was possible to get a reduced punishment, NBDY felt it was too early at the time. At later times I have tried to pm Ballin and Toony, but with no success. Why should your appeal be accepted? At the time of writing this appeal, it has been over five months since the ban. This has given me a lot of time to reflect on what I did, why what I did was wrong and how to improve, so I won't behave like this in the future. I'm deeply sorry for the drama and extra work I have created, that could be used on something more productive. I have already written a sincere apology to NBDY for being disrespectful to him, which I hope he accepted. I would like my appeal to be accepted because I want to come back to the community I was part of since the beginning of 2017, and continue to play with my friends. Throughout the two years I have played on the server, I have always done my best to follow the rules and tried my best to display a great quality of roleplay while doing so. -Sharkie
  5. Norge + Eriksen = Motorsport 

  6. MotorSports is the best 💰

  7. That's not true at all, it was added by eclipse not too long ago. +1 from me
  8. James Eriksen 6M - Zentorno
  9. James Eriksen 5M - Zentorno
  10. I have just received word of your beloved sharkie, awfully sorry to hear such things to happen to such good people, stay strong.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  11. Had John Wu run away from a 500k dice loss at the bank yesterday actually, fairly sure he would have gotten away with it as well. Just pure luck that an available administrator logged in to handle the report. I know Jay Cartier has been doing similar shady shit, didn't know Wu was his alt at the time. Previously called John Wu afaik, ck'ed and renamed to Victor Silva.
  12. BR

    1. Eriksen


      Gang gang, I miss you bro!

    2. xicoloco14


      Do not worry hombre , Carlitos is coming to town. Well not Carlitos , his cousin Fernando 😎

    3. Eriksen


      A shieet, pull up
      Tell me if you need anything my man

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