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  1. Money was shown like that back in the day, it was removed to get a more minimalistic ui
  2. Eriksen

    Wall of Scammers

    I would like to vouch for Lexa Eriksen. I hope that is okay that I vouch for her even though she are family. Thank you for your time James Eriksen
  3. Eriksen

    Wall of Scammers

    I would like to vouch for Jonas Eriksen. I hope that it's okay that I vouch for him even though we are brothers. Thank you for your time James Eriksen
  4. Outside furniture that was built is still gone, yes. We were told back then that a rollback was not possible as people had already started re-building on the properties, making a rollback hard to do. Guess this can be archived now @Osvaldon
  5. Hey men, just after a new jester classic, please respond when you can get me one, thanks

    1. Eriksen


      I'll hit you up in a year or two 

    2. Flucifial


      No meta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Eriksen


      ((In stock! 😎))

  6. Had this issue when I upgraded my company as well, server restart resolved the issue
  7. Still having this issue on all my businesses. Some house owners had luck with checking dim 21 and/or del resource files, this does not seem to be the case for business owners.
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