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  1. The screenshot attached is highly dishonest and portrays the context of the situation differently to how it was in reality. It cherry picks the moment where there was lots of people outside of the tattoo shop, and not when I began the RP of robbing the .50 from the man when they were all inside the tattoo shop, nor does it show the mass amounts of backup I had behind me
  2. I attempted to take the mans .50 as it had a silencer on it and we had multiple people in the area to provide backup and people on the roofs, we had around double their numbers in this situation therefore we was outnumbering them. https://prnt.sc/wbh0eu Do you believe that making yourself a sacrifice to bait a shootout between your two groups is in any way acceptable roleplay standards: I wasn't attempting to start a shootout, I was attempting to RP and take his gun and then leave but instead he powergamed. The reason I attempted to take his gun was because he was stood alone therefore no
  3. I thought my ally told her to get off the bike, not to leave. It was a mistake on my end, we offered a resolution but the other party wouldn't agree. I also pmed her on the forums but she ignored the message. I'll be much more careful on firing in future when others have made the demands and not myself. There was also an active shoot out before this and multiple dead bodies on the ground, you can hear shots in your clip too
  4. Same situation as above I have nothing else to add, also i've been banned for over 2 weeks or so and haven't died recently
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