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  1. XelaXD

    NonRP - ID 45 

    as you felt it necessary to question my honesty in your response id like to comment on the fact that boasting about causing someone to fall off their bike at high speeds in a public discord channel while being a high ranking member of PD is not a defence of your actions it simply makes me even more confused as to why you would do it, and if your goal wasnt to try and knock me off of my bike why would you make a streamable taking responsibility for me crashing?. As for whether the taser affected me im certain it did as my character fell from the bike before making contact with the barrier and w
  2. XelaXD

    NonRP - ID 45 

    Player(s) being reported: ID 45 Date of interaction reported: 8/10/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1602109151 Your characters name: Jeff Kong Other player(s) involved: Other members of PD Specific rule(s) broken: Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? In a police chase which was a result of me being involved in robbing stores a police officer tased me from my bike while I was travelling at a high speed. From other reports I have been involve
  3. ID 33 - Jeff_Kong I was refuelling at MP gas with the triad elegy and then within a minute or two a large number of Azteca's had arrived, an argument started and resulted in ID 143 pulling a gun and shooting at the elegy. my pov/footage has been sent to staff.
  4. [Buying] 3G anywhere - text 5283305
  5. [Selling 2G 450k custom interior] majestic apartment .77 price at door has 4 safes inside already
  6. [SELLING] maxed 1/2 turbo VSTR (custom plate - VSTR) Taking offers 5283305
  7. [Buying] 1G anywhere send offers 5283305
  8. Selling Maxed Mamba 1/2 Turbo Paleto HE 350k
  9. [SELLING] Apartment Alta Street 98. Price at the door - 400K
  10. Hello ID 233 here, just previous to the start of the video ID 24 had been told to get out of his vehicle. As shown in the video clip ID 24 Fled in his vehicle after having a gun aimied at him by one of my allies (ID 166). As ID 24 had been given plausible demands he failed to follow, he fled after having a gun aimed at him, one of my allies had started to shoot at him and he is the leader of a gang my gang is currently at war with I felt i was well within my rights to open fire on him. In addition to this I also ensured that I was unidentifiable by wearing my mask and inside a car with ti
  11. Selling a maxed Hakucho Drag: 1.2 at HE
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