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  1. Dont know why are people with good rigs giving their -1 when this whole thread is for poeple with low end specs to be ABLE to play the game. Its like prioritizing your trees over actual players that wont be able to play the server after the update.
  2. Nope. What's next? Supercars in dealership for 30mil? If the owners of the current comet retros do not want to sell their vehicle, that doesn't mean you should punish them with having it in dealerships.
  3. @Speed Racer as much as I respect what you said but this is mainly cuz you RP as a civilian. You dont chase nor get chased, you have nothing at stake except for maybe a race bid. Isnt that what everyone does on the server and also IRL? Grind for hours and days to get what the promotions or assets you want? Try RPing as a criminal on an alt character, dont grind, and please let us know how far you'll go. Low riders only come out for RP reasons, they dont actively use it. And it didnt cost them 2 mil. Back to the main topic, the drag nerf was definitely not ne
  4. Yeah that were the famous last words by Teejay, right before 3 LFM, including Teejay, get punished for DM. So please, lets not speak about "dont break rules" cuz rulebreaks happen from both sides, unintentionally. You know I respect you Jay but this is cap. FSO and TRCC only allied AFTER yous started hitting FSO not before. I was in TRCC myself and only joined FSO after the alliance happen. The LTUs did try to have a relations meeting with our alliance and were told they cannot, can be proven by logs or the admin that was attending the meeting whom I wont ment
  5. None of them were irl friends with us, neither were they ever on our freq and neither does any of us know a single one of them. Can you say the same about the ones your guys invited to your alliance, took pictures with, invited to freq with little to no RP and fought with them? Dont think so. Greetings from Lithuania.
  6. I'm glad that you've admitted to being part of the problem. As much as I want to say that my side was guilty of that as well, we were not. There's a side in this server that cant survive without having double the numbers of their enemy side, they're so deluded by the win mentality, thinking that 60v30 should be considered a win. Not purposely throwing shade but its quite obvious by the comments and reactions made by this side that they do not want a solution to the current state, they want to have 100 members, kick the rest of the server out, bully the new gangs and call it an "IC issue". This
  7. Ye, everyone noticed how the Lithuanians you had on your side had "right escalation and diplomacy RP"
  8. My story is the same as Lance's. I was driving on east highway when someone called for backup on the hills above sea lab. When driving there, they all went radio silent, so we all assumed they were down already, forcing me to try my best to get there before they were fully killed which is why I went off-road. I did try my best to not take any steep hills and only go for flat or slightly angled paths to where the shootout occurred and successfully did without getting my drag or myself damaged, but I do see how it can be considered non realistic. I as well thought that the rule-change regardin
  9. I was simply building in my new apartment, setting it up for future uses when Ash said he was going to sell a batch he just cooked at strawberry. Minutes after he called it, he did not reply on radio so I assumed something has happened, forcing me to stop building and go look for him. I started moving towards strawberry where I did find his bike but did not find him (can be seen in his video at 4:05). I circled around the block looking for his body in case someone has moved him and ended up finding him being looted by the reporting party. I also want to add that this is false. You had
  10. Oli

    Screwface Capital

    Best of luck lad, lookin forward to our interactions!
  11. Was never told to save POV so dont have one. Only started shooting after shots were returned my way. EDIT v2: Turns out I did save POV of that fight. Ignore the buzzing, its my broken mic. will be uploading it tomorrow.
  12. Oli


    Player(s) being reported: Hollow_Rose Date of interaction reported: 28/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1609113304 Your characters name: Oli_Volkov Other player(s) involved: FSO, TRCC, Irish, LFM, Aztecas, randos Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and
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