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  1. Ahhh I wish I could use shaders Wynncraft would look so amazing but I get 8-10 fps when shaders are active.
  2. Misochist

    The Misfits

    Howdy partners Anyone hungry? We're cooking up some snitch stew for dinner with some extra salt. -Jim & Mimi
  3. Salt is still strong
  4. One of your boys got kicked from Misfits You know who you are
  5. I have some extra popcorn, you want some?
  6. Am I in the Dead Sea rn? Cause I can feel the salt through here 1) Putting up a pic of your guys snitching is very badass 2) Yeah the meeting about neutrality where y'all brought out shotties but got clapped anyways 3) A whole para just for the Misfits? Y'all too kind. Thanks for the free rep ✌
  7. Misochist

    ID 69 DM

    Hi, I'm ID 69 It is stated in the rules provided that a player is allowed to attack another player if they "are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup." which is exactly what ID 178 did. ID 178 saw that his friend was being robbed and critically injured, which gave him a good enough reason to drive away to safety instead of circling around the scene. However, he chose to linger at a dangerously close distance. ID 178 kept circling around the active shootout MULTIPLE times which would show that he was not fearing for his life at all and breaking F
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