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  1. Would be very interested in buying one of the Paleto properties
  2. Skumm


    A Place To Call Home Left without a HQ from which to run day to day operations, more importantly a place to call home and with the offshore account having been cleaned out by the defectors, the familia needed to find a new HQ. Several locations were scouted and one stood out among them as the perfect place for the AZTECAS to call home. In order to make this place our home first the familia must buy the land so a plan was made between the high command and set in motion. For the next few days the money transporters were watched and followed around Blaine County, their routes, times, shift patterns all studied and noted. A meeting was called and a plan explained to the vatos. Money trucks were the target. The goal, not personal wealth, but rather a roof for the famila to sleep under at night. Every last detail was explained. Two Kamachos and a Rebela to transport the men and money, a drag to scout the area, tail the targets and keep watch. Each vehicle would be occupied by 4 vatos, a designated driver and 2 Men to unload the bags of cash from the truck and into the Kamachos and one to secure the money truck driver. The vatos set out, the plan was now in motion. License plates were removed from each of the vehicles, each of the vatos was masked and gloved to conceal their identity and avoid leaving any fingerprints behind. Guns were loaded, gas tanks were full, the Aztecas were ready. The drag tore down the road, in search of a money truck, while passing Braddock’s Farm the first target was sighted moving north as expected, the news was radioed in by the drags driver Apol and the rest of the vato’s moved out from Paleto heading south towards the target. The money truck pulled into the gas station opposite of North Lab, as the driver exited the vehicle the Vatos pounced, one man from each vehicle secured the driver. On his knees and petrified he dared not touch his radio, phone or panic button. The rest of the vatos began to unload the bags of cash from the vehicle’s rear, 7 bags of cash in total. The vatos were quick and efficient, the bags were loaded in a matter of minutes and they were all back in their vehicles before and out of there before any passerby could alert the authorities. The vatos went back to the hideout and laid low to let the heat cool down and prepare for the second hit. As night fell the vatos moved out once more. The target was spotted moving to Paleto from the east highway, its drop, an ATM just off the main street in Paleto, only meters from their former home, the Church. Once again, the plan went smoothly. The money transporter again subdued without a shot fired, the vatos loaded up the kamachos again and were gone before anyone else could know. Returning again to the ranch and safely storing the cash the mission was a success. All the vatos needed was the ranch’s owner to return from his foreign business trip so they could secure it as their new HQ, their new family home. Days and days passed and text messages did not deliver, no sign of the owner. The vatos were getting frustrated, while functionally they had been using the ranch as their own, they wanted it to be truly theirs but the owner was nowhere to be found. Out of nowhere on Tuesday in an ironic twist of faith, Carlos receives a text from the church’s owner. He needs cash and wants to sell the vatos old home, the church. A price was quickly agreed and a deal made and the church was bought, at this point only 2 Aztecas knew the church was ours again, Carlos who had done the deal along with Juan who had figured it out.. They had to let the rest of the familia know we had our home again. Juan changed his clothes, now dressed as one of the defectors, he bobby pinned from down the street as Carlos kept watch which they abandoned outside the church, Carlos and Juan went inside and locked the door. Juan handed Carlos his pistol, put on his new mask and got on his knees. Carlos made a backup call on radio; “Get to church now, all of you. I have one of them on their knees inside. Get here fast!” Every vato on the frequency dropped what they were doing and rushed to the church, ready to commit some heinous acts. Guns drawn they entered the church, and took the “defector” upstairs. On his knees guns pointed at him from every direction, Juan removes his mask. “WE GOT YOU! Welcome home vatos!” The vatos were in disbelief, shocked, delighted, confused, but it didn't matter, the church was ours again, our home was ours again.
  3. Skumm


    Can you show which one it is? Even a pic of the door?
  4. Skumm


    First posts are looking sick!
  5. someone else took it, sorry mate
  6. Can rent you a 1G for 8k per month ((1 ooc week)) has 900vol of storage #575-4703
  7. Thanks for the kind words
  8. Actions and Consequences A young Balla makes the mistake of putting his hands on an NLA vata, not only a chika, a member of High Command. Juan and Carlos both agreed, this needed a retaliation.First visiting the old Balla hood of Grove Street then a trip to Jamestown turned up nothing, the vatos searched and searched for Ballas all over the city, nowhere to be found. In the dead of night a group of vatos broke into the garage of a Balla higher-up, lock-picking their cars to lure them in. Once the opportunity presented itself the vatos pounced. Gunning down 3 purple clad men in the Ballas new hood Jamestown before setting upon the leader himself. Taken from his car, left protection less and friendless he was given a message. Set up a meeting and bring Devan. Mirrors (if blocked by YT in your country): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AQokAYP8SYz6bpsv0DnEJgrXBP5ooOk7 https://streamninja.com/v/j6YK6jkQDmqGP
  9. Thanks guys and well done vatos
  10. Congratulations on official WCA, well earned, look forward to RPing with you guys again!
  11. cant wait for the next one!
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