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  1. I think RP evolved naturally through dynamic IC events. I don't think RP is better without Irish, WCA, or Rooks. I'm leaving Vorys out of this because that was a personal IC vendetta and those guys are truly family. My point is, for every group that falls, another will take their place. It's funny that you mentioned Irish though, because all of this talk of the council is making me feel nostalgic. Considering Irish were founders of said Council and we wouldnt be here if it weren't for them. @alexalex303 I'm too stupid to double quote right now. My opinion hasn't changed. I think this effects both small and bigger factions. I don't have a single problem with people agreeing with the changes. I disagree, but that doesn't mean everyone has to. I don't think restrictions should be made like this, especially not like this, as in the grand scheme of things I feel it only serves to hurt factions rather than help them improve/advise them. Nothing changes for us as far as Council in the long run, we're still going to do the same shit. So not only is this restriction pointless, it just hits our recruitment RP directly in the gut and at complete random as well and that needs to be addressed, as a new cap wasn't needed. Also context does matter. My point in posting that is that when we were at war with Rooks, you didn't give a shit and proceeded to help this "council" stomp them out until they were damn near gone. You didn't care when it was you, Rooks and Vory fighting Aztecas and you didn't care when you were pushing around ballas until they had nothing left. Shit, when people were wanting to restrict IC relationships and progression through OOC means, you were NOT with that shit. So yes, I feel that now that the shoe is put on the other foot, your entire world view has changed. I'm not trying to be a cuck here, just something I've noticed from a few people so far. When they're the ones taking the fight to someone else, they could care less and when it happens to them, it's different it seems. Where was all that energy when you guys were helping us fight all these other gangs? No one seemed to mind the council then lmao
  2. My man honestly, the fact that you even mentioned the thread says a lot. If you think we're deadass going to spam our faction thread 24/7, you're wilding out. We post when something relevant occurs and that's evident by the amount of pages we have. We don't spam faction thread, thats not what we're here for. Preach.
  3. That's not a loophole. If people want to hang around us and bang shit out with us, we're not going to turn that down period. We can't have 60 members, but close friends are okay and the moment i get told that I can't hang out with another group on some abusive parent shit, that's it for me cuz. This is genuinely a step in the wrong direction and players are going to feel that one way or another.
  4. But we're not the ones getting a disadvantage, smaller factions are. They don't feel it yet because they don't have the time zone issues when it comes to being official, but once you become official and feel even the previous cap, you're going to be at a big disadvantage number wise. You see, the Council consists of multiple groups with multiple time frames. The problem here is putting in so much work involving recruitment, only to be told we're getting another cap out of nowhere. Cap or not, if people want to hang around Zetas, they will. We're not going to push people away because there's a new cap rofl. This legit only serves to cut member counts and that has absolutely no correlation to new factions forming in the future. We're going to do the same shit we did with 60 members, with the new cap. Nothing changes on that front. So no, it makes absolutely zero sense to implement a change that's as random and limiting as this. We've been abiding by the previous cap for two years, just to get fucked on and told it's being reduced, again. That's extremely disappointing and I feel like we're being treated like idiots honestly. Not to sound rude, but that's exactly how it feels. "Who gives a shit how it effects you, you'll play anyway and if you don't, bye" type of mentality. This literally got shoved down our throats at random. This also effects LoA's as well. With a 60 member cap, if someone makes an LoA for personal life reasons, you're able to slightly fill that gap. Now? When someone takes an LoA, you're short 1 man out of 40 and it's only going to get worse. I bet my bottom dollar that none of that shit was even factored in.
  5. I don't see how people are not comprehending that this player cap legit only serves to cut these factions entirely. As if some new gang is going to show up, have 40 members and all of a sudden his situation on ECRP improves because he has 20 less members. People argue "The Council" The Council will always be a thing, now you have less members, so good luck covering those time zones. During the next war @Icarus2766 you're going to see, that it's not just us that's limited, it's you as well. While you struggle to maintain against time zones, The Council will be just as big. I've also been noticing that these same people who held such a strong opinion on improving CrimRP in the past and telling people to "get over it" are the same people now flipping the script.
  6. That's not a "we're going to find out" situation. Let's keep it real. If war happens, people who are capped at 40 while we're sitting at 60 are fucked. Not only that, this does not speak for the other gangs who are with us regardless. All this does is limit newer factions capabilities. This is is cutting 20 people and closing recruitment completely otherwise. If you want to get a snitch into Zetas, GL with that. We cant recruit anyway.
  7. Are you joking honestly? If you think this cap will help smaller organizations, you're clearly not thinking correctly. If anything, this will harm them as now they have entirely no chance of reaching that point. You cant even fill in the void with more man power, you're literally going to get stomped out even worse now. You're going to have 40 members of spread out time zones vs an alliance of 120+ people still. This didn't change the outcome of smaller factions at all, if anything it made it worse on them, not better. Our recruitment is closed, but we don't have to remove anyone. So we can keep our 60, while you're stuck at 40. It makes ZERO sense to reduce our cap and forcefully close our recruitment.
  8. Just recently found out about the new member cap and I have to say, I'm extremely disappointed in this. It feels like we're being choked out until we finally lose air. Knowing our pre's are instant denied, knowing in order to recruit again, we have to kick 20 members from our faction, this is diabolical. I've been pushing so hard, making discussions and suggestions and trying to push change on a more controlled platform and it just seems pointless. We've been at the 60 cap for so long and built so much shit around recruitment and to get this shoved down our throats really says a lot. When we became official, we personally had to remove lots of members and now we're being asked to do the same thing again if we want to maintain our recruitment. I honestly feel like whatever I say is just going to be ignored, it really doesn't feel like anyone gives a shit. +1 on everything you said above.
  9. @Trenix Again, the point still remains. You seem to assume that the people here don't understand how to RP. I'm not against you when it comes to the constant mask wearing, I agree that it can sometimes be a bit too much. You're still walking that thin line again. You said it yourself, it's just a game, so we cannot expect 100% realism and that's the point, I agree with that. Should people run around chain robbing? No, you should be banned if that's the only reason you're on ECRP to begin with. Should I run up on you and rob you in a supercar? No, I shouldn't. And yet my fear is that I could drive an all black Washington and rob someone in that and yet people will still complain about it. You saying "You're stupid for robbing me because I have nothing" that isn't always the purpose of a robbery. If you were my die hard enemy and I could drive up to you and shoot you in the head at night time with a silenced pistol, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. If I see you and you're my enemy, the ONLY thing I can do is rob you in order to initiate that RP conflict. People tend to think that violence itself is nonRP on this server and that mentality genuinely fucks me up, I don't understand it. There's so much RP that goes into these illegal factions that it's pointless to push it all out here and yet some people think it's all just "rob, kill, steal, talk shit" There's so much diplomacy and overall politics that go into it and that seems to be the most ignored portion of CriminalRP. The mentality of "Just because I wasn't there, I don't believe it happens" There are plenty of factions that don't have "exclusive" weapons to import that do the exact same things, so that statement itself is pretty invalid. I'm telling you to pull your head out of your ass because you keep making this assumption that people are griefers and DMers for stating their opinion in a discussion post, as if you know these people and how they play the game. If you can figure out that not everything has to be realistic because it IS a video game, then you can also understand how certain limitations can severely disrupt conflict as an entirety. It's not all about robbing people, it's about the conflicts that stem from robbing people as an entirety. If two die hard enemies want it bad enough, telling them they can't because of some invisible barrier is just wild. I've seen two parties that wanted to rip each others head off, literally sitting there like "Uh...what do I do? I wanna kill you but I just cant for some reason" that shit is ugly as fuck to watch honestly. Two people scared of the other person reporting them. I don't see how anyone can think that's okay. Dude, I've legit watched people get off their bike and just aim their gun, hoping the other person aims back, to give both sides a reason to shoot it out. No demands, nothing. Just aiming. I'm sorry but that's funny as shit.
  10. I'm going to be honest in saying, the way you're speaking to the people in this discussion feels borderline narcissistic and arrogant. Saying people are thinking like griefers and DMers from stating their opinion in a discussion post. I think everyone here understands what you're saying, I would ask for you to stop making the assumption that your level of thinking is above the rest, it isn't. Now, the robbery aspect of this rule is effecting conflict as an entirety, that's the issue a lot of people are having with it. We cannot do a straight up drive-by on our enemies as that would be DM in itself. So what do you have as a form of conflict in order to further the RP scenario? You have the option of remaining alive after this altercation if I simply rob you. Robbing someone isn't about just taking their shit for yourself, a lot of times it is used to send a message. Frankly, I think I'm really tired of people using this "I'm a roleplayer, think realism" mentality, because in my humble opinion, that's extremely naive considering the circumstances. Let's say you were my enemy and I was following you with a specific agenda. We're both driving speed limit. You're going to press C and notice that I'm following you. Why? Because there are no NPCs. I don't care how realistic you want to approach things, there's certain times where you just can't. Examples of Non Realism? 1. Noticing someone is following you because there are no NPCs 2. Cops shooting micro SMG's in a high speed chase, because there are no NPCs at risk for cross fire 3. Carrying furniture items in your inventory. "Yo, I got a couch in my pocket, don't take it" 4. Making almost every drug with a weed plant 5. Static Drop off NPC's for drugs 6. I can kill 20 cops in one sitting, go to jail and come out that same day. There are SO many others. Does that mean the server is bad? Fuck no. The server is amazing and I'm completely addicted. Yet what I really dislike is people walking this thin ass line of "Think realistic!" and "Well not everything can be realistic, it's a game after all" Just because it's an RP server doesn't mean everything has to be realistic. Roleplay doesn't require you to base your entire character on reality, that's not even the definition of the word itself. Players are walking around with like 40 pages of their criminal record and cops are shooting fully automatic rifles in "populated" areas. The point of this discussion is to discuss the rule itself, no one has to agree with each other, merely voice your concerns. Take your head out of your ass and let's try being civil, rather than pointing fingers at each other and labeling people as if you know them and their way of thinking.
  11. Can ya'll shut yo asses up and stop arguing on a discussion thread? You don't have to agree with each other. I'm tryna let people have a productive platform to give honest feed back, don't roast each other. God damn.
  12. +1 Honestly, something needs to change and soon. CrimRP is dying out because people are scared to do anything out of a fear of an OOC punishment. I don't even care about PD anymore or prison time, it's the OOC punishment that may come along with it. I'll be asked straight up like "Is robbing someone here okay" and I don't even have the answers to that question and that's a problem. I need to know what to tell my guys other than "I wouldn't do it if we're unsure"
  13. +1 for sure. I don't see an IC reason for needing to type someone's ID in. If you're using it for RP, just use their full name or don't do it at all, seems kinda odd to shortcut that with an ID in the first place in something like the MDC. MG would be extremely hard to prove like that lmao
  14. Lmfao I was 100% with most people here until I saw this. My man, that's some grade A bs right there. I was a mechanic for SO long on ECRP. Two times bayview and extremely long term LSC. To say that ya'll don't ignore calls is a joke honestly. 100% We ignored the shit out of calls, especially if they were up north. I can be honest and say when I saw a call up north, I would look at it, begin typing out the command to accept it and then delete it like "Nah fuck that" Partly, these requests weren't accepted because a lot of the times, you would take like 10 mins driving there, just for the request to be canceled. To say that it isn't being ignored is to say that there isn't a single cop that ignores the impound. We're only human bruh, at least keep it 100. The reason why the mechanic service isn't responsive is because the Tow truck can be very tedious, barely rewarding (No labor) and it isn't enforced by the owners as much as it should be. So yes, it's definitely an IC issue but it isn't something that can be dealt with by realistic means. I.E upstarting a new business, buying your own tow truck after getting certified and doing the job yourself. Currently, that's not possible. So when you say it's an IC issue, you have to understand that's it's only slightly an IC issue, as there are OOC/scripting limitations preventing you from creating other outcomes. Perhaps OP can make a suggestion on the matter instead.
  15. Hit my line up #2803624 I do phone sex and Pay for Play. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I'm also your guy. For all you straight men out there just remember, thug love doesn't make you gay. Flint Capone 26/M/LS Interests: Listening to Drake on repeat Watching romantic comedies Making niggas my bitch in prison Sucking on toes Prison sex Out of prison sex Unwanted sex Having sex with married women Having sex with married men
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