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  1. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    Wait let me understand better. You think running into your house while guns are pointed at you is out smarting anyone or winning? That's a literal breach of FearRP. If guns are pointed at you, you comply. It's really not that hard. In real life, your door would be kicked in and you would be laid out but that's a server/game limitation. Whether or not you came back within 15 minute, you gave clear indication that you were combat logging. You also ran multiple times and shot at us when guns were aimed at you. Stop beating a dead horse and wait for an Admin response. The way it concluded was you running back into your house and locking the door behind you by pressing K quickly, that's how the situation ended before we got shot at.
  2. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

  3. MrUntouchable215

    The Warriors W.I.P

    Actually love this idea. One of my favorite movies too haha. If you need help with anything, let us know. Recruiting, etc
  4. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier Dafante 7.2.1 Deathmatch

    LMAO. You keep talking about OOC hate. You can't keep using that as an excuse to try to get out of every report. Remember how I said in MY post that you break rules often and you said "Why are there no reports then?" Well here you are. I'm giving you a chance, post some videos of our interactions today, it shouldn't take too long. Show us a situation where you survived leading up to that point where you had icly reason to shoot him. Show us your point of view in that video, anything. Do ANYTHING other than complain dude. You have every opportunity here to prove us wrong. We haven't been hunting you down, no one's targeting you at all and you've done nothing to us so far. PLEASE show some video evidence where you had these interactions with us, I'm begging at this point.
  5. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier Dafante 7.2.1 Deathmatch

    We had one fight previously, which we murdered you at a drug lab. Show me some videos of all of the interactions you had with us today, I doubt you have them. If someone speeds off before you tell them to stop, you don't have an RP reason to shoot them. You expect him to sit there with you and let you hold him up when he can just...not? No guns were aimed prior and you decided to shoot when he's all the way down the block without even saying stop. Let's see a video from your point of view of that exact situation.
  6. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    you're still beating a dead horse. Wait for Admin response homie
  7. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    Ima be honest, you keep repeating the same thing "This is an old situation that was already solved icly and oocly" when flucifial himself said not everything was concluded. You keep coping a plea. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it's two weeks old or three weeks old, it's footage if you blatantly breaking rules with no regard for it at all. We all make mistakes, but those weren't mistakes. I have zero OOC hate for you, I don't know you and the reason why we hunted you down is because we were at war with Narcos, which you were involved with. You seem to have this misconception that people are effected by your ICly actions, when you haven't been doing anything destructive to us, nor "pwning" us. You're just a guy I have video of blatantly breaking an immense amount of rules and I finally have the video to prove it. If you feel like anyone has some personal agenda against you, you're sadly mistaken. Stop beating a dead horse and wait for an Admin response.
  8. MrUntouchable215

    Merging magazines, recycling ammo

    +1 I don't see why it was removed to begin with. If two of the same types of pistols had 10 ammo, you could literally transfer the bullets into one clip
  9. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    You literally just posted evidence of yourself meta gaming and breaking another rule.. "They're literally all at my spot" :28 not even talking on radio. Samo has to tell you specifically to talk on your radio as well. I knew you all were in discord, which explains why Samo showed up when he did without any radio conversation previously. You even see me in the chat saying so. I went up the block to the gas station because I saw cars pull up and people get out in order to prepare to shoot before anything even popped off. No radio chat, no text messages, nothing. Ironic that you guys were in discord the entire time. You even acknowledge that you were wrong for doing that in your video evidence dude.
  10. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    I typed it out but I was having a bit of trouble with the formatting. I didn't report it then because I wasn't the one recording at the time and I didn't think there was a video of it until recently. I'm still somewhat salty over the fact that it went the way it did and again, I couldn't ever say you didn't do your best in a situation that was extremely chaotic to begin with. I'm reporting it now because I had intent on doing so then, but I had zero evidence until now. I'm going to be honest, I have a terrible habit of not recording gameplay. If it's too late to report, then the case can be closed but now that I have 30 minute evidence of the situation, I could definitely like to see this come to it's proper conclusion as the situation was so blatant. Xavier himself has been breaking a ton of rules as of recent. I do want to see him get punished, you're correct about that and I care about the report because the RP was a disaster and we never got into the house at the end of the day. I'm biased and salty, I can admit that from the very beginning.
  11. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    player(s) being reported: @2cannnn1 Xavier_Defante in game and maybe Samo and Meg depending on what the Admins think about the video Date of rule breach: 10/23/2018 Time of rule breach: N/A Your characters name: Shotty Johnson Other players involved: Jay Gamble, Sasha Vasilyev, Colby Lidstrom, Susan Jumper, Kelly Beans, Samo Monroe, Meg Smith and a ton of others in the video evidence Specific rule broken: An immense amount of rules that I can't even pin point. I think watching the video would be way better than me pointing them out considering it's all really blatant and in your face throughout the entire thing. How did the player break the rule?: We found Xavier Defante's friend Charles in front of their house and attempted to do a home invasion and while in the process of it all, xavier comes out of the house and decides to not only lie in /do, he decided to break fearRP multiple times, combat logged, meta games all in one major go. The Admin Flucifal can most likely fill in a lot of the details considering he was the Admin helping at the time. Punishment wasn't able to be completely fulfilled because I'm pretty sure he got extremely overwhelmed in the situation and just wanted to be done with it. Completely understandable and not placing any blame on him at all considering he was the only Admin on at the time and the situation was extremely chaotic. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. Yooo lemme get that longer version fam, I wanna see the climax to be honest haha
  13. This one did it for me, now I see what's going on here. Bro, we're literally at war. This is literally our convoy today for you guys. It's been Blue Vs Red for a few days now and you want everyone to believe that you guys are getting shot at for no reason? You've been clapping at us the same way we've been clapping back at you. Keep the war icly and stop turning every loss into a forum report with the goal of making us look bad. You took an L, strap up and get back to the battlefield. If you shoot at us and run to a specific location, it doesn't stop us from having KoS on you, that goes for all of you. I'm not sure if you're new to the server or something, but when war happens, people get shot up. This has been the case long before Zetas entered the city. We have videos after videos after videos of you guys blatantly breaking rules and the ONLY reason we haven't posted it yet, is because we're not trying to turn this into some huge forum war. You guys are trying extremely hard to kill our chances of getting official, I think it's about time we start visiting the forums now.
  14. Hey, can you upload the same video with sound and perhaps a longer version of that as well considering you seemed to cut off the part where the huge gun fight happened. Quite a few people were there spraying shots from both sides. I want to also point out that the people who send these types of reports drive me up a wall because you guys meta game extremely hard too, let's get some sound in these videos boys.