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  1. Yes please, I've always been iffy about the one that's currently here doesn't show up for anyone other than yourself. +100
  2. +1 Some new clothes maybe too, this has been needed for so long. If I put on another shirt just for my undershirt to disappear and my manly, chivalrous chest to be shown, I'm going to lose my COOL
  3. That was an amazing RP story to read, honestly. Usually I'll skim over the details of a thread, but I read the entire thing through. You guys are truly making progress. I can see it in game and now on the forums, much respect for that. Keep doing exactly what you're doing and you guys will definitely stand the test of time.
  4. MrUntouchable215


    It has zero negative impact for us. The only negative impact is the feed back from smaller gangs and in that case, you're correct. The alliance was formed long before all of this for many reasons. It's not going to stop because ya'll want it to. That's like telling us to slow down because no one else can catch up. I could say the same about the amount of millionairs on the server in comparison to the people who aren't. They flood the market, buy up the businesses and on top of the 5% tax on shit, it's harder now more than ever to generate a great cash flow. On top of the weekly checks from government jobs and the lack of labor. You have to build on top of what's given and in that, you have no choice. If we ever disapear, there will be someone else to take our place because the foundation on how to do it has already been laid out. ECRP has changed, change with it
  5. MrUntouchable215


    Here's a secret that most don't share. Building friendships is more important than building enemies. If you want your faction to prosper and stand the test of time, you need friends you can rely on. If you're fighting against everyone, you will eventually fall or things will be so chaotic and uncontrollable that you will never have peace. Peace brings money. Open drug labs, protected store robberies, shared businesses, etc and comparable forces. The reason why the big three are so successful isn't just the alliance, it's because the values and rules of the game come directly from real life. Yes, there are some open street conflicts which are unrealistic but the attitude, meetings and mutual interests/respect comes from server experience as well. Every gang that was/is within the council stood the test of time because of those key factors. Clowns can run the streets by themselves, Zetas can run the streets by themselves and so can irish and the older Shadow Cartel and La Familia. The one thing people on this server need to understand, especially the new guys is, all of these gangs used to be enemies at some point. Most of the people in Zetas were in opposite, waring factions. We clapped at each other on the daily and now that we've formed that bond through violence, imagine what we'll do to others? That's the point. A successful faction is a faction that can form strong friendships that can make the rules. "If you are all living out of each others pockets, the fuck is the point?" that is extremely inaccurate but I'll answer you; power. If we want to raise the price of weapons, we have the ability to do that. If we want to raise the price of gas, we can do that too. That's not bragging, that's literally hard work and a LOT of play time. We were like this before each of these gangs became official and that will be the case regardless. There's a simple way around us and I'm waiting for people to figure it out.
  6. MrUntouchable215


    Wrong. Los Zetas, Clowns and Irish have fought major wars with other gangs, rival gangs. Narcos, Vice Lords, Gates, Chambers, etc. There were plenty, you're just not involved enough to see it pan out. There's videos on youtube on it as well. The post above you mentioned forcing big gangs to only ally with smaller ones? How do you know one of our allies weren't small at some point? Are we supposed to drop alliance because they grew? Los Zetas was small yet we got accepted into the council, we just so happened to grow. These "new" gangs wouldn't have an issue with any of us but for some reason, every new gang wants the throne. Instead of making your own shit and going through the trials like everyone else, they always want to start shit with the bigger gangs and end up getting stomped out. If you don't come correct, you don't deserve to exist in the criminal underworld. The whole point of the council was to shape Los Santos into OUR ideal vision, not yours. We've went full scale war with PD for it, full scale war with other big gangs like Narcos, Monroes, Vice lords, and so many others. If we're openly speaking, the ones upset about the big alliance we have always say the same thing. "Gangs are pussies" or "Shouldn't have big alliances" in my mind that says two more things. "I'm upset because it isn't us" and "I want to be able to DM everyone without massive consequences" All of these people want the big gangs to fight each other instead of grooming themselves into becoming an ideal faction. Make no mistake, Yes, cops also get a foul treatment from gangs but these recent days, they've been sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. I watched them raid a drug rehab spot and search everyone looking for heavies. You can't do drugs icly and it's not allowed to get off them either apparently. "If they are truly untouchable then they wouldn't have trouble fending off threats from other rival gangs" let's talk about it.
  7. I understand the annoyance that comes with getting robbed but let's be really honest, if you're being robbed that often, it's literally your fault. Since the moment i started this server, people have attempted to rob me and I talked my way out of it or revenge killed them and took my shit back. Either way, I barely ever get robbed or even attempted on. If you're running down the street on foot looking like a snack with a .50 on your back, yes you're going to get robbed. If you're going to drug labs without friends you're going to get robbed. There's way too many ways to avoid being robbed that it's seriously not worth a suggestion. If you get ran up on, you got caught lacking. Learn from it, make friends and you'll be fine. This is an RP server, socialize and get your own circle of people to hang around. There's very little reason to be alone most of the time. I keep repeating myself but I have no idea what else to say to this. The only time I got robbed is when I specifically went looking for it lol
  8. /rvv should lower and raise radio volume but to be fair, I found it doesn't work all that well. I agree with the radio effect thing though, I hate having to turn my radio off because sometimes I can't tell the difference but that's likely a me problem
  9. If the house is up for sale, when you go close to the door you should see a price tag. If you're somewhat further away from the door, most of the time it won't show until you get closer. The ones the Admins are about to put up for sale have a white marker on it but there's no definitive date they could go up, so no use in waiting on it. Also check the real estate section of the forums, there should be some houses for sale there.
  10. @FatherOsborn Honestly, this post was regarding the community before the influx of new players. The things I spoke about was when the community was more stable and 12AM-4AM had around 50 or so players. The result remains the same as far as rule breaking and when it happens but if you really want to clean the community, staff has to play a more criminal approach rather than PD or MD. I agree with you and I'm sure the team has their hands full.
  11. So I recently made a habit of playing ECRP at around 12-4AM eastern and I came across a few things that opened my eyes a bit and I'm pretty sure these are things that most of us know but has been left unsaid for whatever the reason may be. On my off time, I spend some time looking at the report section, both pending and archived reports and I can honestly say, it's quite literally some of the funniest and most entertaining shit to watch. I recently watched a guy in one of those videos go into the bank and started kicking and punching a guy who was getting his salary until he was injured, as wild as that is, it's funny as hell. Back on topic though, this is for the Admin team and how to clean up the community a lot more efficiently. I implore you guys to take some time one of these days and play at 12-4AM or so, maybe even further down until 6AM maybe? The amount of rule breakers is most intense during those times. It's not subtle at all, most of them are extremely blatant. I feel like Admins should step away from PD and MD and start playing on criminal characters and you'll find these people left and right. Go do a home invasion and see if the guy getting invaded won't break every single rule in the span of 30 minutes. Don't just rely on reports made by players, experience this for yourself sometimes and you'll find patterns and tricks to find them, things you will never obtain on a video made by another player. These types of things happen so commonly that I'm beginning to feel like the report section on forums is becoming obsolete. I mean in the grand scheme of things, I know that isn't correct but here's two reasons I don't report anyone. 1. I just can't afford the space to record all day 2. It happens so much that I'll end up posting reports multiple times a day and frankly, I'm not getting paid to do that, so hell naw. I want to actually play the game. I bet my bottom dollar that if you ask your community when they actually make reports, they'll basically respond with "When I get the most salty about it" They likely run into a lot more rule breakers than their reports mention, but they just can't be bothered to report multiple times a day, everyday. It's a hassle. This is why I say Admins should commonly play criminal characters and really step into the belly of the beast. Don't be LFB (No offense) and hide in the shadows, step into the real Los Santos you guys created and see what chaos lies underneath it. Participate in these wars, make drugs, rob stores, etc.
  12. You can do both. The house market is somewhat at random. If a player who owns a house becomes inactive for around 3 months or so I believe, his house goes up for sale or whenever the Admins decide to list it. You can also find homes around the city/up north that can be perhaps up for sale but buying them off of players is probably your best bet if you're in need one of asap. Just make sure you don't get scammed, look around the forums for common prices for houses and you should be fine. If I were you, I'd wait a little bit. With the current rise in players, houses will likely be a thing that's in a drought and the Admins will likely open up more houses for the community. If you go around the map, you'll sometimes see houses with white markers out front; those are houses that are due to go up for sale at some point.
  13. Looks good, always good to see Bratva around, best of luck peeps
  14. Flint Capone comes back to Los Santos after the war with Vice Lords has ended and decided to address some things while the fire is still hot and have fun while doing so. The production on this track isn't the best but he decided to practice a bit by composing something he found relevant. He found speaking his mind was more important than worrying about obtaining high level production in such a short amount of time.
  15. Flint Capone out here looking like a SNACK
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