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  1. Suck my ass from the back, no cap.
  2. I used to be like you bruh. I watched shit like kymatica, Baraka and I was on my spiritual, "fuck the 1% shit". While I agree that there's corruption behind every society and there's very few people who own way too much of the wealth, no one really cares. You're no che guevara and if you were, you wouldn't be here. Society is built off of corruption and it's been that way since forever and nothing will change that.
  3. Thanks mane. The Zetas operate as one unit when all is said and done but we do have other groups and families within the organization as an entirety. Some people bring in groups of 3-4 people with them sometimes less but ultimately, we aim to teach individualism. Everyone makes their own path within the organization and they're responsible for their own reputation on the streets, rather than using the Zeta name as a means to shortcut that ordeal. You'll rarely see huge group RP, as it feels forced and less organic, rather than allowing your personal character to naturally ride into the RP. We've had plenty of cliques in the past as well, ranging from Sicarios to Uk-Tac1, Zet Dogs, etc this is nothing new. We don't want people who are going to use our name as a handicap to ensure their safety, we'd rather absorb people if that make sense.
  4. Best of luck boys, always loved the vory's and the people in it. Much respect
  5. (Ima stop posting cuz ima just end up roasting everyone) Delete this please, I'm too ghetto for forums. I will say this though. For months people bitched and moaned about how all of the official and non official gangs hold hands and how we should fight and the moment we do, people complain again. I'm honestly kinda dumbfounded, not gonna lie.
  6. When you brand yourself as a criminal faction, you bare the weight of your empire possibly crumbling at some point in time. Nothing is forever and on a server that's based around RP, if you talk that shit you have to walk it as well, otherwise you get exposed. As a criminal enterprise, your goal should not only be financially secure, but to also maintain a level of control, monopoly and build/maintain beneficial and long term relationships. For legal jobs you have plenty of factions and options. You have LSC, Bayview, MD, PD, SD, DOC, DCC, etc and when you choose to pick the criminal portion of ECRP, you are making exactly that, a choice. We've had territories in the past before and the result remained the same during times of war. It didn't just start and end at the capture point, but it did serve as a time where you had to fight your hardest. When you have time at your disposal, it's best to not waste it. Make money, form relationships, build build build and build and never stop building. If you roleplay as a small street gang and you're fine with that, that's an okay choice but if your ambitions are even higher, a small street gang can turn into a small militia in the future. You're not limited to your initial RP and with time, things change. You can mold with the times or build around it but again, those are all choices. -1 Simply because the more restrictions you add onto something, the less freedom your RP has and when that happens, RP decreases and you're left with "This is how you do it, so only do it this way" I cannot get behind that. I can also tell you, boredem isn't even 30% of the reasons Zetas went to war with wanted and the fact that people are even mentioning something like that says a lot, especially when the reasons were given to you in immense detail during an IC meet. To act like we have no reason is honestly insulting to say the least.
  7. +1 400k for a stack of 10 is just too much, considering what it offers. 1/4 armor is not worth 40k lmao
  8. +1 especially when there's weird time frames like 57 minutes and such, when most of them are like 30, 40, 60 minutes.
  9. I'm sorry but just because you deal with idiots daily, doesn't give you the excuse at all. Criminals have to deal with being reported or threatened to report after every single shootout we ever have. The same thing goes both ways. Just because you deal with some questionable people, doesn't give you the excuse to not look at your own issues and address them. I'm not asking for the highest level of RP, I'm asking for reasonable and less corrupted police work. The by the book, by the law stereotype. We don't have a court system, so by nature you have to be an upstanding person to make on the spot decisions about how long someone spends in prison and it isn't reasonable to ask for better or even more RP during those situations. I think detaining someone, bringing them to mission row and RPing there is great RP for starters. If you want to do more RP and avoid shootouts, work on properly reinforcing situations and dragging the RP to another location. There are plenty of options available to you. Majority of the time, police sit around at the same scene for ages, allowing themselves to get set up on and smoked like a philly blunt. If you know a situation is about to get hairy, get the fuck out of the situation.
  10. I'm so sorry for the double post but my guy, I'm with you on that. Jay and I have personally went to PD and met with high command to discuss issues. Time and time again we've done this. I make these forum posts because while those meetings are awesome and usually comes to some great conclusions, it usually doesn't last long. If anyone remembers from way back when Zetas was first formed, I'm sure you remember when Zetas used to bomb on cops 24/7, all day and how we even got skipped for official because of it and after meeting with PD and discussing issues, we completely stopped doing what we were doing and had a major cease fire for quite a long time. It was at that time that PD mass recruited, started bringing people to DOC using helicopters and got completely beefed up and when that happened, PD decided to go ape shit on everyone. Suppression checks, corruption, swat patrolling, etc. People from our side are ALWAYS down to have a sit down and talk about this shit, even OOC. The hardest part is getting your high command to actually have that meeting. I know this because we've tried many times.
  11. What crawled up your ass and died? The original post stated that both Crim and Government factions have their issues and that still rings to be true. The only thing this post is aimed at is less corruption and more black and white and I genuinely don't see an issue with that. I'm sure people are upset that they got caught but that is not the purpose of this discussion and if you want to be hyper aggressive, especially with that last sentence, you're proving our point. I know criminals have issues, I'm aware of some of the major rule breaks and I'm aware some things can be seen as nonRP, no one is debating or excusing that in any type of way, shape or form. I have zero issues with being caught and I mean shit, most of the time I turn myself in when I'm wanted. PD doesn't need more power, it needs more organization and actual police work. I've seen video after video with you guys running around like vermin while in a shootout, getting exterminated. Focus less time on corruption and more time on being a unified entity.
  12. This is going to come off real toxic but that's not my intention at all, on God but these are the ones I've found, so ignore the memey portion of it. I'm fully prepared to be cussed out and told I have downs and that I should whip and naenae myself back to Africa Palmer very recently: Dishonorable discharge, reinstated, Dishonorable discharged, reinstated.
  13. Yo my man, I just want to touch on how you said reefer isn't corrupt? He dragged me up to a mountain with palmer to execute me after I called an officer a bitch? That' by definition corrupt. It's also corrupt to watch your corrupt detective (Palmer) do anything he desires in the passenger of your vehicle? I explained this all in my starting post and as I said, I could provide evidence if needed. If that isn't corrupt, what the hell is?
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