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    First person

    I have motion sickness when playing fps, so HELL naw for me
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    Umm, excuse me.

    I have a 600k rapid GT classic and it can't wheelie. Please fix or I'll cry. Thanks for understanding - Shotty Johnson
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    Report stranger 2058_3820 RDM and False KOS

    Aight, check it out. I'll be honest with you in saying I'm not going to waste my time on this report. I'll take the Ban on the chin like a man. I'm tired of every situation anyone gets into, it's in their DNA to threaten a report or just do it all the same. It's extremely rare that I have a situation where I kill someone and they don't threaten to report, this is nothing new. My Admin record is damn near clean, I take pride in that. I explained why I did it to the Admin that was involved and there's so many other reasons to name, but I'm not going to do a back and forth thing here on forums. I don't report anyone because I can't record with my current hardware and I'm not going to keep going through this cycle. You give one attention, you have to give them all attention. I felt like I was wronged and I felt like my girl was wronged, so I did what I thought I had to do. We can also mention the fact that if I drew on the other guy first, you'd have pulled out and started shooting as well but you're upset because you didn't get the chance to, I understand that but we're not going to act like the result wouldn't have remained the same regardless. It's all good. I had KoS on you, I explained my side and i have nothing more to say. If there's an Admin reading this, my IGN is Flint Carwyn. PM me for username if you need it. Don't waste your time here, archive this and hand me the ban or whatever punishments needed in this situation. I have no screen shots, no recordings, nothing to really back my side and I'm seriously not trying to wait days and days for an investigation just to clear this up, the result remains the same. It's a waste of time when there's dozens of other player reports in the midst and these take long. Man to man @KalleKid you know you're being petty because you know what you did. You feel like I didn't witness it happen and I understand that, but you were told that I was up the street watching by her and I did come down and initiate RP before I got dipped on and pushed out the area. No bad blood though, good luck to you homie, don't let this ruin your fun.
  4. MrUntouchable215

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation ★ AVLN ★

    Been keeping up with you guys for a while now. Mad props and respect to the way you set this up. Much love from Los Zetas
  5. MrUntouchable215

    My suggestion on how to improve things so far

    So, this won't be a long and detailed post, but I've been away for a while and I've been thinking about a few things that could possibly benefit the server in the short and long term. While playing on ECRP, from the moment i joined a few months ago, up to this point, a few things were noticed. Firstly, I noticed that this server is pushing towards heavy-RP but the approach is in my opinion, incorrect. You're trying to throw heavy RP habits onto a casual RP community. Most of the people I ran into on this server are here because of the huge differences between this and official GTA, it's almost an entirely new game; props to the developers for everything they've done so far. The fact that you can be a scripted in police officer and actually put someone in jail is sick. The fact that you respawn with an empty inventory at MD and not directly next to your previous opponent is amazing and the fact that everything is just so...detailed and different from the normal GTA is breath taking. With that being said, the server's problem isn't things that might be broken or things that need to be added in, it's the people that need reforming and to be motivated to jump into character. People get robbed so much because of the action that's involved, not because they actually need the items they're robbing off of said person. People in PD want action just as much as the criminals and you can tell the RP is casual because OOC salt gets thrown into most losing battles. When everyone first joined this server, it was mandatory that we write our character bio before you guys allow us on the server, but how many of us actually stick to that bio? A lot of us join, cause chaos or join a faction and abandon most thoughts of RP, only doing what's scripted in front of us and the factions have become extremely lazy in their approach and has been for a very long time. These will be my main and only suggestions I think the server needs in order to improve. 1. MD Excuse my french, but get off of your asses and actually hire people and put them through training. If you're not going to make time to do these things regardless of the reasoning, hand the job to someone that will and most of all, lower your expectations; give people a chance. When I first joined this server, it didn't take me long before I ended up joining a government faction. I was playing a character named Flint Johnson and I ended up joining LSC. I was hired by Cynthia and trained by James Carwyn. Keep in mind, this all happened extremely quick. I put my application in, it got reviewed and accepted, I did my interview, training and started work within a day. LSC from my experience has been producing players with quality RP in drones for as long as I've been here to witness it. Even when they no longer work at LSC, their presence and experience on the server is usually well off because they were given a chance and learned so much RP along the way. When I was there, Noah had the gavel at LSC and now it belongs to James Carwyn, who's been pushing for higher quality RP and working his ass off to keep LSC improving for as long as I've been there. I say that to say; take a lesson from LSC. You don't always have to hire the absolutely most qualified people, just hire people, train them and let them work. The server requires more MD and has needed it for a very long time, this needs to stop being ignored. My girlfriend signed up for MD and ended up quitting because the training took so long. Most people didn't feel like doing it or were too busy doing something else. 2. PD Seriously, I've seen such a huge improvement in the PD faction as of late. They acquired more members, reformatted the way they take people to prison and actually show up with back up most of the time. I rarely see cowboy lone-ranger cops anymore and I take my hat off to you guys for that. The only suggestion I have for you is to make an OOC agreement with criminals to let the north be the north. What I mean by that is this, PD response times are limited by the area of which you can patrol and the people you have online at the time. Unfortunately, compared to the city, the north side of the map is almost extremely lawless. It's to the point where most of the police shootouts happen up there and most of the people getting robbed are there too. Allow the north to be a gang infested cesspool, treat it like Mexico. This isn't to say "Don't do your job" but you will see the crime rate decrease if the amount of officers you have, patrol the city all at once, majority of the time. If you need to respond to a call up north, go for it, but don't prioritize it. This is an area where people go to make drugs, chop cars, rob people, shoot people and they do it whether you're there or not. I'm sure you guys notice it if you really think about it. Your chances of dying go up a lot up there in comparison to the city where people actually need you. Allow gangs to handle other gangs up north, as long as they're staying out of your way. I'm almost positive this will improve to overall quality of RP on the server, as backwards as that seems. People are more afraid of numbers than one good shooter. Protect innocents, don't meddle in gang affairs unless it spills out directly onto the civilians. This suggestion is not needed, I'm well aware but I thought I would put my finger on it anyway. I don't really have much to say when it comes to PD; they're improving but the OOC shit between you guys and criminals have to stop. *Edit* One more thing. If you want higher quality RP and you want to truly separate criminals from civilians and lower the rate of crime...Start actually suspending gun licenses. If I kill someone and you think I deserve a max prison sentence, you don't think it's odd that I can get out of jail, walk to a gun store and just buy a gun like I'm shopping at Walmart? This doesn't even have to be elaborated on, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Feel free to ignore most of the other shit I said above as that wasn't really important and I know making north a lawless zone is extremely unlikely and possibly a bad idea. T'was just a thought. 3. Staff I'll be blunt here, so I apologize if I offend anyone. Just. Do. Your. Job. Seriously, no one cares about how much you dislike a certain faction or a certain person. You have the privilege of still being able to actually play the game while you're also an Admin, don't abuse it. Use your head, not your emotions. There's so many staff members that do a swell job and this post is not for you. This is for the staff that wear their emotions on their sleeve. I'm talking to you MarcoD. You're not a bad guy, I'm sure of it. I'm sure you're a decent person outside of ECRP but on this server, you have an extremely sour reputation for being abusive. I've witnessed this first hand quite a few times. I've watched you die in character and teleport back to where you died, just to take your car. This happened at LSC. I watched you ruin so many RP situations that didn't involve you and I've seen clips of you just completely taking things too far. There was a report a while ago against some members of Los Zetas and because of this report, several members of the gang were banned Cynthia made the report but you were at the scene. Come to find out later, there was information left out of the report that justified the shootout that happened and neither you or Cynthia thought it was important to include it in the post. They got their ban lifted after Osvaldon investigated it further but you didn't think it was important to say anything? As a member of staff? As a person that was directly involved? I've spoken to officers that also said the same exact things about you, not just criminals. I'm not saying these types of staff members should be fired, but there needs to be a serious discussion about when and when not to use Admin mode and how to present yourselves to the community. Are you here to help the server and the people on it, or are you here to only punish people? 4. This goes for everyone Stop judging people's Roleplay so much. Stop telling people "That's not realistic" "That's horrible RP" so much. I get it, some things just go too far, like saying you're immune to bullets or power gaming to shit but constantly saying shit like "Gangs don't rob cops" or "gangs don't do it like this" needs to stop. If they aren't breaking rules, leave it alone. If they're actually trying to RP but you don't like it, leave it alone. If you're not involved in the Mafia, Cartel or any gang or criminal organization in real life, and you're also not a cop in real life..you don't know what the hell you're talking about. I remember when gangs used to war over territories on ECRP and you couldn't try to take someone's territory without a "Valid RP reason" so some players would literally have an inactive gang with two people owning a warehouse and hide so hard behind the rules, that it could never be taken. In REAL life, a valid reason to take your territory is as simple as wanting it. If you are pushing drugs on a corner and you're alone but it makes a ton of money, someone is going to take that shit from you. You don't have to offend them, kill one of their guys, nothing. If they want it, they're going to take it. You basically telling us that in order for us to take a territory, we basically have to be offended is ballcocks. I get why the rule is there and I think it should remain but I said that as a means to say, not everything is going to be realistic and you can't contradict yourself with unrealistic rules and constantly tell people how shit and unrealistic their RP is. If you think RP needs to be improved, lead by example or teach us how to do it. Don't expect us to act a certain way, when we don't know how to. This goes for everyone, not just staff or PD; criminals too and normal civilians too. We need to fill these factions in and teach people, not just punish them and outcast them because you think they aren't good enough. I can't edit this post or even type properly at the moment because it's 3:40AM and I can barely keep my eyes open, but hopefully you guys can get through the terrible grammar and understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not trying to rant, it just came out that way, I'm typing as the thoughts flow. This server is amazing and I truly want to see it continue growing. I'm just tired of all of the drama within the community and the confusion. This is a suggestion post but I also want a discussion as well. Even if you disagree with everything I said, please at the very least post your opinions and suggestions about what could improve ECRP below. If you guys have a problem with a specific person, faction, anything; post is below and try to talk it out in a humane manner. Let's settle everything all in one go.
  6. MrUntouchable215

    Los Zetas

    Hello, I have few questions towards your faction/faction thread. 1. Do you acknowledge the fact Los Zetas is an IRL existing gang? Are you roleplaying them and by what signs and association you are representing them? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Zetas Yes, we're aware that Los Zetas is an IRL existing Cartel. We're specifically roleplaying a branch off of the actual gang that originated in Mexico and spread to the boarder crossing and reaching the US. Los Zetas operated within the US, sending Sicarios and specifically targeting people who have the ability to go back and forth from Mexico to to the US, thus having a passport to do so. 2. You mentioned Osiel Guillen in your faction lore. Do you acknowledge this is an existing real life person and what he it has to do something to the lore itself/ or the actual RP'ed gang ICly? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osiel_Cárdenas_Guillén Correct, Osiel Guillen is one of the founders of Los Zetas as a whole, branching off from the Military and working for the gulf cartel for some time, eventually swallowing part of the drug trade. He's widely responsible for the expansion of Zetas into the united states as well as the bloodshed around the boarder crossings, he's also responsible for some of the multiple tunnels gangs use to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the US. He's part of our lore because he's the founder of the overall cartel and since our group is somewhat based on realism, we chose not to leave that out. 3. Are you actually roleplaying Los Zetas criminal syndicate? Do your gang core has hispanic/mexican/south American nationality members and how do you represent the gang in the fact that the roots of the lore comes from Mexico? Yes, our gang is extremely diverse currently though, we have some Hispanic and South American members along with a ton of other nationalities. We chose not to leave certain people out because we're specifically a Los Santos branch. 4. Since you mentioned that you are de jure heavy RP faction, have you seen and acknowledge the rule of the server number 1.3 and its sub points? How does that rule corelates with the fact that your faction states its heavy RP? Example : 1.3 Character creation and property 1.3.1 Character names must be realistic and resemble real world names, players may use national names. 1.3.2 Character names cannot be names of famous people (ex.: celebrities, politicians, historical personalities). Yes, that's been looked over and our members have realistic names and we have no names of famous people within our members. Everyone's name may be unique to some degrees but nothing symbolizing Celebs, Politicians, Historical figures, etc. We are a heavy RP gang, which means our entire Lore is based off of the actual Z's Cartel and we act accordingly. Bold in our approach from the murders, to RP beheadings, kidnapping, Assassination, etc. 5. What has the youtube link does have something related to the thread? (the youtube link with the song is in fact associated with Italian gangs and Italian gangs has barely nothing similar to the schemes how South American cartels were working). The YouTube link is a song from God Father which is associated with Italian gangs but it's words are specifically not in Italian, the lyrics are more of the concern and the overall feel of it. Italian gangs have a lot of things similar to how South American cartels run their business. Yes, Italian gangs tend to blend into the shadows a bit more until John Gotti took the helm at some point and made the Mafia a widely known thing. Cartels are more open and bold in their approach. You also have to keep in mind that a wide majority of the drugs that gangs like that sell on the streets are a direct link to Mexican and Cuban Cartels, which is responsible for a majority of the cocaine and heroin usage in the US. Besides our branch of Sicario's, most of our gangs ranks are in English in order to not confuse our American and Russian members. We want people to be able to look at our ranks and know exactly what it means; as well as the fact that even if we used Spanish wording, it would directly translate to what we have now. So far we have Dons, Underboss, Captains, Enforcers, Sicarios, Soldiers and prospects, with more ranks coming within the future once things are a bit settled and our growing slows down a bit. Hopefully I answered your questions accordingly and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask in case I missed anything. @DISCO
  7. MrUntouchable215

    Jay Gamble(mask 5618_9455) Mask 2197_5172 6.3 Metagaming

    @2cannnn1 Again, you're posting on something that has zero to do with you, trying to make a point. If you don't see how what you're saying is hypocritical, by all means, do you. You're legit slurping all over Jay's pipe and you fail to see that, that's what makes it worse. Xavier Defante for support staff, making sure the Admins don't miss anything. 10/10
  8. MrUntouchable215

    Jay Gamble(mask 5618_9455) Mask 2197_5172 6.3 Metagaming

    No one mentioned you, or even wanted you here but here you are. If what I said made you feel like I was emotional, by all means; I can't control your simple thoughts. What you just said was hypocritical and I hope you realize that before you post any further.
  9. MrUntouchable215

    Jay Gamble(mask 5618_9455) Mask 2197_5172 6.3 Metagaming

    Aight, now you just sat there and lied. You have a lot more reports than just "our" people. You break rules like you're allergic to them. Stop dick eating on someone else's thread and wait for Admin response on yours. You have some balls commenting on a thread that has zero to do with you, saying silly shit like that, you walking mental illness.
  10. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

    Wait let me understand better. You think running into your house while guns are pointed at you is out smarting anyone or winning? That's a literal breach of FearRP. If guns are pointed at you, you comply. It's really not that hard. In real life, your door would be kicked in and you would be laid out but that's a server/game limitation. Whether or not you came back within 15 minute, you gave clear indication that you were combat logging. You also ran multiple times and shot at us when guns were aimed at you. Stop beating a dead horse and wait for an Admin response. The way it concluded was you running back into your house and locking the door behind you by pressing K quickly, that's how the situation ended before we got shot at.
  11. MrUntouchable215

    Xavier_Dafante @2cannon report

  12. MrUntouchable215

    The Warriors W.I.P

    Actually love this idea. One of my favorite movies too haha. If you need help with anything, let us know. Recruiting, etc