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  1. I agree 100%. Back when Zetas first formed, FM were strictly there to help push us in the right direction. Bakmeel would sometimes give harsh, but WELL needed advice and we molded ourselves around it. I'm sure we used to give him a major headache, always debating and shit, yet it helped us tremendously. Recent days, it just felt like there was a foot on our necks, that we couldn't react to certain situations out of fear that we would get punished or hounded on because of it. I wouldn't have an issue if FM was a more IC thing, aka This Cartel that's always spoken about, the people who do the sp
  2. All HC agreed that if one of us were done, all of us were done. We talked about passing it on before, but we thought it better to disband instead and it's healthier for everyone else as well. It's much more fun to grind to the top but once you get there, it becomes almost a full time job to maintain.
  3. Not trying to be that guy but isn't this DojinxMurda on the very first day Zetas disbanded? Didnt you guys start hunting and isn't this basically PD bridge? Seems like the Current State of LS right now and not the current state of The Council if im being honest. It's a power struggle, it'll pass. And here's a time stamped video Yall be the judge.
  4. Hold on bro, I was involved in the situation through and through and I can vouch. You 100% were driving through the scene, literally non stop during that entire situation. You got out of your car ONCE and I shot at you and hit you multiple times, just for you to drive away and come directly back to the same exact situation. It was an active gun fight and you clearly had zero intentions of getting out of your car and doing anything. Just driving back and forth. To say you didnt intentionally run him over is honestly killing me and i was trying my best to not reply and let it get handled. How ca
  5. Thank you all so much for the experiences. I keep trying to tell myself that it's just a game and I should just move on, but man..this thing of ours, I miss it already. Just the feeling of logging in daily, in order to keep building this empire with not just people I met on ECRP, legitimate friends. I still remember when I met Jay. I was working at LSC and at this point, I was so corrupt, in and out of the Crim scene as a mech. Jay Gamble rolls in to LSC with his warrener, completely new to ECRP. I still can't put my finger on why, but he was my fuckin homie ever since. I watched this man go f
  6. @Luxas If my freq was changed, that was definitely an accidental bind change. Shift+# and I reversed the car in order to attempt to escape and/or reposition as I had people already coming to chopshop from chiliad 4 minutes prior to that situation. I have no excuses for talking on radio at the time. I figured, I was already getting shot, so I may as well let people know what's going on and to get to my location faster. As I understand, you are not to talk on radio in those situations and that's why I owned up to it previously in this post. My mentality was that I was about to get executed,
  7. I did talk on my radio when I got downed, as my thought process was ya boy was about to get executed. I just got back to ECRP, it's been like months for me since i've been active, so a lot of shit isn't mentally there anymore. If staff feels like I broke FearRP, I'll take that on the chin, as again, I'm learning once more. A lot of mistakes were made from my part in that situation, such as going to chop alone in the first place and ending up getting more shots in my face than mondanna. Also, I didn't change freq either, so I'm not sure where you got that from but if I did, it was likely an acc
  8. Not going to lie, that's actually really well said. I will keep that input in mind.
  9. Assumptions and word of mouth? So your own people don't count as information? You guys specifically saying we never had previous altercations that warranted you being hit doesn't count as information? Aight cool. If what I said was hostile, then you must be hostile as hell as most of your comments involve our factions and you making your own assumptions, don't be a hypocrite. Numbers don't mean as much as people would like them to, no, they don't. Unofficial gangs have no member cap, nor restrictions on alliences. So making the excuse about numbers doesn't make too much sense. I'm not sur
  10. My man, you weren't forced onto either side, there's a better solution, it's called mind your business. I'm trying to keep what I'm saying to a minimum because the conversation we had I assumed was a private one, but either way, sitting out was an option and you made the concious decision to attempt to partake. No one was focusing hard on Shelby's until that day and that's a fact. So yes, my point still remains. I had your own people telling me that it was a mistake and shouldn't have even happened, so I'm not basing that statement on a random thought. My point is, people complain and want har
  11. When I saw you post this, I had to double check if you were who I thought you were. You're Aki from the previously Shelby's, yes? It's odd to me that you would say that, as your group did the prime example of what you shouldn't do as a new gang. When we were at war with WCA, you quite literally attempted to join a war that had absolutely nothing to do with you. There's even video on YouTube on how y'all were joining the war. Y'all legit just joined a war based on a 2 day relationship with another faction just for smoke. I still to this day I neverr understood the mentality of complaining
  12. I think RP evolved naturally through dynamic IC events. I don't think RP is better without Irish, WCA, or Rooks. I'm leaving Vorys out of this because that was a personal IC vendetta and those guys are truly family. My point is, for every group that falls, another will take their place. It's funny that you mentioned Irish though, because all of this talk of the council is making me feel nostalgic. Considering Irish were founders of said Council and we wouldnt be here if it weren't for them. @alexalex303 I'm too stupid to double quote right now. My opinion hasn't changed. I think
  13. My man honestly, the fact that you even mentioned the thread says a lot. If you think we're deadass going to spam our faction thread 24/7, you're wilding out. We post when something relevant occurs and that's evident by the amount of pages we have. We don't spam faction thread, thats not what we're here for. Preach.
  14. That's not a loophole. If people want to hang around us and bang shit out with us, we're not going to turn that down period. We can't have 60 members, but close friends are okay and the moment i get told that I can't hang out with another group on some abusive parent shit, that's it for me cuz. This is genuinely a step in the wrong direction and players are going to feel that one way or another.
  15. But we're not the ones getting a disadvantage, smaller factions are. They don't feel it yet because they don't have the time zone issues when it comes to being official, but once you become official and feel even the previous cap, you're going to be at a big disadvantage number wise. You see, the Council consists of multiple groups with multiple time frames. The problem here is putting in so much work involving recruitment, only to be told we're getting another cap out of nowhere. Cap or not, if people want to hang around Zetas, they will. We're not going to push people away because there's a
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