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  1. check ur forum pv msg 🤔

  2. Account name: DonRider Character name(s): Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature & other staff member's Date of punishment: i think 2019/1/26 Punishment received: perma Reason given for punishment: Ban evading, DM [3] Your explanation of what happened: I was acting very bad on Eclipse platform, me and my group were acting like wilds and we wasting our time for fighting with our enemies in both sides IC and OOC, I tried a few times to get back there, but... Why should your appeal be accepted?: Actually i don't have lot of time to play like olds, have like 40minutes free time in days, i just want to get back there and meet my in game friends, im busy with my job, family , and uni, I should say that i missed all of my friends and really need to get back there to see them, but decision is up to staff members, Post any evidence or further details:
  3. good bye friend, always be happy....
  4. PersianWariorr


    best of luck
  5. Account name: DonRider Character name(s): Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment: @Lewis Date of punishment: 2019 January 31 when he posted < Samo is gone > https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/1-nbdy/?status=1031&type=status Punishment received: got banned from discord and Forum Reason given for punishment: that should be for a Racist picture ( Nazis Logo ) Your explanation of what happened: Same story on Why should your appeal be accepted? Same story on last appeal I think that was misunderstating cause as he said , Shayan Used my forum account to send appeal for his in game account bcz he lost that one. and I said i need my main forum account for my incoming appeal This appeal is for me, and actually this is my alt forum account. my discord id : AmooRid3r #7910 and my forum account both of them is banned. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/43034-amoorid3r/
  6. Good idea, but this idea, does not effect on criminal gangs When I was in server we captured one of our enemy at LSC for like 10 or 5minutes, when cops arrived we killed them all without any problem. server should Balance something between who is inside the criminal Faction and who is not there, bcz he is robbing people for money, this robberies problem can be solved when they can earn money without carrying a pistol. like adding some restaurant the player can work there or the old idea removing NPCs from shops and adding players. or adding a blackmarket, the player can sell his usefully items on there, like AKs, shotguns, clips, methadone and more rare items, ( the prices should be balanced lower than import price ). Cool idea. This would be great I guess, pistols is very expensive now, raising pistols price it was not bad idea and it wasnt good idea ( i dont judge this, that was my comment about pistol prices ) it would be great if players stopping the "cheapest robberies" like robbing farmers or... because when I was in, I didnt see any farmers around ( i dont know what is going on now ) that robbery idea is came from the player, Player should change his mind and dont be like this to robbing anyone. when player is going to Farm, he is safe when he has "NEW PLAYER" tag on his head, after that he cannot stay outside the NCZ. That would be great if server add a rule about robberies, like have a good reason to rob. after all we can decrease the robberies ( i left my comment here when im perma banned, sorry if i said something wrong. )
  7. Right, lol, We like to see new colors like olds, Good luck and hope to see ya soon guys.
  8. This isn't like a street gang, anyway hope to see ya guys.
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