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  1. hope to see ya soon. -AmooRid3r
  2. STILL OG KEEP IT UP @samo some people removing Narcos from their signature do this or you'll gettin bully from ya boss , shame on ya
  3. Really do love white clothes, keep it up there is good future for ya guys.
  4. beautiful tactics and plans, keep it up, i can see the future in your faction, good luck
  5. Good job guys, very good faction thread and new stories, keep it up n hope to see ya guys
  6. Very good things I saw in this thread, good luck in future and i hope get a chance to meet some new faces.
  7. I explained the situation to Ballin and told him I brought some people from another roleplay server and they had no Idea who I was on ECRP, George was one of them. However George figured out after some days who am I but he reported me when was too late.
  8. if you bring ma food to deported island , your restaurant will be Narco's favorite HQ
  9. are you guys part of underground racing ? i mean illegal racing?
  10. Character name(s): Samo Granados Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 2019/1 Punishment received: Perm ban Reason given for punishment: Ban Evading, DM 3 Your explanation of what happened: I'll go straight to the story, 2 years ago I got banned because of DM but Balling charged my ban and ask me to reappeal after 3months But I tried to re appeal right after 2months and then ChuckM he didn't respect and didn't let ballin respond and just Denied my appeal and told me come back after 4 months, at all 6 months when time passed I saw that my gang getting fucked and I cant even do anything and when i got banned i was in war against 4 big gang and I saw that every gang allied with each other and they just grinding and waiting I was angry about that because it was possible i get unbanned after 3months but because of Chuck who was friend with one of my enemy, didn't let me to come back, I decided to ban evade and then got banned before 2 months more than 8or 9 months passed and I sent another appeal to ask my ban get lifted and can play in the server but rejected for the reasons. then I ban evaded and then I caught. Why should your appeal be accepted?: there is no point for accepting my appeal and i have nothing to say that I was out of control and addicted to play on ecrp, to be honest my words can't help me anymore to get unbanned I was honest with everything staff asked and I just tried to do my best with ECRP platform and etc. All I wanted was playing on server and now All I want just let me to play again. main character is like banned for 2 years. many thanks. Post any evidence or further details:
  11. very nice good luck bro
  12. The fact is when a war starting nobody can't resist against ooc and ic war this is a rule so people have to accept this.
  13. had no chance to meet y'all, shame
  14. サモグラナドスはあなたを愛しています
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