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  1. Starting Price: 150K Buyout: 265K on the door Quiet area, good for a stash house, Near Grove Goodies and close to a certain area. https://imgur.com/F3CkNlv https://imgur.com/a/EjWqw7F https://imgur.com/I1y3T0i
  2. whats your email so we can talk about this i just don't want to fill the thread. or add my email
  3. +1 to the pushing your car feature
  4. @Frix
  5. i have a 2G in mirror park but its not in that alley
  6. Starting Price: $850,000 Buyout Price: $1,300,000 Reserve Price: $900,000 2G inside and 4G outside. Lots of room for building. 1950 VOL of storage. Gates, Amazing area, Lake View, Close to the Tavern! I am not in a rush to sell so if i don't get an offer I am looking for then i will keep on using it. Photos https://imgur.com/ZVOj90K https://imgur.com/ScUQPGs https://imgur.com/TB2qpv7 https://imgur.com/QOoLHki https://imgur.com/b14N1Nj https://imgur.com/9LuVzbI https://imgur.com/rLKrrgu https://imgur.com/87gTO5I https://imgur.com/3RgzjYx https://imgur.com/xgy9zrl https://imgur.com/RGBymlE https://imgur.com/iwkEKmM https://imgur.com/kN0iVyt
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