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  1. Appelgi

    Los Zetas

    Remember boys, weed is healthy.
  2. Appelgi

    Non-RP 6.6.2 / DM 7.2.1 : Player ID's 40, 65 & 74

    "I would have maybe considered this an accident, but he shows up to aid in the chase back about 2 minutes ago. " Would like to correct that since I was injured and had called the medics already. You even drove past me a few times while I was laying there. I did not continue the chase.
  3. Appelgi

    Non-RP 6.6.2 / DM 7.2.1 : Player ID's 40, 65 & 74

    Hey there! I have not really been active in that chase, as I didnt come even close to you since I was just kinda observing, since I knew I couldn't do anything with my sports car. I simply wasnt paying attention and rammed into you.. This could've been anyone but it was you. Im sorry, I was going too fast and I was trying to correct myself but it was already too late... as you can see in the video... I had no intentions to hit the man. Hope this clears it out. ID 74
  4. Appelgi

    RDM Report

    Then there is one person left, which is ID 79.
  5. Appelgi

    RDM Report

    If you mean who shot us first out of the contender, I would have no idea. I think its best to ask all of the occupants who shot first, since its gotta be one of them. EDIT: After watching the footage in 0.25 and following the gun trail, it might be ID 80 that shot first.
  6. Appelgi

    ID 2 (7.1 Fear Roleplay)

    Player(s) being reported: ID 2 Date of interaction reported: 26-1-2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1548517445 Your characters name: Benjamin Specht Other player(s) involved: Cristiano Martinelli Specific rule(s) broken: "7.1.4 As a victim, whose life is in direct danger: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker; • You cannot call 911, call your friends or allies to aid you, because that would be failure to comply;" How did the player break the rule(s)? Pressed the emergency button when under gunpoint. Evidence of rule breach: https://vimeo.com/313548895
  7. Appelgi

    RDM Report

    ID 28 here, These people seem like to not care about roleplay, as they cant even be bothered to give any demands in this "robbery". Other than shouting out of their car in high speed, they have not demanded anything. But ofcourse this "demand" is useless to my character, he didnt hear anything with the engine roaring and the drivers side window shut. The Non-roleplay rule was broken here. They then proceeded to shoot us without a reason after the shouting. The video above doesnt work it seems, so ill post my POV too. https://streamable.com/e4bma
  8. Appelgi

    Appelgi - Benjamin Specht - Punishment Appeal

    I think the tagging didnt work, as it doesnt lead to the admin FatherOsborn.
  9. Account name: Appelgi Character name(s): Benjamin Specht Admin who issued punishment: FatherOsborn Date of punishment:21-1-2019 Punishment received: VDM Reason given for punishment: "Attempted to strike the same person several times." Your explanation of what happened: We were fighting an officer, and I was simply doing some drive-bys. (I somehow glitched into the air, and I tried to even avoid hitting him if you rewatch me landing. Making this clear since I was told I tried to hit the man 3 times, which I think is not the case) I really didnt try more than once to hit him. I have only tried once in that encounter, and that would be the collision at the end of the video. I was direcly aiming at him with my car. The reason for the drive-by was logical, he had an automatic weapon and I wanted to make sure we didnt get hit, so moving the car would be our best chance of survival. Why should your appeal be accepted?: In the rules it clearly states that I cant drive through a scene multiple times with the purpose of hitting more players. Like I said above, I really didnt want to hit him on either the beginning of the video, where I flew next to him, and when I was driving close to him at the 0:13 mark. I totally dont agree with the "attempted" hit on the 0:13 mark since when I approached him, he was straight behind the car. I wouldnt be even able to hit him if I wanted to since the car was clearly in the way. Would also like to point out that he himself moves away from the car, onto the road. Running towards me when I am clearly heading onto the road he is about to step on. The whole time he was shooting at me, he was walking towards my car. I think its unfair to say that I tried to hit him here, since he himself was closing the distance between me and him. The only attempt I made to ram him was at the 0:26 mark, and I have made no other attempts to try and harm him using my vehicle. Post any evidence or further details: The video: https://streamable.com/5n3li
  10. Appelgi

    [Selling] 2G House, Paleto Blvd.

    Still up!
  11. Appelgi

    [Buying] House 180k

    We can discuss the price if you'd like.
  12. Appelgi

    [Selling] 2G House, Paleto Blvd.

  13. For sale: A nice house in the center of Paleto Bay. Street: Didon Nr. 8 Backyard: Interior: The location of the house: Price: 175.000$ If you got any questions or want to discuss the price, make sure to contact me. Contact: #3863367 or email me on [email protected] ((forum pm))
  14. Appelgi

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Sorry, but if you dont know La Familia then you're living under a rock. People have given quite some good arguments about why LFB might of not deserve a warehouse, I think you're "BIASED" yourself. I do agree with most of the people that have replied recently, never seen them in the city. I don't think it would be realistic at all for a "low-laying" criminal group to own a huge ass warehouse with turf.... like how are you gonna try and hide that?
  15. Appelgi

    Mask 8358_7483, Deathmatch

    You where not involved at all, and you clearly dont know what went down there. You simply CANT know who was there, and if you do know its all because of metagaming. You probably dont even know my name since once again, we have never met and no one else from that hostage situation does. The person we held hostage was thrown into the river so he couldnt relay anything. There where quite of people there so you would never be able to recognize about 10 people anyways. ( I think that they mean this hostage situation, since I havent even gotten a hostage situation recently other than this one that I descriped above. ) And top it off, that Comet was never involved anyways, I beleve.