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  1. I like that most people here are saying that its "realistic" now, and its only good for the community. I dont agree, as its been here for so long, why was it allowed on the server, and for so long? Why is there not a "crack-down" of overpowered, and unrealistic vehicles? Why is it focused ONLY on the drag? Alright. Make it realistic then, increase the max speed as the drag realistically doesn't go 200, but more. I think its fair if the current bike is kept like this, the max speed should increase, or just have the "realistic" features adjusted.
  2. I bet you bought the drag for its appearance, who ya' fooling
  3. 3G House for Sale Nice house, with a very spacious driveway. Lots of space for external parking. Close to Tequila. Price at the door. 1.9 mil Price negotiable. Milton Rd. 5 Contact #3863367
  4. Thank you by telling me how I should use the bike... This is a discussion about why the drag has been dramatically changed. You keep on saying OP/everyone wants to have it, is this bad? Why is this bad? There are many vehicles which are "OP", including PD. And its only logical people want to buy the best if they have enough money, this isn't weird, ya' know? So you think the changes made are perfect, and should stay in place?
  5. While I share the same idea for some of the things mentioned, its obvious that I dont feel the same about PD not being able to compete. PD has gotten many ways of countering high speed vehicles. You say that if you see a drag its game over, for criminals its a chopper, or a high speed unit. I think the drag is supposed to be one of the 'high-end' vehicles that would compete with the counterparts. Currently, nothing can counter PD, that is "reasonably" priced. I agree that tweaking it is a good idea, I am not asking for a total rollback, but the drastic turning radius is for example
  6. Yeah right every crim got 2.5 ready, and everyone is using them. Only crims that have been alot in the city are driving them.... its rediculous for you to say everyone drives em'
  7. Wish to add more POV. This is from another situation, yesterday. https://streamable.com/q88uua If you look, it seems like he at first doenst have a weapon, and then he randomly aims a gun. I was surprised af, I dont know if this had to do with desync but I didnt spot any gun in his hand when approaching him. (I did see him pull it out tho, replaying the clip). He double staps me instantly (it was at close range, but still). And in this POV of a friend of mine, looks like he already knew he was coming: https://streamable.com/k85xkb
  8. Owh, how did nothing get changed regarding I would like it or not? Do you think a character thinks its the same bike the bought before? No, I don't think so. He bought a high performance bike, which is not the case now. Like I said above, people buy a vehicle because its good, yes, its good, but so are many other vehicles that are good. Every vehicle has its drawbacks, the drag too.
  9. Dont think alot of people started to abondoning their vehicles for the drag, as the drag was around 2.5mil before the changes. It was only the long time criminals that could afford it. Those people that have played on the server for a long time are being punished now. People that want to drive a street gang related vehicle would drive it anyways, regardless if the drag is op or not. I dont understand this point. Those cars are never going to be "competitive" anyways and they will never be used as an ideal car, they are used to make a theme, to rolpelay. And this is good, but so
  10. As you say, Eclipse RP is of course not 1:1 to real life, and I believe this isn't a case about realism. I think when the bike was added, the admin team knew what a drag bike was... this has never been a problem in the many, many and many years of the drag being in the game. Now, it seems like people are saying its because of realism that the drag is rendered useless, but isnt it a bit late to say that the changes are for realism? And yes, im all about for a realistic approach, but I just don't get how this is being handled. We were told that: "Adjusted hakuchou2 handling, it will n
  11. The Drag A vehicle used for its speed, and handling. It seems like its one of the best vehicles, it was at least. What's the reason for the drastic change in the behavior of the bike? I don't know. Seems like its only hatred. I don't get how a vehicle so expensive, and such an important asset for many people ICly, is changed OOCly. Its seems like there is a group of people that think that the drag is too overpowered, and have taken this action to try and limit the people using it, or at least making the vehicle useless. The turning radius of the vehicle has been changed today,
  12. 3G House for Sale Nice house, with a very spacious driveway. Lots of space for external parking. Close to Tequila. Price at the door. 2.1mil Price negotiable. Contact #3863367
  13. Appelgi

    Screwface Capital

    Best of luck! Looks great.
  14. +1 Hope to see this coming ASAP! Loved the music
  15. 3G House for Sale Nice house, with a very spacious driveway. Lots of space for external parking. Close to Tequila. Price at the door. 2.1mil Contact #3863367
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