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  1. Appelgi

    The Goblins

    We had some good RP, especially the meetings we had as HC. Appreciate it! Much love to MS-13 man, those were good times.
  2. Appelgi

    The Goblins

    We had some good talks, good rp too. Thanks!
  3. Appelgi

    The Goblins

    The Goblins Thanks to all the OG's, current, past and iconic Goblins. Its been a good ride, it wasn't always easy but we goblins kept on going no matter what. We've had glorious times, countless of good encounters with other gangs and countless victories. I want to give a special thanks to our allies. We did well. July 20 - 2020 / August 30 - 2021
  4. Goblins had an escalation with Russian's, due to a Russian checking our dealer. We chased that Russian until eventually leading us to Chilli. The reporting party was what I believe setting up an ambush on us Goblin's. Not a single Goblin called backup this entire time. Hope this clarifies the situation.
  5. Hello, Benjamin Specht here. "The use of joint-frequencies and providing backup to other factions is forbidden outside of an Official War approved by Faction Management. Any backup or joint attacks must be within an approved war or happen naturally. Texting, using one person to relay information, and any other such attempts to circumvent this rule will result in permanent bans." I want to start off with; Goblins nor 67 had asked either faction for any backup in any means. This should be clear. You decided to roll around to check labs, with hostile intent. The 67 members noticed this and start chasing you due to them thinking you had done any harm to the Goblins. The 2 67 members involved were involved organically, they had great suspicion of criminal intent, and acted on that (regarding the situation that happend earlier). They followed you to the ambush spot were the members 67 were shot at. I feel like this was a natural fight that occurred. Thanks for reviewing. A report that is quite similar:
  6. Good luck Angelo! Looks sick.
  7. Welcome back! Eager to see what you bring to the city.
  8. Hello, Pretty simple, we were going down the hill as can be seen and I flipped the car. When I landed back, I tried turning on the car again but it failed, best option then was to get out and start my best to defend myself/surrender. I felt like the car was giving me good cover, so I grabbed my gun to start defending myself against the guy on the motorcycle, I didn't notice the other people involved so I thought I had a pretty good chance. Regarding the roll of the car, I would argue that it was a very slow roll, and it landed quite softly. I understand that there is still some hurt involved regrading a crash like that, but a few seconds later I decided to get out. I tried to flee, but when I noticed I couldn't I got out. Adrenaline would of course be involved too with a situation like this. Regarding saving pov, I missed it in the moment, didn't read it. That's pretty much it. Sorry if you feel like your RP experience was ruined by me. Other than that, I feel like the situation is what it is... you could've at least reached out and asked me why I decided to pull out my gun? Solve it OOCly? I think this situation is quite a small one, yes I could've improved with my judgement when taking out the gun/positioning but other than that I see no problem here.
  9. Kudo Kai requested for our assistance whilst ordering the drop, they had limited members due to the timezone difference and they were aware of the fact that there were a lot of Irish in town, so it would've gotten contested more easily. They assumed the worst and asked for ours and MS-13's assistance for the drop. We don't do this often, we normally handle only our own drops, but depending on the size of the import, we help with securing it. There is way more risk involved when the imports are bigger, hence us helping out this time. It also depends on the amount of people that are not occupied with doing something else. If we have the resources available and if its in our interest, we'll support. This is not the first time where we helped out with a drop. Normally the outcome when we help is that there is no fighting at all, and we just enjoy the RP that we have with the groups involved. That day we decided to help out because of the involved risk for our ally Kudo-Kai, we obviously wanted to make sure that the import we made was going to be secured by them. The import was bigger than normally. It was also quite a busy time for imports, which is also one of the reasons why we helped out. We knew that Irish had good numbers in town and if they found out about the drop, we knew that we couldn't let Kudo-Kai alone at the delivery location. It was only logical to help and prepare with our allies. I hope the reviewing party can understand our view; That our groups don't just come together to fight, or do criminal activities. We are here to enjoy the server, talking/RPing with our allies. Next to that, we of course want to embrace the friendship by helping them out criminally too, I feel like this was a good operation for working together with the 3 different gangs that day.
  10. -1 / +1 While the concept sounds interesting, it would be another way to grind for the very desired influence over the turf dealers. I would say the best non grindy way to support turfs is laundering money right now, and adding this would create another opportunity to get people to grind mindlessly in their apartments. It seems like this would just be to bypass doing banks/stores to sustain the turfs, and this addition would just be an easier way to grind for turf influence. I would support it though, if it would be a "heavy" import and the cleaned counterfeit cash wouldn't produce any influence, or barely any.
  11. No timer should be seen at all in my opinion. People can easily camp the Bank when the timer is due. +1 Fully agree with this, a random interval would be way better. Anywhere between 9 or 15 hours or so would be fairly balanced.
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 213, ID 105, ID 125, ID210, ID 33 Date of interaction reported: 29/05/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622296842 Your characters name: Benjamin Specht Other player(s) involved: Multiple Goblins Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? Not sure if all ID's are included, put the ones that I saw in the POV's of our side We comped a drop at Humane lab (Russians drop). Scouts and the main group were in position and when the drop landed, we moved in, fighting Russians at the drop when the crates dropped. We attacked the Russians and the fighting was over with us being alive. Then a group of consisting out of Irish members came in to join in on the situation. They were coming to help Russians with their drop. We essentially already gotten the drop because we killed the Russians, and the reason for reporting is because of the backup of Irish, they still got the drop and we lost it. It looks like there was no effort to make this an operation. It looked like a plain backup call over their own radio to get more people to join the fighting, which ID 213 admitted of doing. If ID 213 or any Irish ( which were told to save POV) can prove that they were already meeting up with the Russians and that this was a planned attack I'm fine, but I'm doubtful of that. Evidence of rule breach: Proof of asking for POV, and her telling me that they indeed called over the radio to let people come to the fight that was already ongoing with Russians ONLY: Screenshot of PM's Proof of ID 213 sitting infront of humane labs, probably waiting for Irish backup to arrive: https://streamable.com/6xxt9e Video of the whole encounter with at the end irish showing up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wmiOZBajpA
  13. Hello, Benjamin Specht here speaking on behalf of the Goblins. Kudo-Kai ordered some items and were expecting it to be dropped after MS-13's import. Kevin was leading the operation, and immediately the 3 groups involved had made the plan to secure the MS-13 & Kudo Kai import when the shipment was made. At grapeseed arcade the 3 parties regrouped. Due to convoying, we didn't move out in a single convoy of cars, and it was a bit spread out. People were around the area. All the people involved of the fight were known about this operation, and we all made sure we didn't swerve into other situations, just securing the drop. Before the shipment of Kudo-Kai dropped ( 5 minutes prior we moved over to the spot) we were all circling around the area. The fighting did not start there yet. Goblins/MS-13/Kudo were already on the location. All people knew what was going on, and the planned operation was active. There was no backup involved, and didn't give an unfair advantage to Irish regarding calling any backup, as all members were already there at the airfield. As said above, we (goblins) had one objective and it was to secure the location. We did that, we defended the location and didn't follow them at all. There was not a 3 gang hunting party to hunt you down. It was just at the drop location. The accusation of ruleplaying is quite an odd one, there was no intent to ruleplay. One of the goblins can be seen going into an allies car, but this was due to his bike being perma stalled. Clowns were not in any way involved in the talking, planning or the general knowledge of the drop. No one called them for help. I will try and get POV of before when we were roaming around the airfield, not all members record all the time but instead use shadowplay so its a bit harder to get footage from way back. Hopefully the replies that are given give more understanding to the situation. Thanks for your time.
  14. Goodluck, thread looks nice
  15. Appelgi

    The Goblins

    The Distribution The Cluckin' Bell Factory The Cluckin' Bell factory located on the main highway of Paleto Just like any other criminal organization we keep ourselves busy with our criminal work. One of them is drug manufacturing, and the distribution of it. After manufacturing it in our labs, we transport it up in Paleto where we centralize our drug gains. Drugs are either manufactured or delivered by friendly gangs. After receiving them, we start the process of making cash. Eric, one of the workers that collaborates with us. He is a bit bloody. Enjoying a cigarette. There are plenty of workers that work at the local factory, not all of them know what's happening behind the scene. Some select workers that seem fit for the extra responsibilities are working together with The Goblins. They do this because of the extra pay, and the lack of a good salary helps them cross over to a more illegal's path. Their job is not even that risky, they just have to turn a blind eye. Two workers, just after they "checked" the truck While they turn a blind eye, the truck reverses to do a "double check" on the payload. Everything is "made sure its secure". Of course, while this is happening an extra payload is mixed in-between the products. Truck filled up with the goods, just before taking off to the different locations. The products are loaded in and its ready to be shipped in to the local dealers in the city. When they arrive at their location, the workers at the food chain make sure the goods are unloaded. The "special" payload is marked, it has an extra sticker on the bottom of the payload. Because of this, the workers drop off the special load and is picked up by the turf network. Clean and easy. Cluckin' Bell management know nothing about this.... yet. Once they see the profits... We might persuade them to scale up the network... We'll have to see...
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