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  1. Gonna be missing the good times, it was a blast!
  2. I think we all criminals can appreciate the fact that you spent hours drafting this thread and aiming for a solution to balance off the crim/legal, as of right now it's unfair and it's been demotivating a lot of people that are more invested in the illegal side of roleplay. Thanks Bala. Now we can just hope that it just becomes practical so that we can get back to enjoying the server once again. I really like the ideas provided. I hope the developers find these ideas versatile and implement them in the server.
  3. +1 I really like some of the suggestions made by them.
  4. I'm the driver of the Sultan Classic there. I'd like to take a moment and request staff to please look into the fact that their vehicle is surpassing the top speed the Massacro offers, the top speed that I've experienced myself is 200-205 max, but their car is at a consistent 220-230 which was making it VERY difficult for us to keep up and which was quite unfair in my opinion, as they're either using some third party software to do so, or using a glitch which allows them to go faster than the speed the Massacro allows, the Sultan can go the same speed as a Massacro but I was having trouble keeping up with him because he was going consistent 230 speed, even after his tires were popped. Secondly, they've failed to mention the reason for the chase, they were spotted at our main dealer through which we order a shipment, one of them was seen interacting with the dealer and then there was a civilian around the area, they were flying their guns around aiming it at that individual suggesting they're there with a hostile intent. I started following them from there, and then they start stopping on the middle of the highway which seems pretty non-RP to me to do after checking the other gang's dealers and then pulling over on the side knowing very well we're not allowed to give demands on the highway, that seems like piss poor RP standards in my opinion. So the pursuit goes on for like a couple more minutes where I'll say again, I was having mad trouble keeping up with him due to him either using 3rd party software to his advantage or using a glitch, because a Massacro cannot go that fast and that consistent. I lost them since I c0'ed, so they took advantage of that and drove off. We called it out over the radio when we were chasing them, Felix found them at Paul's Farm and he called it out to us, we came there and interacted with them. Now despite them being scared due to the fact that they were checking our dealer, we have been pursuing them for quite a while they decide to stay on the side of the highway just talking it out as if nothing's happened, the passenger starts to mock my passenger's accent which my passenger found quite offensive and for him that was the final nail in the coffin. The two people in the Massacro were consistently playing with us, stopping on the side of the highway after checking our dealer, doing the same at Paul's farm. The passenger got out and delivered clear demands but are a bit scuffed in Apollo's POV since he might've lagged out, but they're still clear in Niko's POV. They knew what they did and they knew what was in the store for them yet they still carried on the way they did, and got shot. They were not even shot point blank, Gorg had only aimed for the tires as can be seen in the video in the beginning to disable the car, neither the driver or the passenger took damage. They start to drive off and then later they open fire on Felix aswell and then injuring Gorg. In the end, about the Brawler ramming you, with all due respect I do not know why you're still complaining about that since you're shooting his allies and you had killed one of them aswell, it's a heavy vehicle which is very well allowed to ram other cars with the rambar it's equipped with, however it might've just been the case of bad brakes as if you've ever drove a Brawler you'd know the brakes on a Brawler are almost non-existent at a high speed. Thank you to the staff handling the report.
  5. They were spotted outside of Chiliad, which is a drug lab... surely that counts for something, please don't try to play it off and try to be the innocent one in this situation, those two Russians that drove up to Chili were aware of the risks, but if they weren't satisfied with the outcome of the fight is really not our problem, now later on one of you hops out of the vehicle and aims a gun at one of our members (Jerry_Silvernail). That was our intention, to avoid police attention, we continued chasing you down the city and we had a variety of people chasing you, sometimes some pulled off and some joined the chase, I made it very clear on the frequency that we shouldn't have too many people on the chase, so people were just around the area just lurking around and following the chase incase it turned into something else. We swerved around the butchers area where we found out that you had an ambush waiting for us there, so we took a precaution and told people to be slightly closer to the chase incase we get ambushed abruptly, but as you can see in the clip provided by either Edgar or Dominic, it was two Defilers and one car chasing you, that does not seem non RP convoy at all considering either Edgar or Dominic pulled a gun out on Jerry just before, so we knew your intentions weren't to surrender, but were to fight, so I'll repeat this once again, please do not try and flip it around on us and act the innocent party in this. First of all this video seems invalid, it does not consist the sound, as the rules state that your evidence should not be edited, the footage provided should be raw and not tampered with at all, the audio is tampered with in this footage and in my opinion classes as invalid, but I'll let the handling admins be the judge of that. Secondly, you can clearly see ID 79 crouching down slightly to gain cover behind the vehicle to be less visible to the person directly shooting at him, to me it strikes off as pure tactics to avoid being shot point-blank by the guy he's engaged in a duel with, he walked left and right normally while crouching and only sped slightly, which did not even matter at a large scale since Pasha was already dead by the time he did so. Just to sum this up, I do not really appreciate fingers being pointed at us after fights that seem mutually interesting to both parties until one of the parties suffer a loss, all in all while you're aware what you're getting yourself into. Edgar or Dominic aimed a gun at Jerry before, they were seen leaving Chiliad, which caused us to follow them. In the interest of fairness, we had people around the area and chasing you because Edgar and Dominic had already shown hostile intent by aiming a gun at Jerry and myself.
  6. At the time only myself and Javier Antonio were online from Goblins so there weren't any interactions between those two individuals and any other goblin members that I know of. I do not remember the events of that day unfortunately as it was just another regular day for me and I honestly was never expecting to be reported in the first place since I never fought anyone in that situation. And I do not have or ever had any POV since like I mentioned I wasn't expecting to be reported, the reporting party never at any point reached out to me to inform me to save my POV, or try to talk to me and get my side of story to it.
  7. Player(s) being reported: Dante Watson (ID:18), Samuel Martin (ID:61) Date of interaction reported: 11/07/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1625934115 Your character name: Kevin Pitts Other player(s) involved: People on the freq Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. Mixing IC and OOC information without any benefit is a minor MG offense. For example, a player uses IC chat to call someone by their player ID displayed above their head. Players may not have any interaction or knowledge from their alternate characters. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) After a long chase between our gang members and PD ended, I had announced it on the frequency for our members to go to the next frequency as there's likable odds that frequency might be comped, so to eliminate that risk I said to switch frequency, but as soon as I said that I hear a lot of people beginning to talk on the frequency making their presence on the frequency known, I had absolutely no problem with the compromised frequency as that was an in-character occurence however when hearing Dante Watson on the frequency, I was confused and I referred to the events that happened with his alternate character by the name Sean Moore directly to him and he claims he has no knowledge about that, those part of the communications are not available with me, as I started recording afterwards since my recording software was not turned on but I had informed Dante and Samuel both to save POV so they SHOULD have POV of it, and I even got responses back from them acknowledging they received the PMs so. Now during this whole situation, Dante Watson had been mixing a lot of information that he had not organically obtained on that character of his, however the information from his alternate character Sean Moore. I've come to the understanding that both of these players are still in PD and then I found them in a frequency with known gang entities, shit talking a gang displaying entirely unprofessional behavior. If they're looking to turn corrupt, I'm pretty sure you have to obtain corrupt perms, but I believe this is a really poor transformation of your character to turn corrupt for the gang that your alternate character favours. His alternate character Sean Moore was in Irish/Russians aswell. It was very awkward and to be honest it took me by surprise when I found out it was his other character Dante Watson on the frequency when he typed in text chat on the radio. The comms can be heard in the evidence provided, I'm more concerned how they managed to obtain the frequency aswell. I messaged Samuel after the situation asking him how they obtained the frequency and I got a response that it's IC information, while he PMed me asked me to enlighten him why am I going to be reporting him, but he did not want to disclose that information and kept insisting it's IC so I would appreciate if the admins look into the fact how the frequency was obtained by Samuel and Dante. He even says at some point (2:34) "It's funny you think you're the reason we disbanded" and then they start going on about Irish disbanding, that's when they were still in PD so that's metagaming in my opinion. Willing to answer any questions asked of me by the handling admins, and appreciate you looking into it. Thank you. Evidence of rule breach:
  8. Seems like you got it figured out.
  9. Mind you, I would've preferred to receive a reasoning for your presence at the lab via PMs, I did not want to drag it to the forums however your reaction to my question was a bit unwarranted, you told one of the persons that PMed you to ask us to stop bothering you, I announced that over /F to quit bothering you if you do not appreciate being PMed and to post a /report 4 instead. The player report guidelines themselves states that you must try to solve it amongst yourselves, with a forum report being the last resort but you chose the former way out of it that landed us here. The reason we were so annoyed is the fact that we're already seriously undermined as criminals, we do not want cops doing runs and patrols of the drug lab, the one place where we finally have the smallest fraction of freedom from cops.
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID35 Date of interaction reported: 04/07/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1625388670 Your character name: Kevin Pitts Other player(s) involved: Krish Roshan, Tyler Peterson, ID 177 (ridealong) Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples: Ignoring RP, baiting government services without proper IC reason, asking to be killed or forcing your own death, unrealistic stunt jumping, misusing expensive vehicles, using script work vehicles for other purpose, submerging any vehicle in water intentionally, swimming for an unrealistic amount of time in a chase, or stealing from / tampering with an OOC F4 menu. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) We were driving into Sealab from the Braddocks side, when the driver saw a cop driving into the sealabs, so we went around to go from the Paul's Farm side, we did not see the cop on the driveway in there so we just drove in and then saw the cop inside sealab. We drove in there to find out what's going on when we see the cop running back from the dealer back into his car, suggesting he checked the dealer to see if he's snitching on any drop which is highly unrealistic in my opinion for a cartel representative to snitch on a drop to a cop, the drop that they're responsible for realistically. Scriptly a cop's able to comp a drop but it wouldn't make sense RPly. Then we saw the cop leaving sealab, and ontop of all that it can be seen that the officer has a civilian ride-along in the car with him, so he entered a drug lab which he isn't supposed to know about, all alone, with a civilian ridealong in the car and checking the dealer for any drop. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/i2hniy
  11. Hey. Just found out this report was reopened and I was tagged, and I do not have the best recollection of events as it occured a long time ago, but I'll try my best to answer any questions. However, if memory serves me right, I showed up there after a long time and I never engaged with anyone who reported us for backup breach, so I'm just having difficulty comprehending why this report has been re-opened, since I never engaged against anyone involved there, the reporting party if is able to recollect the events to that event, they can also confirm I never fought them. I only came there and found out my allies were dead, I talked to the reporting party and then we went our seperate ways after, and to answer the question Kyle Radzvin used to be in Goblins a while back, so I know him from back when. I do not know Nic Fisher personally.
  12. - We comped a drop? - Boxing you in to take control of the situation and snatch the contents of the drop from you? - I couldn't even properly keep up with you and when I did that instance at hungry hunter I was coming in with speed, the car was braking very badly and I saw you shooting at my ally, needless to say DMing my ally with invalid demands. You were all told to save your footage, and you specifically told me OK then report it and explain the whole situation, acknowledging me informing you to save POV so stop being hesitant about your POV and just send it for once rather than asking us to save it for you, during the situation you had no problem with anything, you never reached out to us to inform us to save POV or nothing so I would say you're just talking without any absolute facts unless you can provide evidence to back your allegations up. I will not be replying to any comments here any further unless asked by the handling admin. Take it easy.
  13. That one sentence is what you read out of his 1355 words argument, of him trying to find a compromise which can already be predicted, is failing by so far because you're not willing to make compromises for players to enjoy their gameplay on the server. The fact that a detective cruiser would just follow you around whilst you're driving following the road rules & regulations and then pull you over when you go 5 over the limit or run a speed light, or fail to yield apparently, is unrealistic if you ask me. There are different tiers of gangs, some are strong, some are weak, the weak ones you can pressure down and keep them under a rule of thumb but the ones of high scale such like the gangs that have official access/cartel access, that can import a stream of heavy artillery and whatnot should be considered armed & dangerous to even approach but the fact that we cannot attack the police officers makes them think we're such idiots with no power, so they just pull over and they just dominate you with their heavy voices "Step out of the vehicle or you will be forced out the vehicle, I'm asking you last time." Say you do that infront of a gang member with mad connections IRL, you'll be wishing it ends well for you IRL but in here there's no connections & ties to a character, it's one person behind their computer screen playing a character with nothing to lose, while we have a lot to lose in that situation, the money we spend, the time we spend doing numerous things to get that grind going, but all you have to do is just order us to step out of the vehicle or force will be used, and there goes the whole gang v. PD mentality, that you've gotta stack charges against the person. Lately I've had so many gang meetings interpreted by PD, fact is out of 10 meetings only 1 or 2 have been successful without PD just jumping in there and ruining everything while a gang's just trying to create RP ops. Now that right there I believe is piss poor RP standards, fact is we're just stood at a piece of land, most likely a private property not hurting or harming anyone. It's a gang meeting, all armed & dangerous to approach, which I'd think the PD would apply the mentality that it's too risky to approach, due to the fact that we're possibly armed however we're not directly endangering any human population at that point it's just us trying to talk things out, they still think pushing in is a smart idea. Now in a situation like that, there's no winning due to the fact that PD are armed with heavy weapons all of them, they get them for free and the armor they're strapped with is just mad good. They would tank your bullets and before you know it, you run out of bullets. If I look at pictures of police officers, they wear light plate carriers that go below their shirt, the one that's 50 armor in the game, they do not wear a giant vest strapped to their body just for regular patrol, only some of them do, which in this case every patrol officers do have them strapped to their chest making them a tank to bullets being fired at them. We've made so many compromises over the time, I cannot even say made actually, we were forced to make as we weren't provided any say in things, such like the tables just exploding extremely randomly if we had to consider one example. I had 40 tables blow up on me before it even let out one batch as I had just started cooking, even before it could brew a batch of drugs, there goes 320k worth of tables at the rate of 8k$ per table, ingredients worth over 100k, water bottles, the briefcases, all adding them up to over 450-500k worth of items just lost there, which wouldn't be the opportunity of every crim to get them at that rate. They've gotta go through gangs which then charge commission so if it's 10k per table, that's 100k for 10 tables already and 10 tables is a really slow production time, so that means more chances for them to blow up and so on. I know all these points are going to be negated, but if you have a moment to think about them and put yourself in the position we're in, you might actually understand what I'm trying to imply. Thanks for reading.
  14. Goblins and Irish were engaged in a heavy shootout down by Lumber just minutes prior to this happening, we managed to make it out of there alive - we SAW the reporting party leave the situation and saw them during the situation aswell, they were chasing us with the intent to kill us and finish what they started, only we did it before them so they would not have mad numbers tailing us with the only objective to kill us. We had DM rights in that situation, I do not see why that fact is being argued, our gang and their gang were engaged in a heavy combat, and they were following us - we gave them a window to drive past us, they did not take it. We pulled over just to see if they would, and they did, the fact suggesting malice to us - we got out of our car and shouted at them to get out of the car. As soon as we got out and tried to shout demands, they drove away but 100% they followed us with the intent to kill us, so that could be classed as ruleplaying. He would've kept following us and keeping his distance so he would not hear the demands, so we had to do what we did. Thank you to the staff handling the report, have a great day!
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