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  1. Liam Willis When Liam arrived in Los Santos he was super excited, so he went for a walk and asked about where the most people would be at, and I think you guys could guess the answer, it was of course the Pier. Liam was told that at the pier you just get to know new people and you make some money as well. Liam bought a fishing rod and took a taxi to the pier. When he met some nice people that he started chatting with, he asked if there were any mechanic shops in Los Santos that were looking for employee’s, and he was told that there were two of them, Bayview Auto Repairs and Los Santos Customs. Liam decided that he wanted to work in the city so he applied for LSC. He worked at Los Santos Customs for about 6 months and he met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. Two of the most important ones in Liam's story are Gorg Borg and Kevin Pitts. Both of these guys were working at LSC while doing criminal stuff off duty. One day Kevin got caught with an illegal firearm and quickly got fired. This is when Kevin decided to go fully criminal instead. Liam knew about this but he wasn’t a snitch so he kept his mouth shut. Gorg also decided to go criminal and join the Goblins. Liam also kept quiet about this, after a while of being pressured by Gorg to join the goblins, he finally agreed to it. Liam stayed employed at LSC for about 1 week after he joined Goblins. But he got caught while doing a bank robbery and did his prison time, then went directly to LSC and resigned as he didn’t want them to find out about him going to become a criminal. This is when Liam’s life in the criminal world started. Liam was a part of the Goblins for about 4 months, he had a very good time and reached the rank “Enforcer Goblin”. Goblins had some major problems with deportation so Goblins decided to disband. Liam felt like he lost his family and went for a 4 day vacation just to find himself again. He got back from his vacation and got a phone call from an old friend that told him about the new crew that was upcoming. Liam was super interested directly and asked where he could meet them. His old friend told him the location and Liam went there and talked to the recruiters. The recruiters accepted Liam into the “Shenzhen Dragons” as Liam already knew Moda from before and Moda trusted him. Liam was very happy about this and quickly felt like he had found the right crew to stay with. Liam would show up to the hangout spot almost everyday and try to just vibe with his new family.
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