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  1. The only bad thing about this suggestion is that there is no song to go with it. major +1
  2. I'm glad you agree. This rule is here to make sure that four gangs don't bully one gang out of existence. That is never good for the server, even if we try to justify it with "RP reasons". If such a rule was around a lot longer ago, we wouldn't need faction management to create a street gang. If such a rule was around a lot longer ago, we could still have a racing gang in Wanted and so on. Regardless of all the of the character development that occurred in order for three gangs of very different background to decide they want to hold hands, at the end of the day, it's extremely silly to h
  3. As with all things, I would advise using common sense. If for example your gang opens up a pub every week, having other gangs show up there would be highly regular and nothing out of the ordinary, another gang attacking that and complaining wouldn't be valid since it's a known routine thing. If you however spot some potentially hostile people near your HQ, and invite your friendly gangs to "chill", and it happens more than once, that is highly questionable. End of the day there is no clear line, just like there isn't one with fear RP, or with DM. There are some examples for DM,
  4. Ruleplaying is ruleplaying, roleplaying is roleplaying. If you're actively trying to group up every time you feel like you're gonna get attacked, that's obviously ruleplaying. If you're genuinely trying to interact with other gangs occasionally, it will be fine. I do not think that anyone in the staff team is a robot and can not tell the difference. Just play it fair and trust in the staff team.
  5. Then this rule doesn't affect you. This rule is directly related to you providing backup to a shootout/hostile scenario. You can group up all day and perform all your of roleplay as your faction. This has happened in every single major war since the original council. You can literally look in the player report archive and see massive 100+ man fights at chiliad between five to seven factions, as recent as a couple of months ago in the FSO/La Fam war. I've avoided naming factions as I don't want to seem like I'm attacking anyone. That was okay back then, it's not anymore. No, it shouldn'
  6. This rule was not introduced as a fix to a temporary problem, it was introduced as a fix to a problem as old as the (modern) server, starting with the original council. It is not healthy for the server for a small group of players to have a monopoly on gangs, and give those players the power to bully other players off the server. No matter the amount of supposed roleplay it generates, it does not create a healthy environment, and adds to OOC tensions. You stated that this rule stifles criminal diplomacy, I say that it strengthens it. Not the 120 man zerg going up Chiliad, that's dead
  7. Hey. Welcome back! Make sure to check out the server rules and possibly this revamped roleplay guide (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/16456-eclipse-roleplay-roleplay-guide/) Quite a lot has changed in two years, and you want to make sure that you start off on the right foot. Have fun!
  8. The report was denied and the reported (criminal) was given the benefit of the doubt even though he had multiple deathmatching punishments. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/56512-carlos_rodrigueez-id-113-14-deathmatching This incident does not bode well for the narrative of special treatment in favor of law enforcement.
  9. I'd like to begin by apologizing for the delay in the resolution of this report, this was caused, in part, by the fact that deliberation with other members of staff occurred. That being said, I decided upon the following: Kevin_Slash will receive a NonRP punishment for his behavior during this RP scenario. Dara_Macfadden will receive a NonRP punishment for his behavior during this RP scenario. Stephen_Joyce will receive a NonRP punishment for his behavior during this RP scenario. I find that the players involved in the attack did in fact have a valid reason to attack the re
  10. @Percival you've been here longer than me but you're views are incredibly naïve and completely disregard server history. We've had the system that you talk about, we've had very little rules and regulations for factions. The result older factions forming a monopoly and pushing every other organization off the server. Monopolies are not good, and the last thing we need is to emulate a rust official server where we have 1 mega clan dominate it.
  11. After careful deliberation, and discussion with other members of staff, I have decided upon the following: All interactions between Kevin Reyes and Allen Britto which were a result of the communication between Kevin Reyes and Koko Mizu are now voided. @CalvinKlein asked if he is expected to record their entire gameplay and every roleplay build up. Kevin Reyes was allegedly told information about another player's actions, for which the only evidence is a couple of text messages, with no supporting roleplay or interaction. It is a VOIP RP server so this is definitively possible,
  12. Kevin_Reyes @CalvinKlein Please explain, in detail, the surrounding roleplay and/or interactions which led up to Kevin being told about Allen and his interactions with Koko. Was there any roleplay other than the text messages? If so, detail it. It is clear that you received the text messages, but seemingly without any IC interaction or roleplay. Please provide any evidence to the contrary. Finally, please provide specific dates of these messages being sent to you, either by referencing the screenshot date or the discord conversation timestamp. Koko_Mizu @Vigil Please detail any and all ro
  13. So you weren't searched because you were a gang member, you were searched because you disobeyed law enforcement instruction.
  14. The police have the upper hand in most places in the world. That's their job, to have the upper hand. It's called Law Enforcement, you need to be able to project power in order to enforce the law. Your numbers are useless because you are comparing population vs police officers. Real-life is not our server where 99% of people are either PD or Crim. The vast majority of people are neither. Let's use Los Angeles, since we're roleplaying in Los Santos. LAPD has 9000 officers and 3000 civilian employees, the LASD has 9900 deputies and 8000 civilian employees + 4200 civilian volunteers. T
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