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  1. I think that some of the points raised in this topic are quite ironic. The issue raised by OP is that law enforcement has a "play to win" attitude, and does not want to lose, because they do not treat an NPC as a real person that might be injured. As far as I know, currently NPCs are not treated as real people by anyone, and if you want to do advanced RP with a cashier, you can request an admin to take it's place. The problem is that the flip side is never considered. What is your complaint really? The fact that you dislike that when you take hostage a defenseless NPC, that will never try to run, escape, or do anything, it does not mean that you automatically win the situation. That is a problem? I've been with the department for a good amount of time now, and I can tell you for a fact that when people have a real hostage (a player) it gets treated very seriously, and out of five or so hostage situations I was personally involved in, in four of them the hostage takes got away with the cash, and were never caught. The only one that I can recall in which the hostage takes were killed/captured was when they decided to take a hostage on top of a crane. However, you never considered the flipside. How many times has it happened that cops are arresting someone's very good friend/brother, and then you have the rest of his gang shoot up the scene with AKs, and ram cops with heavy vehicles. Why is that alright? How is starting a shootout, with the person that you're trying to save in the middle, not playing to win, and very unrealistic? If you really want the RP standard that you're preaching, it has to be two-ways.
  2. I believe you may be suffering from the effects of nostalgia. The GTA SA map is definitively smaller than the GTA V map.
  3. You were asked to be patient, it has barely been 10 hours. Please avoid posting again unless asked to by members of staff.
  4. Pending @Zemaitc. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  5. Pending @FatherOsborn or @BallinByNature. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  6. Pending @Fa1N. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  7. There is a way to dodge them, don't speed.
  8. Selling a moderately nice looking house, with space for three vehicles in the garage, and your own pontoon in front of the house. offers here
  9. They can create a new character in the second character slot. With that they will have four chances.
  10. You roleplay killing your character off in the way of your choosing, then you walk into the precinct and change your name. If you didn't use the name before, your record will be cleared automatically, no admin assistance required.
  11. The max prison time is 2 hours, if you got your tickets wiped every time you went to prison, people would voluntarily go to prison. I don't see what's so unreasonable about having to pay the money you owe to the government.
  12. If someone had a criminal history, and can't obtain a firearm permit because of it, he can decide to kill his character and start fresh. (keeping all of his assets) That is the main avenue, or staying in his gang, and obtaining guns from them. The only different is that a felon can't carry them legally anymore, which is very welcome.
  13. I don't think that it should matter that much to you, there seems to be a specific group of players that respond very rashly to any suggestion that might impact illegal activities, but you also got a lot of reasonable responses, and you should focus on those.
  14. Pending @FatherOsborn or @BallinByNature. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
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