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  1. A good amount of weapons are available for official factions in the form of custom imports. You'll have to find out IC exactly which and what price they go for. Vehicles get added every now and then, but there are a number of "realistic" vehicles which have very good performance to the point where we'll have another comet retro situation. (where a sports is better than most supers). I'd say a more important thing would be to update the modmenu to get access to more customization options on the cars already in.
  2. The fastest vehicles top speed wise, in order are, Pfister 811, Banshee 900R and Hakuchou (NOT Drag). The Comet Retro might be somewhere up there, but that depends on your computer and/or vehicle modifications, it seems bugged, it's not this fast in Online.
  3. If you did that, under the current interpretation of the rules, you would be guilty of deathmatching.
  4. The solution to a perceived unrealistic amount of robberies is to make vehicles godmode? It doesn't make any sense. If you have an issue with people robbing too much, address that issue directly. Propose a rule that doesn't allow street robberies when the bank is open (during the day), that's it, you cut unrealistic robberies by like 70%. Vehicles are used by a very wide range of people, from criminals to cops. They should not be safe heavens.
  5. I for one believe that if someone aims a gun at you/your car and he tells you to do something, if your engine is on, you may choose to not follow it, but he can shoot you for it. Anything else does not make any sense. You're making the demand with a gun, the other party makes a choice to ignore it, he should face consequences. I don't see why people in vehicles are being granted special protection. You are creating a situation in which you are never allowed to shoot at someone that's in a vehicle. If his engine is off, he will be FORCED to obey FearRP and get out, and if his engine is on, you can not shoot him because he's not under FearRP? It is very puzzling.
  6. That uniform looks familiar. 😀
  7. Why? The money is spawned, the owner does not lose it. It's very likely that the owner would like to rob his own store with his gang that's camped outside.
  8. It's like you said. "but someone who is getting a large sentence should be a trial thing" exactly what a large sentence is could be up for debate. Most people do not get large sentences, it's only the really egregious ones that do. If you just run from a traffic stop (which is a common chase/arrest reason), you would realistically receive an 80 minute sentence, if you also had an unlicensed gun on you, it's 110. I don't think that's particularly large, since it's still under what the old cap was. Would you have a trial involving all of the required people over a sentence less than 2 hours? I wouldn't, I don't believe it would be practical.
  9. That will almost always be SWAT during a special operation, and almost always in response to someone evading on a Hakuchou Drag themselves. If you want to argue that the bike is unrealistic, fair enough, remove it from the server, but you can't have criminal characters abuse it every day and when a cop does it, its very NonRP.
  10. Why? Check youtube for helicopter chases. Most of them the guy won't even know there is a helicopter. He'll do stuff like change clothes and walk past cops, and then the cops get told its him. Spotting a helicopter, especially in the city is very hard.
  11. 1. You are just not paying attention to them. The rights are "You have the right to have a government-appointed attorney during any legal questioning", however in the context of the server, most of the times, the cop will have witnessed you commit the crime. He is not legally questioning you, therefore you do not get an attorney. It's not useless, and it's there for when you actually do get questioned. 2. I'm in favor of having high ranking DOC be able to reduce sentence by about 10% for good behavior, but afking in prison should never be a thing again. 3. They are not, and when they do, they get punished severely, both by staff and internally. A cop was not so long ago punished because he didn't hold N when speaking in Teamspeak. 4. That is good. It is their server and they are developers, listening to the community about everything would result in issues. 5. A judicial system is not practical with the current sentencing guidelines. Felony evading, by far the most common crime is 60 minutes of prison. How do you justify getting together a jury, judge, lawyers and everything else over an hour sentence? If implemented, you would need to increase all sentences by at least 100%, and if the person loses, they would further get a sentence increase. It's not worth the time investment otherwise, and everyone would appeal just for the fake of being difficult. PS. There is a minimum cap of 25k because it is a very high population server, and having the very few administrators that can spawn weapons spend time to go through requests for a single firearm is not feasible. In the grand scheme of things, even 25,000 is pretty low. Most people drive at least an elegy retro, which is ten times that in value. Most people also exaggerate how many times they actually lose things to a rule breaker. In short, it's not worth the time, and if it's under 25k, it's not a big impact on you. PS2. The server has been around for a long time, and will be around for a long time. It will not lose its player count FAST because people can not refund a gun, or because they don't get a lawyer when they're not supposed to.
  12. 4k an hour is very low income. Look for a different job.
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