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  1. I think that it's mostly some kind of social correctness pressure clouding your view. There are many times in which a couple of dudes will act obviously thirsty towards an attractive girl, and it's the same here. It's more exaggerated because it's the internet, but so is everything else. Realistically in Los Angeles you wouldn't have this many cops shot every day, however cops get shot, and they get shot here, just more exaggerated. There's also plenty of people in real-life that say provocative things for attention, maybe not in a public place like the bank, but definitively over the internet (as in, real internet: twitter and such). If you just remember that everything on the server is exaggerated compared to real-life, I think you will find that the racism/sexism fits into that quite well. I don't think discussion is ever pointless, however, I can acknowledge that I'm probably in the minority there and most people would like a quick and easy shut, even if more discussion could bring a better outcome. I don't really see the relevance of your ending paragraph, unless you wish to suggest that making a rule against racism would increase our RP standard 10 times over.
  2. This is not a place to discuss the Russian Mafia or their OOC conduct. If you feel that they have broken a server rule, make a player report. If you feel that are behaving unfit of a faction, contact the faction management team. This thread should only be discussing WCA and our progression as a faction. Thank you.
  3. How do you explain the driver exam tutorial then? When you get to see various buildings as if you were there? You add a text overlay saying CCTV on top of that and you got a working CCTV system.
  4. This whole thing where we say that racism and sexual harassment of women is unrealistic is untenable. Why do we have movements like black lives matter and countless movements against women being treated unfairly if it's not an issue in real-life? We could say that it happens more in-game, and that might even be true, but I don't believe it's to the degree where its unrealistic. I don't like how you dismiss certain things out of hand as "not fitting his character", what do you really know about his character? did you read his character story? did you spend time with the character then he randomly shouts the n word?
  5. It's very interesting how the person that is in a faction with IC rules against racism doesn't mind OOC rules against racism. Perhaps you should consider how this rule might affect the rest of the community and their roleplay.
  6. Pending @Lewis. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  7. Pending @Bakmeel, @Archaeah or @ChuckM. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  8. Tax collection day was coming to a close, there was a heavy rain, but we did not want to miss it, so we went ahead and scheduled a meeting with Jay. Supplementing the obvious goal of making good on our dues, the meeting proved a good time to discuss the latest events that happened in the city, and our plans for the future. Trey and Andre were providing support for a member chopping a car, when Andre noticed that someone else was chopping a vehicle belonging to the Rooks. The suspected perpetrators were shortly stopped and questioned. It was during a party at the tavern that two men wearing green decided to test our resolve, and challenge us to prove that we do in fact own the color. Neither of them posed any threat, however their friend, Chanty started screaming that her boyfriend is in the council and this will surely be our demise. After some investigation, we found that her boyfriend is a relatively low-ranking member of the Rooks, and we received the green light to take care of her. Andre specifically told her that she's gonna get a haircut, to which she scoffed and kept threatening her boyfriend's wrath. She then turned to law enforcement to protect her; Singling out Andre as supposedly having heavy weapons on him. Desperate and with little options left, she got on a drag and ran to the Wanted Refresh, trying to seek asylum with them. She wasn't to find any safe haven from us. She sought the protection of her boyfriend, law enforcement and even from other gangs. In the end, nothing could save her from the promised haircut. Humiliated and defeated, Andre gave her the mercy of a relatively quick death, as she was stabbed repeatedly. Catching the Wanted just as they were about to race, Andre thanked them for their cooperation in dealing with the overconfident snitch. Late into the evening, delayed by the original snitch, they get delayed by yet another snitch. The man pulled up in a red truck and called the cops on them. Unsurprisingly, he turned out to be a well known snitch and the Rooks gave us a hand with disabling the large truck. The kill was all Andre's though, as he got quite an appetite for snitches. Two snitches dealt with, the doubly delayed meeting finally took place, and friendly relations were established with the newly formed Yakuza. As the day drew to a close, we paid our dues to the other half of the council, and spent a good amount of time discussing the events of the day, including copious amounts of laughter about Chanty, as she seems to be well known in town as a loudmouth.
  9. In order words, lets make robbing stores even harder even though the risk/reward is already in the minus? -1
  10. So next time when I get arrested without evidence, I can ask the cop to release me because it's making me feel a certain way OOCly? Either we separate IC and OOC, or we don't. There are a number of things people can do to affect you ICly, that should stay IC. GTA V is rated 18+.
  11. 5000 units (( volume )) which can be divided between 300 crates (( 50 rows of 6 cells )). It is very large. I've left it unlocked so you can check out the inside yourself. Please no littering.
  12. Report withdrawn at request of reporter. Pending archive.
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