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  1. Hello and thank you for making the report! This is now pending review. Sincerely, alexalex303 and Timmaayy
  2. Pending @Dqniel. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  3. Massive +1 This is sorely needed.
  4. A cruiser would not usually have 4 occupants. It would have 2. The back is for transporting suspects, not officers.
  5. Pending @MrSilky. Please be patient while this is being reviewed.
  6. Hello, I was involved in the situation. The player in question got a gun pointed at him, then drove away while shouting on radio "They pointed, they pointed". Then he drives directly into a large group of people that pointed guns at him while shouting over the radio "engage engage engage". He directly placed himself in the middle of a dangerous situation, that he knew was dangerous (as he got pointed at before), as if his life didn't matter. Evidence for pointing: https://streamable.com/rk59w Precedent:
  7. You do however understand that the current script options (drug labs, chop shops) being literally flooded with cops is an issue too.
  8. I think a very strong contributor to this is script support. Legal/Civ got a very strong patch, and then Criminal patch is still being worked on. There's a lot of ideas, and a lot of great server suggestions, but none are in right now, and I feel that a new patch could solve a lot of issues. Just imagine all of those relatively straight-forward and detailed suggestions implemented in a patch tomorrow.
  9. The fact of the matter is that driving through an active shootout is a bad idea everywhere apart from GTA. The reason it's good in GTA is because there is are headshots and desync issues, so cars are very strong. In real life, one bullet could end you, forever. If you have an AK, you won't drive through a shootout. You'd use the gun. I don't see why you're defending this point with cops running over people that are running away.
  10. You gave an example of a UK ram in which no one even had guns, because UK. Then you showed an example of a cop ramming someone running away. Show me an example of a proper shootout, where someone comes in and starts ramming.
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