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  1. Player ID 307 - Mick_Dubaas - please explain why you shot the reporter while he was complying with demands. Player ID 15 - @xeater - please amend the original report in such a way that the UNIX is filled out in plain text, and not a screenshot. The aforementioned players have 24 hours to respond to their respective requests, or the report may be concluded without their response. Sincerely, alexalex303
  2. After careful deliberation, I have decided upon the following: Player ID 458 - Adam_Diamond will receive a Deathmatch punishment for his actions during this roleplay scenario. Regardless of any reason, the man did not engage in any kind of roleplay prior to shooting the reporter, and as such, broke the DM rule. @retronub If you've experienced losses over $25,000 and also meet the refund request guidelines, you may apply for a refund for your losses during this RP scenario. Sincerely, alexalex303
  3. alexalex303

    Id 191 DM

    Since no other footage was provided, more than 3 days later, the report is being denied for insufficient evidence. Sincerely, alexalex303
  4. If you continue knowingly breaking section rules, your rights to post on this platform may be revoked. If you are not involved in this specific roleplay scenario (the one in the report), you should not be posting here. This is not a place to name and shame or rate your RP experiences.
  5. alexalex303

    NonRP ID 149

    After careful deliberation, we have decided upon the following: Player ID 144 - Oti_Maxwell & Player ID 206 Norix_Helsinki will receive a warning for their unrealistic behavior in this scenario. Player ID 149 - Tray_Laurie - did not break any rules during the roleplay scenario. Maxwell and Helsinki were evading from enemy pursuers, and upon making a U-Turn in their vehicle, they decided to start shouting facetious remarks at the enemies, and blasted their horn, in an effort to further antagonize their chasers. We do not find this to be in line with realism, nor something that can be expected from two experienced players on the server. Laurie, in a Kamacho, drove perpendicular to the 811 driven by Helsinki, and slowed down (almost to a stop) in front of it, which caused Helsinki to slow down, almost to 100 km/h, and make a movement to avoid it. It is clear from the video that a ram was not intended, nor has a ram occurred. We do not find it unrealistic for the much larger vehicle to attempt to block the path of the super car. Sincerely, alexalex303 and @Dalvichan
  6. If you have an issue with a faction, the appropriate place to voice that issue is with FM. Creating public threads and showcasing apparent rule breaks seems to be little more than naming and shaming, and is not constructive in the least.
  7. Hello Francesco, I'm sorry that you're unhappy with my resolution of the bug. The situation was that your bug was stalling a roleplay scenario involving 60+ people, whom were all waiting for your issue to be fixed. As far as I was aware at the time, your report was not yet taken, so I teleported to you, to see if I can fix the bug. This was not a rule breaker report (iirc). I arrived and saw Dqniel there, whom, without being prompted in any way, invited me to take care of the bug. I was not aware of this specific bug at the time, and I asked in staff chat for assistance. An unnamed staff member assisted me, and asked me to check your HP, which was indeed bugged. I then asked how is the bug usually fixed, which they told me to revive, TP and slay. You claimed that you should've been dead, as without the bug you would've died before the medic arrived. I asked you if you had any evidence, and you said No. This can be seen in your own screenshot evidence. The medic then said that he had evidence that he tried to drag you but it said that you were dead. That evidence is not relevant. I was not looking for evidence that a bug happened, we were all aware that you were bugged. I was asking for evidence that you would've been dead had the bug not occurred. You replied negatively, and no one else had such evidence. However, in the spirit of helping players, I stalled the situation even more, and went through your personal logs, to see if the server ever recorded you as dead, which would've proved your claim. I was not able to find any server log stating your apparent death (in this scenario), and as such, with no evidence, I attempted to fix the bug once (missing the TP part), then did it a second time with the TP, and asked everyone to resume the roleplay. I fixed the bug, allowing the roleplay to resume from the state that I found it in. I could not alter it, based on your word alone. I do not believe that I did anything wrong in this scenario, and in fact, I tried my best to help you. Sincerely, alexalex303
  8. Thank you for making the report @retronub. Player ID 458 - Adam_Diamond - please explain why you shot the reporter? Additionally, are you aware of the anti-KOS rules? Do you feel that you engaged in RP before shooting the player? if so, how. Player ID 454 - Jonathan_Wellers - please send the full video to myself, either via forum PM, or via Discord DM at realAlex#0001 The aforementioned players have 24 hours to respond to their respective requests, or the report may be concluded without their response. Sincerely, alexalex303
  9. alexalex303

    Id 191 DM

    If there are any more snide remarks, toxicity or straight up insults in this forum report, I will start handing out OOC Behavior punishments. Player ID 145 - Xavier_Benz - provide a video in which your discord conversation can be clearly heard. You can be heard muting and un-muting it, and a tremendous amount of chatter is happening during an active pursuit. Player ID 142 - @RAttlesnake7473 - if you have any evidence of them opening fire on Cruzio, or pulling a weapon under fear RP, please provide it. The aforementioned parties have 24 hours to respond to their respective questions, or the report may be denied for edited evidence. Sincerely, alexalex303
  10. Hello and thank you for making the report @xeater. It is now being reviewed. Sincerely, alexalex303
  11. alexalex303

    VDM 144

    This back and forth is not useful nor constructive. No more posts should be made unless directly asked to by staff.
  12. After careful deliberation, we have decided to issue a panel warning for what is a breach of Fear RP with mitigating factors. Unfortunately, there was quite a lot of administrative intervention in the roleplay scenario, and I personally find that a replayed situation can never be quite as fluid or streamlined as an uninterrupted, natural one. However, if this was a non-interrupted situation, with no mitigating factors, @JazzyThomax could've received a full NonRP punishment for his actions. It is very important to note that the examples in the server rules, are just that, examples. If someone that is clearly hostile to you is chasing you armed, even though he is not aiming the gun, depending on range, you could very easily be executed at any point (as seen in the video), and as such, you should not be calling for backup, nor running. Consider the realism, rather than the exact wording of the rules. Sincerely, alexalex303 and @Jellay
  13. The report will be denied as it is a perfect example of ruleplay over roleplay. The reporter initiated a voluntary attack on the reported, and failed in it's execution. The reporter, alongside allies then began pursuing the victims of the attack, whom retaliated. This is completely acceptable and in light with realism. I strongly advise @Itzsonzy to immerse themselves into their character more, and consider realism, and not pursue petty reports when the incident falls in line with what is expected. Sincerely, alexalex303
  14. You tried to engage an enemy gang member with your firearm, and failed in your attempt as they drove off, you then pursued their vehicle with allies, with clear malicious intent, and you were fired upon. Which part of this is unrealistic to you? @Itzsonzy.
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