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  1. alexalex303

    Why are the fines so hefty when going to prison?

    I think the police department needs to look at their jail times. No matter what you do, when you get arrested you get 2 hours. There needs to be 30 mins, 1 hour, 1 hour 30 and so on. If you get charged for 2 hours every time, it makes no sense.
  2. alexalex303

    Government Faction {fast food}

    Do you think adding a different color to every other word makes your suggestion carry more weight? (opinion down below in blue line) ============================================================ -1 you can already do this by selling tacos in a taco truck, at $25 per taco. No faction required.
  3. alexalex303

    MASSIVE Robbing at Fishing Pier and Farms

    I think the thread should be closed, there's like two very upset farmers going very passive-aggresive on everyone that doesn't agree with them. A support staff member tried to offer you some practical solutions, (get some friends, carry a weapon) and you went "OH NO WEAPON OR FRIEND I CANT PLAY?!?!?" I mean, it sounds like you don't even want to debate this, you just want to be right. I can tell you right now, the entire server isn't going to change just cause you got robbed.
  4. alexalex303

    MASSIVE Robbing at Fishing Pier and Farms

    This is all in-character. If we do it your way, the whole town is a no crime zone.
  5. alexalex303

    Hello I'm new, and i need some help...

    Hey bro. The not moving is a common issue on login, just alt+tab away from the gta v window to another window and back a couple of times and it should work fine. The bald guy is another rather common issue, where your character fails to load properly. Reconnect a few times and it should be solved. Have fun!
  6. alexalex303

    Using radio when injured

    How is it abuse? If you are able to use the phone, you are able to use the radio.
  7. alexalex303

    Using radio when injured

    If you can use the phone, why wouldn't you be able to use the radio? Either allow both or don't allow either. -1
  8. I think this should only apply if your appeal gets denied or if you don't make an appeal within a reasonable amount of time. Permanent bans were lifted before, and it would suck to come back to nothing.
  9. alexalex303

    Death rule change(

    The argument becomes that criminals will always want to die to avoid prison, and that cops will always say that you survive to prison you. I'd like to make it easier for people to get finished off once they are injured, so that cops/attackers can finish you off by accident if they don't have proper trigger-discipline, however I suspect this is a RAGEMP sync issue and not a script issue, therefore there's very little to improve until further updates are pushed.
  10. alexalex303

    Bayview Auto Center Drag Race Information:

    Can you participate if you have a criminal record?
  11. alexalex303

    LSC Faction Addons

    +1, the LSC crew is great and I'm sure they'll make good use of the additions.
  12. alexalex303

    Picking things up outside of a bank (help?)

    NCZ allows you to commit victim-less crimes. Stealing/Robbery is not a victim-less crime. You are not allowed to steal items.
  13. alexalex303


    The server that you saw this in also has a broken economy. Giving people millions for doing nothing is an absolutely terrible idea.
  14. alexalex303

    Nerf PD

    The insurgent really does need to get removed, or rank restricted further. It comes out too often.
  15. alexalex303