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  1. I believe it is a bug and they are instead ordering 12,600 liters, and a 0 is added by accident to the end.
  2. Report locked due to excessive posting.
  3. I've owned a gas station before. The maximum fuel in a station is 20000 liters.
  4. This might actually be a bug, I suggest making a bug report and the developers will check. 65000 fuel is more than a gas station can have (20k max) @Ultra3D
  5. Hello and thank you for making the report @Runnels! Player ID 122 - Jake_Le - please explain why you didn't comply with demands while at gunpoint. Player ID 37 - Barry_Nguyen - please explain why you didn't comply with demands while at gunpoint. The aforementioned players have 24 hours to respond to their respective inquiries, or the report may be concluded without their response. Sincerely, alexalex303
  6. If we're moving away from the mentality of losing and focusing on roleplay, why not add /pw for official factions at their HQs. Realistically well established gangs would be able to arm themselves, and this would allow both sides to focus on RP and not worry about crippling losses, not just one side.
  7. Hello and thank you for making the report @Chris Bluestone, Please amend your report in the following ways: The answer to the UNIX field should be the UNIX code in plain text. You have 24 hours to make the requested changes, or the report may be denied. Sincerely, alexalex303
  8. Please inform me how you are related to this report, and who asked you to post.
  9. Hello and thank you for appealing @MikeTyson_ As I've explained in the original response to the player report, this was not my decision alone, but rather a decision made in consultation with a large part of the staff team. It was very well agreed that Billy was not allowed to fire on the unarmed supposed allies of the people holding his friend at gunpoint. The player that was shot without any demands may have been an ally of the people holding him at gunpoint, but at the time he was shot, he wasn't even armed (as in holding a firearm), and was quite vulnerable, reaching into a bag. It would've been the perfect time to place him under fear RP, instead he was gunned down. I do not feel that Billy's actions promoted good RP nor followed what we wish to uphold as good RP in the server, and instead went to cause a shootout that might've been avoided otherwise. Sincerely, alexalex303
  10. After reviewing the evidence available, I've decided that further statements are needed: Player ID 282 - Eve_Donovan - players in your vehicle correctly identified the scene as a shootout, and some of them even called for backup, did you feel it was appropriate (keeping in mind a realistic fear for your life) to take your vehicle full of allies and quite literally casually stroll through a shootout? The aforementioned player has 24 hours to respond to their respective inquiry, or the report may be concluded without their response. Sincerely, alexalex303
  11. Hello, I apologize for the delay in the resolution of the report. I've perused through the logs at the time stamp provided by the reporter and was unable to find any references to the bag in question, and further inquiries would have to be sent out, however, since taking this report, the reported has become a member of my faction, and as such, I believe it can be seen as a conflict of interest for me to continue with this report. This will require another moderator+ to review. I apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, alexalex303
  12. Hello and thank you for making the report @Itzsonzy! Please provide an unedited video, as edited videos are not acceptable in forum reports. I am especially interested in seeing how the scene escalated from chatter at a traffic stop, to the attempted arrest of Dray. No other comments should be made, other than the requested additional evidence from the reporter. Sincerely, alexalex303
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