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  1. Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: Who knows Date of punishment: Punishment received: 30/11/2020 Reason given for punishment: None given Your explanation of what happened: Went to the Eclipse Roleplay™ Discord server to see how the folks over there were doing, only to see that I didn't have permission to post in #general! Alas, the 'read-only' role had once again been bestowed upon me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I do not believe I have done anything wrong, I always try to be positive when interacting with the community. Post any
  2. We've been through a lot together on ECRP, it's honestly awful to see you fucked over like this for no reason Best of luck in the future and stay safe bro
  3. Sad to see another gang disband! Good luck to everyone in their future endeavours, Also sad to see folk being childish over a video game
  4. You're ignoring the fact that robbery rules literally exist
  5. +1 Aint no one wheelying on super bikes in real life, but they sure as shit lean forwards to streamline themselves to go faster
  6. I'll make only a brief point to prevent this from becoming another crim v pd argument. I don't think it's fair to link the concerns of crim players to them seeking constant shootouts and pursuits, because that certainly is not the case for all of us. I've always attempted to engage in meaningful criminal RP, favouring diplomacy over war when it has come to dealing with external relations in a gang (never been on for heavy PvP gameplay). I hope you can respect the effort that I and a lot of others have put into making crim RP somewhat deep and interesting, just as I know that what you created w
  7. I agree with all the points you make here, although I do still believe that criminals should be able to actually get a firearm from looting cops (or using a /takeguns command as you suggest). With realism in mind, however, I do believe an adjustment to the robbery rules would have to be made, wherein it is stated that players made not rob cops without a specific and justifiable reason outside of shootout, and all shootouts should only be a last resort, initiated by cops in 90% of situations. The rules around robbing cops would be siimilar to deathmatching rules; you would have to have 'ri
  8. Bruh I've been saying this for so long and I completely agree @_Demon_. It seems all crim players hate each so much oocly, like they'll be allies one day and the next they'll be super toxic to each other because they're IC enemies. Yeah I understand people can get competetive, but if you're being oocly toxic and harassing folks over a video game then you need to get a shower. You mention reports as well, and that's absolutely true, like you can't have any sort of engagement with an enemy (or anyone in a hostile context, for that matter), without SOMEONE being like 'save pov' or '????' or
  9. Bro you are not telling me that if all crim players vacated the server, you'd be satisfied with having 'community outreach' programs and 'parking enforcement' as your primary RP. How about holding an LSPD bake sale to raise funds for charity? That sounds like a great time! Your direct democracy analogy is kinda busted as well ngl. Representative democracy has only reinforced a two-party system in the USA and the UK, and the form of democracy really doesn't change the fact that people will always vote for their own interests, why would they not? Comparing ECRP to any form of democracy is a
  10. This could go well alongside being able to loot cops. If cops knew that their weapon inventories were finite, then perhaps they'd start valuing their lives and their equipment much more rather than rushing into every situation guns blazing and playing to win. If they don't wish to have their weapons looted by criminals, then they should have to start thinking tactically, employing new methods and actually roleplaying realistically. I think a large part of the problem is the fact that cops know oocly that they will not have to suffer financially or rply if they die or lose their equipment (unl
  11. I was attempting to evade Detective Jason Steel, but alas he was alerted to the sound of my cheeks clapping
  12. Sad to see you go mate, disappointing to see innocent folks punished
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