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  1. +1 new players are insane https://streamable.com/0i9gdu
  2. What is this supposed to prove? I got clapped once, well done bro. Kinda sad that you reuploaded my clip with meme sound effects, very cool!
  3. @ClankH Bro stop capping no one believes you've ever properly played crim
  4. +1 The new prison and the fact that guards interact with prisoners now makes sentences slightly more bearable, and I do enjoy annoying the guards until they want to kill themselves, but I do agree (and I always have) that sentences of up to 15+ hours are completely ridiculous, as you said. At the end of the day, it's still a video game and it's completely unreasonable to expect any crim players to be happy with such lengthy jail sentences. You get less time in ajail for actual rulebreaks, and the conditions are pretty much the same - being forced to stay logged in for x amount of time wit
  5. +1 getting a plate from a vehicle without a plate seems like PG to me
  6. +1, beautiful thread! Although I wouldnt limit crypto mining to black markets as realistically anyone could do it with the right computer setup (perhaps equipment could be purchasable from legal player-owned hardware stores?)
  7. Building on this, perhaps the rule could allow leniency if, for example, a group of people are piled up in a 6 seater like a Guardian or Roosevelt? Basing the rule around vehicles might make more sense rather than being a rigid '5 people' rule.
  8. FrankieP


    Yoooo my slime
  9. Did you read the suggestion? He says 'Why 5? Because I am thinking maybe you want to pack a car with 4 persons and you have a spotter on a bike ? I guess is a pretty decent number covering all the CRIM scenarios (labs, chopshops, robbing stores, robbing other individuals)'.
  10. Don't really agree with this bit, limiting the free market isn't the way to go. If someone is willing to pay 3x base price for a 2G, then I don't see why the homeowner shouldn't be allowed to sell for as much. Supply and demand! If the property doesn't sell for a certain price, then that's on the seller to lower the price. I feel like house prices should remain IC I do however agree with the initial suggestion.
  11. FrankieP

    County Lines

    Best of luck!
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