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  1. Hello there , ID 41 here , I am the guy on the vortex there , yea my video is same as id 44 , for initial interaction I believe there was none other than id 148 pick locking her car and her trying to stop it , and then she called PD and came towards me asking me to do same while I was in interaction with her he came up and simply said I cant believe you called cops on me oh well and then shot her right in front of me and left in the postal van, I have the POV from him pick locking to DM and him leaving. If you want @Maui I can upload that.
  2. +1 bike engines are small and less fuel consuming than cars , so even on small tanks they can easily get you miles , I think the system rn is unrealistic for bikes and should be changed , but thats just a personal opinion and everyone has the right to disagree with it.
  3. This is id 318 , I was afk and when I came back the robbery was already in progress , I heard it and then I turned around to witness it , after that I talked to the reporting party and they told me what was goin on so I saved my POV as he is a new player and was heaving trouble dealing with it so I told him to report . Feel free to contact me for further info if you need any! Regards , Andy Mason.
  4. Chapter 1 Andy Mason Before Los Santos The Beginning Early Stages Andy was born in Russia although his parents were originally from the US but they moved to Russia in the early stages of life and Russia was their home . Andy was born with a Russian nationality and his family was well adjusted in Russia and they owned a couple of businesses and properties and were doing good financially and socially . As Andy was brought up in a decent environment and around good people he was really a good kid . Little did he know the actual things which were going on in the ba
  5. Hello! , Hope you enjoy your stay here !
  6. +1/-1 drug labs will be useless after this but I think you will need seeds so you will still have to take weed to the lab get seeds and then you can grow at your house ......so kinda neutral on this
  7. The same thing happened to me a long time ago , whenever I pressed N to talk the game crashed for me , I couldn't find a way to fix it so , I reinstalled rage-MP and redownloaded the server files and that fixed it for me.
  8. Criminal should try hardcore to avoid police , Seriously ? How they get no chance , a gang member is fishing and he goes to fish drop-off to drop his fish and is doing nothing wrong and he gets pulled by a cop who arrests him for nothing , no probable cause no nothing nada , ask a cop "why he arrested him?" "we know he is a gang member must be doin something illegal" like ya all don't even want to admit what you do wrong . Like someone posts a suggestion and moment a cop sees it and topic has anything to do with PD they just start flooding the post with same comments over and over and over ag
  9. -1 crim rp is already dying , if this is implemented its dead like 6 feet under the ground dead , there is no point adding this , although it is appealing as it will end many conflicts easily and will not end up with alot of drama and forum reports but still in my opinion it should stay the way it is.
  10. I agree with your opinion that PD is getting overpowered and its getting unrealistic. Firstly if we talk about chase situations , everyone know when there is a police chase there are like 20 cops chasing a person with an x-ray on top that doesn't happen in real life , very high profile suspects are only dealt with like that , and to top that everyone knows how cops drive when they are chasing someone, it becomes gta online at that point hitting everything on the road , literally people die when there is a chase , someone gets hit on the intersection , someone is hit while riding a bike wh
  11. Great Idea ,however as @SpeedRacer said people will abuse it in chase cases and people will abuse it for chopping car , However to avoid that there are couple of things that can be done in my opinion firstly like it is considered NRP if you refuel mid chase same can be applied here , mules cannot be used in active chase cases , secondly a timer can be added for loading a car onto the mule like a significantly long timer , that timer will do two things it will be long enough that people can actually RP loading car onto the mule while the timer is running as they cannot rush the process and seco
  12. Date and time (provide timezone): 21/01/2021 Character name: Andy_Mason Issue/bug you are reporting: Noticed a big change in fuel consumption of my car after the last update on 19/01/2021 , I thought it was changed again but when I asked a support staff person in in game report they said there were no changes after last fuel update that was on 20/12/2020.Video of before and after is provided . In the First video you can see when I took the car out of the garage and traveled towards HE its was at 85% and remained 85% for the path I traveled and until I stopped ,instantly after the st
  13. Do these visual mods still work after the update ?
  14. Amazing Thread . Something very unique. Good Luck!!
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