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  1. Hi, You have to go in game and do " /report 1 Need a head admin for refund " This will help you to get a head admin who will proceed with your refund request. Regards, Andy Mason
  2. Andy Mason (181) here , Firstly I would like to thank the staff members for spending their time on this report . Firstly I would say the title of this report is pretty deceiving and misguiding . Bank Heist is High Risk /High Reward. We were all prepared to do the bank , almost all the people were setup some where near the bank are , I was sitting at HE with the stuff ready and we were just waiting on some people to grab there bikes and head to location . We already had plans to hit it . But while I was at HE waiting we received a radio call from John Sand that rooks are doin the
  3. Hi , Andy Mason(190) here First of all I would like to thank staff for dealing with this report. Firstly the fact that he said his bike was bugged and he had to log out is just an excuse here , there was nothing wrong with his bike except UI not showing up and it did not remove mobility of his vehicle or power so his bike was still working , It's not my fault that he decided to logout behind bank also noting that he logged out for exactly 2 mins , while a normal relog just takes less than a minute and what he stated was true he would was relogged in seconds and be on his way without
  4. Hi , Andy Mason (211) here I would firstly like to thank the staff for dealing with this report. Alright lets start of and I will explain the situation in points There is no such thing as randomly hitting a bank , get your facts straight , Looks to me like you just cooked up this "Decided to randomly hit a bank" and threw it out here wasting staffs time with junk like this , what evidence do you have of us randomly hitting it ? We were preparing for this bank the whole day we had stuff ready to go , Roles assigned and everything so stop giving false information to staff th
  5. Hi, Firstly I would like to thank Dawpi for spending his time on the report, Andy Mason (393) here , I don't know what Initially lead to the chase but I heard that it was from a situation at city scrap where we had a small fight with Russians where I was not present , I came to the spot like after a radio backup call , I was in the contender I pulled up last to the spot , My Passengers were Sherlock (198) and Joey Borg (137). I neither interacted with the reporting party nor take their stuff , I pulled up last to the scene when he was already half way robbed. I just came to a backup
  6. Andy Mason Chapter 2 Small Time Crim Andy after landing in Los Santos didn’t had the best of start in this city , First day getting caught driving a bus without a license and no body to help him through this completely different life style in Los Santos he quickly engaged in Crim life here , starting of with petty thefts , to cars to guns eventually goin full into crim life. Andy always found ways to make money , Firstly he started off with getting guns for cheap ,getting a permanent supplier and then flipping them for profit , couple of days into the city and getting ste
  7. I had very good interactions with you and had really fun moments with you , it is sad to see you say this but I know you always come back after couple of days lol , hope this time it is the same .
  8. Hi , Andy Mason here! Firstly I would like to thank the staff for taking this report and spending their time on it. I am id 330 and I was one of the guys on the roof and I am one of those who discharged their weapons too at that incident and I am gonna admit it without wasting anyone's time. John sand was incorrect when he made the statement that no one took responsibility for the shots , you can hear me in paulie's Pov after someone asked who shot ,I said "I shot I shot but I didn't hit anything". Later on I also told in faction chat when I found out about the report and also
  9. Hello there , ID 41 here , I am the guy on the vortex there , yea my video is same as id 44 , for initial interaction I believe there was none other than id 148 pick locking her car and her trying to stop it , and then she called PD and came towards me asking me to do same while I was in interaction with her he came up and simply said I cant believe you called cops on me oh well and then shot her right in front of me and left in the postal van, I have the POV from him pick locking to DM and him leaving. If you want @Maui I can upload that.
  10. +1 bike engines are small and less fuel consuming than cars , so even on small tanks they can easily get you miles , I think the system rn is unrealistic for bikes and should be changed , but thats just a personal opinion and everyone has the right to disagree with it.
  11. This is id 318 , I was afk and when I came back the robbery was already in progress , I heard it and then I turned around to witness it , after that I talked to the reporting party and they told me what was goin on so I saved my POV as he is a new player and was heaving trouble dealing with it so I told him to report . Feel free to contact me for further info if you need any! Regards , Andy Mason.
  12. Chapter 1 Andy Mason Before Los Santos The Beginning Early Stages Andy was born in Russia although his parents were originally from the US but they moved to Russia in the early stages of life and Russia was their home . Andy was born with a Russian nationality and his family was well adjusted in Russia and they owned a couple of businesses and properties and were doing good financially and socially . As Andy was brought up in a decent environment and around good people he was really a good kid . Little did he know the actual things which were going on in the ba
  13. Hello! , Hope you enjoy your stay here !
  14. +1/-1 drug labs will be useless after this but I think you will need seeds so you will still have to take weed to the lab get seeds and then you can grow at your house ......so kinda neutral on this
  15. The same thing happened to me a long time ago , whenever I pressed N to talk the game crashed for me , I couldn't find a way to fix it so , I reinstalled rage-MP and redownloaded the server files and that fixed it for me.
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