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  1. +1 This will add to alot to the RP as well as in investigation.......this is just a spitball but a Cyber Sec division in PD would be its counter part but not as buffed as PD , like serious investigation required and alot of manpower to get to some stuff goin on on the Black market that would also add to RP Overall it would add crim rp , investigation RP and stuff like that
  2. The idea is great but before this they should bring back crim RP to that level where it requires this type of features. The rules and updates have limited Crim RP to very low level now and there is nothing to gain from Crim RP and PD and SD and law enforcements get over-powered day by day , When Crim RP is buffed to a point where it is realistic , profitable and its worth it to be a criminal then this idea wouldn't seem bad at all. For now -1 as Crim RP is already on the verge of Dying and should be brought back to the level it deserves.
  3. bro they also have real life they actually put alot of effort on this community and least we could do in return is appreciate and acknowledge what they do and avoid these type of rude gestures against them , you cant say that they dont give a shit, that is just wrong
  4. +1 This will further add more RP content as well as something new in the server
  5. Maxed Elegy Retro Custom -> 232k Maxed 8f Drafter -> 640k #2212259
  6. Maxed 8f Drafter -> 640k @ city HE #2212259
  7. Maxed 8f Drafter -> 680k @ City HE Dinghy -> 135k @City HE (SOLD) #2212259
  8. Selling maxed Hellfire at City HE -> 370k Negotiable #2212259
  9. Looking for any boat or jetski #2212259
  10. Looking for a maxed neon #2212259
  11. Maxed 9f 1/2t -> 280k @ City HE(SOLD) Maxed Schafter v12 Custom LP -> 210k @ City HE #2212259
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