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  1. 1+ It would be a good idea to have some sort of fake ID system.
  2. -1 I like knowing that my hard work is keeping me out of debt and that the criminals are going to jail with massive debts as its comforting as a legit businessman.
  3. 1+ Drugs need to be given some sort of non role play only boost to add to their actual usefulness.
  4. 1+ support for farming upgrade idea and mechanic freelance add on.
  5. 1+ I support random trucker jobs for currently unoccupied stores.
  6. -1 Would restrict the roleplay too much, I remember in LSRP on GTASA how hard it was to properly secure firearms, it would be pushing to a deadlock of RP to quickly if we implemented this.
  7. +1 IF we can keep our names on a usable list, disabling a name forever will take some unique and interesting names off the list forever.
  8. 1+ I support larger building sizes for outside the homes, a double increase would solve 90% of our issues.
  9. I would like each forum post that is a fresh post, not just a response, to be able to have an included picture, just a small thumbnail of anything that can be thought of to help describe the post. This should make it easier when browsing to find previous posts you have responded to, and it would add some flavor and color to things on the forums.
  10. The Truckers Union is for anyone interested in equality and better working conditions for truckers. We work hard to put the needs of truckers first, and secure us contracts we can fulfill with the state. In order to be a member you just have to have an interest in trucking and want to see it improved. We are currently looking for extended duration contracts we can fill for the union, because being able to give a steady job needing loyal long term truckers is what we specialize in. Please send our founder Brandon Powers an email or call him at 3623096 to arrange anything you require in terms of trucking. In order to sign up, leave your name, number and email ((Discord)) And I will get back to you right away.
  11. 1+ Glovebox should be able to hold more than 1 handgun, a real one could hold several sometimes.
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