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  1. Out of interest, how do two people claim such massive turf? The areas you listed involve gang activity from drops, chopshops etc. You think they'll accept that as your turf? The Wanted mostly run chopshops, and one of your locations has links to it. They won't call it your turf. East vinewood is home to some rich individuals, especially the ones closer to Rockford. Again, you think that will be known as TPOBBC turf? RPly you might want to start with a very small location and try roleplay branching out and claiming turf rather than just owning it with 2 members. On a more positive note, Blaine County specific gangs aren't really a thing yet so good luck to you and hopefully things fruition.
  2. Clothing Stores being turned to businesses is something that's been kind of rumoured to arrive soon anyway. The only issue is that specifically for clothing stores the items would fluctuate in price so much if they are player owned. I really don't want to pay 30k for a mask you feel? Idea is good in general but would really need to be thought out.
  3. House has been sold to a anonymous buyer for a good price. Thanks to all.
  4. Great idea. No idea about the most optimal/realistic way to incorporate both but it makes a lot of sense to have both these jobs linked to clothing/furniture stores.
  5. Lesbos Ln. 4 Looking for Offers in excess of 200K. Post Offer Below or TXT 2449366 SOLD
  6. With a small selection of legal jobs, why not add more for people to pick between and have a better civilian life? Leatherworking /skin will use a equipped knife to skin the dead animal carcass of it's hide/skin (30s anim). Transport the raw hide to the garment factory where you can tan and sow the skin (30s anim per piece) Take the fine leather hide to the nearest clothing store and drop it off somewhere inside for $$$ Hunting Locations & Garment Factory Lumberjack /chop will use an axe to chop one of the trees in the surrounding area and receive X amount of wood (30s-1min with a 5 min same tree cooldown) Use the saw at the sawmill to convert the pieces of wood to pieces of lumber (15s per piece of wood) Drop the pieces of lumber off inside the sawmill at the lumber stacks for $$$. Possibly make wooden pieces quite heavy, requiring trucks etc to transport them. Since this job is done all within the sawmill/the surrounding area the amount of $ earned per lumber piece should be relative or the animations should take longer to equal the payout with other jobs. Sawmill Let me know what everyone thinks, proposed changes etc.
  7. Allow purchasing of gun racks or lockers that can be placed in a home (blacklisted outside). Should fix the hassle of storing many heavy weapons between safes/bags etc. Maybe this could be implemented inside 4G's naturally, otherwise it must be bought to be placed in smaller apartments/homes? Features: - Can hold X amount of weapons, ammo and attachments (grouped weight limits, not global) - Requires a small animation of 5-10 seconds as the weapon is taken out/chambered - Locked/Unlocked (RP it being behind a closed door or something) (p.s The image below is to represent how it would look in the 4G interior naturally, in smaller houses it would simply be lockers bought at the furniture store)
  8. @Javed11 @Clarky Would you mind leaving your numbers with the offers? Many Thanks.
  9. I have a 1G located in sandy shores, near the hospital. 300K.
  10. North Archer Ave. 6 SOLD (House Contains 1x Safe worth 20K) Property Images: Leave Email & Bids Below. (Happy Bidding!)
  11. Lesbos Ln #4 (Sandy Shores 1G) Starting Bid: $100,000 Bid Increments of: $50,000 Buyout: $350,000 Property Images Leave Bids Below. (Happy Bidding!)
  12. There was no "showing of no interest". You ran up to ME to tell me about the office IC'ly. Why cant you handle this IC? This entire thing can be handled IC but you want to take it OOC after I had an OOC reason for a repair. "Save time to repair" - It was an OOC repair. You didn't even PM me about it where I could have explained why I did an OOC repair. Report stuff that staff really need to spend their time on. Not a loss of a single mechanic repair
  13. ID 129 here. I walked into the Office to fix my vehicle on my end because it was broken down/engine was malfunctioning after an in-game issue report handled by SantinoDeferro. I forgot to ask him to repair my vehicle before he left. I had to collect an ammo shipment that I nearly missed because of the OOC report issue and had to quickly repair my vehicle hence me using an OOC way of doing it. I responded to you IC'ly so if you wanted to handle it IC you could have (said on radio to not service me or something). Wouldn't consider this powergaming either lad.
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