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Found 6 results

  1. Why am I writing this? After playing recently on Eclipse, it has been a pleasant experience so far, however, one thing I have noticed is that when using the phone, it can be quite stressful sometimes when texting someone back and forth because there is no simple way to view the messages sent between you and the recipient. There should be a chat/message history for each individual person, so it is as easy as clicking on their name and viewing your entire chat. I also believe that there should be a way of editing contacts in your phone after you've saved them. What could be done? In order to possibly resolve an issue like this, it seems if there was another branch created for the phone, such as every time you add a new contact, it creates a sub-branch in your phone system, which becomes a unique chat between you and that contact, whereas you would then have it set as a real phone where you can see the chat history, etc. Why should this be implemented? It would make the experience of using the phone in game simpler, easier and a little bit more fun to use. I've realised that after you reach past a certain amount of messages, the phone itself tends to lag a little when opening your messages, and no amounts of restarts fixes it. Also many messages are missed with the current UX as there is no way to be able to see your messages clearly.
  2. Just as the title says, I would love to see phone contacts in alphabetical order or the ability to sort them how you please. I think I've posted this before a long time ago but here's another shot
  3. Pretty simple QoL change, being able to search at the top of the contact list for names and have it filter would be really great. I have so many contacts that sometimes looking for one name on the list takes up 5 minutes of my time.
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 4/19/2019 - Present Character name: Tony Ruggiero Issue/bug you are reporting: I've been unable to see or use my phone from the moment i started the game, Expected behavior: - Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I've contacted support twice, rebooted the game more than 10 times and manually bought a phone at the convenient store.
  5. TBCFluffy

    Phone booths

    Hey, my in-game name is Clifford Smith. And i have a suggestion for the server. As a matter of fact multiple suggestions. When someone calls the police (or a medic) they immediately know their location and also their name. This can be useful for the police. However this can be an inconvenience for criminals within the server. I understand that the police can know the name of the registered owner of the phone but what if the guy calls from a burner phone. It shouldn't be possible for the police to know who is calling. Or we should have the option to buy a burner phone. And or we could implement phone booths so not everyone needs to spend 2000$ to call 911. Also location wise, it should at least be talking on the phone for 30 - to 60 seconds to know the location and being able to track it. Also the PD faction has over 45 members. It could be possible to open up a new precinct. And for my own curiosity will there ever be an operating government. And also when criminals get cuffed away by cops they read them their Miranda rights even though we don't even have a court system. So implementing a court system and actually having lawyers to represent criminals. District attorneys as they are being referred to would be a great improvement towards the RolePlay server. These are a couple ideas that might be useful review it. And i'd gladly like to know what can and can't be used and for what reason. kind regards, Clifford Smith
  6. Hello, my name is Roman and my suggestion would be that, when you are calling yo some one you need to talk through VOIP and other people could hear you too, the main reason for that is that you could save some time not writing essays and stuff. Hope my suggestion was good, byeeeee
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