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  1. If you guys seem to be out of business hmu
  2. Gang in purple camo? Not on my watch...
  3. SOLD! Sorry if you find 7.62 rounds around the house (( archive please))
  4. Find me one for 21k and I'll give you a blowjob
  5. OOC rule that disallows you to give weapons to people that do not have the license is quite stupid and kills the RP and also no point of owning a gun store, they're being ripped off as well +1 don't see an issue with anything else because it didn't have any sense for a person like me to have a gun license
  6. +1 Current ammo supply is WAYYYYY too low Also removal lf crosshairs will make us miss more often
  7. Prices for the pistols and the attachments are decent but I don't think y'all are getting a single heavy weapon for 5k (( sent anonymously))
  8. -1 There are ways to "hide" your radio freq and there is also a way to counter that
  9. Is this just because Grace (( @Grape)) got scared after a pistol or two were aimed at her face? (( sent anonymously :DDD ))
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