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  1. Are you sure? It was 3/4 of the bar and now it's a full bar the person that showed me the video was a swat member and they said it has been buffed
  2. lol good luck on getting pd nerfed, they're just gonna get buffed - for example when we finally got turfs back after 2 years and gun / ammo supply was where it should've been long time ago they just had to buff swat hp from 250 to 300
  3. +1 People will break this constantly without even realizing, and not to mention that if you scam someone for a large amount of money all they can do is kill you once and you probably won’t even care because they can no longer harass you and now because of this there are barely any consequences for your actions
  4. I think it would be the best if you would be able to use your radio unless the cause of the injury is a gun, and I also believe that PD shouldn't be allowed to press the panic button if we can't change the freq because those actions take the same amount of effort
  5. https://streamable.com/ks06ij @Xoza Is this good enough or do you want a longer video?
  6. I don't have ANYTHING I consider myself to be above average in shooting and I got a little lucky with my flicks and all of my shots hit, if I was cheating I would not upload my POV
  7. @Xoza The driver of the Komoda (310) and his passenger (that was shot out the vehicle before this video was taken) and the driver of the drag (184) were part of a shootout that took place at sea lab and he was chased to legion square where he ran over 2 of our allies and he was constantly shot at but he refused to stop circling legion square so that's where the shootout (car to car) took place, after officers arrived everyone stopped following him (but A LOT of people were still in the area) except me and then he decided to take a 1v1 on me and I took him down, I've never shot at the comet if
  8. Also here's the rest of pms that the reporting party failed to post, showing that I thought the driver of the komoda is threatening to report me after running my allies over and shooting at me https://imgur.com/a/VsceLYN
  9. Did you watch my video? Ever heard of desync? I clearly never shot you
  10. "Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit." https://streamable.com/huekap The only reason I was "hostile" In pm's is because I thought the person pming me and threatening to report me for DM is the driver of the komoda that ran over 3 people constantly circling legion square and then afterwards shot at me
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