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  1. I realize that but I think that you get my point
  2. The way I shoot instantly and the fact there isn't a gun pulling animation you can tell that the was a sync issue and that on my screen I already had the weapon out We literally solved this over discord so I don't know why I'm being reported Also you can't make a report if your video has no sound Same situation here:
  3. -1 We already have too many NCZs and players farming money without any risks is a bad thing
  4. Stole one of the drivers' cars and had him at gunpoint ( as a joke ) and he reported me to the police, fucking unbelievable #DCCRocks #GatesForDCC
  5. There is already a suggestion for this and it was put last week
  6. Hoxton_Curry

    ID 196 NRP

    Hello, I was the passenger It's allowed to go off road in supers here's a statement from a head admin which confirms this, you can also feel free to check some archived report that will show you people going off road in sport vehicles and not being punished, worth mentioning that when he continued going off road we went back to the lab. Also I'd like to point out the player /pm'd me telling me he's going to report me and I answered "please do" because I was not recording at the time and the player stunt jumped twice in the video at 0:14 and 0:21 and he went about 6 meters in air the first time and maybe 4 meters in air the second time.
  7. If the whole /frisk command will affect cops as well then +1
  8. hmu if you're interested 2627544 , I got one with a good location out of the town Don't want to post pictures because I don't see a point of owning a warehouse if everyone knows where it is and the owner of the warehouse.
  9. It has also been displaying wrong rank in my criminal faction for at least a month
  10. Should be dealt with ICly (and I heard that new laws regarding masks are coming) and having a cooldown for putting on a mask is a terrible idea
  11. Didn't you already make a player report with the same video? Literally no point in posting this
  12. Forgot to add to my previous comment, I don't think PD needs more power that will be abused I already had a case where I killed 2 police officers and they gave me 18 Murder Charges and 2 Attempted GOV Employee Murder Charges and I was told to deal with this ICly, IA reports take at least a week (from my experience ) and I don't know how exactly I would show the footage so, again, -1
  13. Please remind me which faction has players with heavy armor (250 hp in total) , takes an MP5, Deagle, Carbine, Tazer, Shotgun , Heavy Sniper, Micro UZI, Parachute, has 150 to 200 bullets for each weapon and runs faster then a person that is unarmed without any armor? Here's a great example
  14. I don't get caught often at all but when I do it happens at shitty times lets say I just launched my game planning to play for the rest of the day and I get caught in 30 minues of playing and there goes my time, wasted. What Im trying to say is -1 to higher prison sentence until they make prison more fun because I at the moment I just have to AFK it Everything else looks good Also I wouldn't mind a 10 hour prison sentence if PD stopped putting charges on me over my vehicle plates or player ID
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