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  1. Felt like 70% of cars I’ve seen in the city were PD cruisers a few weeks ago and I thought it would die down just like it always does but then a day later they opened recruitment, imo something should change because currently there is way too many cops and its worse than ever
  2. Whoever thinks it's fine for someone to RANDOMLY call cops on a lab probably doesn't play criminal at all
  3. I find it funny how our RP is being judged while you guys know fuck all about the situaiton, remind yourself which faction rushed the nightclub after they were aware that multiple officers inside were shot dead by multiple heavy weapons while we had 2 officers and 10+ civilians hostage, after about 12 officers rushed in, died and killed no one, the people on the outside cleared the exit and we all ran out getting to our vehicles but instead of PD going inside clearing the club and checking on numerous hostages all of them started chasing us and other Zetas in blue which initiated a gun fight But It's fine I guess I'm very used of PD not knowing how to deal with hostage situations because It's been like this since I started playing edit: Really sorry for disregarding the comment above but I was typing this as the comment above was made and I really feel like everyone needs to look at their faction's RP before judging others
  4. What loot? We had 8 people heavily armed, half of us even had 2 heavies or semi rare guns and you think we came there for 5 pistols and bottles of vodka?
  5. -1 We dont need more NCZs At least we're making those clubs fun Also just to add we had a proper RP reason and we had a lot of prior RP to do such thing and we all had heavies and we did this for the fun and not the drinks inside and a few pistols we got; we didn't do it just to shoot people and we havent really gained anything
  6. A carbine with better accuracy and a 100 round mag will make a difference and after every PD update such as buffed cruisers, 5% chance of PD getting notified about imports, addition of SD etc. people kept saying "It's a small change it won't change anything, get over it" but look where are we now comparing to 1 year ago
  7. We saw that bike earlier at bank and later on we randomly found it just south of the bank as seen on video and we instantly initiated, got nothing else to add
  8. OTE TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Hoxton Curry Character to Transfer To: Houston Daniels Requested Transfer: Hakuchou Drag Reason for Transfer: Houston is currently in a shitty situation because all his vehicles are impounded and he is curently wanted so if he gets caught he'll be in debt because he can't afford the fines. He asked Hoxton for help and he decided to BORROW him a Drag because he's tryna help a homie out ( ) and he already has 2 drags which he rarely uses because he prefers his Retro NOTE : I will be only using the drag on Houston temporarily and I won't be selling it or trading it on this character and I'm planning to transfer the Drag back to Hoxton when I stop playing on Houston How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With a friend
  9. +1 There is little to no rp in prison, stamps are also useless because it takes 10 stamps to remove 1 second of your sentence
  10. We dont need more cops, also pd has already done something like this in the past -1
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