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  1. I joined zetas around a year and a half ago and the faction has improved A LOT since then and it went through many changes, it's been a wild ride
  2. You missed the point I was talking about the use of the word "gang bang" but never mind let's get back on the topic
  3. What kind of server are you playing..?
  4. +1 But I don't expect anything to change
  5. Still needs a change, it always ends up with PD blocking the entrance before you even start grabbing the cash and during the shootout cops will just spam kevlar from /pw , you get the whole PD responding and if you manage get away everyone will end up with like 15k after splitting it, because if you bring less people you will most likely end up in jail
  6. Character to be refunded: Hoxton Curry Date and time of incident: 23/6/2020 0:30 UTC Requested refund (what and how much): 1 Kevlar vest Description of incident resulting in loss: A bike desync'd into a warrener and pushed it and the car somehow rammed me with ridiculous delay, causing me to get injured and lose my armor vest hp making it useless Evidence of loss: https://streamable.com/mwqcr1 Comments: /
  7. /pw gets already abused too much, people taking multiple kevlars during a battle, people taking out another carbine to refill their ammo mid battle, some of them are even shooting vehicles with micros and as soon as they use their 150 ammo they just take a new one out and start shooting again, and all of this requires no timer and now you want swat armor inside too..? -1
  8. +1 beacuse 40k for 50hp is not worth it
  9. The player is associated with an enemy faction / gang and is associated with the people that we had a shootout with previously, not sure if he was there but it's in the same apartment building, We couldn't determine who was inside and if it was some random we would most likely move on but we heard an AK being reloaded as mentioned above, which changes everything @Emulsify
  10. Personally I haven't seen 5 gangs on 1 bank robbery, first couple days we had triads zetas and NLA doing them but this was mainly because it was new and we were trying it out, recently dojin and mudra are doing it so that's only 2 gangs but ye it's bad RP but doing it with a group of 6 is nearly impossible to do unless the cap for the bank to be robbable is barely reached but then the reward is even less
  11. The 16h timer is fine after a bank robbery (successful or unsuccessful) it becomes an issue when someone aims their gun just because, sets off the alarm and leaves and then nobody can touch the bank for 16h
  12. Please read everything before commenting The first few days bank were added they were too OP and you could empty the entire vault without PD even noticing, sometimes we would drive by the bank 30 mins after the robbery and we'd see that the bank tellers are still knocked out, later on NBDY made it that the alarm goes off instantly when the vault door opens even if you do everything correctly and at the first look this seems fine but it's not. You need a lot of preparation, time and supplies to pull one off now and the rewards simply isn't worth it. We've tried to rob a bank after they made it that the alarm goes off when you open the vault door, We had 6 people, we caused a tac 1 somewhere on the map and then instantly hit the bank, All of us had heavies and pistols, by the time we opened the second door in the vault and before we even started grabbing money we already had an officer outside calling backup (and we'd have even more if we didn't cause a distraction earlier), We had 4 people inside and 2 outside with heavies and we started a shootout with the first responders just like planned but the issue is they came too early so they called in rest of the police force before we could even get some of the money, it ended up with 2 of us getting away and 4 of us being captured, out of those 4 two of them died and the other two got 5-6 hours in prison and about 50k+ in charges + losing their weapons and getting their vehicles impounded, We took a lot of time to prepare and come up with a plan and it failed, we did all of this just to get 50k each from the bank, and we had 6 people which is not a lot , the only way people these days manage to hit banks is when they have 2 gangs on it and they're fighting all of PD and I'm sure this is not what staff and devs want because it's bad RP and its just another mass shootout or they're doing it when there is barely any PD on and the reward is even less. tl;dr banks are not worth it Suggestion 1: Remove the second door inside the vault, this way It would be a lot more balanced so the criminals have more time to take the money because currently if you do everything correctly, cops are on their way when you open the vault room and there is simply not enough time to take a decent amount of the money because you have to picklock this door first Suggestion 2: Instead of the 1st suggestion, they could just increase the reward by making the money packs on the pile worth 20k or even more instead of 10k, this way the rewards is higher and the risks and the amount of time you need to spend inside is the same Suggestion 3: Currently if someone comes to a bank and aims at the tellers and leaves the bank wont be robbable for next 16 hours, which in my opinion is pretty stupid, the 16h timer should only come if the vault door was opened, but if they only aimed and left the timer should be 1 or 2 hours.
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