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  1. If you try and trade your vehicle/houses without using the taxing market you can get scammed easily and lost a shit ton of money. I suggest you stick to the non tax evading ways and just use highend lowend or the front door of a house
  2. yeah agree with @gyrhnr gonna be a NO from me, -1
  3. -1, until they add something where you have to pay a water bill for your house.
  4. +1, I take full credit for the last paragraph, it was all my idea.
  5. -1 the older players worked hard for their money and the newer players will get there someday they just also have to work hard for it.
  6. Hello Alex 😄 A few people have been having the same problem connecting their account with the discord bot.. unfortunately I personally don't know a fix, try asking in the question chat on the discord, someone else might have a fix for you. Best of luck!
  7. All I see in both of your "suggestions" is complaining... you suggest that the report system be better, but how do you suggest they do that? If you have a problem and someone breaks the rules record the incident and report it on the forums. The staff team is going to say the exact same thing if you make a /report 4. Player: /report 4 "someone just DM'd me" Staff: "Go make a forum report with evidence and it will be sorted there" every single time I've ever done a /report in game it's followed by a conversation just like the one above. The server has a report section on the forums for a reason, and in my opinion it's really good and works efficiently.
  8. Even if the staff responded instantly they would need video proof of the incident as they don't go off of what players say. You have to keep in mind that the staff team are also roleplayers and most of the time are busy in active roleplay. As for the other thing, calling staff stupid and ignorant will not get you anywhere except banned from the forums and this post being archived also. Flucifial is a great staff member and archived your post for a reason, calling him names is not smart.. at all, and like I said won't get you anywhere. Personally I suggest fixing your attitude before you end up banned from the forums.. just a suggestion.
  9. Comet Retro Gang is losing a member 😞good luck with the sale.
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