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  1. Took you 10 minutes to escape 3-4 cops! Rookie men
  2. Selling a Rapid Gt Convertable Nearly Maxed Asking Price 400k Call or Text #2917723 or #2539922 Or Email (( Tyler.#1234 ))@eclipse.com
  3. Selling a Contender Completely Maxed Asking Price 280k Call or Text #2917723 Or Email (( Tyler.#1234 ))@eclipse.com
  4. PogChamp! 

    Thanks Osborn ❤️ 

  5. good luck men


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    2. reeceobz


      bring back my wallet, left it on the big rock 

      *sent from home computer in Los santos

    3. xxxJustTimmy


      Oh.. that was yours... I used it as fuel for the fire.. we are running low on supplies. Sorry men

    4. reeceobz
  6. Hey Yoko! Glad to see you're having a good time while playing on eclipse! Hope I meet you one day! 🙂
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