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  1. Dude his body was in a completely different spot on my screen I don't know what else ya want me to say His body is trying to phase through the car on my screen... lol https://gyazo.com/fee852211744d3772579b62ecb8e42b3 https://gyazo.com/07c543e637b3f47bfde1f662fe6e0d07 idk if it's the modpack he's using for skins or just rage desync being shitty.. but me hitting him the 2nd time was not intentional at all whether you believe me or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Account name: JustTimmy Character name(s): Jacob King Admin who issued punishment: @RedHot @Fa1N Date of punishment: 7/31/2019 Punishment received: (Vehicle) Deathmatch #5 Reason given for punishment: Running over a player "twice" Your explanation of what happened: I was robbing a store then a cop came up to the store with his sirens on.. I run outside and then get in my car and drive forward a little bit running him over. I then reverse to get around the cop car in my path and accidentally somehow run him over again. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I had no intention on running him over twice my whole intention was to go behind him and start shooting at him. As you can see by my screenshot his police cruiser was parked in a completely different spot on my screen and blocking my path of going forwards (Desync) which caused me to have to reverse and go around but somehow I hit him again... would also like to point out at 0:09 seconds into his video his minimap vanishes like he was put into an injured state but somehow regained health and didn't get injured (Bug report maid by Serthon). I've personally been punished for VDM multiple times and I know the rule pretty well by now.. I wouldn't be that idiotic to run him over twice on purpose... Post any evidence or further details:
  3. idk dude I personally love spending 6-8 hours in a jail where you fall through the floor every time you login then die and lose all your stuff then respawn and have absolutely no stamps/pickaxe so then you end up stuck in a cell with absolutely nothing to do for the remaining 6 hours you're in jail for. Love it. 😄
  4. This is a perfect job for me. Where do I apply!
  5. Alio Jacob King here.. I’m assuming you’re reporting me for vdm but you clearly aimed a gun at me and my friend therefore giving me a valid reason to run you over. I’m not going to reply again unless @Meggs_56 requests me too 👋
  6. Asking price you retard meaning I am open to negotiation.
  7. I've noticed this a few times, when someone buys a mask from the store if they never /togglemask after they buy it then only the player that bought the mask will see them selves with a mask.
  8. you're probably stuck in another dimension.. go to MD or somewhere with a blue teleport door and walk in and out of it.
  9. Took you 10 minutes to escape 3-4 cops! Rookie men
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