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  1. Big +1 to this, This is a problem we are having at Bayview aswell.
  2. There should be a lot of more houses so the overall price sinks
  3. I don't see why we (Bayview) Should chop on the side, There is no reason for more criminals in the city, We think professionalism is very important. And do not need such shady bussiness anywhere near our company. People should stop suggesting stuff for factions where they know nothing about. We are able to suggest stuff we actually want/need.
  4. Fully agree customizability is slacking +1
  5. I don't think it should be a /Sb should be a key like Locking the vehicle. Otherwise +1
  6. Luke kuperus


    If you are willing to sell send me a price! call or text me at #3098249
  7. Do the crime pay the price. I'd agree with having some form of appealing process for getting your 2A rights back, As a felon you do not have those rights anymore. even being in a gov job. For now -1
  8. '' if you leave your shop then customers are stuck waiting, but also if you're busy at the shop there's no chance for a tow to come pick up their car '' Seriously? We don't let employees do towings when they are the only one at the shop atleast at bayview, Adding another faction just for towing won't work. this is because people won't be interested in just towing. if it is included in a mechanic shop there will be more people joining them and at the same time doing towings, The people that really like to tow are already in the mechanic shops and doing them. A new faction would just create more problems than it solves.
  9. I think the current map alone has plenty of places that can be used for these kinds suggestion just not snow shovelers. -1
  10. I agree with most of the suggestions just not the mechanic part. I can speak for myself and i would also hope for LSC That doing towjobs is a fun part of the job, We have plenty of Employees, there are times during the day with lots of custommers but also laid back times. We can spare the employees for towing. -1 on the mechanic part.
  11. There where 2 People pointing guns at you, You can lie all you wan't but if i don't aim at you and the other person does that doesn't mean you can just pull a gun out.
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