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  1. Luke kuperus

    Mask 4347_5036 Bad RP & Mask 9976_7869 KOS

    @Charlie Mangione i already got punished for my offence, i shot at them because if i did not i knew for sure that i wouldnt get my bike back.
  2. Account name:Luke kuperus Character name(s):Luke kuperus Admin who issued punishment:MusketDeezNuts Date of punishment:16-9-2018 Punishment received:DM | Offense #1 Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching, Your explanation of what happened: (i havent been on the forums for a while so i didnt know i had a report on me) So a guy stole my bike, I went to chop to take a look and there he was. I shot the guy on the bike and he got injured. There where 3 guys with smg's around him and i didnt hit them. then those guys came running up to me and shot at me, i in response to that shot back. My reason for attacking the player was valid (rule 5.3.3) Why should your appeal be accepted?: I think i didnt Deathmatch but i think it should be changed to KOS, I didnt intend on Killing the guy with the Smg, i only wanted my motorcycle back. I should have tried to Rp a bit but i didnt, i regret my actions and hope my punishment can be changed. 5.3.3. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: ● If they attempt to hurt you or damage your property intentionally; Post any evidence or further details: This video shows me shooting at the bike thiefs, I did not hit the brown jacket guys before they started shooting at me
  3. Luke kuperus

    Western Sovereign

    Lol this is a gta Vehicle
  4. Luke kuperus

    Western Sovereign

  5. Luke kuperus

    More Turfs (with maps)

    +1 this would be a good reason to set up a sherrifs department up north
  6. Luke kuperus

    Skydiving Faction

    you can already do this just not out of airplanes or heli's... so -1
  7. Luke kuperus

    Adding a bit of detail to the game

    +1 on everything
  8. Luke kuperus

    Make pursuits more real.

    The thing is police officers are alowed to shoot in pursuit. The passenger and the driver can shoot if necissary. So deffinetely a -1 on not allowing officers to shoot while driving
  9. Luke kuperus

    Government Faction Suggestions

    I would also like to see the bobcat being added to mechanic shops. This would open up a way to help people in places towtrucks can't get to. Higher ranking mechanics should be able to get trained by lspd to get their pilot licens. Maybe even add a comany that provides pilot licenses to goverment factions so every pilot trains in 1 place. The mechanic heli license should be quite hard to get and always having a co-pilot is a must. I think some of the flight-simmers on the server would be able to do some good rp with this.
  10. Luke kuperus

    /drag for everyone with permission

    Great idea! +1
  11. +1 on the interiors
  12. Luke kuperus

    Better fighting mechanisms (lock on and dodging)

    +1 totally agree. In a more crowded area i end up hitting someone i do not want to hit.
  13. Luke kuperus

    Police officers and traffic behavior.

    You sure are hahaha. I agree there should be more cops in the city maybe even implement speeding cameras on certain places