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  1. Luke kuperus

    One pack of sigars please..

    +1 for sure
  2. Luke kuperus

    LSC Faction Addons

    BIG +1 on this all of this would be great about addition 10 though i think this would be a good idea BUT. This should be above a certain rank and should be heavily trained/supervised also having a co-pilot should be required
  3. Luke kuperus

    Non criminal factions

    I personally think having non criminal factions would be a good addition to Eclipse. The factions you can get into atm are either Criminal Or goverment. i think this would greatly add to RP so that you can actually set up Factions like Law firms, Real estate bussinesses etc. please comment to this post if i should change anything in my suggestion
  4. Luke Kuperus #3098249 Car spaces: 3 Location: vinewood hills Price: 245k (or offers) Pictures:
  5. Luke kuperus

    More clothing

    +1 needed indeed
  6. Luke kuperus

    Ability to be in two factions

    -1 not a good idea. factions are already active enough
  7. Luke kuperus

    Casino & Race track

    Sounds pretty cool +1
  8. Luke kuperus

    Niels_Klooster / Jimmy_Wilson

    you should have understood to behave earlier. Hope you get another chance but still. i know you can behave if you want to.
  9. Luke kuperus

    Add real life cars

    Please no -1
  10. Luke kuperus


    Implement a system where one can propose with a proposal ring. And get married after with a wedding ring. So you would be registered as a couple. This i think would add a better level of rp.
  11. Luke kuperus

    Tutorial Video

  12. Luke kuperus

    Tutorial Video

    Yes my qt 3.14
  13. Luke kuperus

    National Guard [Faction]

    +1 I think the vic's with weapons are op. but since it is national guard it should not be a full time job you should be called in when needed. just like in the real world. so you can just keep your job at pd mechanic etc.