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  1. I can't even place anything in my backyard Massive +1
  2. HIRING IS NOW OPEN Bayview now has openings available for the mechanic position. We are currently looking for promising candidates who are hard workers and provide excellent customer service while also remaining courteous to their co-workers and superiors.
  3. Sure, But if something like a mechoffer 3 would get added this would be usefull for more than just flipping vehicles, Towing cars to gas stations stuff like that.
  4. Selling my stock Cheetah Classic for 545K Call #3098249
  5. Type of work; Bayview Logo Wallpaper work [required]: Copy of the old one but bigger Work text: Up to you Work Effects [Yes / No]: up to you The size of the work [Optional]: 150Pix X 150 Pix Example of work [Optional]: https://prnt.sc/obf9ag How much are you willing to pay for work?; $40K. at most
  6. How would using a motorcycle that has pretty big storage in the rear be non RP. If you actually read it you would see that it would be for repairing motorcycles and such, You can carry a bag with tools and store the parts in the storage compartment on the bike. It litterally does not matter what your mother did in that company, This is Eclispe we don't have to worry about being eco friendly.
  7. 2K for a speeding ticket is Nothing considering a bottle of water costs around 500
  8. Have you never heard of an Aircraft carrier?
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