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  1. National Guard [Faction]

    +1 I think the vic's with weapons are op. but since it is national guard it should not be a full time job you should be called in when needed. just like in the real world. so you can just keep your job at pd mechanic etc.
  2. Deepweb

    +1 if its just numbers and prices i think its totall bs to not allow it.
  3. Weaponary

    Its not very realistic to pay 20k for an ak neither or that ak's are even illegal.
  4. Multiplayer Jobs & Jobs that promote RP

    +1 for burglary and hunting
  5. Interiors 3 car houses

    Yeah that would be fair
  6. Reconnect to the server command

    +1 the only being able to direct connect sucks
  7. Blaine County Sheriff's Office

  8. Interiors 3 car houses

    I really think the interiors of the 3 car houses should be changed rn its just a shitty appartment. which i dont think is fair for the player. pay lots of money still get a shit house.... should be changed to something bigger.
  9. More Non criminal guns

    I would really like to see shotguns being available at gun shops for like 5k to 7k. i really don't think it's fair for companie's like bayview lsc or dcc not to have shotguns available for their protection while criminals roll in with ak's therefore i think it would be fair to make shotguns legal to buy. we just can't protect ourselfs with pistols if we want to stay law abiding. not all shotguns maybe first just the regular pump shotgun. also more knifes pistols etc should be added.
  10. Interactive Phone

  11. Bars & Restaurants & Alcohol Script

    +1 would love kareoke nights
  12. VDM Ban - Niels Klooster

    i was at the pier they were attacking him with bats.
  13. Mask 9219_6931 and Mask 9049_8759 (NVFL, Misuse of OOC)

    Hi this is luke i was actually with Niels earlier he got held at gun point. i pussyd out but i decided to come back to check it out niels ran back to my car but got shot when i drove away again. i did not brake any rules.
  14. hey would you want to review my application?