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  1. I spoke to several admins/support who have all told me that looting a body without RP is "bad practice" but not punishable.... this is why I +1ed it sort of. I think the rule needs some tuning... thats probably it.
  2. So you gain money for the time spent playing.... and I dislike the speeding tickets for this server because cars are so easily and frequently stolen, people would just use stolen cars all the time. -1
  3. +1 I have a balcony that can't be reached without a truck.... let me build stairs....
  4. There are currently no rules pertaining to character killing cited anywhere in the rule book.... the only thing that pertains to CK is metagaming in which you cannot know things oocly so you would be forced to forget everything prior to the CK. Other than that it is fair game, if you all want to agree to and RP a CK (correct me if im wrong with citation please) as a gang hit, you may. RP that is agreed upon is encouraged and allowed as long as it is not nonrp.... or unrealistic...
  5. Yes, I am saying if CK is not your choice it is not ok. A job is a job, I dont think your police chief can kill you if you are late to work, unnecessary ooc validation exposure. You have also never played on a server with 300+ players all having their own interactions at all times... it cannot be monitored of a level that can justify force CK. There is nothing stopping you from rping a CK with a betrayer gang member, just ooc discuss it with them and stop looking for systems to PG them. In this system we are talking about a lot more than a name change and plastic surgery.... and lastly we are allowed to disagree, that is the beauty of the server.
  6. Respectfully disagree. A character storyline is something a person builds over time and expecting people to CK because you think it should be something that is not a choice is the kind of things eclipse frowns on. Everyone has the ability to decide their own story...
  7. Surprised I am not totally against this except for a few key flaws. Ill state them here... House sale: Currently the games idea of a house sale and the actual market value are different.... this wouldnt work, also as you said it wouldnt make sense for all adults to appear in the city with no pocket change, so why would none of them buy a home before coming to the city. It seems like a superfluous thought that is unnecessary. Name: While I do believe you should get a new name, dead name directory is kinda dumb, I live in a town of like.... 20000 people and there are 7 with the name Thomas Bayne just in the phone book.... Names IRL are not mutually exclusive, you dont get to copyright your name when you die. Inventory wipe: Again unnecessary... why would I move into a city and get off a plane without as much as a carry-on bag. Maybe removal or weapons because they wouldn't travel? Lastly and this is a big one.... Lag/Desynch: The number of times I see a person get randomly glitched under a car and die because there are no MD on duty at night and no admins will respond... is unreal... while I wish the system was stable and fair enough to support a forced 30 minute hospital RP with in game caregivers/doctors.... unfortunately weve seen that this system will fail by looking at PD having over 100 people and there being 0 on duty between the hours of 2 am and 6 am for the past 3 nights... MD being empty during late hours, DOC not having enough personnel on off hours... Aside from these glaring flaws I think a system like this could work. However I think it would just require a lot of support and change in a server that still has huge issues with the activities that are available for RP and the way that things work. Rewriting the system in this time of flux is probably not the best idea... Just my thoughts.
  8. Okay so as an avid miner, I am going to say this. The mining times are fine, what is not fine is that people can slurp up a crate in .02 seconds.... or that you spend 7 seconds "looking" into the crate... I dont know whos eyes take that long to adjust but its far too long. Mining got destroyed by the timer system. Ive made this suggestion before but ill post it here. The timer should not be on "looking into the crate" it should be "lifting the crate" it takes no time to chuck something into a box but getting a good handle on one and lifting it could take some time. It means if a person wants to ninja gank a box he has to time it, and it would cut down on how fucking agonizing mining is because of how often you have to "look into box" I did the math, just in opening and closing boxes, a mining run takes 17 minutes longer... making it almost the same money as fishing with twice as much risk and 10x as much annoyance.
  9. Ive gotten downed from a trip over a log.... sorry I actually agree with this.... when you are role playing a sprained ankle and a person comes up and searches through your pockets while you are armed with a knife/gun... thats fucking nutty and nonrp. There are a couple other rulings in this server that just feel convenient at the time of the ruling that have long lasting consequences that negatively affect RP. I am not saying all injuries, in fact I think the best solution would be a system that allows a person to resist an attempt at looting until they reach the 25% marker... if they are 25% they are probably bleeding to death from the injury... but when a dirt bike glitches over a hill and daintily bumps into my person and I am running on adrenaline and shouting and holding my broken arm.... is it reasonable for a person to come near me while I have a knife?
  10. -1 NCZs are meant to denote highly populated areas with ample cameras and quick emergency response... so people would not attempt crime there.... a farm off the highway is not that.... we cant go making everything an ncz so people can play money gathering simulator, ive been robbed plenty of times and it sucks, but criminals go to jail and pay for it, it should be handled IC not OOC.
  11. +1 I think the biggest problem is two things, 1 the pickaxe making it so you can only hold 4 is cancer... pickaxe is a cool idea I wanted to suggest the same thing but you beat me to it.... the second thing is it should not take you 7 seconds to "look into" your box or "look into your car" the timer on that if there should be one at all which I would say no because there is none for your actual inventory and it just feels frustrating not realistic.... make the timer on "picking up" the box not on "opening the box" this would reduce theft and the amount of times you have to wait the timer. It would also get rid of the current bug that requires to relog because the "open box" timer started while your "mining" timer was also going causing you to be stuck with a jackhammer in your hands...
  12. re-read my post, i never said PD would control it, however PD currently has the ability to lock people out of jobs, licenses, and pretty much existence with no legal check in place. Making a system that justifies their current mentality of "just CK" is not something I want to have happen until that situation changes. That is all.
  13. -1 on any regulations CK related until PD stops making it the only way to resolve a record.... Locking down CK would just another troublesome to increase ooc authority of law enforcement.... Unless an alternative is in place I cant respect it.
  14. lol get a gun license, good luck 😛
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