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  1. Yknow a good question is... as a home owner... why cant I just drink from my sink....
  2. Definitely need more of them, DOC officers are told we cannot park in our parking lot unless we are actively on duty, which wouldnt be a problem except its a 5-10 minute drive into town every time we log off for 45 minutes to go to dinner or face getting our cars admin deleted... so I agree whole heartedly with more parking garages, but NCZ seems problematic or at least unnecessary...
  3. Wait wha? I was under the impression scamming could not happen in NCZ
  4. I like to read reports on my own time just to see the way admins rule on stuff and one caught my eye because I happen to know people on both sides. It has been replied that all commands shouted from a moving vehicle can be ignored and shooting at their moving vehicle would be considered dming? It was also noted that this should be known by anyone but the only reference I can find of it is in an old report ruling... so I feel like that should probably be updated to reflect those kinds of rulings, I personally would have reported a few people for shooting at my cars in the past but I believe contrary to the belief, most people dont know you can ignore shouts if your vehicle is moving. Can we get that added to the PDF?
  5. Why should it be split up haha, thats not how wills work, and its not how real life works... if we strive for realism a person can will their money to anyone... or anything... or any organization... now if we are just talking about game balance I would say pay a heavy cost or wipe assets, but they better not implement this until something about criminal records is done. PD has denied me a weapons license based on "name change without a CK is not acceptable for removal of criminal charges" then meta game denied me based on that.... so sorry nobody is going to go for wipe all your assets on CK to remove charges no matter how small or ancient.... if there is a system for handling criminal records, fine, but until then a hard no on CK asset wiping.
  6. Google Alex Shih... or literally any child who inherited money.... yes it does make sense for somebody to move into a town after being left houses and wealth from a deceased loved one....
  7. So what you are saying is write a will... you all act like death deletes money from the real world, it does not... and for many people death is profitable... and again I cannot be for this until they fix the inability to fight legalities, or come up with a system for expunging, because if you get a charge for a crime and live 20 years crime free, that record isnt going to stop you from getting a job, or a firearms license, but here it does... so yes to making it more involved, but only if they are willing to fix the reasons people need to CK to begin with...
  8. I would +1 this but currently law enforcement has the right to permanently fuck up a persons entire character without legal representation and there are no legal means through which to expunge, or invalidate criminal charges. This is a game, it is RP and shouldnt be taken lightly, but if we are going to use the realism card lets talk about how if you say I lose everything on CK not just aliases, that is hours and hours of my life gone because one PD officer had a bad night. Sorry there has to be SOME means of changing their ways. Right now my friend has a firearms license, works for the federal government, and has had a felony in the past... but we have in real life... courts and shit... so half of what happens to people in this game would never fly IRL and CK is the last ditch effort to recover some of a bad situation. I will +1 this with the clause that there be a statute of limitations of felony charges that removes them after time.
  9. +1 How this doesnt exist, or at least the ability to fully clear tattoos is beyond me... what if you character kill?
  10. He cannot post examples here the quiz is strictly confidential... I am sure you can understand why.
  11. The people who play police and the rest of the server are probably not going to agree on this and that is okay so Ill make this my final post because I don't think I am changing any of your minds and you aren't changing the minds of the people who +1ed this... it is a polarizing issue and I don't want it to turn into bad blood. Here is the thing, I get that you have IA, but if you are not abusing this by ramming your car up against the wall or running into the store while people are still holding a gun at the clerk, this wouldn't affect your negatively because you are not one of the "bad apples" I keep hearing about. My suggestion and my feeling is that its not cool that cops get to police their OOC behavior while the rest of the server is bound by a rule that negatively affects their actions. So with that aside I will state that I think it would be to the benefit of the server to have certain things changed OOC to correct some of the "bad apples" so there is no reason to put the responsibility in the hands of those it may benefit and keep temptation aside, as all other factions have policies too, but certain things should be server rules. Right now there is a rule that makes the NPC not considered a life, I am not saying remove it, I am saying expand upon it and make him not usable as a hostage, but still valued so cops have to wait for the gun to be off of the clerk. I also insist that ramming your car against any door in this server is powergaming unless you have enough squad cars to cover the back door as well, because you are using the fact that you know the back doors do not open as a game advantage to achieve the game you want. Whatever may come from this I want the police to know I do value them the same as any other and respect that they do so much to police their in game behaviors, but I think this is an OOC problem that can be handled with OOC solutions that can only negatively affect abuse. Thank you guys ❤️ Edit: can we please get this moved to suggestions where I intended it to be q.q Edit: Remember this suggestion had nothing to do with, and actively discourages conversation of cops weaponry or funding, this suggestion is strictly about the interactions of cops at robberies and how they can be improved.
  12. How many have been banned from the server? Edit: Also can we get this topic moved to suggestions because I don't want people to think its anything but. I am not trying to raise an army or start a war, just suggest something I think would make the server better, by starting with what I see which is making police follow a different standard of server rules not just their IA. Respect NPC life... and encourage more interactions and less shooting, because I feel the current way things are done only encourage people to bring lots of guns and kill the police which I think is equally boring and trashy as the police blocking doors and ignoring the NPC... All of it needs to be held to a firmer server rule in my opinion because I want this to be more fun...
  13. I did report it to IA and what I am saying is IA do not issue server bans and therefore the punishments for game breaking and role play ruining actions are taken lightly even at their worst. If you look through this post everyone says this should be a discussion EXCEPT the police.... because everyone knows how little role play you can expect from an actual police arrest. I just think this should be demanded and enforced through server rules like everything else, and not kept in house because it is a server problem and a mechanical problem. Not an IA thing. It is not police behavior, it is the rules of the server OOC enforcing these actions by making the NPCS considered a non factor. Also as mentioned several IA reports are still pending and I can bet my soul no policy or game changing actions will come of it, at worst an officer might get talked to, that is not sufficient to solve the over-arching problem of the robbery experience. We are expected to role play in detail with an NPC for 15 minutes because new things just keep popping up, fingerprints cctv that should be closed circuit now backs up to a cloud making it definitely not cctv, the NPC can identify us.... funny he can be used to identify people when he is not considered a life by the server rules. He can't defend himself until the police need a win... but we do it, we do it all, cover every base, form a plan for escape, and in a moment it is shattered because we dont have functioning windows or back doors and police are allowed to ignore the NPC as a life and also shove their car against the only functioning exit....
  14. Now you are seeing it as a nerf, more proof of the win lose mentality. I just want a more realistic and engaging experience by making the NPC life matter and forcing proper engagement for 1 officer on 3 people. He would call backup, set up a perimeter, identify and respond accordingly. In GTA stores only have 1 door so blocking the exit aside from being unrealistic is game mechanic abuse, on top of that I want police to respond in accordance to the life at stake, and my suggestion does not even point to them being hostages, it is just that police should not engage a target while they have a gun pointed at a person's head. It does happen and real life and it makes the whole police chase/negotiation phase trash because its just an officer saying I am going to shoot you when you come out if you dont completely surrender right now even though you have the advantage of a life they are supposed to be duty bound to protect.
  15. See this is exactly the mentality I am talking about. You see it as a way to win, that you SHOULD be victorious by ANY means necessary without thinking about RP. Ultimately an hour in jail and some cash doesnt affect me, but let me ask you something, how does a get away drive change them blocking the door? If you can't get to the getaway driver, it serves no purpose.... and let me remind you that you just admitted I am robbing SOMONE, not an NPC, that is what I am trying to change, right now police see people robbing a store, not robbing a person, and somebody else said "npcs can't fight back so they shouldnt be considered" I am sorry but on this server when you have a gun to your head everyone can't fight back BY SERVER RULES. So if this is the case why do the police not have rules outside of their own IC policies that dictate behavior. I appreciate the IA and the codes and ethics they try to put in place but many police ignore them because they have no recourse for those actions...
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