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  1. This already exists... that is how redesigns like the DOC happen... though the system is incredibly long and arduous...
  2. as soon as you make it objectively worse than the hospital table it loses the point. I like the idea of it maybe not healing the person the whole way, or taking longer... etc... but having a failure rate is silly. You might say IRL they would have a high rate of failure because they are not well equipped, true, also in real life police cant take a criminal they shot with an m4 8 times to a hospital and have him resurrected like Lazarus to get the satisfaction of sending them to jail. Noting this I subject this suggestion to be equally effective, but require cash on hand... i mean realistically your mob doctor isnt going to take insurance...
  3. I rather agree with this sentiment. As somebody who has IRL problems that remove me from game often with a 5 minute window to secure myself, I cant imagine it being policy I have to drive all the way home every time I want to log off... RP is about doing your best to seperate meta knowledge, training our minds to see someone logging off as going home.
  4. Wizzidy

    Archive Please

    So while I appreciate your stance, like most PD, that you should just be self policed and it is never abused we have IA etc.... I dont believe "We, the people that use it, believe we do a good job of not using it" is a viable reason to not consider something. It is currently unrealistic the way that phones work, police departments do not have an omnipotent link to anyone in a city, and if I was slinging drugs I would be using a pay as you go phone where they don't even know that number exists.... This is a situation where even though PD most likely DOES do a good job of not abusing a system, the fact remains the system should not exist at all... it is an unrealistic thing. We can't role play flying away or using our super sonic hearing to listen in on PD detectives, I don't believe they should have a number a person cannot escape... period.
  5. Wizzidy

    Archive Please

    +1 to this, ive seen people say you call 911, like any good criminal would use the same phone for both... I agree police should need to do detective work to trace phones, the MDC is too easy.
  6. yea its just too hard to script all crime... its pretty unfeasible, I still think like... current ncz's having "working hours" so they are only nczs during the hours people would be there... then having more nczs wouldnt be crazy because they would be like more crime areas as well because current nczs would be cut in half... also would solve the problem of people parking in nczs because their cars could be stolen at night (realistic) and it would add pressure on people to watch the time and be like "cmon man we gotta get outa here people are going to show up soon" as 8 am rolls around at the bank... could create a lot of interesting role play opportunity.
  7. Wizzidy

    The Wanted

    Noice, congratulations on official muh boys
  8. Chiming in for relevancy. I just read this and it makes so much sense.... 3 times I have had this house I am working on roll back after server restart... all changes undone, all items deleted... We need to put out a warning because I only have evidence of one attempt but all total I have pumped like 50k into this house to have it eaten, hoping itll stick this time...
  9. I think more NCZs could be good and more realistic but only if during the day.. like its pretty unlikely for you to go into an insurance firm and get robbed at 11am in the morning.... people would be screaming... but I mean its probably a bit hard to implement well
  10. This is how crates work. They function like a bag or briefcase for their entire existence, and can be stored, even in house storage and safes... however. Items inside a temporary storage, like a crate, will be deleted if the server restarts for any reason. So if the server crashes, patches, or does maintenance, anything inside of crates will then be removed. To avoid this find a place to store your items outside of the crate whenever you log off or suspect a server restart. Alternatively and more effective is not keeping anything stored in a crate for a long period of time.
  11. It was ruled a while back but here is an instance of it enforced. Essentially if you are on the ground you are considered injured enough that you would be power gaming if you said a healthy individual was unable to overpower you... If you are suffering from a broken rib and leg from crashing your car, I can believe it would be really silly for anyone to /do no to somebody trying to lift them... Rescue carry is a thing it is basically a fireman's carry and while it may cause more damage to the person it is made to carry panicked, unconscious, or otherwise resisting individuals despite their actions... So while currently the command for carrybody does not display a /ame I would assume that is more of an oversight, because if I can stop you from lifting / dragging me, I am pretty sure I could stop someone from rifling through my pockets while I hold a knife... so as long as the original ruling stands I don't see the /do /me system for this anything more than a necessary formality, making a /ame just good practice until rulings change.
  12. I see where this would streamline some situations, rping hiding and item is often contested and almost always turns into a discussion OOC, though I dont believe this is the way to do it. -1
  13. My confusion was where it stood with the ruling on looting a downed player, my misinformation came from thinking /carrybody presented a /ame ^^. I don't carry enough bodies it seems :p. All in all I think a /ame should be applied +1 as it seems kind of tedious to do 4 lines of rp for something that is certainly a success... Good suggestion.
  14. I actually think it would be good to have a ping, but not over radio, a phone app to send a friend your location would be nice because sometimes its really hard to describe a location...
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