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  1. 311 please. I'm not from the US but it makes sense..
  2. Wanna come and buy it for 50k?
  3. The house is near the water. Nothing special to be honest, it's just a chill area near the docks. Sometimes some weird dudes come by boat in the parking lot next to the house and leave unusual crates in the parking. You might be interested in doing business with them. Call 5391749 or email me at TheCactus#[email protected] if interested.
  4. So you should be the winner if the owner does not want to wait anymore.
  5. I was ID 20. So fucking confused hahaha
  6. You have to RP if you want to change the scenario. If you stand there like a puppet we treat you like puppets. Duh.. Won't consider your answers anymore
  7. So you are basically talking shit about swat because the server doesn't have scripts about their running speed. Go on..
  8. LSPD ans LSEMS are the factions that RP more in the server. Change my mind
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