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  1. The idea itself is what the community is waiting for, from what I have seen so far. Head admins will have to modify it before implementing it and making it an actual rule, since as we are talking about it now it's kinda raw.
  2. Managing the faction with the people we have and keeping the high standards is already pretty hard with all the supervisors (and higher) we have already. People who manage the faction (command+) dedicate a huge amount of OOC hours to manage all the divisions (mostly training for new officers, monitoring IC performance, RP standards and OOC attitude). Limitating PD (I don't know much about the other LSEMS factions + DOC) would not be healthy for the faction itself. In my opinion, SD needs more members and if they will ever have to cap the max members for PD, the current minimum requirement of 5 hours per week and at least 50% ratio would raise drastically and honestly, I have a life out of Eclipse. I do agree with you tho: Crim RP needs more things you can actually do, not only to earn money but to have fun. Something has to change.
  3. Couldn't agree more. I left the crim RP 8 months ago cause it was too repetitive. I tried getting back to it 1 month ago but it's still the same. The only differences are rules that have changed and foundry/mines/butchers as new places where you can rob people and start fights (shootouts at the foundry are lit) but that isn't exactly what I was waiting for. I might've missed some minor changes to crim RP because they are minor/not very relevant.
  4. Play on OCE timezone (9am to 02pm UTC) and you'll see 2 cops online and at least 5 members per official criminal faction. Can't answer to 50% of the 911 calls cause outnumbered. There are too many cops online on EU timezone (05-06pm to 00 UTC), a fair amount on US timezone and 1 to 3 max on OCE. They should focus on recruiting less EU and more everything else. (These are not random numbers. I have a fucked up sleeping schedule during exams and I can check /fmembers) New rules for drug labs should also be introduced. Seeing them going down cause of a 911 call from a dude on a BF400 is sad.
  5. You chose to be a truck driver and you chose to go 85km/h. RP develops thanks to choices and we do not choose for you. Maybe there's something wrong about your choices, not about cops (I don't doubt that some of them do more illegal stuff than the people they punish but stop crying and man up).
  6. If you bought something in your entire life, that does not change the piece of crap you always have been.
  7. Let's not go full retard like most of the salty people in a suggestion and deviate from the main topic. You see something you don't like? You report it. It is not against the rules? Create your own topic about it.
  8. Calm down there keyboard warrior. I never said I am against all this and I hate when cops "find" and dismantle the lab after a 911 call that originated far away and has a vague description. Even if someone mentions the ACE Liquor store, I usually try to see if someone gets out and flees when I arrive with sirens. I also expect people to dismantle it when they have backup, not their unit alone. When drug labs are gone or occupied, criminals start robbing around the city/county so I prefer they earn money cooking.
  9. TheCactus

    Wall of Scammers

    The noun "meme" is intended as trusting people you have never seen before and just handing them 100.000$+ or assets, expecting to receive what you asked for in return. He is NOT talking shit about the blog and thinks that dumb people don't BUT SHOULD rely on the taxed vehicles market, selling at the house door with brokers (and tax) and trusted middlemen unless they wanna be both dumb and broke. In my opinion, this is what @Victor Einhart is trying to communicate.
  10. +1 I don't know why it had not been introduced before.
  11. +1 Great suggestion, especially with this additional idea:
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