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  1. RX 580 4GBs? That could be a real problem in some areas of the city with medium/high population. I re-download GTA V and RageMP every now and then. Makes everything go smoother.
  2. 245k right now if you put it at the door
  3. If someone wears your colours with the intent of annoying, impersonating or acts like he is a member of your gang when he actually isn't, I get it, you do whatever you deem necessary. I've seen people (I will not mention the official faction(s) since I do not want to slander them just like they do) pull up to new players and tell them to change clothes or the colour of their newly purchased vehicle because "it's a gang colour". How is that even remotely close to reality? Do gangsters or cartel members approach civilians that are rocking a blue ford fiesta or even a porsche and tell them to change the colour of their car if they want to live? If you introduce a similar scene in a movie, I would instantly go watch something that makes more sense such as Scary Movie. This colour issue was there when I first joined the server but now it's a problem only between the soldiers or those gangs that are new to RP or never cared about behaving realistically. Now you can rob someone if he looked at you in the wrong way and if he does not comply you can kill him, I simply don't care; but please let's keep it real.
  4. Yes please. Park your gypsy caravan in your own yard or on Chiliad, not at the Bank, Central MD or PD.
  5. If growing it becomes legal and regulations will be implemented, the penal code charge will be subject to revision (I don't work at city hall so I am not promising anything). At this time, as someone said earlier, it is legally and morally not acceptable.
  6. Let's not use this topic to call our friends gay and laugh about homosexuality. That isn't respectful at all. @poptarts Tom Brown might br interested tho.
  7. TheCactus


    Best interest rates in the city at MAZE BANK.
  8. My 650k offer still stands if I can check it out first. I don't wanna trespass.
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