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  1. I was hoping that someone finally got the point but it was you..
  2. There's no way to metagame IDs anymore and if I have enough evidence, I charge the individual. If I got the charge wrong, I get punished ICly and the individual will be compensated. If commit the same mistake more than once, the punishments will escalate. If I have enough evidence and I charge someone correctly, it means that he didn't even try to outsmart law enforcement. Why should an officer get punished OOCly if he managed to successfully confirm the identity of a suspect (and all this happened because of the lack of effort of said suspect)? Like is it our fault if people wear the same clothes while paying their fines and murdering someone over and over again? Why do legals change clothes and muffle their voices more than gang members/murderers? Incredible. P.S.: I sometimes hang around with people that have similar mindsets. An example can be Ricky Brasco, due to our roots. I see him wearing the same blue shirt and GD pants but he robbed me some days ago and he was not in his car and had a completely different outfit, mask included. ICly I would've been suspicious and I didn't have enough evidence. If you know you're gonna kill, smart up.
  3. It's like when people were using the elevator Non-RPly, spamming it from a floor to another so police can't catch them.
  4. +1 I seriously don't understand why you gotta pay real money to have benefits on a website that is meant to be fully IC.
  5. I only read the first 5 lines and all I can tell you is: learn to RP and stop crying. Edit: your /dos were not valid. Refresh your rule knowledge. I can't simply /do how can you know my name is Jon? What kind of bs is that? Ask ICly Now you're again, asking OOCly about how I managed to identify people so you can then metagame it and avoid it in the future. My answer to that is git gud.
  6. I would also add that selling assets in an NCZ without the intent of paying tax within minutes should be a breach of the NCZ rule.
  7. You can solve the IC issues with IA report. If you feel like I did not respect the roleplay standards but I did not break any server rules, you can send in an OOC IA report. However all that does not entitle you to pause RP and write in /B for more than 3 minutes. I ICly did not hear your request for another officer. I would have had no issue with it. We also both showed you our badges, as the chatlogs show (right after we did, you wrote "/b very nice RP" or something like that). Nobody responding to your 911 call might also have been a sign. Maybe I informed units to ignore the call? Last but not least, to clear some of your doubts, I had 100% confirmation of you being our guy because I doublechecked it in other ways, so I did not need your ID. Calling your phone was not the only way. We have more resources than you think and we use them when needed. Some of us are not stupid and we roleplayed as cops on this server for way more than a year. Being told that my "my RP standard is flawed" by someone who took an IC issue OOCly and refused to RP, which is a rulebreak, is kind of an insult in my eyes. Keep the OOC respect even if you hate us IC.
  8. I am neutral. Having a more or less complicated plan to scam someone that takes 1 hour or several months is some roleplay that I hardly ever saw on this server but when it happens, I have no words. I investigated scams for months and retrieved millions for the victims when I was dealing with them. The thing is 95% of the people don't use complex plans or tactics. Most of them powergame because the script makes so the car is yours after /transfervehicle is done. With that being said, most scammers are also rulebreakers (I am sorry to say it but at least one server rule was broken in every single investigation: when the ratio is 1.0, it isn't debatable anymore). Being a person that solved scam cases might make you think I am against them but I am not. I would just like the quality of scam roleplay to be higher and not just people abusing /transfervehicle after signing a contract with their name and lastname which would finalize the sale/trade (which again, is powergaming). If the scam you just pulled is braindead and the quality of your roleplay was garbage, you should give the assets back to avoid a poor roleplay punishment.
  9. I really don't wanna reply but to me it looks like you are not aware of the server rules. How did we Powergame, Metagame and etc? Could you explain that bit?
  10. Simply checking the person's contacts is enough when you rob them somewhere private. Saving the people with nicknames or other kind of name codification would solve the issue.
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 73, 31, 336, 222 Date of interaction reported: 18/JUL/2020 23:20 UTC Unix time stamp from HUD: 1595114400 Your characters name: Samuele Colonna Other player(s) involved: Callum James Specific rule(s) broken: 7. IC and OOC Interactions Players are required to remain in-character (IC) at all times. Text chat, VOIP, radio, phone and commands like /ME and /do are to be used only for IC content. IC content must not contain acronyms like “lol” or “u” or smiley faces excluding IC SMS. For OOC content, players must use chat commands that encase the content in brackets. For example: (( this is OOC content )). OOC chat commands are /OOC, /O, /B, /PM and /F. OOC videos or screenshots can be used as IC evidence only if the footage contains the character using the /RECORD command to hold a phone in their hand. Property interiors can have cameras only if the owner roleplays installation and takes time stamped screenshots with the camera angle as evidence. Exteriors only if there is an object. Players may roleplay a hidden camera, wire, or dash cam in a vehicle if recordings are unedited and include roleplay starting and ending. Attempts to search must be answered truthfully in /do. Sexual, torture, or extremely gross roleplay is allowed only if all involved parties (participants and witnesses) have agreed to it in OOC text chat, prior to the actual roleplay being performed. Only administrators are allowed force pause RP or investigate rule breaches. Only administrators are allowed to void roleplay scenarios at their discretion. Players are welcome to voice their opinion but should never disobey administrators. A /REPORT does not pause roleplay unless an admin does so. Players may not use real world images depicted as their character or post in-game images not possible to be taken from Eclipse RP. 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay: • Baiting Government Services - Provoking a reaction from faction services without a realistic reason / or calling faction services to e.g. rob them. • Mercy Killing - Asking to be killed by a friend (Killing a friend falls under deathmatching). • Unrealistic stunt jumping or the use of an expensive vehicle to ram into other vehicles. • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for anything other than its intended purpose. • Submerging any vehicle in water or unrealistically beaching any watercraft. • Swimming in water for an unrealistic amount of time or without a destination during a chase. Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. Our official discord server has a channel dedicated to game crash notifications and you should post here with a valid reason for being unable to return. If a player gets away from being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. Players who ignore answering roleplay commands directed at them, e.g. /do. In a situation where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before their leave. Players should not deprive other players of roleplay, e.g. early on the interaction asking them not to speak unless it makes sense in the roleplay situation. How did the player break the rule(s)? I got called to help with an arrest at Tequila-la as we impounded the suspect's car and we assumed that he is inside. I went inside and asked a guy to take him mask off but it was not the one I was looking for. I kept investigating through IC means and sucessfully identified the individual. That is when the interraction begun. From this point until I could not be in the range of their /OOC messages, ID 73, 31, 336 kept harassing OOCly and using Roleplay commands incorrectly. At some point they even started insulting even if we never interracted with them ICly. ID 222 felt like he is entitled to pause RP so he refused to respond to our actions while they were all spamming in /OOC chat. The chat, as you might see, is full of statements that clearly show the level of their rules knowledge. A moderator responded to the in-game reports but the mentioned players did not stop the spam and the OOC harassment because they could not see the [ADMIN]. Their behaviour made a 10 minute situation turn into 30+ minutes and I straight up hated interracting with them both ICly and OOCly. Evidence of rule breach: I am sorry for the staff members that have to deal with this. It's a lot of screenshots. If I missed anything it's because there's too many.
  12. @Aron Simon/logout multiple times. I had to do it 9 times today until I could hear the music
  13. This identical suggestion had been posted more than once by other players and received a huge amount of positive feedback. +1
  14. +1 Static labs should give a little bit more profit. The risk is a lot higher so the reward should also be high.
  15. By what I hear on gang frequencies it's literally "Who is going in? Who has the drill? Who is staying on the roofs? How many are they? Is it clappable?" *Shootouts starts and they lose*
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