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  1. NOW AVAILABLE Carson Ave. 2 Medium-sized single story corner house in Rancho, 250m away from the impound lot. If you follow our activity you will realise that this property has been sold in the past. It is equipped with a 2-car Garage and a big backyard that will allow you to park multiple vehicles. The yard is surrounded by metal wire meshed fences and has a gate that opens on the north-east side, allowing access in and out. A small parking lot is present on the south side of the house, outside the property Contact #247 4369 for details.
  2. Would you consider trades for other properties?
  3. Hello. I advise you to text 582 4080 with your detailed request.
  4. @Acko_1994 It did go for 30ish twice if not three times but times have changed. They don't make the money they used to because of burgershot and the black market.
  5. Hello. I don't own it. Text me
  6. Eclipse Towers Apt. 736 has become unavailable.
  7. 1. You are basically asking for a script cause RPing with people can lead to unpleasant interactions or can be a waste of time - Shocker: it's an RP server! 2. The server does auction the properties of inactive players. We don't know when it's gonna happen, but it happens.
  8. 50 Bay City Ave has been sold.
  9. 50 Bay City Ave. Blipped on gps 247 4369 Accepting rent-to-own contract, maximum of 4 weeks.
  10. SOLD 50 Bay City Ave Small apartment in Vespucci with a 2-car Garage; a stone-throw away from the beach and the La Spada Restaurant. The property is also equipped with multiple old wall safes which will allow you to safely store a large amount of items. A custom built garage in front of the property will allow you to safely park at least two more vehicles. Considering direct sale or short-term rent-to-own contracts. Contact #247 4369 or email https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&u=7123 for details.
  11. I mean you can roleplay with people that are new to your gang without inviting them in f4, especially if they don't log too often or aren't always present during group activities. We know that a lot of factions have members that only log in during weekends. If they are consistent, that's another story If all you wanna do is clap, well, that's why I am against increasing the cap
  12. -1 You don't need people in F4 for them to be part of your gang
  13. Holy shit I didnt know there's a Comet Retro Custom version that's worth more than 11 mil
  14. Is it a Comet that the city has never seen before or what
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