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  1. +1 Someone hit my cruiser with a flashlight, the engine stalled and I had 663/1000.
  2. +1 if the location is different. Fishing at the beach is not unrealistic but that's not what actual fishers do. Everything else is phenomenal, amazing suggestion.
  3. +1 It would be very helpful and it does not take long to implement it.
  4. +1 You are sick of seeing the same cars over and over because everybody has a jester and elegy retro. If they go for a motorbike they only buy drags, gargoyles or b400s. I see people asking where I bought my cars from and wonder if they rare and stuff. You just have to forget about which one has the best performance and buy what your eye likes.
  5. +1, I want it to become a viable option. Criminals are too squishy. And let's be clear, what you buy is not 1/4 of what PD has or 0.386% of what PD has, it is just HALF. Not 12.5% armor or 6.25%. If PD get's 50/100, you get 25/100 (and for 40k that's hella unfair).
  6. Let's focus on the main topic and stop this nonsense, shall we, mister rolemodel? https://imgur.com/IDkydmA https://imgur.com/lZJYHZY
  7. Y'all non PD people talking without actually knowing shit. I am not aiming towards offending you but seriously, your answer is the explicit proof that you speak about topics while you know nothing, 0. It's like somone dropped a coin, I take it and try to give it back to the owner and you come saying: HAHA, YOU STOLE THE COIN! Like seriously bro, do me a favour and mind your own business.
  8. How is this relevant in the current discussion?
  9. Is this an actual post or just OOC lack of respect?
  10. IC problem. Keep it out. That post is not mine and the additional evidence is shown if you click "show".
  11. No, no /me or /do because the license should've been revoked already. So the RP has been already done, there's no point in me doing /me revokes her weapons's license if it has been done already. Link with RP: https://imgur.com/gallery/smWk1Mz And I would not ignore the response regarding the bug because it's main reason of me doing what I did.
  12. Following IC reasoning their permit is revoked and the license should be too, but because of this script issue, it does not get revoked so we have to with the command.
  13. The firearms permit was already revoked. What I did is taking care of a bug.
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