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  1. Fully maxed Drift Tampa ready to go. $430,000 if you buy private party. Text 2626307 and we can set it up! May consider a trade for a Hakuchou Drag + cash on your end or Shaffer V12 + cash on your end.
  2. When not out working, they can be found around the bank. One will typically make an announcement about WTWM and try to recruit first hand.
  3. +1 But as a paintball player, id like to it actually like paintball and not just people running around shooting each other, respawning and going back at it. To me, that’s laser tag and/or some Call of Duty crap. You don’t learn anything there. Should be a semi only gun, 1 shot kill and team based. Round is over when everyone is out, multiple rounds per match. Location would be easy. Plenty of empty, unused warehouses on the map. Just open it up for a speedball field and boom. Done. Having a few field set ups to choose from would be fun as well, but I would be happy to just have the game in game.
  4. From and objective point of view, can you maybe elaborate more as to why? I know the negative side effects could be pretty drastic, but there are some positives. Maybe from a reporting standpoint, people being DM'd without the vitims getting a chance to see who shot them or get their player number... since they'd be further away?
  5. Wave of ideas here. First off, I'd like to say that I'm no expert coder or computer person whatsoever. Outside of some fancy Excel spreadsheets and a little above average computer knowledge, that's as far as I go. My list of ideas are things that I think might be "easier" to implement as they are already part of the game or are a clone of something already in the game, just worked differently. If these things have been mentioned before - Awesome! If they are being worked on - Awesome! Golf I'm sure its been brought up and with my search of the forum, it has. However it was only said that "golf should be here" and really nothing more. I'd like to elaborate a bit more. First I'd like to say that I only believe this would be "easier" to implement because its already something that is in the game. The course is there, the mechanics are there, the graphics are there. I think the golf course should be a NCZ (I don't need another frequented place to get robbed at haha). The country club inside would be cool to have an active bar, food, etc. An ATM outside (obviously). A minimum price to play a round of golf as well as some options to gamble with other players. Match play, skins, etc. This would make it a little more interesting to play and yet another way for people to possibly make some money. This could also open up for tournaments or events. Seeing as the golf course is a little nicer part of town; maybe require nice clothes? Someone could also own the golf course, but this would most likely be an expensive piece of property. Maybe an option to obtain a golf membership? A lot could be stemmed from the idea, but I do believe the premise of playing with the opportunity to put some money on the line would attract a lot of players. I can see driving a golf cart around to each shot, hole, etc., taking too long... so as much fun as that would be and even "proper RP", I'd say skip it.. Dogs If you've played the story line for the game you've had the fun of interacting with "Chop". I think adding dogs would be a fun and great addition to the game. Opens up the possibility for a Veterinary office, where injured dogs would go, where you would purchase your pet, food, etc. Customizing the way your dog looks would be awesome, but honestly for starters, a custom collar (different colors, styles, bandannas, etc.) would do just fine. Ideally, dogs would serve as "personal defense", whereas if the dog is near its owners and the owner gives a silent command, it could attack a robber or assailant. This may deter some robberies on individuals or even groups of people if there are enough dogs present. I think a silent command for the dog to attack is fair because if someone in fact had a guard dog, it would most likely attack someone trying to harm its owner without the owner needing to verbally command them to do so (See: Police dogs).. Adding to that, the police having a K9 unit would make for some interesting foot pursuits and interactions. Of course, DM, KoS and proper RP rules would need to be implemented for the dog. Meaning you can't just shoot the dog for no reason, or even if its present... The owner also shouldn't be able to send their dog after someone without RP reason. Fear RP, well, if you go after someone with a dog, you're taking the chance that they sick the dog on you. The owner will maybe think twice about sending the dog in if there are 2 or more attackers, as the risk of their dog being injured (and an expensive vet bill) would be there. If you send your dog and the dog fails, I believe that would give the attacker KoS on the dog owner, but at the same time, the dog owner would have a chance to draw a gun on the attacker because the attacker would most likely be worried about the dog. I could go on and on with rules, but the point here is that it would be fun to have a companion as well as use said companion for personal defense. Also opens up more business ideas! Circle Track This is basically a simple racing idea, but with some gambling thrown in. Hear me out! So in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there used to be a indoor car race that was a lot of fun.. In fact, I'd spent a lot of my time racing there... All the cars, all the crashing, the races, it was all fun. I think adding something like this would be a riot. Again, NCZ here just to help people get in on it. Behind the casino is a Race track for horses; maybe use this as a simple "circle track" to race quads, dirt bikes or other beater cars on? Allow the drivers of the races to wager on the race itself and set number of laps... as well as add a gambling element for viewers to bet on the outcome of the races. Not only would this attract more people to the races and area, but the more clever of organizations could maybe "set up" a race and pay off people to win/lose on purpose so they can make money off of the sideline bets. Again, a unique element and way to make money. It also brings people together in a non-violent area. This will also give players something else to do if they are bored... and we can finally drive like crazy, race and mess around in cars. Additional things to add would be keeping driver stats, such as how many times each driver has won. It would make betting more fun and predictable and also give some people something to work towards. I'm a competitive person by nature and if there was a leader board for "Most races won", you bet your ass I'd want to be on it. Tennis I'll start out by saying that I know nothing of tennis... outside of Wii, I don't think I've ever played. However I know others do, so treat this like my golf idea. The course and mechanics are already there, so would it be possible to import them? Allow betting, memberships, clubs, etc. NCZ of course... like I said before and many times, I don't need any more places to get robbed at... Sniper Rifle(s) No! Not more guns! Here I am complaining about getting robbed a lot, but lets play this Sniper Rifle thing out. If sniper rifles were implemented, I think it would add a SUPER interesting dynamic to the drug labs and illegal activity in general. Scenario: You roll up to a drug lab with your 3 buddies and you see 2 people working. You're think "easy targets", you hop out, attempt to rob them and boom... you're picked off by a guy or two who were watching the entire thing through their scopes from afar. They had KoS because they watched their friends get threatened. It would add a really cool "over watch" dynamic to the game and for the more creative players. I think it would also deter people from running around like loose cannons and robbing everyone in sight... because in the back of their minds, there may be a sniper out there waiting to drop them. Now to keep sniper rifles from being EVERYWHERE, their prices could be adjusted to something a little higher as well as maybe limit the amount of ammo that comes with them 6-10 rounds maybe? That way people aren't recklessly using them. Importing ammo could also be expensive. This idea is more or less an idea to let players think really creatively in their drug or any illegal operations... as well as deter the rouge robbers a little bit. If it gets too out of hand... take them away? Central Classifieds Ok... Would it be hard to start to force players to list ALLLL of their for sale items in one location? Or even create a silent auction of a sorts for items if the sellers wish to use that system? Now to actually buy the items, I think you should have to go to where the items is. If its a house, travel to it. Car, go to the lots its sitting at. That way it is "first come, first serve" and you don't have people camping out near the classified areas buying up everything in sight. What I dislike is having to drive around to every dealership to see whats for sale, or check the forums... or read obnoxious bleets all the time. Same for houses. I have no idea where to look for them for sale besides from annoying Bleets and/or the forum. I think this would create a competitive market for said items and for the smart bunch, a good "flip" market. It just seems silly that there isn't an easy way to buy this stuff... when in real life, I can check on my phone and find hundreds of listings on cars or real estate. The server is like we are living in 1900, where you only know of things for sale by word of mouth. Might help the new players too instead of seeing it asked 1,000 times where they can buy a house or car. If any of this is in game, then I'm stupid and have never heard of it or even bothered to look.. but then again, if it is, it's not being talked about enough! Again, I know you can buy stuff through the forums, but things are rarely posted there and lets be honest... forums are mostly dead in general. Casino Pretty self explanatory. NCZ area with multiple games to play. Slots, Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Roulette and any other popular casino games. Maybe host tournaments here and there... I know we have some gambling sites already, but maybe those could now be reserved for more private venues while the casino is the new public hot spot. Add a nightclub aspect and you have an interesting place to be. The building is already there, so it would just need to be filled with fun stuff. If anything, PLEASE fix poker? Auto-fold for people that take too long to make a decision, shorten the 30 second time frame between hands to maybe 15 seconds? And for the LOVE OF GOD... Make it possible for pots to be "split" when its a tie. Every time I play, I see someone win a 5 card game with a 6th card. Example: Full house shows up as the community cards. The best hand is a full house and everyone in the hand present still should split the pot... but who ends up winning? The person with the highest card that had nothing to do with the full house. Again, a 6th card used for a 5 card game.
  6. Lot of people have a recording device running "behind the scenes" while playing the game.. that way if they need to prove something (rule breakers), they can do so... OOC, of course. It's not really something that needs to be RP'd.
  7. Business Report for 2/11/2019 Very successful day for WTWM. The companies investor with top earnings for the day saw a 22% increase in growth across all avenues of "business"; not bad for a small operation. White Ties founder, Shane Michael, says "we have found a new way to make some easy and quick money that I don't believe other organizations have quite exploited... at least not on the level we are about to... so yeah, things are starting well for us" There are still openings for new Investors with White Tie.
  8. Let me stop you right there... as this has been said twice now. There is nothing wrong with my mindset. Sorry for wanting to be successful? Wouldn't you think a competitive city, such as Los Santos, would birth and or attract more competitive minds? Secondly, I don't go around just robbing people and making the game miserable for others. I may have 20,000xp+ by now and I have yet to rob a single player. I've earned every cent I've made in game through several means. As far as being known... If I keep earning money at my rate, I will be known for the ownership of businesses and property and not for any other reason. Or better yet, known for being a business man, a fair person and a good Role Player. I enjoy the character I portray. This is a sandbox game where your imagination can run wild. I love these types of games. I am a creative individual and I love having fun with it all. I like to think I have more intellect and imagination than the "hands up this is rob" people out there. I'm actually playing and acting like a tycoon. If you come across me in game, chances are you may experience some of the creativity. I play this part because I enjoy it. I'm respectful to every person I come across in game unless they wrong me. Don't point the finger at me... point it at all the cowboys out there running around and robbing everyone in sight. I started recording rule breakers too. So far, I'm 0/4 on report success. Loopholes in the rules or non responses from the support staff so far. I've been victim to: Deathmatching, Metagaming, Non-RP, Powergaming and victim to a crime in a NCZ. Speaking of the "hands up this is rob" people... Man, its awful when the server has 180+ people in it. Every drug lab is filled and if you go near one, 90% chance you're stopped. I tried fishing... I got robbed twice. Hell, IC, I would ask "why are you robbing me!?" and I'd never get a response. No RP here. Just: Hands up. Searches Man. Frisk. Takes Items. Leaves. Not an ounce of fun here. I decided to try trucking; I get robbed at stops. Hell, I'm tired of wasting money on phone batteries at this point haha. The only thing I can do at this point to make money is hope for lucky hands at poker.... Mind you I always do good, but I get tired of the scenery after awhile. End rant for now.
  9. White Tie Wealth Management History It’s not personal, it’s business. A common phrase used typically when titans of the financial industry clash. Nothing different here. Shane Michael, White Tie Wealth Managements founder, is a young professional himself who is a master of his art and trade. Coming from Wall Street and the grips of the corporate world, Shane found himself as a bit of an outcast with his unconventional, out of the box thinking and desire for rapid growth through any means. His motto, “if we can make a dollar on it, we will” always exceled him in his career and put him ahead. However, being a young professional in the corporate world, especially with an attitude like his will set you apart both in good ways and bad. Executives from his prior employer saw his youthfulness as “playful” and he wasn’t taken seriously. Fed up, underappreciated and underutilized, he left knowing he could do it better… and he has. White Tie Wealth Management (WTWM), or more commonly referred to as White Tie, is the brainchild birthed from Shane Michael. White Tie is ran like a corporate entity, only being filled with the brightest, most aggressive and hungry businessmen and women it can find. However, it is not as conventional as a corporate entity. “If we can make a dollar on it, we will” has been taken to the next level. Criminal level. Money is made here not only through legitimate business, but through the manufacturing of drugs, the sale of firearms, buying, selling and chopping vehicles, gambling events, loans and much more. The true nature of the success of White Tie is a safely guarded secret and is only known by its investors. Shane Michael and White Tie may not be big or well known yet, but its rapid growth and expansion has been compared to what Shane refers to as “iFruit like”… where no one paid any attention to it in the beginning, but sure wished they had gotten on board when it started after seeing its success now. White Tie is also not known as an “aggressive entity” in the physical aspect. Violence is not their forte. Their success always comes from playing it smart or by being 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Their lack of violence is not to be taken lightly, however. This is a wealthy and smart group… and wealth buys a lot of things. Current Situation White Tie is small, but it is now opening its doors to new investors. Money is flowing in at impressive rate for its small size and is ready to take it to the next step. Shane has been testing the markets all around the city for the most profitable avenues and has arrived at some conclusions. Pushed, pulled and bullied by gangs and other ill-organized groups, White Tie is ready to hit back where it hurts; their wallets. They may think they run the streets now, but they will be quickly reminded that they are just a pawn in the game… and have been running 2 steps behind this whole time. We are a group of business-minded individuals. We are smart, we think critically, we think creatively and we try to stay one step ahead of the competition. The competition is every other organization in the city. If they are making money in one facet, we will compete, and we will do it better. “If we can make a dollar on it, we will”. The Future Put simply, White Tie wants to own the biggest piece of the city it can. Starting with a core group of investors, they will slowly make their mark on the real estate, weapons, drug, and vehicle markets. Sprinkle in a few more creative ideas and you have the biggest and most untouchable company around. A monopoly if you will. It is all business with this group. The true future goals of this company are again, a well guarded secret, but with some prying and careful investigation, it would seem they have their eyes fixed on Real Estate (commercial and residential). There have also been some talks about a certain “strip of highway”, but its hard to decipher what that means or if this just a maze to send moles and investigators through. Dress Code White Tie is a business organization and all investors should dress the part. Business casual and/or business attire are required. Of course, no matter the outfit, a white tie must be displayed. However, depending on the current business being conducted, some investors may be permitted to break the dress code. RP Requirements & Organization Requirements We are a professional group and all RP must be conducted as such. We do not use slang terminology, we do not insult other people and we do not break our professional sense. We remain calm in all situations, we are courteous, proper and above all: we are all about business. Failure to remain professional can mean immediate and permanent termination. Proper and creative RP is what we are all about and should be conveyed as such. Coaching can be done here as the RP aspect (/do’s, /me’s) can easily be learned and our groups is already comprised of faster learners! There are no XP requirements for this organization. White Tie sees people for how they will be, not for how they are. We will train, coach up and work with all investors to ensure their and most importantly, our success. It is required that all investors are to be active and participate in corporate decisions and business. This means investing both time and money. You must attend meetings and be active within the organization. Failure to be active or serve as an asset to the company will result in permanent termination. Above all, we are all about fairness. Fairness includes the understanding of the rules. We like to maintain a solid reputation and we will hold that true by following all rules of the server. Corporate Structure White Tie Wealth Management has a very simple structure. Shane Michael is the founder, at the top and all final decisions are made by him. The rest of the organization are comprised of investors. Nothing more, nothing less. Every investor has a say in company meetings and how the company shall be ran. What you get from White Tie is what you put in. This is business; the more you are invested, the more you are rewarded. Company goals, direction and success are to be voted on by all investors and followed through by all investors - Majority rules. Shane will place his seal of approval on all ideas after they have been voted on by the investors. Think of White Tie as if it were a share. You may own 10 shares and someone else owns 100. You are both shareholders, but the person with 100 will certainly earn more with their investment than the person with only 10. Partnership White Tie will ALWAYS entertain partnerships with other organizations within the city. We will treat each and every other organization with the upmost respect and professionalism, regardless of our relationship with them. This is business! If we can make money together, why shouldn’t we? Partnerships do not mean these individuals become Investors. We may be in bed together, but we don’t have to share our secrets. We do not screw over our partners, however if they choose to cross us, we will handle it. Period. If another organization wishes to speak about a partnership, please have them find an investor and details will be discussed. We look forward to working with you. Termination If you are lucky enough to be employed by White Tie Wealth Management, you would know how detrimental it would be to yourself to leave or get fired. If you leave or are terminated (investor voted), you will be permanently removed from the organization, all communication from the organization and you will cease, and in some cases you will lose any/all investment you have put into the company. This cutthroat attitude of the company is to ensure we retain our investors and grow. Turn over is not something we tolerate. Employment From Shane Michael: White Tie Wealth Management is now accepting applications. We are looking for new investors to join our team. It’s all about making money and obtaining assets. We are looking for motivated, professional, smart and creative individuals. You do not need to come into the company as a wealthy individual. White Tie sees you for what you WILL be, not for what you are now. If we hire you, know that you are part of an elite group of business men and woman and you will be successful. Only once hired, will you learn about the businesses plans for growth. The application process will be thorough and a very careful process (investor voted). We will look at and speak with all applicants and feedback will be given no matter the results of your application. If you are in another gang, group or organization, know that your application will be 100% confidential. This business is ran on confidentiality and will be held to that standard at all times. We protect our own! If we choose you to be an investor and you are part of another organization, we will require you to part ways with said organization as your full time commitment will be necessary here at White Tie. If you wish to apply, locate an investor and ask about the business. Investors will be easy to spot with their white ties and business/business casual attire. If the investor thinks you might be a good fit based on the initial conversation, you will be provided with instruction to apply. Your interview will be with Shane Michael himself.
  10. Alright, I'll buy that. T-boning you was an accident on my part; I was more paying attention to Player 65 next to me and by the time I saw you, my time to react wasn't there. Despite only spending $8,000 on my car, the last thing I want it to do is break down WAYYY out there, especially in a 3 on 1 car chase. I suppose we can strike you from the record. Player 65 ad 74 though... have explaining to do as they said nothing.
  11. Player(s) being reported: 40, 65, 74 Date of interaction reported: 2/8/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1549651472 (Start of incident) Your characters name: Evan Summers Other player(s) involved: None Specific rule(s) broken: 6.6.2 Non-Roleplay * "Use of an expensive vehicle, such as a super car, to ram into other vehicles (players should show care and value in their luxury vehicles, because they are costly to repair" *If a Comet, Elegy Retro and Lambo (unsure on its in-game name?) are not considered "expensive vehicles", then I apologize for the report and would kindly ask for clarity on what constitutes as an "expensive vehicle". 7.2.1 Deathmatch** "Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another play (Or damaging their property) without proper roleplay reason." **Unsure if this is considering Deathmatching, but I thought I would include it given the circumstance. I was let go by one player, then chased down for no reason by these 3 and was never given commands to stop. How did the player break the rule(s)? The video will be obvious, but I will do my best to narrate the video in this section. I apologize for over-explanations, its a habit of mine... but I like providing proper evidence as much as possible. I'll also try to point out details that might not be caught first time watching. Prelude: I am at the drug lab by myself and a large group of people roll up on me. They do not rob me. Player 108 let me take a few of the pot plants I planted and then said I had to go. I jumped in my car and waited for everyone to get out of the way... I didn't feel like running into anyone and causing problems as there were people everywhere. I also wanted to make it clear that I went in peace by not driving erratically out of there. 0:02 - Player 108 says to me "You can leave. Really. Don't worry about them". By this I'm assuming he means the people in front of me; one of those people being Player 40. So I leave begin to leave. 0:16 - I clearly pass Player 40 as respectful as possible. 1:30 - I pull over to the side of the road with the intentions on using my map to figure out where to go next. To my surprise (I had no idea he was behind me), Player 40 shows up and starts honking at me. He pulls in front of me, no commands given. 1:47-1:55 - Player 40 radios my location to who I assume would be his gang members. Then he asks if they want me and says he has me. At this point, I realize whats going on or about to happen and I drive off before I can be stopped.. Remembering this group just let me go a minute and a half ago... Chase starts. 2:43 - Player 40 bumps into me for the first time. We can count this as an accident, as it doesn't look too malicious. Non-RP 6.6.2 / DM 7.2.1 : Player ID's 40, 64 & 74 2:45 - Player 40 pulls right out in front of me and I t-bone him. Nothing malicious on my part, I had NO way to avoid him and I was already traveling forward. If anything, this would his first instance of Non-RP by throwing his car out in front of me. 2:48 - Player 65 taps me with his car. Again, we can let this one slide as it seems more of an accident than anything. 2:51 - Player 65 intentionally hits me. First instance of Non-RP from him. 2:56 - Player 65 rams me again. Second instance of Non-RP. 3:15 - Player 65 rams me yet again. Third instance of Non-RP. Again, note that no commands have been given to me to stop or anything. Just a lot of honking and hitting me with their cars. 3:17 - Player 65 rams me again. Fourth instance of Non-RP. 3:42 - Player 40 hits me again. We can MAYBE discredit this one as I turned abruptly, but he could have avoided it. We will call this the second instance of Non-RP for Player 40. 3:50 - Self brag here. Some pretty slick driving. (Me talking on the mic to myself after that. Not sure why it was picked up in video, but whatever) 4:09 - Player 40 FINALLY gives a command and shouts "Get out". However, my windows are up and he's flying by me in the opposite direction at an unknown speed. 4:18 - Player 74 enters the chase. 4:20 - Player 40 issues a second "Get out" command by shouting. Again, he is nowhere in sight, my windows are up and I'm traveling at 89km/h, so the probability of me hearing this is dismal. 4:31 - Me again on the mic commenting to myself on their driving... and general RP. 5:14 - Player 65 hits me again. Fifth instance of Non-RP. 6:00 - I have lost them and from when I looked behind me previously, I had figure they turned around and left. I at this point decided to go back and try to make my way back into town. 6:09 - You can see player 74 coming down the road. 6:12 - Player 74 leaves his lane, enters mine and hits me head on. As you can tell, I'm in my lane the whole time and I attempted to swerve to the left (out of my lane) as he was barreling in at me from the right. This is his first and only instance of Non-RP. I would have maybe considered this an accident, but he shows up to aid in the chase back about 2 minutes ago. And there you have it. An over-narration of what had happened. Some of these Non-RP incidents could be considered Deathmatching as no one had any real reason to do this to me. In the beginning of the video, you can see I left peacefully and no REAL attempts were made to ask me to stop. Just 2 shouts from 1 person, Player 40, at unrealistic times. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. Your alibi is looking pretty weak, bro. You're going to sit there and tell me that allll day, you were fast at responding to everything over chat and VOIP... but the second your gamer integrity was challenged, you’re going to say your response was “slow” to make yourself look better? How convenient. You haven’t had a single good response that I haven’t been able to prove otherwise through pictures and video... Just a bunch of questions challenging my competence.
  13. So you respond to someone several minutes after the fact? You were real quick with all of your other comments.... but then this one you’re slow? Naw, dude.. You slipped up and responded to a comment I made about a hand you weren’t present for. Prove me otherwise. I’m the one showing video and pictures.
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