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  1. I don't use Spotify, and I don't want to tab out of the game every 2 minutes to change the song over youtube. You may not walk, but some of us do, and your made-up statistics means little to nothing in your argumentation. I always drive around with my radio on, and I dislike the fact that the only way to listen to the radio is through the car stereo. In real life, you can listen to music on your phone with some headphones, so why can't we here? I get that YOU don't want to use it, but why shouldn't others?
  2. Hello, I think it's a great shame that we can only listen to radio stations while in our vehicles I suggest adding a walkman or an app for your phone that allows you to use the vehicle radio station option while you're walking around. Possibly ad a /h(ead)p(hone) command to toggle it on/off.
  3. Bumping the post as I'm still searching
  4. How would that work exactly? So a VIP player would be able to be both part of PD and MD? Makes sense with the jobs, but dunno about the faction part.
  5. Vasquez

    Body Behind

    +1, but two days would be too much ( Both for server lag as the person would be an " object " and not a real player ) Maybe X amount of hours? Like 6 hours? That would leave enough time for people to rp with the body, but also give it time for other people to discover the body, if the player was killed in a remote area.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to start my own business, which is why I'm looking for someone who got a spare Business that they don't use, and are interested in selling. If you're interested in selling, let me know by sending me an email on [email protected] (( Reply on the thread )) Thank you.
  7. Posted earlier but I still support it. +1
  8. Vasquez

    Phone sound bug

    Date and time (provide timezone): 09-02-2019 GMT+1 Character name: N/A Issue/bug you are reporting: When a call is connected and picked up, the phone is still ringing, as if it doesn't register the call being picked up Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Try to call your mate, I did it inside the City hall int (( FIB Interrior ))
  9. Opens up a whole new roleplay alley for people who want to roleplay as a psychologist, and it makes perfect sense as well. +1.
  10. A branch of the government should be dedicated to hosting social events and assist people with a low income with assisted payment for medicine, psychologist, education etc. Social Services department maybe? A business investigation branch would also be very cool, could be added in under the Business License Bureau and the investigations could be added to the intern duties.
  11. Would be nice if we could wiretransfer cash to players, let it be determined by his full name and not his id, to prevent ppl from accidentally wiring to the wrong id
  12. Of course they should only be muted for the /bleet command, and not in general.
  13. Miss-using the bleet function should result in the player being muted for 3 hours, repeatedly use should mute them for 24 hours+ +1
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