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  1. Trucking JOB (TIMBER) “npc orders” 1. You spawn a trailer for logs at the palato bay. No.1 on the MAP 2.drive to Paleto Forest and load the LOGS.(we have two options, please comment on options). On the MAP No.2a and no.2b 1. Easy pick up next to main road on the MAP 2.a 2. Go all the way up to the sawmill (maybe too complicated or a nice challenge for a truck drivers) no. 2.b on the MAP 3. Deliver all logs to wood processing factory in LS. No.3 on the MAP This route could finish here. Or we can add no.4 4. Deliver planks to the Port for the export. No.4 ON THE MAP MAP FOR THE JOB : https://imgur.com/bXewaY3 ps: I know that it would be good to deliver all the wood to furniture shop, but I think that around there is already a lot of traffic. It would be super difficult to deliver to doorstep. Please comment and Thanks for Reading. Thor Smith
  2. Hi I was thinking also about making a route more interesting, we wouldn't mess with peoples drums. just that is a good spot to park a truck. As in oil drop-off location there is not enough space to park your truck, with all the RV's it's always packed. Above the oil drop-off location is super good place, but unfortunately is already in use for something else( we can't talk about it on forums). do you have any other suggestion for collecting location?
  3. hm... I was sure that is refinery with all that smoke. Do you have any other suggestions what could be the refinery?
  4. +1 agree with you! And yes server is to much oriented on cops and robbers.
  5. Hi join us here and comment.
  6. Trucking Job (OIL) "NPC ORDERS" 1. To start you need to spawn the trailer for a job, from no.1 on the MAP. 2. Drive all the way to oil fields and fill the trailer with crude oil. no.2 on the MAP(wait for a 15-30s to fill up). 3. Deliver the crude oil to Refinery, when oil delivered. Wait for 15-30s to fill trailer with GAS. No.3 on the MAP 4. Take a GAS to the gas storage in the port, where later can be collected to be delivered to the gas stations. No.4 on the MAP MAP FOR OIL JOB: https://imgur.com/xH3H6WB We should keep everything as simple as possible, so that developers actually think about helping us. I will post also, timber job, fish job, humane lab job, farming job. Few questions for all: - please comment (keep it simple! ) - how do we make difference in payments for truck owners and people who rent a truck.? - should every job have different location for trailer spawn? - how do we set price list for all the jobs that we do for businesses in city??? (at the moment they choose how much do they pay us for a job...) - what should be waiting time at the locations when loading the cargo? ( 15s. 30s, 1minute etc...) - should cargo have a damage count? (more you damage a cargo less you get paid). Thanks for reading! Thor Smith
  7. yes yes yes, this would add so much to trucking jobs!! I also visit all the drop off and loading spots, I have some screenshots will upload soon.
  8. +1 love the first two points, super important for the trucking jobs. point no.3: agree with all what you suggested , +the whole system of payments and ordering need to be renewed and should have a regulations. e.g. (fuel trailer can't hold more than 48 000l, so they can't order one order of 120 000l, they need to do 3 orders...)
  9. I don't have any information about how do orders work , but I think that shop owners don't have any order regulations they can pay as much as they feel like. And I can't believe that they think that they can pay us 2000$ for 100 000l of fuel...yes this things are insulting. We also don't have an information how much do they pay per 1l of fuel or for any other stuff. GOV need to create a fair ordering system.
  10. Also good idea... any of this ways would be good
  11. Hi, The rental fee would just work if we would have a scenario jobs,(permanent jobs, when drivers could earn living).
  12. Dear all , Maybe now is the time to change the whole ordering system, with some realistic pricing in place. Fuel order not bigger than 48000l as fuel trailer can hold max 48000l. 160 000 litres become automatically 4x orders. More jobs for us ... there is less and less people interested in trucking jobs. We need your help to survive! thanks for reading.
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