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  1. Let the people know, that we are existing! Recruit 10 new members Organize a peaceful protest Creating a permanent job for truck drivers. (no more fishing!) Truck rental fee! (try to get a % for association). Government controlled price list for deliveries. (no more underpaying truck drivers) Organize social events Get a secured parking for trucks. Get a HQ Current status is that we are forgotten, we need to wake up, and let the people of Sa
  2. +1 Police should have 24/7 live CCTV of roads, streets ,alleys, public parks, parking lots, piers, highways. Shops could be watched by their owners or employees 24/7 live, till robbers don't RP spray the camera lens, getting to recording machine and turn it off or cutting the wire etc... The Owner can show the video to police and then police can search for robbers. Shops should be able, to be robbed also by 2 petty criminals, with live CCTV they are busted in a seconds. Banks are for big guys with a big guns.
  3. +1 this would really add to community. LS City should buy a Diamond Casino back and keep it open 24/7
  4. hi @Xoza before this go to archive. I'm just few months on the server, love it so far, just need more trucking jobs I'm reeding this chat and I can see that they had scripted trucking jobs, do you know why did they remove them???? thanks
  5. +1 agree on RP part and having people to manage and work at the store. -1 As someone who is trying to get more jobs for Truck Drivers, I don't think that Gas station employee should "refuel the gas".
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