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  1. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Graphic Design shop - Kefyras

    This is a cool and well done idea, but unfortunately not too fitting (at least for now). Unless we're going to get something like Eyefind, IG, in the distant future, this is going to be considered trading OOC goods for IC money. The forums are a completely(I think) OOC enviroment.
  2. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Salary increase

    I said that regular jobs are mind numbing to really farm good money from. I myself was able to stay on the mech for almost 12hrs a day SOMETIMES(no life ikr)even with GTMP crashes, but felt the same effect doing 3 hours of trucking for example. Regular jobs bring diversity to the city and add traffic to the streets. Imagine actually being able to take the bus from point A to point B if you're stuck on foot somewhere. Imagine seeing more street traffic, not from NPCs as some asked for realism.
  3. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Salary increase

    -1 People been making millions from governmental jobs since they been on the server. 50% you should apply to a job for its roleplay, then the pay which is usually enough if you get to do the parts that give you extra money. Think of it like this. If you spend even 3 hours continuously driving a bus or a money truck you will be at the edge of going insane imo, that's not really happening while being a mechanic for example, where you can just avoid the AFK timer and watch a show till you're forced(if you don't feel like it from your own) to respond to player interaction or serve costumers. Chill out the govermental jobs are usually a pleasure to do if you like what you applied for, and then it's much easier to just farm paychecks since you can watch a show or something easier in the background or read something.
  4. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    PD and their 1 shot gun

    Rather than ironically indicating me to a forum section of player reports why don't you create a standard OOC RP instruction? You already have enough OOC rules. You can't force everyone to have a recording software on at all times as a standard. I reckon you're on your way to climbing up to a high horse. Calm down, I don't know if you know but I'm aware of a lot of things that go around here-been here for a decent amount of time, 'lurking'. *In my opinion, the departments play a major role not in the RP but in the all around gaming experience feeling -that's why you have so many OOC rules too- . Yet, I don't consider that they should be overpowered with too many buffed weaponry and vehicles, but strive to recruit and attract as many good players as they can, and not by 'hurrdurr we have big guns cool cars n what not' as criminals do. It's much easier to role play a piece of shit character than something like a cop, IT TAKES MORE EFFORT DOESN'T IT- especially the recruiting part? (Side note: what happened to the streamer that wished so much to be a cop? I really don't know but I don't see him around at all)
  5. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    PD and their 1 shot gun

    Got a heli, got a decent amount of people, got good communication. I'm surprised how so many fail to understand that catching/arresting someone in a vehicle is not supposed to be that easy and something that you should always be able to be doing alone. Your power/force would be the highest and at its best in numbers and in unity. You enforce the laws, make sure they're respected, but alot as a group, not as an individual . Sure, you can be a good cop, but there are alot of ways to do that, rather than being/posing as some sort of an overpowered special unit ready to kill and dominate. Understanding that you're not superhumans icly while in uniforms maybe would make SOME of you also properly FearRP when caught outnumbered near many dangerous characters (I'm not saying everyone fails do to so but it happens and it happened alot)
  6. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    PD and their 1 shot gun

    It usually takes a big caliber gun to completely stall the engine of a regular car, especially not a random shot. We all know the engines are scripted by the devs of eclipse or rage to stall too easily now. I landed a Mesa from 0,5m airbone perfectly on its wheels and it stalled. My truck stalled from one regular 9mm shot to its 'v24' and the list can go on. -ABOUT THE REVOLVER- Only some officers can get their hands on it. Why? It dealt tons of damage per hit wherever, on whichever part of the body/car. Is it fair that only some can use it? We said nothing about AR s (superior to AKs) We said nothing about snipers(cause yes SWAT having them is realistic - its only fair- and having 'kids' runnin around with snipers would turn the 'rp' into a COD lobby). -OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENTS COMPLAINS- You kept most of the old OP vehicles including the supercars, the durability and reliability(I think the speed boost was removed) of the cruiser, yet you added the 'value your proprerty' (FAIR, NICE RULE if applied right) to stop people from doing stunts or ramming in expensive cars AND removed the supers too. The forces became so powerful that an escape from the cuffs is literally impossible, not 50% impossible, not 60, not 90. The Marauder can transport a prisoner alone(IRL that shit can't run at high speeds like it does on GTA)
  7. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6876_2745; Mask 220_2304; Mask 5110_8139 Date of rule breach: 2018 07 16 Time of rule breach: 02 26 AM - GMT+2 Your characters name: Rakim Lost Other players involved: Markus Jackson Specific rule broken: " 6.1 Fear Roleplay (can't copy-paste it but the rules are easily accessible) " At the end of the vid they all just take itesms from our inventories. They all have poor sense of properly roleplaying with /me s and /do s; I have no video evidence to back this excepting this one(Well, I would for the one that runs like rambo dodging bullets but that's bad enough). How did the player break the rule?: Video shows it all Evidence of rule breach:
  8. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


    I will time myself with the trucking thing. I see a few people here claiming to earn 9k an hour. I'm actually really surprised! Also, as I said before people rarely rob farmers for that 2-2.5k run, they do it 'cause they like to fuck with people. I got robbed more times trucking that farming. I was however at gunpoint or at the risk of getting robbed myself at the selling spot but police usually comes for any suspicion and while I sat at the farms there was always at least one cruiser or detective car around or on the spot. Also a field ALWAYS earns you more than 4k unless you're sleeping when you get the notifications.
  9. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


    You earn around 5k an hour constantly driving while trucking not 10
  10. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    New Server Rule - Excessive Traffic Law Breaking

    You never seen that happen irl? Let people have their fun. I d say punish harder if they crash, even after only they get injured, of course. Keep IC behavior punished IC, please, even the prison feels like an ooc punishment. The only thing that should be punished OOcly should be seriously getting injured or crashing but surviving by game mechanics and then moving along and prolly driving their wrecked cars-imagine if this kind of realistic RP was respected... Everyone breaks this: civilians, criminals, cops.
  11. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


    Farming does indeed bring the same income on a single run (but that takes 30 minutes), but trucking, with the distances and the size of the orders brings the ~5k in an hour, goimg past the speed limit in the city. Bigger difference between the two is that while trucking you can t really disconnect from what you re doing, but maybe for 1 minute while loading and unloading (that was rewarded in farming with good income). I started this suggestion only thinking about how overlooked this job is, with its RP potential. You can see how overlooked it is not only by the income but the minor and 'unique' aspects like the /cb radio which only shows stranger IDs. - no one even bothered to report it, just quit the job cause its not worth it - No one wants to do it seeing that they're just going to be left behind with the income and everything, while still being taken away for many others RP opportunities. Buying trucks is indeed not worth it. Imagine only the things that can be created, working more on developing this job like actually having people to deliver 'real' parts stock to mechanic shops, seeds to the farms, bait to the fishing docks(and all worth it, by 'dedicated' people). Offtopic:the biggest overlooked aspect is the effect of drugs (one of the biggest reason for starting organisations, businesses and their conflicts IRL.) They exist in game but are just too dull, so there is zero real demand or desire to use them. THEY SHOULD BE FUCKING TEMPTING, especially in this universe where people just don t have much to do with the money. I ll probably make time to think of a good suggestion covering this after I m done with IRL stuff, if no one does it before me(hopefully many more think the same..)
  12. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Drug dealing, weapon selling

    +1 for the police notification - adding a demand for creativity in smuggling would be fun . If you created demand for weapons you ll get to sell weapons, easy as that. I reckon there will be jobs added anyway.
  13. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Rakim Lost - bugged Chino2

    Character to be refunded: Rakim Lost Date and time of incident: - Requested refund (what and how much): Chino2 Description of incident resulting in loss: Bought a Chino2 before it was added with ~100k - one added by Osvaldon and given to someone iirc the right story. Asked nobody to add it so I can mod it, he added it a few weeks/months later for cheap, but mine is still different can't be modded. It stays white, with hydraulics and there is no avaible option in the /modview. Evidence of loss: Any admin can check my assets I think... Comments: I would be happy just with the refunded $ of the current Chino2 price I guess; thank you for your given time!
  14. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Emergency Uniforms Pack

    +1 very nice
  15. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Atomic Tires

    +1 Please do that. There are A LOT of things that could be added. But the small touches and fixes are the nicest - I believe many would agree.