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  1. In my opinion it actually blends pretty well with the story. There is absolutely no correlation between becoming official and supported to continue the activities and becoming 'public'. In my opinion you pretty much slaughtered the concept of IC and OOC on that thought. Remember that most of the players that didn't get theirs accepted YET, had it coming for a good reason and if you're inside one don't act like you don't know. There are plenty of 'newbies' or randomers that will go and 'recognise' members from the forum posts, or that will 'know' of our warehouse or even where it is located just by the ooc pointers and tags. If you can't see my point yet, then something is really wrong ... This was the last thing worth saying.
  2. I doubt you or any of the other salty sudden risen 'cartel' members been close, ICly or OOCly too any of the characters in the LFB for enough time to see how their characters evolved, and this is not enough said... I'm looking at every negative feedback in this thread only to find pety, laughable, hating, butthurt comments about how your hoodrat or gopnik organisation turned 'high profile' ever since they got their hands on a bigger death stick can't understand why a group of old friends that's always been 'in the bussines' doesn't flex on 'em with akm s in their hands everywhere they go, or hold' important meetings' with people that do so.
  3. Doing petty crimes out of boredom or random robberies and murders(i.e. random 'stop car or die' ) for the same reason when roleplaying as a mid/high tier organisation member should fall under the FailrRP rule, and since we re pushing for 'featured' criminal factions, that should be thought on asap.
  4. It would be enough, of course but I d want to keep the current mods applied at least like the hydraulics for example. Edit: the car is on an alt(on the same account) where I have two Chino2's(the bugged one and a nornal one)
  5. 1. +1, until the player numbers grow it should be capped for diversity. 2. +1 as a script, not as a rule! 3. -1, maybe x players have to be online, and a faction is not allowed to have a turf and stay inactive for x period of time without a valid reason.
  6. Player(s) being reported: Mask 156_883; Stranger 7406_5149 Date of rule breach: 2018 07 15 Time of rule breach: around 2 am UTC Your characters name: Xavier Uzi Other players involved: - Specific rule broken: - Supercars should not be used for ramming in ANY circumstance. How did the player break the rule?: I'm going to start of with saying that Xavier Uzi only seen a super aggresively pulling up in front of him twice. Minutes before that incident he's been held at gunpoint with an Assault Rifle. When the alien pistol bullet made the W12 SUV stall, he got down trying to run behind the small ass window where he only saw the lady suddenly opening fire a bit earlier, and then behind the SUV - he didn't notice any sign as she would stop shooting at any point. I'm going to start bringing up this following point A LOT from now on: if you've ever been in a vehicle , especially in a newer model, you will remind yourself that you can't hear people talking-even screaming while driving, I WILL ignore every IC similar situation where voip or text is used from a car, unless the cars are very close and there is a chance that the windows are down, or it is RPed so. The first reported player thought that he's riding in an invincible kewl spaceship with wheels, then both players mistaked the VOIP for the 3rd party voice chat. I'm going to leave some extra evidence of poor RP for the 2nd reported player as a second video...only for him so far. Evidence of rule breach: 1. 2.
  7. What I wanted to say is that you're one of the few people that actually built their character in a way that actually justifies their wealth.
  8. Not everyone pursues character development like you ,for example, - I know you've been a businessman on the server since forever, or don't have the chance to. People will just grind their regular jobs for hours and suddenly become Arab princes or obtain them anyway by *cough*other methods, roleplaying 'succesful'...hoodrats or lowlives(I think that's why supers were removed). You have another +1 from me, but until an economy overhaul happens(that is urgent), I don't think anything else should be put in, or not everything.
  9. +1, You can already imagine the amount of factions that will be born, RP on the sea, RP in the air, RP smuggling or traveling, visiting people - flies would be expensive and so would be personal boats/planes. -The Navi, the National Guard/FIB, Coast guard, Border Patrol, a better city for the russian RP Kappa. BUT This is a suggestion for the future, very hard to implement. Yes, the client does support it but the game will be unplayable for people with 8GB of ram -ragemp is great compared to the previous client, but its using more resources(for me at least). Lastly on the technical side, the server would need a much better, much more expensive host to maintain the game enjoyable. Aside from all the dreams, to script this something like this takes an enormous amount of efort, dedication and time, with a fair amount of reward. <<Lastly, there are much smaller things that'd make a big enough improvement, like *cough* creating a better standard of RP *cough*. We like the new numbers of active players but for the love of the game, filter them, not with a script. And fix my Chino2. ETA ~2022 or more, if anyone will still play this
  10. And by GTA mechanics you can set a tag on your current location by pressing TAB, as I said. Also, in real life you don't forget where you buy an expensive asset... What I wanted to say is that there are other priorities than adding more helper commands for the smallest things.
  11. See now you're being funny and it looks like it became emotional what the fuck Don't over simply things and read between the lines while you're writing a suggestion that could be written like 'Remove blue name tags to avoid MG' and wait for opinions. It amazes me that you expect people to cope with you when you can't understand the purpose of my line.
  12. Make only light kevlar invisible and make it avaible for civilians. Readd a script with guns/items shown on body then ez pz remove name colours.
  13. -1 Just add hand held radars (that only show speed), let cruisers only read the license plate too IF positioned to the right angle. I would make a suggestion that license plates should be typed into the MDC rather than automaticly poppin up on the screen at any angle.(don't know if that's a thing but I remember it wasn't)
  14. -1... how many houses do you have? I'm assuming that you only forget where you bought a house at the beginning, but then I'd suggest the command being free then adding up from 500 to 500 actually...my opinion. HINT- Pess TAB at your house location while looking on the big map.
  15. +1, name colours is MG in any faction. It would require more IC involvement to know who's employed where otherwise. Although masks are good for SWAT or undercover detectives, I don't see why mechanics and such should wear masks( you are supposed to make yourself public and make a name for yourself as a good mech IC, you won't go breaking doors and holding up people). ^This. Even regular officers should RP or actually have shotguns in their trunks or something, unless they equip them to go on a mission and dismiss them after. AND bring the helicopter sound back. You ain't stealthy IRL climbing on a general store with a helicopter LOL
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