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  1. Community Update #1

    As stupid as it may sound official gangs would put a standard to the criminal roleplay and organise things as they should've been without 'em. They would give criminal organisations some sort of essence that wasn't felt FOR TOO LONG b4... I've seen no real interesting diversity in the current/latest factions, prolly 'cause they all start almost with only the 'get the assets fuck around in your dream supercar and kill whoever fucks with me' thought and with a little for the norm almost set hierarchy. If this is still an on going idea and you want something different from the original story gangs just come up with a nice realistic story behind a new one, and IMPORTANTLY - don't exagerate with the size of its 'operating fields' of its size(aka number of members) - make everything with/(and according to) a nice story behind.
  2. When does server moves to RAGE?

    Remember the official gang update? That was very close as well :D
  3. House burglery

    Not necessarily, as here you open your house stash just as your regular inventory, with the same key.
  4. House burglery

    Yes, if you forget to leave your door locked you can get robbed, also friends can acces your stash with a key but they need to keep the place locked as well. For shipments you need to cap a turf, which is pretty hard without a solid agreement with the current gangs who run the city or without the manpower. With a turf, wich has 3 small ish territories to capture in order to gain a warehouse, you can later use to import illegal goods using that warehouse. There are currently 2 bugged 'free' turfs that some new players tried to capture as well, but they would be probably controlled by the stronger old and current groups as well if it wasn't for the bug.
  5. VDM and Fail RP: Stranger 9060_1929

    You could almost hear the 'RUNNING IN THE 90'S' when he smashes you and comes back with that speed in that carboard box
  6. Can’t hide, we will find you

    way hii
  7. House burglery

    You don't. For now it's so easy to steal everything that's inside if the door is just unlocked. In real life, a high value stash would be probably highly secured and safely enough hidden. Not to mention that someone would spot you or alarms would eventually or right from the break in go off, so you'd have also a very limited time. And the list just goes on... security cameras etc. (for people who have something really valuable in their homes). /lockpick or something like that on a house with no consequences would feel similar to rob an 'abandoned' police cruiser off its gear with a bobby pin. There are far more prioritary, call them 'basic' things to implement before that (for the criminal careers at least).
  8. Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    Although I agree with most of what you say, those rich people already spent hundreds of hours grinding that government income, and a total server wipe would be totally unfair for those. Let me start with saying that I've been playing on this server for a little over 6 months now and been employed as a mechanic for all that time. I'm active for a fair amount of time, and I've been much more active actually GRINDING like the others did in the past and still do(including myself when I find myself at that point where there is literally no other way of making income with such a small playerbase and so little actual diversity). Money does not mean effort or small effort on this server and everyone can get stupid rich and IT IS NOT their fault. I will also state the fact that I never owned a supercar. My most expensive vehicle was an Elegy Retro. It is still unfortunately mostly up to the majority how the want to spend their time playing the game. Some seem to just be here for those expensive, luxury assets and to show off. The most disapoointing suggestion I've probably ever seen is just a few rows under this one: someone wants implemented a designated place to hang out and show off the work of their grind... It will be vert hard to create an actual economy from the point we are now, something like that should really be thought through from the very starting point imo, and with a few things added/minor changes.
  9. Armor Vest

    its not only criminal vs cop all the time but it's true, having the only armour on the server avaible for cops and it being the damn heavy armour is really questioning... it seems like that's also a thing to make cops be able to do resist while being kind of outnumbered vs well equiped shooters, just as the musclecar super speed boost+traction for chases.
  10. Jewellery

    +1 for chains and earrings
  11. Armor Vest

    +1, don't know why it wasn't implemented before. Doesn't really bring an 'advantage' as regular people/criminals have to pay for everything they use.
  12. Car Marketplace - Captions

  13. Easy Criminal Content/Jobs

    It's a good idea but without a real playerbase to make it actually risky it's just another grindy script job.
  14. Weapon diversity

    1. Reduce the price of the smuggled pistols - they're more expensive than the ones bought legally IIRC 2. Add 3 more for diversity and mainly looks -adds to roleplay- ~Briefly: - rather than seeing every criminal with a shiny AK, which doesn't look that different in smuggling methods than an AR(which was removed for realism or diversity?) add the Compact Rifle as well. -add the Tech9 (Machine pistol) -add the Mini SMG -add the switchblade (very decent sync in RageMP). That's it for now. Shouldn't be hard to implement.
  15. Vehicles suggestion

    I suggest trying to add if possible, on RageMP of course: - /seatbelt command and the possibility to fly through your windshield if you f*ck up or get f*cked; - more visual damage to cars like in the official mods cars; -armor and bulletproof tyres for high prices.