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  1. i recently got from heavy flow for around a million
  2. how much did you sell it for?
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: JJay Ellis Character to Transfer To: Pablo Sinaloa Requested Transfer: I would like to transfer my Warehouse and specter custom to my other character Reason for Transfer: (IC) Recently I have applied for a business called Dynasty 8, it has been accepted and is awaiting licensing. I have to leave the city to help my mom reframe from her recent injuries involving a train ( you don't need much further than that ). Dynasty 8 is doing well and i would like to transfer all the items which hold dynasty 8 together to my brother in law, Pablo. He has been great to me and i trust him to look after Dynasty 8 while im gone. The transfer would include the warehouse and the company car. (OOC) My transfer request is well over $500,000, i feel i have a valid ic reason to support it though if you would like more info on the transfer feel free to ask! How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would use one of my good friends who know both the characters, he knows the punishments if he doesn't do the transfer seriously
  4. oh no, im gonna have them big tax tings lmao LUV YOU NBDY
  5. I'm looking for a ranch which is secluded from the city contact info: 435-4101
  7. shhhhhh i need GOOB Dru9s
  8. I FUCKiNg well AM not SHES GOT A gOOd Recipe i MNeed DUGS
  9. Does Deportation Island have any "good recipes" 😉
  10. House is up for $1,999,999 First come First serve
  11. I am Looking for "cooking" recipes 😉 Why do I need "recipes" Lately, my nan passed and she left her "cookbook" with me and my sister. This cookbook has run through the family and this is how we make a living (by "cooking"). These are very important to me and my sister as we need these to live. If there are any chefs out there please could you email/private message me any recipes you know so i can get "cooking" again. I love "cooking" and its my passion - yours truly, JJay
  12. Starting Bid is $1,800,000
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