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  1. This is what we are doing, we are reporting them for breaking the rules and scamming, but none of two things are happening 1. punishments are not being handed out 2. we are not getting back what we were scammed for (all before the rule change) we all understand that we should tell them to use a loan company NOW, but before the changes we didn't, did we? And whats to say that company loans aren't the same as private loans, they do the exact same thing, sign documents (both in NCZ) and expect their money paid back when due, how would they go about getting the money that has been scammed off of them? they would make a refund request with valid evidence, the exact same what we are doing. we understand why you are doing it, guessing its because loan companies aren't getting enough business and we taking that away from them so you have added an element of risk to us giving out private loans, but this is after the rule change, we didn't have any of the info in the rule book we have now then, did we?
  2. for the record, all of the refund requests shown above were made before the rule change, so what does " U SNOOOOZE U LOSEEEEE " supposed to mean to us?
  3. agreed, we put a lot of trust into this server, 100s of hours played and time earning money, we thought we could trust the people within the community, and when they would break rules and ruin the experience, it looked like we could fall back onto you guys and trust you (before the change of the rules). we've put trust into the server and thought we could get some trust back from you guys. It looked like that with the previous refunds you guys have done before the rule change, so why is ours different? That's over 290 hours played on eclipse! (that's just on one character)
  4. I don't know where else i could of posted this where an admin would look so i have posted it in hopes HC will see it.
  5. WEBSITE APPROVAL I'm looking for approval of my recently made website Dynasty 8, I have a license and registration and have been told that no more discord servers being accepted, so i paid for an all IC website for dynasty 8 to be made. I am looking for approval from HC as i have had no reply so far. http://dynasty8.co.uk/ Any questions or info you need please contact me on discord nice#3645 all ECRP staff would have administrative roles so they can change anything they would like within the website We have attempted to make the website the same so it is easy to direct for new people
  6. If we knew it was "NON-REFUNDABLE" then, of course, we would have never given out these loans. Like many people here I gave out a loan because I thought it was safe, I had seen people get accepted for private loans before I gave mine out so assumed it was safe, during the waiting period for my loans (2 months ago) the rules were changed, I'm not here to argue but people who had loans given out before the change of the rules I think deserve some sort of refund, 100% if I had known the dangers of giving a loan out I would have NEVER done it, likewise for many others here I would've thought. We all understand the rules and dangers of giving loans out now but before they were changed, how were we supposed to know, hmmm? we couldn't possibly know the dangers, I respect @BallinByNature's choice to deny them but we were just a few people looking to make some money on eclipse (it wasn't huge amounts it was like 20k profit for like 2 weeks) ( not really worth the hassle now). Private loans have been refunded in the past before the change of the rules, am I right @Flucifial ? Why is it fair we don't get refunded, what have we done that many others before (that got refunded) didn't do to deserve a refund? I speak for many people here and love the eclipse RP community, most if not all of us have lost valuable time-consuming money due to loans. As you know it takes forever to make a couple of hundred thousand in eclipse. One other thing I don't understand is why aren't the people who have robbed us, poor hard-working men, being punished for what they have done? No-one has brought this point up as far as I' concerned, so if I'm not going to get my money back like many others I would at least want some PUNISHMENT being handed out to those who have done wrong within the community. Like many others here I have spent a long time writing this, please take the time to read and understand where we are coming from, I speak for everyone who has lost hundreds of thousands due to people not being respectful within the community. - sincerely JJay
  7. the exact same happened to me, both got accepted and then they denied them both
  8. both of mine got denied, the other one from this one was because he didn't want to pay it back, so he's just got 240k of my hard earned money
  9. He's now saying that if he could give the money he would but he cant be arsed to reinstall GAT 5 to give me the money back on ECRP
  10. i work for LSC, im not allowed to tow cars for events and people call a mechanic when their car is broke. if they can bring it to LSC there selfs than it saves us time and money which will increase the amount we make/save
  11. plus it would be easier to script it as it would just disappear and these aren't available to us and LSC and i think Bayview use them.
  12. lest face it, there will be no windows, the material we gotta work with is dogshit and just in general it would probably lower the price of every house in Los Santos
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