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    If your still looking i have one!
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    [Buying] House anywhere 3G budget 600K +

    Still looking because i have one?
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    Buying house in town

    i have a 3 Garage home Vespucci, on the canals 350k #4354101
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    Los Santos County Department of Coroner

    What do you think of branching it off of LSEMS ?
  5.  Los Santos County Department of Coroner "Law and Science Serving the Community" The Los Santos County Department of Coroner is a faction that focuses on providing realistic coroner/forensics role play to the server. The faction structure is smaller than but is inspired by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. The Los Santos County Department of Coroner was founded in 1889 when the County of Los Santos was established, several years after the founding of Blaine County. With the support from the County of Los Santos, the Department of Coroner migrated to the old Los Santos General Hospital building; opposite the Central Los Santos Medical Center. The department has been appointed Zoe Randall, a Chief Medical Examiner who is a board-certified and trained forensic pathologist. Due to the strong relationship with the County of Los Santos, the department is able to assist the Los Santos Police Department detectives, solving homicide crimes, accidental deaths and natural causes of death. Also helping other interested parties such as private investigators. The Department of Coroner is mandated by law to inquire into and determine the circumstances, manner, and cause of all violent, sudden, or unusual deaths occurring within Los Santos County, including all homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, and natural deaths where the decedent has not seen a physician within 20 days prior to death. By state law, it is the responsibility of the department to inquire into and determine the circumstances, manner, and cause of deaths which fall within its jurisdiction. These deaths include any suspected homicide, suicide, or accidental deaths. These also include any natural death were there either is no physician to sign a death certificate, or the physician is unwilling or legally prohibited from doing so. Additionally, other certain causes of death are also mandated to be investigated by the coroner. The department’s responsibilities also include the identification of decedents. Identification may be as simple as matching the decedent to a driver’s license or other identification documents. The identification process may need to utilize fingerprints, dental records, body x-rays or DNA testing. Identifying the decedent’s next of kin, notifying them of the death and securing the decedent’s personal property are additional responsibilities of the department. In deaths where the decedent died at the scene, department personnel is responsible for removal and transportation of the decedent. The Office works with numerous medical and law enforcement agencies to understand how these people lost their lives, to seek justice and bring closure to families. The Los Santos County Coroner Office is a forensic building and morgue, bordered by Innocence Boulevard, Strawberry Avenue, Capital Boulevard and Crusade Road in Strawberry, Los Santos, just facing the Central Los Santos Medical Center. Chief Medical Examiner The Chief Medical Examiner, through their office, is responsible for identifying victims of crimes, accidents and other events. They may allow a family member to assist in identifying the dead person. Mainly responsible for working with the law enforcement, appearing on crimes scenes and testifying in court with autopsy reports and collected evidence. ((Highest responsibility: Puzzles together the faction’s future and activity. Answers to Law Enforcement or any other interested parties such as private investigators.)) Deputy Coroner The Deputy Coroner is to determine the manner and cause of death, whether natural or violent, as well as to identify the remains. This may include investigative work at the death scene, and it may include interpretation of autopsy results. Deputy coroners are not necessarily required to perform autopsies, but may if they are also board-certified pathologists. Once the case has been solved, it is the deputy coroner's duty to prepare forms such as the deceased's death certificate, plus any additional state or local forms required. ((Medium responsibility: Taking some work from the shoulders of positions above and below; especially if they decide to roleplay autopsies themselves. Must turn to Chief if unsure whether the story adds up with the autopsy report findings.)) Deputy Medical Examiner The Deputy Medical Examiner is to (under the general direction of the Medical Examiner) collaboratively investigate deaths to determine apparent cause and manner of death, determine jurisdiction, and determine the disposition of the body, in accordance with applicable state law. Serves as Inquest Authority under the direction of Chief Medical Examiner. ((High responsibility: Works with Chief Medical Examiner to match up the story to the pathological findings, mainly creating autopsies reports and finalizing investigation cases.)) Medical Examiner The Medical Examiner is responsible for investigating the human organs like the stomach, liver, brain; determining cause of death; examining the condition of the body; studying tissue, organs, cells, and bodily fluids; issuing death certificates; maintaining death records; responding to deaths in mass disasters and identifying the unknown dead. ((High responsibility: Must have high roleplay standards when roleplaying the autopsy to make sure all evidence is valid. Autopsy notes and assistance provided by Chief if needed.)) Coroner Unlike the appointed positions above, coroners are usually elected by the county. Coroners are qualified pathologists with years of experience, sometimes in totally unrelated fields, coming in forms of Sheriffs, Pharmacists and even Farmers. Their responsibilities are to simply identify the body, the next of kin, collect and return any personal belongings on the body to the family of the deceased, finishing off with a death certificate. ((Low responsibility: Must have “fair” roleplay standards when roleplaying. This ensures that all parties involved are happy, includes identifying the body with passive database searches using DNA samples and returning possessions to family members.)) For Families Select a funeral home and inform the Funeral Director that the death is being handled by the Los Santos County Department of Coroner. Ask them to notify us as soon as possible that they will be handling the arrangements. Our office does not select funeral homes, nor do we make arrangements. We must be provided with a notarized written authorization to release the deceased, signed and dated by the legal next of kin with the following information: Decedent name: Coroner case number: Your name and phone number: Your relationship to the decedent: Name of selected Funeral Director: For Law Enforcement The San Andreas State Government Code and Health & Safety Code require that the Coroner is notified whenever a person dies and their death is the result of criminal means or other unnatural causes. Additionally, certain other natural deaths fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner simply because there either is no physician to sign a death certificate, or the physician is unwilling or legally prohibited from doing so. For Landlords/Property Owners Upon completion of a death investigation at a residence or place of business, the Coroner may seal the location, residence or room to protect and preserve the decedent’s personal property on behalf of the legal next of kin. Depending on the circumstances and the status of the next of kin, a Coroner Seal may be utilized. The seal prohibits entry into the sealed premises without permission. In order to enter a sealed residence, you need to obtain authorization from the agency listed on the seal. If the seal is blue, the Coroner's Office must be contacted at [email protected] to obtain authorization. Certain deaths may result in blood or biological tissue or fluids remaining at the scene of an injury or death. The department is not responsible for nor does it provide cleaning services to these locations. Families, landlords, and property owners are advised to contract with a State Registered Trauma Scene Practitioner for biohazard cleaning. For Hospitals Once a patient is declared dead and falls under the jurisdiction of the Coroner as required by the San Andreas Government and Health & Safety Code, the following becomes applicable: The body may not be used for training or practice. No photographs or fingerprints may be taken. No evidence shall be removed or collected (including Gunshot Residue). Medical apparatus shall remain in place. The body should not be moved from its location without the knowledge and consent of the Coroner personnel. The clothing and personal property, regardless of whether it is on the body or removed from the body, belongs to the Coroner. Evidence or personal property may not be released to a law enforcement agency or next of kin without the knowledge and consent of the Coroner. The death must be reported to the Coroner immediately. This may be done by hospital staff or in some cases, such as homicides and traffic collisions, the responsible law enforcement agency. Case If the coroner’s office is investigating the death of your loved one, Decedent Affairs can provide you with the case number assigned by the county, which you will need when contacting the coroner’s office. After receiving the case number, contact the coroner’s office to request case details, some details may be deferred. First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth: Date of Death: Case Number: An application will be provided and viewed by our specialist team. Yours sincerely - JJay Ellis #4354101 for more information - Discord JJay#6969
  6. Can't wait! just sent my application in hope to be accepted.
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    Speed cameras

    No the cadets are enough for now
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    JJay Ellis

    I didn't mean to send this link, I have now realized this was a bad/poor decision on my behalf and I probably shouldn't have done it. It would of saved me and a lot of time and messing about. I'm deeply sorry for anyone I upset.
  9. Walkers

    JJay Ellis

    Thank you for this helpful insight on this website! @MusketDeezNuts
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    JJay Ellis

    I agree deeply that it looks shady but I have asked my tech friend to check it out here's the link https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/aa0b51558188bfdfe2687f16233c0db10c8427d60bee1e9a59098e200dafcbaf/detection (any person can sign in here and say it is unsafe?)I have a video of me clicking the link (loud) here----------------- : https://streamable.com/hkh0g I'm sorry it has lead to this. but this doesn't exclude the fact i gave him a car and he didn't take that into recognition when appealing for his money back. did he? no, am i allowed to scam people and admins out of money them? is this really worth a permanent ban would accept punishment but I've never done anything ever on this server to give me a bad name or have any further bans or warnings? I'm a good player and love this server the reason i sent it twice is that i sent the link then wrote out all the stuff blow it i copied, the link didn't work so i put instructions on how to open it i entered it and copied it to send it to other friends i have i would do anything to get back on this server and would like to apologize to ((Hootless)) for the stuff ive put him through if you need any further evidence i will supply you with it - kind regards JJay
  11. i have a report here for a ban appeal in this report, I sent him a link by accident which I have tried to resolve but can't contact him. first off this after this contract, I sold him a car for $0 as he said he would take $100,000 off my loan as it was worth $170,000 after this the conversation we have proves this evidence of chat, this shows the messages that we had and that he agreed to it. the "scary link" was an accident being resolved in the appeal above. https://streamable.com/b55vp - video of chat we had together about the car he has tried to beat the system robbing you off 150k as I already paid 100k of it with that loan. I have received a permanent ban for this and it is well and truly not fair - please can I talk to higher demand ((discord: JJay#5173 )) thank you hope to hear a respond.
  12. Walkers

    JJay Ellis

    Account name: Walkers Character name(s):JJay Ellis Admin who issued punishment:MusketDeezNuts Date of punishment:25/Dec/2018 11:17 Punishment received:Banned Reason given for punishment:Sending a link with a virus to a community member | HA approval Your explanation of what happened:I was sending a funny link to some of my mates that would scare them, it contained no virus it was meant to scare them! I was originally speaking to Them on discord about a loan i was paying off, i accidently sent this to him as we were speaking at the time. before i could delete this he had blocked me i would like to say sorry to him as he is a good guy and honestly it was a mistake i had no time to correct it and there was nothing intended by him clicking the link. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I love playing this server and i have been playing it almost a year now, i honestly didint mean to and would love to speak to him and appoligise for this mistake. I'm well and truly sorry this was not meant to happen and i love playing this server. Post any evidence or further details: This shows the timing that i sent it to him and had no time to reply as he had blocked me. https://imgur.com/gallery/FpfqNty
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    [Buying] House

    Hello there, I would love to buy a house. It needs to be in the city, it has to have 2 or more spaces. My price in negotiable depending on where it is in the city! please contact me ((4354101)). I need this house a soon as possible. Cheers JJay
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    [Selling] 3 Car Home on Del Perro Beach!

    yea ill buy it