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  1. Fair. Ultimately unconvinced, but open to compromise. Again, anything is better than the status quo shroud of uncertainty. So if we need to keep some ambiguity or opacity regarding length of time in jail, ban length, etc, I'm fine with that. Or alternatively, why not just have serious punishments for the rules and make those punishments public? If the concern is relaxed adherence to the rules, then publicity guarantees everyone knows that every rule is serious and what the consequences are for breaking each. I don't see what benefit obscurity captures that publicity couldn't also capture. Also, brains across the server are all clearly relaxed when it comes to some rules more than others. "no meta" is a meme. I'm skeptical that public punishment guidelines would decrease the quality of RP. Most of this really stems from just wondering. And wondering why I have to wonder.
  2. Tristen Augusta, ID 182 here. I was driving Meggs_56, and when we entered the area, I saw one man inside the garage, who immediately put his hands up, and a few vehicles (the green ellegy included) parked. I made one loop around the area to look for anyone else, and when I returned, I saw Ace Wilson trying to enter the vehicle. As soon as he typed in ooc informing us of his crash, you can see my gun drop. I then turned away from Ace and went inside the garage, to detain the man I saw earlier with his hands up. Unless I have good reason to suspect the party of foul play, I just continue on RP'ing and pretend they aren't there. This is how I was taught, and I do it countless times on every shift. I assumed the other officers on scene would do the same or take the time to work out the specifics and verify the claim with evidence. I do not know what happened or what communications occurred OOCly or ICly between police officers and Ace after his video concludes. The main reason for this is that I was RP'ing with a suspect and then transporting him to jail, while Ace and the other officers remained at the chop shop. I would like to add that I am sorry this occurred, and if I should have done more to advocate on the reporting party's behalf during our scene, I apologize. Typically, if a situation has OOC implications for me or I am specifically needed to resolve something, I prefer PM's as it is easier to track in a hectic text-heavy scene. If Ace had PM'd me and said "Hey, really, I crashed and woke up to cops here 15 mins later - I have footage!" I 100% would've replied and tried to intervene on his behalf. I walked away as soon as he informed me of the crash, and I did not look back. It is possible there was OOC communication visible for me during this time and I ignored it to RP with my suspect. Ace and whatever discussion happened about the crash was not on my radar. I did not know Ace was arrested until this report was posted.
  3. "it is difficult to know how serious each violation is, or how important it is for that violation to cease occurring. " ^ This is one of many reasons why the punishments should be public information. An implication to the reason stated above is that I simply do not report people for non-rp and fear-rp breaks (or at least at a far lower frequency than DM), because I see so many violations handed out with few bans, it seems to me that DM is the most serious violation by far. Fear-RP and Non-RP seem more like slaps on the wrist with many chances for rehabilitation, but I could be completely wrong! Again, just guessing, it is all I can do. I am curious what some of the unstated reasons for classifying this information would be. Flucifal: "that is staff information only" - why? "just follow the rules and there won't be an issue." - I do follow the rules and there is an issue, it is stated above. I am actually surprised there is opposition to this, because I do not know the reasons why this information is "staff only." What are the benefits to keeping this information private?
  4. The server has a living document of rules that is constantly tweaked to accommodate the needs of the server, but I cannot find any documents that instruct players what the penalties are for breaking rules. Fear RP, Non RP, and DM all have varying degrees of punishment. I have heard 2 DMs results in a permanent ban, but I have also seen countless "permanent" bans lifted via appeal. Honesty and contrition seem to go a long way here. Again, I'm just guessing because I do not have access to any information regarding the implications of punishments for breaking rules. There are guidelines for staff (x violation = x minutes of A-Jail, etc), but without those being public, it is difficult to know how serious each violation is, or how important it is for that violation to cease occurring. This is probably because so many rule breaks occur on grey-areas of debate, but once the punishments are rendered, a Fear RP violation is a Fear RP violation is a Fear RP violation. So, the ambiguity surrounding the rendering of the decision does not really concern my suggestion. More clarity is good. Suggestions specifically are: 1) Include information about punishments with the server rules, so that they are clear for all to see. Examples: A) Two counts of deathmathching will result in a permanent ban. B) 3 counts of breaking Fear RP will result in a one month ban. Et cetera... 2) Include information about punishments on forum reports of rule breaks. Example: Player X will be punished with Fear RP violation #2. The punishment for this is 15 minutes of a-jail, and the next violation will result in a one month ban.
  5. Hawick Ave. 8 Ground Floor Inconspicuous Parking Nook Pad-Locked Safe Room with 1 Safe Quick Jaywalk One Crosswalk from LSC Asking Price: 350 Sold for 350k buyout at the door # 426-6286
  6. This was my first house in Los Santos! What a gem.
  7. +1 to reworking the fearRP rules to say "if you are unarmed in a stopped vehicle and someone points a gun at you from close range"
  8. 1% problems still... +1 you rich sonofa gib this man his island perks
  9. +1 but probably need a briefcase or tape bricks of cash to your torso and legs to walk around with almost a million in cash on you
  10. As someone who paid 300k for a 1st floor apartment here, 200k seems more than fair! I've saved money by walking to work, instead of risking my car getting stolen or impounded. It's safe at home. Admittedly, there are cheaper 1gs, probably with pretty good locations, too. In my opinion, for an LSC employee, this is the second best apartment complex (and the LSC owner is too busy paying 700k for those 1gs in the #1 complex, so this is the best LSC employees can get their hands on!) If you don't work at LSC, paying 200k for this might seem like a stretch, but if you do, its easily worth twice that.
  11. I pay 2k per order whenever I order any item to my gun store. Consulted a few truckers in advance who said this would be fair. My store is the closest delivery to the trucker base, so its a short drive. Hope Bang for your Buck! is on good terms with the union.
  12. +1 In an ideal world, crafting drugs could loosely resemble the script system for cooking meat. Mobile crafting station, expensive price floor for lab construction (similar to how laptops are pricey), more risk/reward for all parties.
  13. Gramz


    To the 600k offer, and to the 500k offers. I appreciate your interest. I will keep these in mind. I will let you know if I decide to sell at this price. I expect not, but it is possible. Thanks!
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