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  1. UPDATE: House is rented and unavailable for the next two weeks. I am offering to rent out my 3 garage house on Power St., one block south of the Los Santos Bank. Pictures of the interior, exterior, and GPS location are shown below. Location: GPS Exterior Pictures: Picture taken from nearby rooftop Street-side view Up-close shot of the front door and car park nook House's balcony view of the rooftop vert ramp Interior Pictures: Foyer Bathroom Bedroom #1 Bedroom #2 Kitchen / Living Room Space Desk nook + Living room I am flexible on pricing. Looking for 20k per week for complete and absolute exclusive access to the home. contact #4266286 for more information or e-mail LoLoGramz#0082 @ lifeinvader
  2. My (3) suggestions are designed to improve the gun store experience for customers and business owners. 1) Let gun stores sell more melee weapons -This is my most modest suggestion -Right now gun stores don't sell knives, but general stores do. But gun stores do sell golf clubs! This seems weird to me. Why not let gun stores sell all the melee weapons? 2) Let gun stores sell ammunition direct to consumer -Gun stores can't sell ammo direct to the customer. I think customers with a firearms license should be able to make ammo purchases for their gun, instead of buying a new legal gun every time they run out of ammo. 3) Let gun stores buyback weapons. -Why shouldn't customers be able to sell their legal used firearms back to the store? Well, Certainly lots of ways for criminals to try to take advantage of this, so regulations would need to be strict. -This third suggestion is mostly about enhancing customer experience with stores, so they don't simply buy and leave (at least they can rob general stores!). I want civilians to have more things to do at gun stores. Understandably, this would be difficult to implement effectively. I've only been on the server for 3 months, but in that time we've seen tons of cool developments in terms of civilian RP and diverse interactions at businesses - hoping gun stores get a fresh coat of metaphorical paint in a coming wave of development.
  3. Same. Evidence posted below: Date and time (provide timezone): 13/06/2019-21/06/2019 Character name: Tristen Augusta Issue/bug you are reporting: Cannot change the prices of guns in my gun store. Expected behavior: Price should change Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/video/5d0cf5a1b0c712f17c/gun-store-report-prices-cannot-be-changed
  4. I will share it with Bob Bobski Tristen Augusta
  5. +1 On #1: Adding mechoffer 3 It would be helpful to have a server-side check against the frequent Non-RP interactions roadside mechanics have: Arrive on scene, see flipped car, RP the hook (even though you can't hook onto a flipped car), ram the car to flip it, customer hops in (usually because desync means only 1 person can see the car upright), customer drives off (with car still RPly hooked to the tow), now PM the driver and inform them its a non-rp, hope they come back to continue, then you can do a roadside repair and charge them. Essentially, towing a car damages it, so roadside repairs as a way to make money is fine. However, the lack of a mechoffer 3 means non-RP evasion and trying to get free flips happen too often. On #3: A chink in otherwise impervious armor LSC doesn't have a problem as large as this fence issue, but the lack of a gate on the staircase means people can easily lockpick bikes from the upstairs employee parking, drive them down the stairs and speed off. The vehicle suggestions all seem very good, especially eliminating the useless utility trucks. Choppers are probably a stretch, but brainstorming solutions to the problem of stuck cars (to avoid needing admins) is a great move!
  6. I have one but 450 is a 30k bid above stock price for well over 100k invested in mods Would part with it for 500 4266286 or LoLoGramz#0082 @ lifeinvader
  7. there is no turf! its only surf! 7/10
  8. you know you want a specter custom! take that mining money and buy yourself something nice!
  9. Taking offers around 500k for this Specter Custom, maxed everything with 1/2 Turbo. Picture of front Picture of back Picture of side #4266286 LoLoGramz#0082 @lifeinvader.com
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