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  1. it's listed at the door around a million. Will leave this up for another day or so and then contact the highest bidder again.
  2. @DetectiveStone if you still want it for 700k, let me know. Otherwise I think I'll take it off the market and list again in the future.
  3. If you have a comet retro custom and are open to selling, let me know. Offering 6. Contact Tristen @ 426-6286
  4. Thanks for your interest. I will be keeping this listing open for at least another week, or until bids reach/exceed the asking price. After that, I will consider accepting offers below the ask. Best, Tristen
  5. Update for the bidders, anonymous and otherwise: I will keep the listing for sale until the 16th of March. Will only sell earlier if bids reach or exceed the asking price. I hope this is no issue for you all. Best, Tristen
  6. +1 ". . .when it’s against PD, crim RP is always to blame." either a) drastically reduce prison sentences and financial penalties for getting caught or b) give the jailbirds something worth risking hours in prison hell for, e.g. script update
  7. Amarillo Vista. 10 Stand-Alone Premier Corner Location Steel Gate Wraps Around 3/4 of the Property Open Concept Interior GPS Asking 1 Million. Minimum Bid of 600k SOLD BUYOUT @ DOOR Contact Tristen @ 426-6286
  8. Bay City Ave. 60 Massive Building All To Yourself Great Location Concealed Private Parking Modern Cozy Interior GPS Asking One Million. Minimum Bid of 600k[SOLD] Contact Tristen @ 426-6286
  9. still available ~ one of the best 3gs in the city!
  10. +1 /takeguns means no idea of ammo, attachments, fingerprints, serial numbers. I typically use it if they only have a melee weapon and not a gun, to fast-forward through the ooc uncuff and drop.
  11. +1 looks like the los santos bank already has access to this technology we just need to get on that plan
  12. +1 "you have bribed a government official and reduced your prison sentence!"
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