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  1. rofl it was never introduced to be complex, just to simply make u check ur game every now and again instead of booting you without you being aware ur afk time passed, while ur add it why not add 5000 word essays being written every time I want to log in to make sure people aren't under influence
  2. Yes, I am aware that the last reply is a year old, but was looking through the posts and saw this one, when it comes to all graphical mods, there are " edits " of these mods which remove SP shit and make them completely usable on RAGE MP, from installation process to their changes of game files/installing new ones. Yes Redux is fully usable on RAGE MP and personally I have used it for quite some time untill I moved on to NVE. You just need to get yourself a RAGE MP Compatible download of Redux and it will work like a charm.
  3. stop the hostage memes, its been a thing for past few weeks, people rob banks on a daily and get away, you got caught lackin, its that simple
  4. Agreed entirely, I am all down for RP and immersion of darker nights, but as someone who loves using NVE/and mods in general and prefers their game to look as good as it can, while also looking and feeling realistic, this update is basically just adding a layer over my screen that makes something that was already dark, darker. In the scenarios where the sun would shine over my screen, I honestly am not able to see anything on the highways, I will post few examples of the game with NVE installed. The biggest issue are the lights themselves, lights that are emitted from cars whether being regular or high beams, do absolutely nothing with this " darkness mod ", they basically do not work, unless we are able to get a proper mod that will make nights darker without placing a layer over the entire screen and calling it a mod.
  5. Donovan

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  6. Maybe for crim id prefer /showtattoo with a specific tattoo having to be on the character based on the choice made in F4 menu, but overall, love the idea
  7. Donovan

    /salary glitch

    Scroll up in the chat, it lists both of them one above each other
  8. So Cops remembering names is an issue, but crims have 500 more iq and are able to remember all names? I dont get this discussion - edit : Forgot to add, while there is a part that I get with this topic, but at the same time, 99.9% of time, I can guess/know who someone is based on their voice, after Ive heard it long enough, but at the same time, charging people based on their voice is not allowed. So by this logic, wearing a mask would mean immunity to charges, unless arrested?
  9. I don't know about you guys, but the trees, make this game so much more beautiful, and enjoyable, its not just tons of sand wherever you look at feeling like im in Africa, but actually have some woods and forest, making not only hunting more enjoyable but in general, driving around the reworked areas making them fresh, personally I have no issues whatsoever with the FPS even with usage of graphical mods ( redux,radiance,enb ) , I can understand where people come from FPS wise, but I cannot really see the FPS hit myself, I get a bigger hit at Mission Row for example than entirety of the map covered in trees..
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