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  1. Quiet

    Elena Pierce

    RESERVED- Last biography with some pictures
  2. Quiet

    Elena Pierce

    Thanks my old friend ❤️
  3. Quiet

    Elena Pierce

    ((2019 14 February)) Elena after while working on PD, she heard about some bad news and tired from living on earth. she went close waterfall to think what she gonna do. After some taking time for think, she decided to finish her life and she was hopeless and disappointed from her life and lifestyle. She went of top of waterfall to complete her choice to finish her life and don't think about bad news, it happened to her. She through her self into the water, after while someone saw her and called police to search her body or save her before she going to die. after while police arrived and starts to search river and ocean but they never found her, And still nobody knows she is alive or dead because nobody found her body on water. ((Thanks guys for reading my whole character story this is gonna be end of Story of Elena Pierce or it will continue after long time in future but not gonna happen very soon. Thanks Guys again, I hope you guys enjoyed it))
  4. Quiet

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    2 faction? like Joining one criminal faction and LSPD then after vip expired then what?
  5. Quiet

    Elena Pierce

    thanks. ❤️
  6. Quiet

    Elena Blake

    nice background
  7. Hello, there is problem for walking style like when someone buy one walk style that would be permanent for that character so my suggestion is to make button for default walk style also to switch between two style like one is default and another is player walk style bought it from credit shop. I shared my idea to Ballin and he told me this will be good idea and I will talk about it. same happened with Harmdone, I guess everyone like it, like person wont lose default style by buying walk style.
  8. Quiet

    Alison Quinn (Fully maxed Schafter V12)

    Fixed by @harmdone thanks.
  9. ((2019 03 February)) Hostage situation
  10. Quiet

    Elena Pierce

    ((2019 03 February)) After a week worked in Police department , at 2 February she heard shots street behind Los Santos Police Department She went towards sound as she heard shots and starts to ran toward sound to make sure civilian wont get hurt. When she arrived to the scene she faced with bunch of criminals and they pointed gun at her make her to rise her hands, when she didn't had choice and she didn't had Kevlar, because of that she decided to surrounded. After while kidnapped her and took her to their car and moved her to company name humans labs. After some minutes they found spot to put her to that place and make sure she wont do anything, as she was worried as she thought this is going to be end of his life and journey started to complied everything they said, They took her radio and cuffed her with her cuffs and forced her to got on her knees, and smashed her phone and turned all of their phones to prevent being spot by detective and used radio police department for their offer and after that they start to talked to Police Department radio. After some negotiations between them, kidnappers decided to offered 120,000$ and one helicopter and they told cops to brought money to Osvaldon's Farm and we would let her go at Paul's farm, after while they started to argue with cops and for threaten, they started to made her to scream loudly and knock her down by hit pistol in her head. After while of negotiation between them she woke and and pushed her self toward glass and started to leans toward glass while she had cuffed in her hands. After while speaking on radio between kidnapper and police department, Maverick of Police Department spot one car towards humans lab and Detective Kozak started to came to human labs and searching around and he realized they keeping her inside labs and SWAT and other units came to make sure she would be safe. SWAT decided to forced inside and kill everyone as soon as possible and saved Elena from kidnapper but because of human labs is big company after SWAT killed two kidnapper, they realized SWAT started to do their job and tried to shot Elena, and when they started to shot, she started to lay down on ground at least tried for being survived, but she got 2 shots from her right shoulder and knocked her down and SWAT arrived and killed both kidnapper left in scene. After SWAT killed kidnapper, they told officer to brought Med-kit and tried to stop her bleeding and doing basic support life for her till MD unit will be arrived and Officer Sanchez arrived with Med-kit and started to do some treatment. After while Medic arrived and started to treat officer and took Elena to pillbox hospital and took Elena to Surgery room to took out her bullet from her shoulder. They started to covering her shoulder by bandage after they took her out from surgery room. (( I hope you enjoyed ))
  11. Quiet

    Alison Quinn (Fully maxed Schafter V12)

    Pending @NobodyLTU it's been like 1week now
  12. +1 This is awesome to see people work like this.Keep it up
  13. Quiet

    MutherJucker Records

    Good luck , MotherJucker🤩 I like Video and song, I hope we see more.
  14. Quiet

    Cars disappeared from my Garage.

    Same happened to me also still need response since my car gone also
  15. there is Question how can I change my walk style to default one since When I don't want to use walk style i bought. there is no option to back to default