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  1. Quiet

    Increased AFK timer.

    +1 Agree, should be increase 5 minute!!!
  2. Quiet

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    People Need reason to start kill each other because if people want to see a little extra rp boling brook need to be CZ otherwise somehow this faction can be lost so many roleplay!!!
  3. Quiet

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    @SmallboyRyan Best Of luck, I love to see something different in server and I hope you guys doing some role play activity and make people enjoy role play!! In my opinion Admins need to remove NCZ inside bolingbrooke if this faction gonna start their activity!
  4. Quiet

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    I agree There is no activity on Fire Department, they need to do some roleplay already desync destroy fire department as well like someone can see fire and another person can't see that i guess this can do roleplay to fire department
  5. Quiet

    New Weapons. (with prices and pictures)

    +1 for everything , by the time server need to change a little
  6. Wonderful writing and +1
  7. Thanks to answering report. I change my name last night that's why i'm sorry for that. Admins means to make game equal to players but if they report me about something she is mixing OOC to IC why you didn't come close to me or just come to me as specter and look what situation I am in it to made me use /s with (( )) why you didn't even come to and tell me what happened you are an Admin not judges to just do punishment , you didn't even consider maybe that person has problem let me to check for example if someone report guy for VDM you have to go and look that player if he gonna do that or not so why you didn't do that the same for me this is my problem you guys not judges to always punish people just looking player has problem fix it be kind to player at least I saw just two or three admins always kinda to player or even say something and talking to players I can tell their name as well, my point is please respect players and be kind, respect isn't one side just we need to respect, you have to exchange respect.And i don't want to say he need to be warn or anything I just want to tell every admins in general I seriously get mad when I saw this just imagine stay in bug like 20 minute then admins comes and check other report and kicked me.
  8. Player(s) being reported:Bakmeel(Admin) Date of rule breach:16/NOV/2018 Time of rule breach: 22:16 Your characters name:Nina Gilbert Other players involved:None Specific rule broken: " Abusing his power without checking player " How did the player break the rule?:this is like for 3 weeks ago when there is the bug with hospital respawn as you see in the image I got stuck underground and I couldn't move or anything and /B doesn't work anymore for that range and I was there like 20 minute and admin didn't respond to my report then after that I try to call someone in the near hospital by command /b and I didn't respond by anyone but for the minute I start to talk /s ((someone can call admin I stuck underground need help )) after while Admin Bakmeel without anything just kick me and gave me war and after that day I didn't check my panel I went to my panel I saw my warning today and I report this ((Bakmeel kick 0 Mixing OOC and IC 16/NOV/2018 22:16 )) Can I ask something why they take something serious without checking something and i text him in discord and he answer my question like this ((((Quiet11/17/2018 i stuck in wall like 15minute and you kicking me? mixxing ooc and icly? bakmeel11/17/2018 yes, you are asking for an admin in IC Quiet11/17/2018 great you see distacne? /b does it work? bakmeel11/17/2018 so you make a report and wait Quiet11/17/2018 like 20minute? i was there)))) I just wonder why some people in admin doing some serious like they are boss and do whatever they want to do and he just abusing their Power without checking someone that's because that guy use /s for help so let's go I need to punish him/her. that's destroying server by typing like this, am I right? And I want to remove my warn for no reason I got this is so funny I get that warn because of this! and there possible one of High rank come and answer my question because I played NGG and I never saw their Admin doing like this at least they respect players why these Admin shouldn't be like that? and i want to know this /s is it worth to give me warn? @BallinByNature @harmdone Can you at least talk to admins to stop doing like this for something even not serious or at least check their situation then do the action just all I'm Saying because this is disrespectful to players and they want to respect them but at least they need to do it aswell. Evidence of rule breach:https://imgur.com/56I9Tb u
  9. They start to kill one of our friend and brawler isn't super-car and you can see police near bolingbrook tell them to go and from beginning they start to cover them and after chased police behind me try to pit my car and he missed that and police front of me try to block my way as you see i move a little to other lane to passed him but he try to stay in front of me this is so clear you can see that in video i just try to passed cops and hit stranger and in the end i passed cops and i hit them but after i hit their car these two cops start to hit me and turned my car by hitting me and if it was about none role play driver brawler is heavy car and police shouldn't hit me as well but they did so i don't think my car ins't for ram for normal car, they didn't running truck or something like this they had normal car
  10. Quiet

    Amin_Tavakoli Fail RP/ PowerGaming

    Use /do to get more details about situation , not insta for /me search pocket, this is poor rp and now you fighting for his pistol your report was for lied to /do and as he said and also me you did poor rp with /me and he told true because he didn't found his pistol on his pocket that's it .
  11. Quiet

    mask 7147_7792 7.2

    @ChuckM Hi maybe my post a little help here . you see this posted on last fight they had actually these people in purple i mean ballas were with us near bahamas but then they start to came and do something to follow them. they dont have KOS but they make it by drifting near us and talking with shitty thing inside game to make others chased them.
  12. Quiet

    Amin_Tavakoli Fail RP/ PowerGaming

    He has some work to do out of town , that's why I texting instead of him . You said searching his pocket so I guess people can not put their gun inside their pocket so there reason he said you can find anything in /do and i guess he , when you guys doing some light or better to say simple role play this is gonna happened maybe try this one like /me pats down man , /do where he would find gun? ,this is basic one for get into your point, then he can answer you easily ins't better to just role play very simple can make some problem like this report? even look at his explanation his hand? then why you do role play for his pocket when you can see gun in his hand? this is so confusing.
  13. But he didn't try to hands up and he rather to move as you see after he stop grab cash he tried to move there and one Squad coming into market then you suddenly start to shoot this is poor role play from you as well
  14. Quiet

    Stranger 8664_7387 (FearRP, NonRP, OOC insult)

    Retard gang is insult? and what about your chat in first video in 1:43 minute talking about our country this is not insult and he's from , am i right?((id mask 6085_1082, Id mask 9506_4585)) And btw he wasn't in Invictus he join us after this event like 2 hours later Nina GilbertToday at 4:42 PM which country are you from? VofkaToday at 4:42 PM lithuania Now should I insult some of you in this video because one of your people in your country have shitty microphone and i know some of you living in that country? So maybe do some respect to country and don't mix ooc to icly because of some issue in game like some people always do. and i wont defending him he need to defend himself but this two chat connected to me so I rather to talk about it till wont say anything