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  1. Character name(s): Elina Gilbert Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 18/JUN/2020 Punishment received: 2Months and 2 Week(10weeks) Reason given for punishment: RWT Your explanation of what happened: Hello dear administration team, First of all, thank you for your time and for reading this request. I would like to explain everything that happened in this situation. sorry for not saying all the things happened, I have done RWT about my drag for credit but how this happened, as may Ballin knew there were illegal faction name skulls with most ban evader players, I started to ask around to people who are involved in this RWT to check what happened exactly this is what I get from it, First, I started to look for someone to buy some credit as I mentioned I wasn't able to buy it myself as mentioned in the previous appeal I've sent. Lamar Woodrow was the person I approached to see who can buy credit so I can give them our currency money. he explained there is a guy name Diswatch who can buy you some credit. then Lamar Handed me his Discord ID, I started to text him(diswatch) about how I can buy some credit from you. he starts to mention "I have Aunt immigrate to another country and she has Paypal she will buy it for me and I will just trade it with in-game currency" and he mentioned the drag. After I heard that I went to Lamar asking him some questions about is he a trusty person or not, so as I really wanted to get the credit that's why I accepted, I went in-game and I swap drag after he bought some credit. as you mentioned on the previous appeal right after I logged in. PS : credits are still on my account you can easily check it, this is all I get from that trade. As you mentioned in the previous appeal he is from Iran and you knew it, yes I knew it he is from Iran as Lamar told me that but he mentioned he has an aunt which is not living in Iran and he will buy credit for me. there are some people even ask for exchange drag for real money in our currency which I refused because my plan was to get credit. I can explained on Discord DM if that's important. so the question is how do I know them, that was one of your questions on the previous appeal. I knew them from this gang which is most of the Iranian joined ECRP started to play, one of them is DonRider, I am sure Ballin knew him very well. after this gang disbanded I joined Irish Mob then LSEMS, and I left that group almost 1 year as I become one of the high-rank members of LSEMS, and we barely talk after that. I knew Rider for a long time ago back to GTA Samp, and Lamar I knew him from a local server name IRRP in FiveM, there is a video on my youtube channel which is called police funeral it's a scene of that server. and they both were part of that Invictus organization that's why I knew them But Diswatch(watchyourback) I didn't know him till Lamar introduce me to him and I trusted Lamar, as I didn't have single thought who is Diswatch. Then there was a gang made it by Lamar and diswatch(still not sure who made it)called Skulls. even they ask me to join but I heard from some of my friends there were like some ban evaders between them so I didn't want to put my feet in trouble so I decided to not be part of it and stay far away from them. one day I heard their gang disbanded and DonRider approached me and told me Ballin caught us, then I realized one of their ban evaders was rider that day. and as he was my friend we start to talk and how they caught and something like that and he put copy-paste of his text with Ballin about you were close to getting unbanned and I was going to give you chance but you ruined it and now this time your friend as well. then they joined my discord like almost 7 of them and started to talk like what exactly happened and that time I was playing Dota2, then they said so many of us banned for failure to report and that day Lamar told me there is no aunt, which I was confused, then I realized there wasn't any aunt, there was a guy who bought credit without being Realized about it and then after I saw the appeal from Lamar I just get realized everything he said is true. After I got denied and Ballin mentioned if you want a chance to return ECRP you need to come with full truth, I start to talk a lot of people to gather information so I can bring more information on this appeal that may give me chance and I just want to say sorry about not being honest in the first place. I want a chance to play on the ECRP server. Ps: Tyrone king is the person I traded drag and his discord name is Waatchyourback-diswatch. As I heard he is banned from ECRP community because he insulted admins and server. And also as I was checking rules book and forums to see what changed, I saw this appeal which is can related to picture above from Lamar. I know that Aunt word isn't unbelievable here. but maybe this explanation will make it more clarify that I do not know that guy. in Lamar's picture in last sentence of explanation of your story what happened says: he((diswatch)) made business for himself selling 150k money for 30 euro and he made 230 euro of it between Alex and Tyrone. I've received 4025 credits and you can easily check credit history of my account and this is not even close to 230 euro he talking about if to be more specific drag was 1 million in game money so if I would known Alex and selling to him it would be 180-190 euro which wouldn't be 4k credit. I believe Tyrone used me as third person here to get more profit from his deal with Alex Darnel, that's why he(Diswatch-Tyrone kings) introduce person as Aunt. I didn't have single word or interaction with him(Alex) in game or out of game because I didn't know him and I realized it after they got banned and Lamar told me there is no Aunt here. and as I said that all my fault I shouldn't have done it in first place but I can't change the past sadly. I know this is silly or maybe looks like joke but this is what I get from them and I trusted them. I am regret of what I have done every single day. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I hope, Administration team forgives me, specially Ballin for wasting his time and not take the opportunity to tell everything that day. and almost, I lost a lot of things because of my mistake which I deserve it, I have good friends in this community and I genuinely enjoy playing here, I'm sorry that I caused any trouble, this won't ever happen again. If there are any future questions I will answer them truthfully. Thank You! Post any evidence or further details: N/A as I already placed on two questions above.
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): doesn't have specefic date and time Character name: Elina Gilbert Issue/bug you are reporting: Command ((/funi)) Expected behavior: to work properly for both factions Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: when people get into two faction they receive factions with ID 1 and another ID 0, and problem is that, we can't use ((/Funi)) for the faction which is known by ID 1. For example, imagine that I am working for MD and PD/SD at same time, and my MD faction is ID 0 and PD/SD is ID1, Funi for MD works fine but I can't use /funi to change my uniform on SD/PD locker because it giving us error. and Funi only works for the ID 0.
  3. Offer for rent is open again, you can send offer if you are interested.
  4. Okay finally, you done it . Amazing
  5. This is so simple and easy to do. as far as everyone knows when people use /cw and talk, it shows that, for example: Elina Gilbert Whisper: .... and this shows exact the same thing with /w . so basically if people going to use it, they have to use /b that I talk in /cw so everyone knows about it. it will be awesome if this texture change and divide it to different things and color. (( /w and /cw ))
  6. Quiet

    The Rooks

    Congrats on being official best of luck in future. I enjoyed most of RP are posted here
  7. I think I saw this kinda topic around 20 times and every time got so many supports but still no answer of it.
  8. because of a lot of Garage and good spot I will consider to selling it from 1.6mil. Offer would be open till 10th of December
  9. 2 Garage In Mirror Park I like to know the price for rent, if worth it I will rent house per week. I'll sell this house if I get good Offer. Contact: 533-8107 - Elina Gilbert Email: [email protected] Social ID: Quiet#[email protected] Address: East of Mirror Park Behind Tavern, Close to Gas station and General Store. EAST Mirror Dr.12 Offer is Open for Rent or Buy till 10th of December Features that might get your attention: Big spot for vehicles and bikes Nice place with nice people Close to General Store and Gas station having backyard close to small lake at mirror park to chill at night Having two separate bedroom and customized with a lot of space you can put your stuff there Location on map: Exterior: Interior:
  10. Quiet

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    hmmmmm I hope see you back, best of luck in future
  11. This is awesome, Best of Like in future Doug and do not kill yourself all the time, we are busy
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