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    Best of luck for become official and one the biggest group like Irish used to be. ❤️👍
  2. ((2019 19 June)) ((This is first video I made, sorry if not good enough to get your attention.)) After weeks she was found by a fisherman while the person who tried to get some fishes, as he was shocked to say "What really happened?" "Who is she?" "What happened to her and why she passes out the middle of the river without any move or reaction on her" After while he called Medic since he doesn't know how to act and he never been in this situation. After a few minutes medic arrived and start to check everything on her to see how they could help her to wake up. Medic just did some treatment and he had to transfer her to hospital and he did it as soon as he could and he tried to be fast as he could be. When medic transfer Elena Pierce to hospital, staffs members of the hospital did surgery to help Elena to make her conscious and saved her as she breathing very abnormal. After while she wakes up and she felt so much pain on her chest and her hand as she jumped from the waterfall. she was totally felt dizzy and couldn't stand on her feet. The doctor told her to stayed one day inside the hospital for any incoming events. but she insists to go to her house and stayed there. She took the taxi and went to the general store and bought a new battery and turned her phone on and went to her house. When she opened the door for herself she took a deep breath and takes out her phone and starts to check messages. But she was so tired even she couldn't reply to them, she just drops the phone on her desk and she went to her bed to rest as she was tired and felt dizzy. As she was weak and couldn't do anything she stayed in her house to get herself together, she didn't leave her house for 2-3 days.
  3. I enjoyed every sentence you wrote, keep it up with more story
  4. thanks probbaly i will continue with this character since i have second thought to continue with this character not Alison but thanks for telling me that <3.
  5. thanks to you for saying this stuff, I'm greatful and yeah meaning full song and good to hear. and I like to see your background story of your character.
  6. Thanks, and I wrote everything happened in game. Maybe later I will continue this story or maybe not! depends what I would do later, and Glad you like it.
  7. Thanks, I glad you like it 🙂
  8. 12. New Life Rule (NLR) ● The new life rule is triggered whenever a player’s character spawns at a hospital. Players cannot force their own death. ● The deceased character loses memory of their death, the events that caused it and the information collected in that time frame. ● Example: A player is killed in a robbery. The player’s knowledge of the robbery, the robber and their death is not usable by the player in their new life. ● All parties involved (must) avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. An exception is made for government faction members who may provide a faction duty service, though their memory being lost and inability to retrieve assets still apply. How could they know my house was there after we died he just came straight to my house and started to shoot my friend Johnathan and after that he made it and escaped to the Tavern [ Next Street ] and talked to one of our faction member Name Finley Mulloy, he just started to shoot at him without saying anything. I also reported this to admins for the first time and they didn't respond to my report and after they showed up at my house I continued to RP with them which wasn't even Reasonable to do but I reported to admin with a bit aggressive behavior and after that one of admins or helpers [ I'm not sure ] just turned into ON-DUTY mode and Closed my Ticket. and nobody answers us as they repeatedly tried to MG. I never saw them or talked to them before... how could they even know my house? they were staying there for us to arrive ... we have already lost so many bullets and Stuff by those rulebreakers raiding my house.
  9. First of all if it going to be happened it should be change to FIB for some stuff I guess.
  10. Fear Roleplay and Deathmatching you got to be kidding me? who did fear rp ? Andrey wasn't in direct life danger and you can see the pov in 15 second one of his friend has point gun on my friend and after some second one of them took smg to shot person who running for his life so basically i defend my friend as I hiding behind contender and there no gun on me and I kill you all after that then as we killed you all we have option to mercy you guys so there is no breaking rules here 😐
  11. you wasn't close to us to make it fear to rp and our window was tint so basiaclly you couldn't see us, then without reason you point gun at us then you just stepped backward as you can see in your video so basiaclly you had long distance from us to make this not fear rp, from that distance you are not trained to be shooter or anything since there is 2 cars random car and our car to make it more harder to shot. and you point gun to passenger side so i didn't move or anything but driver seat just stepped out of car as he could do that and tried to defend our self.that wasn't Fear to rp at all, if you were next to us and pointing gun at us then yeah it could be fear rp if he starts to step out of his vehicle. and by the way you had new tag player we dont have to rob or kill you since you are newbie but you point gun at us for no reason and we defend ourself and checking your format report since this format you wrote shouldn't be accept at all. this is what it says in rulebook Examples, where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a vehicle which engine is not stalled. we going to stop texting till admin respond or any further question from admin need to be answer. I have complaint also about their Meta gaming, they need to get offense also for MG if any admin reviewing this.
  12. Try at least make it more real if you wanna think that why first of all put all video and then he was opposite and one car middle of us so basiaclly person can just crouch and leave vehicle and take cover when you already keeping your distance away by the time. and you point gun at me when there is no way you can see is there any passanger there or not just because you saw the ID, and i didnt act anything since i was in your sigh so you could just kill me. then my friend from otherside just stepped out of car and tried to defend himself since you had no reason to point gun at us. and after that video you cut your friend just ask you to rammed in third app and he tried to rammed us and after that he failed he died and log out so that means Combat log, I guess you need to know the rules or at least do your quiz again since i dont think you did it by yourself, you break : Combat log,Meta gaming, and tried to deathmatch us without Reason.
  13. Thanks FlyElvis
  14. @MusketDeezNuts You told me to hide AKs in car since police can't check car or ours because simple traffic but can I ask why they search one of my friend just because he's tires got pop out and they search whole he's car and himself? and you telling us it was just simple traffic stop but it wasn't if he saw our aks I mean most of member of PD seeing rp as like race competitive just want to win all stories they are participate into. (No harm to Grape,since ever time rules will change in different situation to win cop side.)) this is one of senior supporter answer just telling us cops can check all vehicle if they wanted so what's guarantee they wouldn't check my car? just imagine I telling /do my ak would be in my car. then he said okay let's me check you and your vehicle since he ask for back and he was face to face with his vehicle in middle of highway. these picture one of the events just happened like 10 minutes ago and now i just trying to write this to telling you this is not first time by cops this action i saw my self one time as I said in previous post about Dwayne Donovan action. by all this events i saw my self in this ECRP community roleplay and i was in both parties for while in pd and criminals i can say that wasn't DM at all.
  15. first of all he was quite also when you tped them to us and whole text from that two cops was like 2 sentence nothing more . Okay so your point is he have to tell me you are under arrest then I can do my action? okay so just thinking about he saw our AK and as soon as he saw our guns he point aim at us and telling us you are under arrest okay then we need to do the act ? then what's happening to fear rp here? and other hand as i said person robbing the store or having aks for means they had reason to run and act about it. and if my ak was in my inventory and i didn't use it then right i could rp for hiding aks but as long as i have ak on my back cops wont accept that rp since i saw my self in game when i was cop and you telling me they pull over us because 10-55 but after he would saw us with aks that become criminal action and make 10-66 . i don't know why we should run as you said ? is this theater ? every time we should run? and did he tell all the story like when we came through the tunnel of railroad lab and he was in middle of road and my driver start to talk to him like face to face in cars was closeto each other and we had mask and he also answer question of my friend after that just try to stop us when he was in middle of road? is he had reason to stop us? and for this question you going to answer they can pull over everyone else they want for no reason and it's icly reason but why criminal don't have chance to take it, i mean not killing cops without reason but when we having ak on our back then we have reason to do it when that person called for back and wait like 5 minutes IRL for his backups came there you think this is kinda just simple traffic stop? and he said you were reckless driving okay then why he called for backup then is he had reason for backup or he got suspicious to us we had something wrong that's why he ask for back in through his radio. and i think your question was like this. Seems you dont know the rules of our Deathmatch then we start to talk and explain story and then we done you just kicked us. i think he notice some weird behavior as he called for backup and officer only respond because panic button? so they didn't respond to backup call as he ask on radio for it ? then why when we started to shot after 8 second one of the cops show up? is that magic or teleport? since we were close to railroad drug lab? ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... as Alexey Said they do what ever they want to do. or Rasgard Stevensons this is one of the officer in 2 days ago we had armed robbary at chumush store and he came there and we get him and i did rp to check his panic alarm is active or not then he said no and i did my rp to grab his radio and smashed that radio and we starts to escape but when we tried to leave that place he aim at us and did rp with "/me he presses his panic button" then after 10 or 14 second Phillipe Sanchez with one cruiser and some others came there also and that was whole shitshow because of one none rp , and as we were like 2 gangs so that rp continued by that none rp even he admit to one of our members in Irish yeah i did wrong and say sorry and we didn't report him. .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... sorry to say that but these days everyone making their own rules to saying different story. and try to win the rp like it's competitive. I got kicked from PD since someone got injured in Bank and i ignore to rp since someone breach NCZ and killed one person and high ranks even Lewis told me okay accident can happened you have to rp so because you didnt rp and you just ignore civilian you broke our corruption rules and i just kicked and i talked to Ballin and he told me i will talk to them but nothing happened till i ask one of high rank of pd to talk to Osborn to give me answer and he said same thing as lewis said then I had one question if i did broke rule by ignore person in NCZ and Accident would be happened why Osbron talk in game about this one ? saying even going more than 70 means commit crime that means if any accident would happened consider as crime ? did you ever guys consider to get over from some minor things like or you guys just strict for every situation by different rules just made on that situation? and you telling us to do this one: "I also showed you multiple examples of how you could have roleplayed it. by hidden compartments. AK's under the seat and more." and as i said i saw my self didnt work and still cops took one of members of irish Dwayne Donovan because he had bag on her back but he's ak was used and he said i did rp and ak would be in my bag but they didnt give damn about that and they told him we act to what we see. then what's guarantee if we stepped out of car he wouldn't arrest us because he would clearly see our Ak in our back? since everyone act what they see or make rules a little change. That officer just told you Musket it's simple Traffic stop. then everything done because he's in faction he knows more than us i assume. and if you if this going to handle by senior i assume Ballin or Osborn can check this since he's chief of pd maybe at least see what he's officers doing. maybe you guys going to deny again about this but at least i can show some view of my point to this LSPD faction to consider as poor rp about this whole thing. like how they need to rain and how to act when they ask for back up that's mean something bad gonna happened and he need to be careful but he wasn't he didn't give his life worth so he just stepped out of vehicle and start to shot like nothing serious it's game we will die no matter what.
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