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  1. weren't you playing ngg samp holding sanews?

    1. BiggeCheese420
    2. Igaris


      could you repeat that in english?

  2. Nice Story looks awesome I hope to see more.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): doesn't have specefic date and time Character name: Elina Gilbert Issue/bug you are reporting: Command ((/funi)) Expected behavior: to work properly for both factions Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: when people get into two faction they receive factions with ID 1 and another ID 0, and problem is that, we can't use ((/Funi)) for the faction which is known by ID 1. For example, imagine that I am working for MD and PD/SD at same time, and my MD faction is ID 0 and PD/SD is ID1, Funi for MD works fine but I can't use /funi to change my uniform on SD/PD locker because it giving us error. and Funi only works for the ID 0.
  4. Okay finally, you done it . Amazing
  5. This is so simple and easy to do. as far as everyone knows when people use /cw and talk, it shows that, for example: Elina Gilbert Whisper: .... and this shows exact the same thing with /w . so basically if people going to use it, they have to use /b that I talk in /cw so everyone knows about it. it will be awesome if this texture change and divide it to different things and color. (( /w and /cw ))
  6. Quiet

    The Rooks

    Congrats on being official best of luck in future. I enjoyed most of RP are posted here
  7. I think I saw this kinda topic around 20 times and every time got so many supports but still no answer of it.
  8. Quiet

    Los Calaveras

    hmmmmm I hope see you back, best of luck in future
  9. This is awesome, Best of Like in future Doug and do not kill yourself all the time, we are busy
  10. +1 I think Some location need to be add on that list like DOC, and Central Medical Department as we have new department there not Pillbox hills MD.
  11. This my last statement till admin ask me to, that next time stop argue with parties over the ooc text (( /b )) maybe you get better response. you would see better quality roleplay
  12. As far as I know, Stabilize it's not forceful command but /heal it is and you still have chance to get killed while we are begins stabilize, and end of your video and you didn't posted you start to talk to us around 5 minutes without any role play 1- you are doing some roleplay to kill yourself scriptly or other things. people can stall roleplay by a lot of thing so they get killed by script. Stabilized is not forceful command by Medic. and by the way DEATH RP is privilege by law enforcement not the right to do it as admin said. you didn't ask because you knew it they not going to accept your death rp. As medic for 6 month all of the Death rp granted after we stabilized and they get /slay after that by admin. stabilized has Rp (( /ame )). " Begins to perform medical treatment on id" Your friend Jace knew about that which he did same thing when he was part of Medic. we don't need to rp for things are has rp with /ame like turning on engine of your car. otherwise you two already broke the rule by turn on the engine of that helicopter without roleplay even though Helicopter has a lot of things need to turn engine on! which you both didn't. funny thing: I don't think so. otherwise you never report this one, when medics they reached anyone first thing they do is stabilize and you never report them because you rather to get revive by them so you wont lose your stuff. but in this report I'm sure you are mad because you didn't get DEATH RP which you claimed you didn't want to and your charge was so heavy that you spend a lot of time in jail that makes you mad and sad that's why this report made by you which I did my job as usual. you are not sad because you tried to killed yourself by other stuff because you know that they are not going to give you death rp. And by the way in Real life medic doesn't show up and above their head seeing that ((Typing...)) that's why we have /ame rp on /stabilized. this is game some action can not be like real life.
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