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  1. weren't you playing ngg samp holding sanews?

    1. BiggeCheese420
    2. Igaris


      could you repeat that in english?

  2. Nice Story looks awesome I hope to see more.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): doesn't have specefic date and time Character name: Elina Gilbert Issue/bug you are reporting: Command ((/funi)) Expected behavior: to work properly for both factions Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: when people get into two faction they receive factions with ID 1 and another ID 0, and problem is that, we can't use ((/Funi)) for the faction which is known by ID 1. For example, imagine that I am working for MD and PD/SD at same time, and my MD fac
  4. Offer for rent is open again, you can send offer if you are interested.
  5. Okay finally, you done it . Amazing
  6. This is so simple and easy to do. as far as everyone knows when people use /cw and talk, it shows that, for example: Elina Gilbert Whisper: .... and this shows exact the same thing with /w . so basically if people going to use it, they have to use /b that I talk in /cw so everyone knows about it. it will be awesome if this texture change and divide it to different things and color. (( /w and /cw ))
  7. Quiet

    The Rooks

    Congrats on being official best of luck in future. I enjoyed most of RP are posted here
  8. I think I saw this kinda topic around 20 times and every time got so many supports but still no answer of it.
  9. because of a lot of Garage and good spot I will consider to selling it from 1.6mil. Offer would be open till 10th of December
  10. 2 Garage In Mirror Park I like to know the price for rent, if worth it I will rent house per week. I'll sell this house if I get good Offer. Contact: 533-8107 - Elina Gilbert Email: [email protected] Social ID: Quiet#[email protected] Address: East of Mirror Park Behind Tavern, Close to Gas station and General Store. EAST Mirror Dr.12 Offer is Open for Rent or Buy till 10th of December Features that might get your attention: Big spot for vehicles and bikes Nice place with nice people Close to General Store and Gas station havin
  11. Quiet

    Los Calaveras

    hmmmmm I hope see you back, best of luck in future
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