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  1. You did run into me! But I just pulled you over, wasn't able to get you after that
  2. Damn man, I've been trying to meet you for so long, even changed out my sleeping schedule, sadly, I still wasn't able to. Was very fun going after and investigaing you
  3. @MarcoD im sure you'll love it!
  4. Do you want us to not do anything? I dont get it.
  5. *someone hits my car cus i cant drive* *lets pull a gun out on him, 2 minutes away from a police department in the middle of a super popular part of town and have a proper gun fight* amazing rp! keep it up!
  6. I am not saying that it will change your RP of the situation. I am simply stating that it will go in direct help of people who are ignoring the RP during robberies and relay on the script. It's not something that one or two people are doing sadly, and although I can see how it'll benefit others there'll be a lot of times where it'd help others to just do the script and run. I am not completely against it as I know the struggle of someone damaging your RP or stalling on something that you'd have the realistic chances of doing faster.
  7. I did read the whole post. Let me give you the script of robbereies: "Hands up, hands up, hands up!" /frisk ID (/friskapprove was given) quickly taking the items from one inventory to another, taking the cash too. Ignoring looking for it, taking out from a wallet and all and taking it. If staff decides that this is worth a staff discussion and then put in the game, sure, but it's gonna bring an equal amount of pros and cons.
  8. -1, seen it before, got denied for the same reason. It's an RP server, it's already enough that people run around, taking the items from injured people without RP (not everyone, but the people I've seen), they just frisk and take the weapons they have and the stuff they have. I've seen people going around and just doing the less RP possible, with that they'll just ignore it. I support your idea, as law enforcement officer I've had situations (before packed money) in which it would've helped a lot, but it got denied for the fact that it will help the server turn into script
  9. Hello, After the pursuit was initiated the man code 0ed so we waited for him to come back, he then made his way to LSC, so he can do /modview and get his turbo back to have the same advantage, then continued to flee. I did have some issues, in /f chat, letting him go to LSC but after looking over the situation I agreed, as well as Bakmeel saying it's okay. After the pursuit was initiated someone called over the TAC channel and said the man has code 0ed. After that moment he just politely came out of his car and got on his knees. I personally didn't act on the situauton, beca
  10. Hey, No apartment raid works without a valid reasons and such looked over by the LSPD's High command, as well as board of commissioners. I'd like to keep the rest of the information private and not disclose it on the forums/OOCly as I dont like risking others metagaming the information. If IA (internal affairs) considers it necessary to question me about the situation I'd be more than happy to answer them. I don't have anything else to add. Please try and sort your issues in-character before going and trying to throw the blame at me for doing something NON-R
  11. DimitriS


    hi @jason hi @Thunderboss hi @Serthon
  13. DimitriS

    Los Zetas

    Had fun moments with some of you lot, always been a pleasure! Take care
  14. Hey, there's no need ot lie about the situation, we both know that you logged out twice just after being caught, a little strange when you think about it, isn't it? On the first occasion you were given 15 minutes to return in which you failed to return or even make any contact with me on Discord, after specifically putting your name in the crash-reports section of the Discord channel. Judging by the situations and your lack of any sort of communication back to any of the people that contacted you, which was pretty much me and two other police members, and the timing of you loggi
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