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  1. I, like grape have lost access to the discord server. The server which has brought me good times and bad times. I wasn't very popular there and didn't really deserve to be. But I believe cases like mine and grapes can be prevented in the future. Grape was banned after he laughed at the removal of NSFW-memes(an event I was not present to). I was banned after I made a remark about the fact no one was speaking, which may have been mistaken for a remark about the quality of the server. I take full responsibility for messing up my remark, stating it like an opinion rather than an ironic comment. I believe these cases can be prevented in the future by elaborating on the rules and having a system of warnings rather than outright bans. Jangoon
  2. i agree with alexalex303, it would be an interesting feature to say the least
  3. Brllsjsjjskannzkzikjz Wot
  4. +1, maybe for the ageing, sun damage, etc could be scripted. Simply, if you are 1. Not in an interior 2. Time is between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM You will get sunspots and vice versa Ageing should probably be monthly as in ooc monthly for each day you are online(as in 24 hours adding up) your skin should age. Maybe even have a system of scarring wherein, a character upon injury is given a temporary VAR:Complexion
  5. What happened to the 1.5 and 1.4 mil offers? If those arent up, I can get my investor to give you a similar number
  6. bruh this is satire posted by sDAfsj-S==sKsik-SIksJMS
  7. anonymous post by TOR-21y2ns1-eesn=1s19-sm I can kill or torture anyone you u guys want. All I need is a picture, some info and a good bag of money posted by TOR-21y2ns1-eesn=1s19-sm
  8. Its time we rise up! Its time we take the wheel and crash the car. The Government has been oppressing us for far too long. Putting us in inhumane cells. This is Ruby. Tomorrow at (ooc time) 1:30 pm GMT, you will stand outside PD and we will fight for our right to fight. This demonstration will represent a desire to fight. We will not stop until the PD pulls forces out of all "gang turf"
  9. This is Ruby. You are going to die

    Posted by AnonymousTOR-299siuad9n38edwd923idsi2-ed23ody32ufdp03j2=-ks-1j

  10. Ruby is watching you, you smug asshole MEriksen2 Posted by sdsadasduy3289jfdyu2u309e32e-0kkds--23d3
  11. (This video message is being broadcasted Anonymously by TOR Systems, VPNs and Proxys) We are Ruby. We kill. If you are a bad person If you have wronged us If you look like an asshole If we simply dont like your smug face YOU ARE IN DANGER Fear for your lives. And don't expect an easy death by450 × 255 a bullet. Torture goes the whole way.
  12. upon testing the answer is very sadly yes :_(_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. upon further testing, it is there
  14. Like, I walked up to this guy. He ran away with no reason to. When I walked up to him. He just logged. +3093938373663636736373737637367363763837836837383687373835624525272782939373773838
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