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  1. I haven't been able to play the game for a while due to lag and delay, but since it was presumably solved, I logged on. I used to be on the fence about this, but after only 15 minutes of this, I now say +99999999999999999
  2. This has been rendered moot by the new update tho
  3. MrJangoon

    Vague rules

    The reason everything is so vague is because some of this initiative must be given to the player. Not to mention, extremely specific rules would lead to many roleplay issues. Having a specific distance for fearrp wouldnt make sense because players cant just measure their distance by looking at their computer screen in an onbjective manner when roleplay is clearly a subjective matter which is situational
  4. +0. I am on the fence for this one. I think this ui works, but then of course, we need to replace the scrollwheel method of opening it and maybe find the root cause of the lag. I'd say have a debug thing open while testing the updates from next time
  5. He had to spam it because the location of the safe was non rp, therefore accesssafe was an ooc means to find it as they would had it been positioned rply
  6. imo, the new UI update shouldnt be rolled back, but maybe just change the bind to scroll
  7. thank you for the kind words my man!
  8. +1 the new updates, specifically car speakers have caused me immense delay, lag, etc
  9. i have had the pleasure of being called a 'nigger' by a bivin' (dont know if its the same bivin doe)
  10. -1 Correct. The timescale is a bit odd to say the least, 1:3.5 but atleast it works
  11. I fully agree with you. The only difference is that AJAIL lets you go out with your things in hand
  12. IMO, we should have longer AFK timers in prison. This way, people can still AFK in jail, but will be discouraged from completely(Keyword: Completely) eradicating rp. And DOC should probably try and increase the amount of RP they do, because IRL the prison halls aren't empty, guards are on patrol, fights are stopped, etc. So summed up:- 20-30 minutes jail AFK timer Better DOC involvement Improved Prison Economy
  13. Im on the fence about this one. I think that people wil no longer fear jail if this happens, but at the same time, jail is an OOC punishment in a matter of speaking. The solution IMO is to encourage prisonrp
  14. Well, recruiting is the hardest part of any enterprise. The only way to fix this is delegation. But then, in order to delegate, you still need to get a recruiter. So give me a call at #2618369 if you want work to be delegated to you!
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