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  1. but if its not specific, it can be biased or ruin rp. If the rules are ambiguous 1. a player will lose their rp as they dont know what would actually work 2. a player will assume something works and thus accidentally commit dm ( has happened to me a long... long... time ago... )
  2. i am on the fence about this one. I think that racism in NO way should be tolerated on this server but sometimes a mildly racist character can add to the experience. Using words like N**ga and F*g*ot should require prior consent for 2 reasons, 1. as it would drive players away and 2. you could easily destroy someones online reputation if it is caught on their stream or slips into their video. I think racist rp otherwise is tolerable. It adds depth to an otherwise 1dimensional character: you wouldnt see a country gun tootin wild west typical republican being nice to people even of their ow
  3. maybe if you actually thought for 0.002 ms you would realise that all you have to do is get someone into an alleyway or other dark and unseen place. Literally all you have to do. also, tell me something, how often do you go down to the gas station and see 7 people robbing one man, that too on a daily basis?
  4. welp, gotta use the scientific method
  5. Will i be able to play sp as well as ragemp if i have these mods?
  6. $-INTRODUCTION-$ See, before you tell me to get a better job or to "grind for cash" hear me out. The ECRP economy is disproportionate. Don't get me wrong here, this is an amazing server and it is miles ahead but the economy is something I still think could use some work. $-RETAIL-PRICING-$ This is the main issue I find with the economy, you can get water for 250$ at a convenient location and most of the time I don't plan to go all the way down to Grove Street, navigate through a maze of buildings to find a cheap shop that isnt marked on the map while I am dying of thirst. So 2
  7. Thank you guys, I have been on a bit of a hiatus from this server as of lately but I am planning on playing here again. I plan on updating this too.
  8. As I said in the title, I am considering getting reshade with RTGI but am not sure whether RAGEMP or the Server will allow me to join in. The main purpose is that I have a new GPU with Raytracing and have been wanting to get a graphical improvement in GTAV for a while now so I was considering the RTGI Shader. So will it run on RAGEMP and this server?
  9. -1, when confiscated by the police; an item probably wouldnt make its way back to the owner for the following reasons:- corruption, a cop may just recirculate the gps into the stores spoilage, presumably a storage room full of fish, human meat, chicken meat, coal and gadgets would be hard to manage and would result in a lot of spoilage HUGE -1 not only that but it also contributes to high risk v. high reward. people will no longer be afraid of getting even SHORT sentences. I think in this case the opposite should be done, fines should be increased and criminal records
  10. i personally think there is a better solution than making it unlimited. I would say, it should have a higher storage capacity as that would make more rp sense. A casino thing definitely wont have unlimited money but you can expect it to have a decent amount of money. + I think that a higher amount of money should also mean money truckers get payed more (so now rather than just distance from the bay, capacity is another factor in money transport pay). This could even improve atm robberies if implemented at other atm hotspots
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