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  1. Thanks for adding your POV as you can tell in the players POV the driver was already set on ramming me at a high speed before I even pulled out my gun. The claim "I saw him pull out a AK so I ran him over" Is completely false the second I got out the driver turns toward me and hits me. If I would have gotten out and put my hands up I still would have been killed. I would also like to add that 384 Got out of the car and finished me again with no DM rights at all against me. DM rights are not transferable just because I didn't listen to ID 188's demands does not give DM rights to 384. Also I th
  2. The reason I PM'D you was to solve the rule break oocly its not against the rules to attempt to solve rule breaks oocly. The reason I turned around was because I had ally's on the road I was driving to. Again you did not have DM rights on me at all In my pov you were clearly driving past me but you decide to turn into me breaking the VDM rule I tried with over 3 people from your faction to resolve the rule break and even attempted to resolve it in game with you and ID 384 and 188.
  3. Player(s) being reported: 384 Date of interaction reported: 4/12/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1618257973 Your character name: Symere_Blackwood Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Playe
  4. ID 10 here I would like to point out that the reporting party sent only 9 seconds of POV from a situation that was over 5 mins luckily I was able to save my pov from when ID 260 shot at me for no reason he gave no demands and started shooting out of the vehicle just because we were chasing we had both DM rights on the driver and passenger since ID 260 decided to open fire first. We both opened fire on the passenger as he was just shooting at us the driver gets out of the car and pulls his gun this is when me and my ally open fire on him. Reporting party never told us to save pov so I do not ha
  5. Symere Blackwood here we drive up to the man while he was being moved to a more secluded area I get out of my car and take the mans phone battery as I was told he injured my ally. The only thing I took from the player was his phone battery.
  6. Symere

    ID 220 - Non RP

    Symere Blackwood here I do not have pov because the player never told me to save it. So basically the second the mechanic drives my car into the garage my ally Adam had suspicion that he would call the cops on me for having a illegal firearm he drives in I get out out of the car walk up to the man when he makes the phone call. The mechanic finishes calling the police on me this is when I decide to rob him. I chose to rob him instead of just shooting him which I believe I could've done as I had DM rights because he just reported me to the police. After I rob the man he decides to go on his radi
  7. Hello I am ID 560 in this situation. Basically we saw the player with a machine pistol about 5 mins earlier he was spotted at the parking lot my ally ID 225 thought he saw the very expense and rare gun on him so he wanted to rob him for it. The player had stored it before we found him. Me and my ally both apologized to the player and expressed that this was just a misunderstanding. We thought we fixed the issue but the reporting party still felt the need to make this report which in my opinion is very petty since the player lost nothing at all and we wasted no time and we both apologized insta
  8. Symere Blackwood here after getting into Isaac's car we catch up with vehicle that had just ran me over player still had no mask on knowing that this player ran me over I knew I had full DM rights I opened fire on the vehicle causing the tires to pop which eventually ends with the car crashing.
  9. I was able to solve it oocly with the reporting party.
  10. I do not understand at all how this extended pov shows anything regarding me and the non rp backup. First off if I was actively chasing the car why would I go a completely different route? I was never up by any labs I had just gotten in the server about 10-15 mins before the fight. The claim that I was "chasing" is completely false. Also how does me taking a different route prove anything? Is there only 1 way I'm allowed to go to meat drop off? I was in that area because I just left my apartment. Logs will show that I'm telling the truth. Also with the claim that "dark army picked up Irish" I
  11. @Finn Eastwood Can I ask what was your reason to even attempt to rob me? Rply a gas station would be very busy with tons of people around. This was a completely random robbery attempt with zero rp backing it. Its against the robbery rules to attempt or rob someone in a public area such as gas stations. I would also like the admins taking this report to check the damage logs to prove that this player was hit with 15+ bullets before his pov starts.
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