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  1. Hopefully you can make it into the LSPD I heard SWAT is very enjoyable.
  2. Hello Symere Blackwood here so to add a bit of context to the situation regarding the DM claim. 67 and my faction had been chasing/fighting each other about 1-2 hours before the POV starts. The chases had multiple failed ambushes and about 2-3 small fights that had happened before any of the POV starts. The remaining Irish and 67 began another chase going into the city eventually leading into Red Parking my ally Sean makes a radio call stating that the 67 rebla close to him is threating him saying that they are about to shoot him. I get off my bike to get ready for any type of engagement. My ally Sean opens fire on the rebla, When the front passenger begins to shoot back this is when I begin to shoot at the rebla and end up killing one of them inside. Watching my POV you can clearly tell that I only open fire on the rebla after they shoot at my ally. Therefore I do not believe I broke any DM rules because I had DM rights on the car as they are actively trying to kill my ally. Comparing the UNIX ID of the shooting. 67 opens fire on my ally at 1622504098. I begin to shoot at 1622504100 after the reporting party shoots at my ally. Now to address the "cheating" claim I find it very annoying to constantly hear the false allegations spread by the reporting parties faction that claim that I am indeed cheating so I will be posting every gun fight I was involved with for that specific day hopefully these clips can prove that I'm not cheating. https://streamable.com/b7ejbz (reported shooting.) I shoot the passenger that is already below half HP in head I do not see how it would be hard for me to land 1 shot on any of the 4 people inside of the vehicle. The reporting party is claiming the use of aim bot but you can clearly tell that I am aiming in front of the rebla and letting them drive into my bullets that I am firing at them. https://streamable.com/p6fgls (shooting same rebla) https://streamable.com/2adzfd (shootout that happened before the reporting shooting)
  3. Hello Symere Blackwood here so basically me and my faction where scouting the labs when we noticed the kudo kai and 67 where inside of sea lab after a while of watching what they were doing it was very clear that they were inside selling drugs and using the drug table as well as planting seeds inside of the lab. We decide to send 1 of our cars inside of the lab to get a closer look of the lab. ID 13 and 308 are clearly seen inside of the lab also seen getting plants and using the drug tables there is also a possibly of them selling large amounts of drugs by seeing 2 gangs inside 1 lab with heavies. https://streamable.com/3ty319 (POV of ID 13 and 308 being inside of the lab) While our car is inside the lab they start to get shot at while they are inside of the lab making it very clear that both kudo kai and 67 are showing hostile intentions. Both players seen shooting are at the scene of the robbery at lumber yard later on. After my ally is injured kudo kai and 67 leave the lab together I witnessed this all by being on the mountains above https://streamable.com/p5m8ix (POV of my allies being shot and injured) I begin to slowly follow the Sultan as I had just watched it leave a lab where my allies where shot which I witnessed from the surrounding mountains of the lab. After sometime of planning with my faction we decide to chase the sultan as they have been spotted inside of multiples labs leaving the scene of a shootout. We had known knowledge that both gangs had not only drugs, money and plants but they are both actively being hostile towards my faction. During the chase I can over hear them talking about conducting a setup to potentially "bait" us into a lab to kill me and my allies. After a short time of following the car they crash and stall knowing that they have large amounts of illegal drugs and or money as well from their hostile intentions we attempt to rob them. During the robbery we hear both 67 and kudo kai members requesting backup from their gangs I believe this to be a direct breach of the gang backup rule as both members of the vehicle are relaying information to both of their gangs. https://imgur.com/a/pphdTfx In this screen shot is shows what both gangs are actively doing is indeed a breach of the backup rule as they are both acting like "radios" to give information to their gangs. Hearing both of them requesting backup we decide to try to get their radios and guns and leave as fast as possible because we knew that both gangs would be responding to the backup call and we no longer had enough time to rob them of their money and or illegal plants and drugs they had on them while holding down the lab. During the robbery using the reported parties POV you can see that ID 308 strips the ammo out of his gun seen at 2:15 in which I believe is a attempt to stall the robbery until their backup arrives. Both gangs turn up as you can clearly see in the reporting parties POV a small shootout begins and we escape the situation. https://streamable.com/hd0uzu (Pov of the backup breach) I would like to add that none of the reporting parties informed any of us to save our POV.
  4. I was dead before you even got done saying your sentence. How do you expect me to comply with you're demands if you just shoot me as your saying them? You spotting the vehicle at the scene does not give you DM rights on us. You would have to see me or the passenger actively participating in the shootout simply seeing the vehicle does not give you DM rights. Also someone from my faction shooting at you does not grant DM rights on everyone in said faction. The fact is you saw us at the shootout you did not see me or my ally shooting at all my ally never even stepped out of his car to my knowledge. He picked me up after the shootout had been ended so therefore you do not have DM rights on us. Secondly your "demands" where Invalid in everyway possible, You gave demands to a moving vehicle and you shot at us. Your excuse for shooting us was "They started driving away when we delivered demands, they failed to comply with the demands so we opened fire at them." this is not true the vehicle was already driving away as you gave demands. We were being shot not even a full second after you gave us demands, personally I was killed as you said "car" you did not even finish your sentence before killing me.
  5. Here is some extended footage from me and the Driver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uZmCOhILQc (drivers pov) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAHEfw8Bf_Q (my pov)
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 273 19 Date of interaction reported: 05/28/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1622229383 Your character name: Symere Blackwood Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) We were chasing a Issi that was spotted leaving the scene of a shootout after around 20 seconds of chasing, The issi stops both players inside of the issi open fire injuring me. They attempted to give demands not only where these demands to a moving vehicle making them invalid the players did not give us any time to comply at all. I am already dead before the demands have been given. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/n2u73c
  7. Hello Symere Blackwood here first off I would just like to say I had no intentions to hit the player on the bike instead I was actually attempting to run the kudo kai player over I would like to to thank the reporting party for linking the YouTube video when watching the YouTube video you can hear my ally Isaac say "Kudo is getting out" implying that they are starting the fight over drop within the same YouTube video I say "Hes aiming, Hes getting ran over" which proves I had intentions to run over the kudo kai player. First off I would never purposely run a player over that I do not have DM rights on. I tried to explain with the reporting party that I didn't mean to hit the reporting party and even offered to send him my POV over discord to prove any suspicion they had in my opinion this entire report could've been solved oocly with my footage but the reporting party refused to add me on discord and ignored my pms trying to solve oocly and instead insisted on saying I was lying. https://streamable.com/36wad6 You can clearly tell watching the clip that I picked my target and drove my vehicle towards them lining up with the player aiming at my allies. when me and the reporting party happened to cross paths, When this happened in game I did not even see the guy on the bike as there was at least 20-30 vehicles there, 4 enemy gangs circling us and I was only focusing on ID 200 as I was about to run him over. I would like to add that the reporting party is claiming that I purposely aimed at the bike when I did not even turn my vehicle after Lining up to run the player Aiming his gun at my allies. I would appreciate if the player that I "VDM'D" could also post his POV as It would help the admins viewing both sides of the situation before making a Final decision. (Time Stamped YouTube video proving I was attempting to run over the Kudo Kai)
  8. Hello symere blackwood here I do not have any pov because I was never asked to save it so I will be giving my side of the story, a small shootout happens at the gas station against my faction and goblins. During the shootout the reporting party is called out on top of the hill and 3-4 of us shoot at him at the same time. The reporting party was in the open running with zero cover and had over 3 people shooting him he was also half HP. He was shot by multiple people at the same time when I was shooting at the reporting party I was behind the store where shortly after shooting at the reporting party I was injured. After watching the reporting parties pov you can clearly tell that all 3 of us (2 men in the road) and me seen behind the store are actively shooting him at the exact same time.
  9. Hello - Symere Blackwood here, So basically a small fight with Kudo Kai happened at Sealabs where I was injured. I was brought to MD where I was helped by one of my allies. I then paid the doctor to recover from my injuries, before returning to Sealabs to get my vehicle and finish the RP with the remaining injured Kudo Kai members. While I was RPing with the injured Kudo, 67 pulled in with 10+ people and attempted to start a fight, opening fire on a few of my allies. After a few minutes the second clip from the reporting party occurs. Originally I was just continuing the previous scenario that my faction had won, with no fatalities. Also the reporting party said "Where ID 103 was actively back from the hospital and fighting barely 10 minutes after being injured." The first clips UNIX is at GMT: Friday, May 21, 2021 3:26:54 AM, and the second clip is at GMT: Friday, May 21, 2021 3:45:53 AM. 19 minutes had passed, my wellness had recovered as much as possible and my character was running completely normally. If I had returned to the same active scene against the same people that injured me then I could understand, but that is not what happened. I believe the reason that the wellness update was added to the server was to allow players to know when they have recovered from past injuries. I'm only seen fighting after my wellness had recovered meaning rply I would be recovered from any injuries since being injured. I also do not see how this is my fault that another gang pulled into my active rp scenario and started a large shootout. I was not looking to start the fight the fight was brought to me and my faction. In the pov below you can clearly see 67 coming into the lab and starting the shootout. Again I did not get injured and only return the scene to join a ongoing fight with 67. 67 came into the lab once I was already inside after being brought back from MD. Thank you for your time! https://streamable.com/gixee6
  10. I would also like to add the reporting party has said "I have discovered that they've been punished for that before" I have never been reported or punished for this.
  11. ID 35 here so a small shootout started when goblins pulled a gun on me behind the store during the shootout I realized my mistake and stopped doing the non rp action. Originally I was crouching behind the bush for cover from the enemy as seen I am doing the Non rp action but I do apologize for this it was only for 1-2 seconds as seen in the reporting parties POV, I thought I was fully out of the crouch animation but when you release "c" to crouch it takes a few seconds to fully stop the crouching animation thus is why I can be seen doing it. Again I do apologize for doing the action and for the future I will make sure I am fully out of the crouching animation before pressing "Shift"
  12. Symere Blackwood here I am ID 99 in this situation, so basically we had a compromised drop we see a police car behind us we are given demands to pull over we made the choice to try to hold the police officers up to make our chances of getting away much greater than just evading. We all get out of the car I give the driver clear demands to get out of the vehicle to where the driver reverses for a second then drives forward, all while I am still giving him clear demands to get out of the vehicle. Now the driver begins to reverse for the second time since given clear demands. We open fire killing the driver, I only shot at the driver during this situation and did not attempt to shoot the passenger (logs can be checked). It is very clear that the driver was not going to comply to the demands they had been given. Now about the demands I gave around 3-4 seconds of clear demands before opening fire I believe that the driver had enough time to comply if they wanted to, all the driver had to do was press his F key and he would not have been killed but he instead decided to drive back and forth then reverse in a attempt to flee. About Colt ID 71 saying stop. Colt was not the driver during the time of the shooting his driver was not complying with our demands. Colt was killed In 1 shot due to a bug in his POV you can clearly tell the first time he is shot his health and armor instantly go down instantly killing him. I would just like to emphasize the only reason we opened fire on the driver was because he was actively not complying to our demands to get out and instead chose to reverse in a attempt to flee, I believe the driver attempting to flee after I gave him valid demands granted me DM rights on the driver. POV : https://streamable.com/vr2rqo
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