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  1. Hi, im confused as to what im being reported for as I am not in any gang and no one is in vory. i have no pov because he didnt tell us to save it also you did not even lose anything besides some health cheers
  2. I was stuck inside there for over 30 minutes because the guy who stalled would not ooc unlock for me to leave and i got bored. I apologize for dismantling a couple of tables there was nothing for me to do during the time I was stuck. Although what I did was not correct, i do not believe that my actions impacted the roleplay in any way what so ever. I was not trying to take advantage of the bug and i did not cause the players to lose any items. Once again, im sorry for picking up a couple drugs and taking down a couple tables, if im in a situation like this again i will make sure to stay put an
  3. Hi, I was not recording, I was using OBS replay. I had it set to only 30 seconds but turned it up to 1 minute after i realized i may need other pov, this is all i have. Nothing else happened besides me sitting inside of his house waiting for my /admin 2 to get accepted for over 30 mins.
  4. Hello Kyle here, This situation started when we were following a Kudo Kamacho that had a compact rifle on them. They got out of the car and pointed guns and attempting to give demands to me and my allies, giving me full dm rights. I then positioned myself up the hill with high ground over the kamacho. Me and Johmarcus both got out of the brawler and began firing down on the reporting party, injuring him. He was standing relatively still at first so it was easy to line up a headshot and then we both began firing at him. I don't understand how this is aimbot when you see me miss some shots
  5. Sad to see you guys go, I enjoyed the rp that you guys brought to the server.
  6. I've already had some poor rp with this gang and rule playing. However, Best of Luck!!
  7. Hello! This is Kyle Radzvin. I would like to apologize that the sound on my pov did not save. In my pov you can see I was experiencing heavy lag at the beginning. The car I was in was driving into a wall for about 10 seconds on my screen while in the other pov you can see it drove into the lab. Then, once I got out of the car and pulled out my .50, it came out immediately and then about another 10 seconds later it did the animation it was supposed to do and the .50 disappeared. When I am being shot at, the bullets look to be hitting the ground a couple feet away from me. I believe this is just
  8. Hello, this is Kyle Radzvin. I will not be able to get to my pc to upload my footage until later tomorrow. Can I have more than 24 hours to respond?
  9. Hello, Kyle Radzvin here. Me and my allies have been having ic problems with the pink and yellow gang. We saw them in a very large convoy all going to a common ambush spot so we followed to see what was up. When arrived we were a little confused as to what was going on but scouted it out. We discussed if we should rob the 2 gangs that were causing us problems because they were all in a small area tightly packed together. Eventually our discussion was ended when one of my allies shouted demands at them. I am almost positive he did not mean give demands to the "aliens" and not the pink gang, or
  10. That is all the POV I have. And I did nothing of "severe hostile activity against them or an ally". So why did you kill me and take advantage of my desync ragdoll? I also never robbed you pal.
  11. Hey. In your pov you gave no demands to Jaiden and shot on sight and he did nothing to grant you kos permissions. You could have robbed him instead of shooting him right away but you chose to DM him. Also in your pov, it can be seen that the ram that sent me flying was unlucky desync for me. However, you took advantage of my desync ragdoll which in this report bellow lead to a warning. You also shot me in the head with no DM rights while I was injured due to the desync ragdoll. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/52902-id-26-179-fearrp-and-nrp/ You also did not answer the question tha
  12. Player(s) being reported: ID 116 Date of interaction reported: 27/11/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1606537943 Your characters name: Kyle Radzvin Other player(s) involved: Jaiden Sirizzotti, Nic Fisher Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved i
  13. Hello, Kyle Radzvin here. The reason I exited the apartment was a total mistake in the first place. The goblin that we had on his knees in the closet decided to completely break fear rp many times throughout this entire raid but I will be making a separate report about him. However, as seen in my clip, the goblin with the keys makes a run for the door and unlocks the apartment with a shotgun aimed at him. He also had a pistol aimed at him while he ran down the hallway. Then, I went to see if the door was unlocked because I saw him do the unlock animation but I was not sure if it canceled
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