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  1. History Only The Family is a criminal street gang that consists of trappers/rappers in Chicago. Founded by lil Durk 2010. The group would normally be filled with rappers but wanted to expand in more places. This would not limit who would be allowed to be accepted, as long as you are able to show dedication and loyalty. After the disbanding of Gangster Disciples, a gang that Draco was formally in. Draco still had those ties in Chicago. He was lost, shortly after the disbanding of GD, he joined Aztecas who were a family that Draco could go to for help. After being in Aztecas for a few month
  2. Issue Being Reported: I try to load into the server and after a blank screen pops up briefly than crashing after with no context. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 11/19/20 8:45 EST Your characters name: Draco Elric Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: This has been happening for about 2 days now. I tried already most solutions which lead to them not working. Also I recommend to lower volume upon watching the evidence, I was on discord with some mates. https://st
  3. ID 280 - Draco Elric here. Hi thank you for taking the time to report and for the admin to take it. I would like to inform that I was told not to save POV and not informed that I would be reported. So i do not have POV, but during the situation we were in the novak getting ready for the shootout, the driver did not give us the option most of the time to hop out of the car to shoot, instead the driver kept driving meaning that I would be injured the moment I was hopping out. I do admin to shooting as in the situation my adrenaline was rushing, and while being yelled at by the person next to me
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