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  1. I still think this is the best option by far, Yes it was a problem before, in saying that there are robberies that happen everyday IRL for little to no reason in public. IMO what @Bala suggested is a very good idea.
  2. Not gonna get to far into this, but as a criminal i can tell you every shootout we have there is PD that arrive in seconds, There never seems to be situation that pd cant handle IMO, I also notice the Police Pursuits you guys have, You pull nearly all your resources to catch a warrener if its felony evading but that's not the subject here. Well this isn't that true, we can't do what we want when we want as the OOC rules stop us from doing so, E.G I can be sitting at a store and a rival gang could be sitting there talking shit to me, as a gang member logicly i would rob/shoot him ove
  3. New rules 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk. Desert or forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be considered. One cannot force victims to withdraw money, sell script assets, or give assets not present IC. One cannot steal from players with NEW PLAYER above their head unless they have deliberately taken part in an active crime scen
  4. Carlos here, i did not know this was part of desync at all i was not even around when he crashed his car, not sure why i've been asked that, the reason i pulled up was because i got told that there were demands given. "I explained in /b that I was injured due to dsync." I'm not sure who you informed but i don't see in any of your povs you explain it was from desync nor was any pov offered. I would also like to say he hit a pole and injured himself in his own pov, he was originally driving on the wrong side of the road then corrected himself and swerved and looked behind him causin
  5. "It is my interpretation of this rule, that a player has a chance to react initially if he's holding a weapon. The issue is that you did not react upon being placed at gunpoint, but you complied, and continued to carry your desynced weapon" The player placed me under fear with the same "Bug" as you mentioned above. like i said from my conversation with Fain it was to my understanding of the rule where he said as long as they are not aiming a gun at you "go ahead and take it out" he was actively shooting at my alli when i shot at him. "I wholeheartedl
  6. "furthermore your claim of not being outnumbered in this situation is false, I had allies at the chop shop merely just round the corner and where on the scene instantly as shots began" I also had allis around the corner, We are talking about people in the immediate area not around the corner. Like i said the gun was in my hand the same way it was for you, i did not break fear rp and followed your demands until you started shooting and focusing on the other player. Also im still unsure how you could get hit from a semi truck while not wearing a helmet and just get up and walk aro
  7. at 24 seconds that car or person was NOT there at the time of my death, "hop straight back in with them and head back to the scene of your death" i did not go back to the place of my death it was a seperate location. I will wait for staff to ask any questions before responding.
  8. Hello. Starting off i would like to point out a few things, the 1st being how Enzo Volkov is hit off his bike from a semi truck and acts like nothing happen to him at all with no roleplay, Second " could you please tell me how you ended up shooting me with a Micro SMG but yet in this screenshot you have no such thing on your person." Well it's funny how you say im bug abusing when you did the exact same thing, he's my pov as you see you had no gun in your hand and got off the bike with your micro in your hand. "Do you feel that you observed good Fear RP by withdrawing your weapon and enga
  9. The people i was involved with were NOT involved with my death, This is not an official war YET. I am allowed to interact with who i please as long as i don't break NLR by doing so. Here is my video as you can see, there was No one that i seen involved with my death or was it the place of my death as seen on my video, I was not even on Freq you guys were the one who engaged not me.
  10. All parties involved must avoid interaction with each other for 30 minutes. A player must not return to the area of their death for that time frame or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players. Official faction members may return to their HQ and resume faction duties but must abide by the NLR rules in all other ways.+ I died at the Chop shop turf, like i said, there is no other name for it, it's quite literally 50m from the chop shop. You say that it was still an active scene but it was not, Please show me POV of this active scene? When i went inside of the
  11. Hi there, I died at the chop chop location, I was at my HQ dealer when you came down and gave demands to me, You guys aimed guns and engaged on me, i was just sitting in my car. "within 30 minutes he was already back near his body and engaging with us. He broke NLR by interacting with us within the 30 minute timeframe. " Lets puts some facts down, I was at MY HQ, not the PLACE of my death. It is a completely different Turf and i did not go to the location of my Death. I was in a car with Tony Cortese, Who had nothing to do with my Death at all, He did not respond
  12. "I could not have known that he was innocent if he was standing up, and in the same colors as everyone that finished an officer off" So as a SWAT officer they tell you, Shoot anyone in the same colours? Why shoot someone if you can't tell if they are innocent or not? Especially since you want to quote that you are a SWAT officer so much.
  13. Again i said LARGE scale shootout, They were shot for not complying and shooting at us, In the video you KILLED an innocent person because of this, ID 67, he had not shot, was not involved with anything, he was injured already and gunned down by yourself or your partner. He also had $40,000 in his pockets that was deleted because of this. So as a SWAT officer you had manage to kill an innocent person in your "precised shooting"
  14. We killed ALL the cops that arrived including yourself and your partner because you stayed up there for about 2-3 minutes opening fire, This was only because of you, we did not aim for a shootout, Had you not opened fire making it harder for us to get our injured out, the whole of PD who arrived would of survived and it would not of been a large scale shootout. "i was watching you guys from the highway, You walked up to her and SPRAYED a micro SMG point black into them. It was obvious she was dead." Also not sure how you could tell that "it was obvious she was dead" when she
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