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  1. Hello Doan and Kazjii! First off, I would like to thank you both for taking part in the report. As a fair warning, not once did the reporting tell me to save POV until 1 to 2 hours later in my Discord DMs so I do not have any footage from the incident. To begin, yesterday was a mess of a situation, several of my friends decided to say some dumb shit when it really wasn’t necessary and thus got themselves banned from the server, this was earlier in the day which was around 2 - 3 hours before these events occurred where my current group or whatever would you like to call
  2. Gonna miss you vatos, love the familia and I hope that you all enjoy your future RP endeavors!
  3. YNGx


    So happy that I was apart of this faction for a short time, will miss everyone. Hope to continue being with the homies in game
  4. YNGx


    Loved the post, amazing read as always misses boss!
  5. Very fat +1, very well thought out ideas.
  6. YNGx

    County Lines

    Supa heat, good luck homies!
  7. Yoooo! Looking good so far, can’t wait to see what’s up with the new faction
  8. YNGx


    Volver a la Familia "Back to the Family" Thomas flew into the city of Los Santos with ambition and purpose, truly seeking what was out there in life for him, he was no stranger to big cities but he had never seen anything like Los Santos before. He was very uneducated and uncertain of what paths he would choose to go down but he had yet to decide what he wanted to. Despite his cousin being a Police Officer at the time of his arrival into the city he was still vigilant in his ideas of crime to partake in and would not let his family by blood get to him. Thomas grew up in Barrio Logan
  9. YNGx

    6ix 7even

    Lookin fresh as fuck, excited to see where this goes
  10. Awesome update John, glad to see this rollin back up again! Much love
  11. YNGx


    DAYUM, loved the new update, keep going
  12. YNGx

    ID 17 NRP

    Hello! As I have further looked into this situation and POVs I have been provided by Smith, there was only vehicle that decided to drive inside during what had occured. There was no saved footage of the individual inside the vehicle but a Lowrider type car rolled inside and the player spoke to the NPC to I assume chop it. I told him he needed to leave now and chop his car elsewhere, I am not aware if this individual reported the robbery to the police but I believe in might of been in OOC means if he had. The original person we robbed was initiated by Smith Brown as I Code 0'd when the per
  13. YNGx

    Gangster Disciples

    Damn, gonna miss you homies. Loved every interaction with y'all ;(
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