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    -edit Like to cancel the report as this has been solved in game
  2. 100% agree with this, There are a lot of other point I can bring up but this is something important, People get banned left and right, whether it be a suggestion they do not agree with or constructive criticism. There are people on this server that have been here for years, and for people that have been here this long to be scared to give their personal opinion and and express themselves is kind of ridiculous. This has to be looked at, The moment you start listening to every voice and showing that to the community, then you will start to get a positive outcome.
  3. Love you guys to death, Thanks for all the great times!
  4. Skullboi


    This was not just a faction, it was a family. Thanks for all the great times, these brothers and sisters have been with me since the start and have always had my back! "Mi Familia Sobre Todos"
  5. Skullboi


    Part 1 (Path To Azteca) Haji (Siphiwa) Hernandez El Africano [#1 Sicario] "Una Nueva Familia" "A New Family" "La Ciudad Nueva" "New City" Haji departs from his plane into the lobby of Los Santos International Airport with nothing but a few bags of belongings and a couple grand to his name. He needed a fresh start, a new beginning. He had spent his entire life up to this point in Africa, where he helped his mother with charity work for the less fortunate. While he felt good helping those of less fortune, seeing their st
  6. Hi Thank you to Timmaayy and Doan for handling this report. Let me address a few points. Firstly this report seems very petty coming from Coyer, Not once did he ask me to save POV nor did he even try to pm me or use ooc to tell us to stop the so called Gross RP. I honestly do not think in any way that this is worth reporting considering the fact that the only reason we were in jail was due to a mass amount of PoorRP and NonRP from coyer himself. I honestly have no words and had no idea this would even be considered as gross RP and taken to the forums. I apologize for the "Gros
  7. Skullboi


    Great Post! Great Event!
  8. we had good interactions and good content with FSO! Thank you
  9. Hi ID 85 here, The one being chased in the Pursuit. I have POV from the pursuit on the highway to where the scene was basically done. I will upload it ASAP. let me respond to a few statements. Yes although a ambush was the plan, The plan never went through due to my error of going into the chop having my Allies being caught off guard due to my actions. Desync played a big role in this chase, and you can see it multiple times in the 1 POV alone. At that point demands had not been given yet, also let me add that he turned off the highway making you lose
  10. Your Suggestion: Whenever someone fails AFKMath or forgets to do it, The server will instead of disconnecting you just send you to the login page. This allows for when people go afk and come back or stand in one area and forget the math, that they will instead of having to close RAGE, or having to press F1 and choose the server to reconnect, then they can just log back in and continue with what they were doing. It makes getting back on your character a lot easier when you all you have to do is just login. Its a very small suggestion but is something that I think w
  11. Skullboi


    Great Job Lucy
  12. Skullboi


    Great post Thomas, keep it up!
  13. Hi, ID 127 over here! First I would like to thank Timmaayy for taking this report. As stated by ID 28, we hit each other in which he climbed out and gave them (ID 150 & ID 156) both demands, I heard ID 28 say "hands" - Before he moved out off range for me to hear anything else. The passenger ID 150 then decided to climb out and pull a gun. After that I was too far away to hear further demands, so I decided to start shooting at ID 156 in the car as the demands were given clearly to both of them! As you can see in my POV, ID 156 was still in the car, and only when I had injured h
  14. Wrong section brother, ya gotta go look at em ban appeals https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/3-decision-appeals/
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