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  1. Revelt

    The Rooks

    Congrats to y'all. you guys deserve it !
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): - Character name: Leonardo Joseph Issue/bug you are reporting: This bug always happens after people dead on gunfight/injured and spawn at pillbox with his stuff still inside his inventory, like gun etc. Expected behavior: Stuff in our inventory should be gone and stay on our dead body Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1.in the first picture you can see i was outside of ncz area 2.in the second picture you can see i was inside of ncz area (Central Hospital) 3.in the third picture you can see i was outside of ncz area but i still have NCZ tag on my /ncz this bug caused because of NCZ protection from central hospital, so if you go to central hospital and go somewhere without touching another NCZ such as (LSPD, Bank, Pillbox, SandyMD) you will always have NCZ protection from Central Hospital and it will make the stuff stay on our inventory when we're dead. On that time, i tried to central hospital > then i do /ncz at foundry > i still have NCZ Protection > Then i went to LSPD (another NCZ) > the NCZ Protection gone > then i went to central hospital again > after i went central hospital > i went to meat drop off > i did /ncz and i still have NCZ protection from central MD. The solution : Every NCZ location will remove their NCZ protection when we get out from NCZ except Central Hospital, so if we go to central hospital without touching another NCZ you will always have NCZ protection and that is the reason you still have your stuff when you're dead. NB : I forget to do /time for check timestamp on that time. so i fill it with " - " for that PM i tried to PM Bakmeel and telling him the solution how to fix this inventory bug after spawn. The point is : Central Hospital NCZ Protection sticking to our character until we touch another NCZ / Relog
  3. Revelt

    ID 74 (NRP)

    I have a lot reason for doing rob on sight like that.
  4. Revelt

    ID 74 (NRP)

    i shoot 1 person IRL and he got injured at internetcafe and i didnt check situation before just because that guy trashtalk to me. for an example if someone murder our parents you will just shoot them without check the situation. i down for that. for me it wasnt a cop baiting, if it was cop baiting you should interact with the cops and bait them to put charges on you and make them to find and chase you. and put warrants on you.
  5. Revelt

    ID 25 (FearRP)

    Since when i use it on purpose ?, i tried to get into your car, if its locked then im unlucky, if its unlocked then im lucky... i also don't know how you can get out from your car and take your gun out from your back to fight me and didnt even value your life. on that time i want to make a video and having fun with kidnap and torture RP and of course i will ask for consent regarding that., not only bam bam bam. thats why im very very close to my character behavior. i want to enjoy roleplaying not only "gun fight" i can use a lot sound effect for Roleplay to record and RP on it. i already prepared. my character behavior used to be serial killer. Note for you : Stop evading the thing you guys always use
  6. Revelt

    ID 82 (FearRP)

    1.Why i didnt inform you about the complaint, because i thought we're chill i watch the video after shootout finished and noticed that you broke fear-rp and when i got punished for fear-rp from your guy, i also didnt got complaint and information about that and this is how it goes. 2.Yes my name Leonardo Joseph its my Alt Character Mr.Kayta, the person that was recording the video is ID 74, and i was involved on that shootout. 3.I make this thread before he got banned and im not banned. is it clear Mr.Kayta? from your statement, you said it was desync when you dont even have proof of it.
  7. Revelt

    ID 25 (FearRP)

    everyone always doing that to get into someone's car. they always did the same when i already drove off and far away from location, someone already inside my car, when i press g to get into your car then you reserve your car, my character sticking to your car. then sitting on passenger seat. i always learn from what i got and from what i see
  8. i will improve with kidnap and torture RP include the sound effect.
  9. check the video you will see the different character beavior with other character XDD, btw thanks for your support mate
  10. Revelt

    ID 82 (FearRP)

    @Aldarine Correction unix time stamp, was my bad sorry XD
  11. First Mission with Russian and Wanted death bodies would be covered the area, death monkey picked up all the bodies and put throw it together and gut all of their body (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey hold his shotgun tightly and watch around preparing for next wave There would be no second wave, death monkey put his shotgun on his back and collecting their stuff and their meat into his bag (( Death Monkey )) Mission with Adrian Kennedy gunshots sound would covered the area , there would be 2 WCA Death bodies on the ground (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey search corpse's body on the ground and take his stuff and take out his knife from his back..- -.. crouch on the ground and gut their body, take the meat, put his bag on the ground and put the meat inside of it. There would be 2 WCA death bodies on the ground, stack it together and put it on the ground. (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey raise his hands up show gang sign and spitting on their bodies and continue gutting their meat Death Monkey evil laugh. Death Monkey would loot WCA death body and take his stuff. (( Death Monkey )) he would get Combat Pistol with 10 Rounds of bullets and Shotgun with 8 Rounds of bullets (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey take his knife and guts their body put it inside his bag, walk towards his bike..- -.. Get onto his bike, move the bag to his bag and drive towards the body, spits on the body and get out from the location.
  12. Death Monkey was born in xxxxxx he's xx Years old, rumor said his name was Leon, but still unknown. Monkey known as the most smartest animals in the world. same like Death Monkey, he's so smart, know when to engage and setup strategy. He dont want to affiliated with a gang, he just want to having fun gutting people's body, watch people bleeding. There would be AK47 with 60 bullets top of the bed (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey look towards AK47 top of the bed. Death Monkey inspect the AK47. AK-47 7.62x39mm | 16.3 Gram | Slab sided steel 430 Gram | 60 Rounds 916 Gram (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey take his AK47 and put it inside the bag. There would be 5 AK inside the bag without the bullets (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey walk outside his house, take out his AK47 from his back and hold it with both of his hand tightly. You would see Death Monkey holding his AK47 on his hand (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey take out the empty ammo and reload it with 60 rounds of AK47 Bullets. Death Monkey would be walk towards his house, take out his AK47 from his safety locker from inside the house (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey put 6 AK47 on the ground making round circle. Death Monkey fold his legs and sit on the ground with holding AK47 on his right hand. Death Monkey finished his meditation put AK47 back into his safe room (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey take one bag from his bedroom put his AK47 inside the bag. There would be a bag with AK47 60 rounds inside of it (( Death Monkey )) Death Monkey take the bag and put it on his back.
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