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  1. +1 Lots of good ideas that could make PrisonRP more interesting, especially when prison time is +5hrs
  2. Thanks guys! Had so much fun with the rp that night (Wish the alias was correct tho )
  3. "Let's go for a walk, shall we?" It was 2.30 am when Ling and Tommy decided it was time for a little patrol ride through the streets of Strawberry. With guns pinned to their belts, wrapped in their sweatshirts, they began to walk, glancing around ready to intervene. The sound of snow crunching under their footsteps was accompanied by the echoes of the sirens of emergency vehicles whizzing frantically through the streets of Los Santos. They avoided speaking aloud as if the walls themselves could hear them. Chi entrusted them to take care of Strawberry's surroundings,
  4. Player(s) being reported: FROM THE FOOTAGE PROVIDED. Goblins: 135,27, 263 LFM: 152, 38, 64 Date of interaction reported: 18/12/2020 Unix timestamp from HUD: 1608244034 Your characters name: Ling Lau Other player(s) involved: Lola Devalera Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a
  5. "10, 20, 30k.." Park Sang-Ook seemed to be looking at them from top to bottom with a spark of curiosity in his eyes, leaning against the wall of that alley, tight in his leather jacket on that gloomy November evening. Jerome and Chris were busy counting the wads as they pulled them out of the heavy bags on their backs, an interesting loot provided a few hours earlier, directly from the bank robbery of the day. "It's been a while since the last order. Four Seas Order, right?" With the war that had torn the city in past months and the disappearance of the
  6. +1 Would be great not to focus everything on just one table and see labs a bit more alive
  7. Leaves were starting to fall from the trees around the city as October was coming to an end, and with them, the citizens of Los Santos were preparing themselves for Halloween. Aztecas, in particular, were preparing themselves for the night of the 1st of November, the “Día de Los /Muertos”, where traditionally the souls of the dead come back to earth to visit the living. Being similar to Chinese traditions, it was decided that FSO would help plan the festivities. They would also be contributing part of their culture to the event. Chi and Alicia talked a few days prior to organize the
  8. The sun was setting below the horizon, and as the first lights were starting to poke through the skyscraper’s windows, lighting up the city, the Four Seas Order was getting ready for the Noodle's Grand Opening. After being done with the usual daily schedule and threw on the white coats, the only sounds that could've been heard inside the building were the ones of the plates being placed on the tables, the screeches of the chairs being dragged on the floor. The mumbles of those people who were getting ready for the night filled the kitchen. Chris was anxiously walking back and fo
  9. “Alright Mr.Frankwunder and Ms.Cheng, are any of you familiar with the Four Seas Order?” Silence went down inside the room, Ling's sight locked on the floor as she kept torturing her own fingers. A cup of steaming black coffee was laying on the desk upfront. Leaning towards her in order to whisper, her attorney, so called Stan Frankwunder, asked Ling if she was part of it. Her response wasn't immediate. “Be honest with me, I want to know as much as I can to use it to our advantage.” Being forced to choose whether trust him or not, Ling choose the one option that, hopefully
  10. It was a sunny evening in Los Santos and, considered the time, a lot of the Four Seas Order members were in town, keeping up with some work, discussing about future plans as they were planting up in Chiliad. As soon as the time to leave came in, heading all towards a pre-established location, Ling, Joshua and Lyosha found an abandoned car in the middle of the road. The perfect opportunity, if it wasn’t that after the third failed lockpick, a detective’s cruiser pulled behind them, forcing them to leave it in a hurry. Luckily enough, Joshua and Lyosha managed to flee, where Ling
  11. Shining0103

    The Firm

  12. 橋 (Bridge) Within the past couple of days, the situation between FSO and Irish became more and more heated up north, leading up even into the city, where Ling was approached by few of them. “From now on, until we’re authorized otherwise, you guys are free to hit in the city” “So be it” thought Ling as they let her drive away without further consequences. It didn’t take more than a couple of days for further developments, as FSO decided to set up an ambush spot, good enough to overcome Irish, without having to worry about the numbers. Everyone’s hands were feelin
  13. @Charliepollock10 As much as it may sound unfair, the intervention of an eventual DOJ could be related to the duration of the punishment inflicted at the time of the arrest. Let me explain: I wouldn't personally mind calling a lawyer over a reckless operation, but even though it's still annoying, 15-30 minutes in jail are not that much of a burden. The thing becomes unbearable whenever a stack of charges comes up, leading up to 2/3+ hours in prison where you're most likely sitting in a corner watching something on Netflix or, if you try to RP, the time served isn't taken into consideratio
  14. Department of Justice After spending a generous amount of time in the server now, experiencing both criminal and legal RP (as a citizen, not taking part in the law enforcement) and seeing how this environment has developed within the course of the past few months, I came up to the conclusion that to find a proper balance, should be introduced a major “middleman”: a Justice Department. This would allow both parties to find new RP opportunities within a court system, introducing new roles and jobs such as lawyers, juries, deputies, and so on. This could also lead to the possibility t
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