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Found 5 results

  1. The Faggio Mod is a custom variant of the standard Faggio, along with the Faggio Sport. This vehicle is better performance wise and more aesthetically pleasing, and with its high customisability it could make a great addition to roleplay scenarios. the main reason i am requesting this is the fact that the other two versions of the faggio are in the server but this is not.
  2. Triple Seven

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    Since the credit store is gone for vehicles I'd greatly appreciate it if all vehicles (apart from non-rp ones like for example the moon buggy and the insurgent) were added to normal dealerships. Right now a lot of vehicles cannot be obtained and even a simple thing like the mountainbike (Scorcher) can't be bought. Would love to hear the thoughts of the community and developers.
  3. Greetings citizens of San Andreas, I am proud to announce that company Los Santos Auctions has officially opened its doors for anyone interested in becoming an employee within our company! We offer both full time and part-time positions. (( By part-time positions, I mean a position that you can have whilst also being in a government faction or another scripted job at the same time. )) Position Description: As a standard employee, your job will be to answer orders submitted by customers, for auctions, whether that be for vehicles or for homes. Soon, we will be opening up our doors for actual real estate, which will become a duty of the position, as well. Employees are paid by commission, not by salary, therefore, pay is never a guarantee. The more orders you accept and process, the more money you'll receive. Requirements for joining the Los Santos Auctions Team: Minimum age of 16. No felony convictions for at least one-month (( 14 days. )) (( Minimum experience count of 2,500. )) Must be a good person! Job application link: http://tiny.cc/lsaapp After you have submitted an application, please create an account on our website if you haven't already at www.lossantosauctions.com (( https://discord.gg/xzduJep // That discord link is an approved in-character discord, has been approved by Founders of Eclipse Roleplay. )) and send an email using your credentials within the website. (( Send a private message to @Flucifial#0884 letting him know you have submitted the application. )) Good luck to all of those who submit an application!
  4. NagU2x

    Dubsta 6x6

    This is a very simple suggestion that I have been saying since July when i joined the server, we need the Dubsta 6x6 back for sale. It doesn't matter if it is for real money or IC money we just need it back for sale.
  5. AutoRepairs in Sandy Shores is ready for your orders. Join our community and pick a car you want. https://discord.gg/sPnbf5r