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Found 21 results

  1. New Vehicles Suggestion Well, it’s been about 4 months since we have gotten new vehicles, and GTA released the Cayo Perico Heist, as well as adding a few new cars. A couple cars have been in GTA previous to the update, but it would be nice to have some more variety as well as some new vehicles from the update, and from before the update that haven't been added yet. All the information for the cars is linked in the name of the vehicle, and the spawn name and hash are listed with each vehicle. A couple cars were suggested in a previous thread a few months ago,
  2. There is a similar post not too long ago about electric cars in the city that was a good start to what I want to say, but I'd like to combine those thoughts into one post while fleshing out more of my own in an effort for more exposure. The referenced post is the following: Obviously we already have a host of electric cars on the server, but they don't act as electric cars should, and I feel they deserve their own flag as Xoza mentioned in a comment on that thread, in order to have more defining characteristics to them besides their lack of sound, ans possibly some scripted optio
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 7/14/2020 9:45am EST Character name: Don Mozzarella Issue/bug you are reporting: There is a bug with vehicles and /modview, where if you log off, or park it then unpark it, it loses some visual modifications, and turbo performance modification, until you go to a mechanic shop, and enter /modview (Examples Below). Expected behavior: Entering my car(s) without driving to a shop to have turbo work and visual customizations show. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Evidence #1: Before/After entering "/modview" (Visual C
  4. AutoRepairs in Sandy Shores is ready for your orders. Join our community and pick a car you want. https://discord.gg/sPnbf5r
  5. Raven Autos Current Stock: 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raven Autos is willing to negotiate on prices (within reason). Feel free to bid unless specified in the listing. Any questions or bids text #535-6160 OR BID HERE ----------------------------------------- Vehicles ----------------------------------------- NO STOCK @ THIS TIME --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ Vehicle Sell History ↓ (Click Spoiler to see)
  6. HeavyFlow Dealership is located East of LS Bank just over the road from DCC. Are you looking for your next dream vehicle? Look no further. You can place your order on our website here: http://www.heavyflowdealership.online/ Or by Calling/Texting us! on #3215352 Here is a picture of the location which can be found on your satellite navigation system: Thanks for looking.
  7. MULTIPLE VEHICLES FOR SALE The Vehicles listed here are simply vehicles that I do not use and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible. All the Vehicles listed are maxed out. Contact number: 5144865 ============================================================================================================== -SOLD- ========================================================================================================== Dominator GTX 130.000$ ========================================================================================
  8. Selling maxed Hakuchuo Drag. Current offer: 1.2m Phone number: 3457489
  9. Gountlet Hellfire [MAXED] : 339K Offers below!
  10. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trading my gun store Please don't low ball me, hit me up with considerable offers Comes with a customized website((Discord)), comes with a stock of at least 100 pistols Looking for either rare vehicles or a different business Located near the Taco job Hit me up with Offers at #5237015 Lucas Daniels ~ Owner of DanielsPipes Gun Store Website ______________________________________________________________
  11. Greetings citizens of San Andreas, I am proud to announce that company Los Santos Auctions has officially opened its doors for anyone interested in becoming an employee within our company! We offer both full time and part-time positions. (( By part-time positions, I mean a position that you can have whilst also being in a government faction or another scripted job at the same time. )) Position Description: As a standard employee, your job will be to answer orders submitted by customers, for auctions, whether that be for vehicles or for homes. Soon, we will be opening up our door
  12. Hey Eclipse Community! I have been thinking of suggesting new cars and modifications for the server and I gathered information about the best ones. No cars have been added to the server since I joined and I believe there must be more things to spend on. - Jester Classic Why not? I mean this car has everything and it is perfect in its every section! What is more, it is one of the unique cars which use the manual gearbox (In GTA you cannot change the gear. However, there are obvious differences between automated and manual gearboxes in the game such as its acceleration
  13. I have multiple suggestions that are mainly fixes for vehicle highend/lowend issues with some server improvements and features. Vehicle Type Suggestions Vehicle Selling Yards: Additional vehicle selling yards apart from highend/lowend. This would eliminate issues such as space limitations especially when it comes to boats and trucks bugging out Highend. Possible locations: - Boat yard (In the actual water, either Del Perro Pier or La Puerta/Vespucci docks near BoatorSport) - Truck yard (Perhaps somewhere in the industrial area or Terminal Island near the Cre
  14. Need to add a way to impound / tow motorcycles even if it is only by doing a slash command with a tow truck to load them into the truck to remove at the destination (or an command that sends them to impound that requires the tow to go to impound to complete the command). Currently the bank is overrun with bikes illegally parked which the cops should be able to handle IC (though it is also an OOC issue since it causes a lot of people to lag), but cannot due to tow trucks not having flatbeds or whatever is needed. Requiring an OOC method to fix this problem (admin manually clearing them) when
  15. Hello All, So basicly my suggestion is simple, to fix car stalling system. So now you hit something and you get stalled, after few tries of starting the car it will eventually start up, but irl once car had an accident it's out. So therefore my suggestion is once car is stalled it would need mechanic to fix it, or some kind of repair kit that mechanics could sell. So what's the positive outcome of this?: -Mechanics wouldn't need just to sit in their workplace 24/7 and would make their job more intresting. -Drivers should drive more carefully since if their car is stalled they w
  16. I like the concept of the used car dealerships but there are some frustrations with it. High End's Roleplay Location High End is for all intents and purposes, supposed to be a premium used car dealership, correct? Why do we have cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars right next to the ocean and beach. Saltwater has an adverse effect on the paint of vehicles, as well as sand potentially damaging the parts of the car. Just seems a little short sighted to have expensive cars parked practically next to the sun loungers on the beach. We could either move it to another l
  17. So I have an Elegy Retro fully upgraded 2/2 Turbo full visuals on it, wheels, neons and tyre smoke included. I'm looking for a Contender SUV fully upgraded with most visuals on preferably. I am considering also about Contenders 1/2 Turbo. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested or want to negotiate! Thank you, Trip Langley
  18. The Faggio Mod is a custom variant of the standard Faggio, along with the Faggio Sport. This vehicle is better performance wise and more aesthetically pleasing, and with its high customisability it could make a great addition to roleplay scenarios. the main reason i am requesting this is the fact that the other two versions of the faggio are in the server but this is not.
  19. Since the credit store is gone for vehicles I'd greatly appreciate it if all vehicles (apart from non-rp ones like for example the moon buggy and the insurgent) were added to normal dealerships. Right now a lot of vehicles cannot be obtained and even a simple thing like the mountainbike (Scorcher) can't be bought. Would love to hear the thoughts of the community and developers.
  20. NagU2x

    Dubsta 6x6

    This is a very simple suggestion that I have been saying since July when i joined the server, we need the Dubsta 6x6 back for sale. It doesn't matter if it is for real money or IC money we just need it back for sale.
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