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  1. Thank you for the appeal @Bob_Burger. This is pending @YuSoHelpful. Your patience during this time is much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the appeal @Theo Smalls. This is pending @Bakmeel. Your patience at this time is appreciated.
  3. Personally I would be a big advocate for reducing the size of the bank NCZ to just include the interior and front corner sidewalk where the entrances are as realistically that is where exterior security cameras would be located and visualizing. Honestly speaking however, and I have a feeling this will be met with negativity, my biggest suggestion would be to add another NCZ (preferably a soft NCZ only scriptly enabled during certain hours). A big issue in the server is that there is no place for people to hang out and have civilian rp without having to constantly move their camera around, be cautious of vehicles, etc. The win mentality in the server is so high that it creates this sense of nowhere being "safe" (big hats off to our larger gangs that frown on this mentality and partake in some awesome RP). In real life I walk places, chat outside, spend time in the clothing store, etc. but in the server if I walk down one street people are shocked (looking at you @CBullet haha) and people walk into clothing stores with their hands raised to let you know they come in peace. I know there was a suggestion a bit ago about the pier becoming a place to hang out and honestly I feel that something like that along with not having the bank NCZ be around the whole entire block, would start to disperse people to different areas and possibly lessen some "monkey see, monkey do" actions at the bank. As stated before I'm well aware that people do not like the idea of another NCZ because of abuse but at the same time something needs to be done to counterbalance the win and rob rob rob mentalities people do unfortunately have. Overall, give people the ability to disperse and I believe they will. Decrease the size of the NCZ and people will also scatter.
  4. Oh my apologies for poor phrasing. I don't want to go to the inside of the property, just get a closer look at the exterior and did not want to alarm you with a stranger on your property at odd hours. I will be passing by later today. Thank you for the permission to look around outside.
  5. Good Day, In efforts to prevent possible trespassing on your private property as well as homeowner courtesy, I want to request permission to enter the premises for a closer look at the home. It is important to note that when stating I wish to enter the premises, I would primarily like to make my way upstairs to the multiple terraces and pool area. Along with this, do you have a number where I can reach you at to discuss this beautiful house? I look forward to hearing back from you. Best Regards, Nicole Crawford
  6. Thank you for making an appeal @vuki. This will be pending @Mickeyyy. Your patience at this time is appreciated!
  7. I’m all for this even just so criminals have some ability to make anonymous phones, though as a side now I would like to see expensive limited use burner phones implemented as well. Cell phone owner names automatically come up through Dispatch when you make a 911 call which in my opinion shouldn’t happen because you’re not always in a state where you can say/want to say your name. Criminals need more ways to be sneaky and remain anonymous.
  8. Good Day Mr. Castillo, I just wanted to inform you that I sent you a text message regarding this property. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, Nicole
  9. (( This is an IC forum, so please keep your responses in character. Thank you very much @Pegasus_ @Skizee ))
  10. ~*~ Still House Hunting ~*~ ~*~ Budget - Multi Million / Fair Price ~*~
  11. +1 Good suggestion!
  12. I would be a big supporter of this if it were possible to maintain realism with situations as mentioned above (flipping a heavy vehicle). Flipping a vehicle, even a smaller one, is no easy task to accomplish by yourself so it should also take a significant amount of time and perhaps lower your hunger/thirst bars as well just from exerting yourself. Overall +1
  13. ~*~ Still House Hunting ~*~
  14. Thank you for making this appeal, this is pending @SantinoDeferro. Your patience is appreciated while this is being reviewed.
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