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  1. +1 to this suggestion. Cutting hair right now is just a way for people to meme and the majority of the time there is no RP reason for it.
  2. -1 overall to this suggestion. As stated by the above poster, the value of semi rare items would diminish. Not only that but things like a pool cue, crowbar, pipe wrench, etc. can all be RP'd already (I carry a crowbar in my ambulance in the event that I'm alone with a patient and they are trapped in a vehicle) and don't need to be physically present in the server as an item that people can equip and just attack/one-shot each other with or hold in their hands as they type their RP. Aside from that, obvious +1 to being able to purchase ammo separately but all first gun purchases should come full.
  3. Um... clearing something up... leaving your car in a NCZ does not leave it safe and secure. You risk getting it towed, which happens more often than you may think. Those cars are presently viewed as abandoned vehicles with no pay-to-park ticket and get removed at the owner's expense. This is also RP. Aside from that... it's up to faction heads/faction management to dictate something like you're suggesting as it is targeted towards a very specific grouping of people who are already heavily monitored. Policies, processes, and guidelines for factions are discussed internally when we see a big issue and sorry but this is definitely not one of them.
  4. I don't think anybody should be threatened with disciplinary action or removal from a faction that they worked hard to get into over where they log out. Do it to the Rebels all you want - that's your group and your own prerogative.
  5. Overall -1 I would be in support of being able to push a motorcycle a short distance but that is pretty much all. The reason for the overall -1 is because vehicles are different sizes and weights and would require a different number of people to push/not even be able to push it at all especially is there are things in the trunk that weigh it down. Fine tuning the details would be so difficult to the point of everything needing a weight, a required person threshold, etc. Along with this, it has the ability to take away from mechanics which would be very unfortunate as I would like to see them out and about doing more already and as stated by an above poster, the whole jerry can downfall that would come. People should be mindful of their fuel consumption - it's really not that difficult - or just carry a spare jerry can in your trunk.
  6. So while I understand the issue and think that changes do need to be made, I do not believe the best way to go about this is by removing the line regarding fear rp. The reason for this lies in the fact that that portion of the line referencing fear rp applies to all situations where you are allowed to attack another player. Note that the wording of the rule can be segmented and read as follows: "...not in compliance with demands in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear rp rules." "...attempt to escape in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear rp rules." Reading over that and imaging the fear rp segment is removed would make it so every demand made is valid even without a gun pointed at your face and just walking away from somebody would give them grounds to attack. Removing that part of the rule would not have a limited impact on the concerns regarding valid demands for somebody in a vehicle. In my opinion, it's not the deathmatching rule that needs to be looked at but instead the fear rp rule. Guidelines need to be set down that dictates how you can place somebody in a vehicle under fear rp. That way, once they are under fear rp, the deathmatching rule, as is, kicks in and allows you to attack should they violate the rule. The section of the Fear RP rule that should be reviewed states you are not under Fear RP: "When you are in a car which engine is not stalled." I would advocate for valid demands being given to all parties in a stationary vehicle with windows down/convertibles at a minimum, however, much more than that and it becomes tricky circumstances. Criminals should be able to disable a moving vehicle to a certain extent. I fear too much of a change will lead to constant shooting at vehicles with very poor RP just "for the luls" which would be unfortunate. Not only that but then you'll have people arguing about valid demands, how fast somebody was driving, how the shooting party could gauge speed, constant refund requests (a lot of which would get denied due to the minimum), etc.
  7. Posters please remember this is more than just PD - OP is citing this for all legal factions. In regards to PD, this is not just a "simple IC issue" as there are physical limitations on parking spots as the layout of the GTA 5 map dictates - which is an OOC matter (mapping). In regards to EMS, our NCZ script is literally broken more than half the time so our cars just get stolen - which is an OOC matter considering it's script failure/rule breaks. ICly, all government employees have designated parking spaces (which are OOCly protected due to NCZ script support) and there are policies in place for this (ie: EMS can tow off duty employees if their cars are left behind). All this suggestion would do is give script support to that IC policy by providing an actual way of parking our vehicles. Along with this, as stated by another poster, it would assist with lag from having so many vehicles out at once as well as the lovely immersion breaking vehicles stacked on top of one another due to vehicle desync. So many things can be done without script support but having it is a benefit which is shown by some of the suggestions on the forums such as animations, labels for bags, the ability to make outfits, etc. All legal factions don't even have gated parking for employees and this can somewhat be attributed to the mapping of GTA 5 alone. At an absolutely minimum I think this should be implemented at all legal factions that are within NCZ bounds.
  8. +1 especially considering the NCZ at Central MD doesn't work all the time so people take our cars and also so many civilians fill our parking lot even though they're not supposed to so we don't always have a parking space before going on duty
  9. Unsure about the charges? Realistically emergency rooms are the only place that will tend to you in an emergency situation regardless of your ability to pay. Presently there is no charge for going to Central MD/calling a medic and no repercussions should you have committed a crime. If this were to ever become a thing, there has to be a negative to each positive to act as an offset and deterrent from abusing it. Also, in what world would a "mob doctor" work for free? They would demand to be paid generously for their services.
  10. Okay, OP lets take this apart with each point listed in your post since edit. 1. "this was aimed and directed at gang leaders, legal faction leaders and other in authoritive positions, as a way to directly change the culture of the server" Many who have commented on this post are members of factions, including a High Command member. You think that faction members can change the culture of the server? How do those two things correlate? Faction members have much higher standards of RP yet the culture of the server is very play to win, cops vs robbers, and a load of /do s?. Faction members are a small subset of players in the server and have very minimal impact on server wide behaviors. I completely fail to see how 1 medic, 2 cops, 5 zetas, 3 triads, etc. scattered around the city and logging off out of sight would have ANY form of impact on the culture surrounding the 100+ players actively playing. 2. "Main argument against "hold the right to log off in a timely fashion due to IRL" Please keep in mind that this is a game. Please refrain from making this your counter argument as IRL always comes first,anyone who knows me will say The Rebels understand that well. I ask that you think about the RP change without IRL very obviously taking priority over any video game." The biggest counterargument to your suggestion is IRL and will always be IRL considering that your suggestion in and of itself is regarding something that crosses the line from in game to irl (logging off). By setting policy in place that dictates under what circumstances/allowed or forbidden locations/etc. we can log out, would inherently be infringing on our ability to cross that line. Nothing should infringe on our ability to exit the game and cross back into the real world (aside from the combat logging rule because that's concerning the aftermath of an active RP scenario). 3. "Just go off duty 10 minutes early, leave work 10 minutes early or anything." Again, the perfect counter to this has to do with IRL. How many times have you started playing a game and got so consumed in it that you lost track of time? That is something that has happened to so many of us. As a member of LSEMS there have been many shifts where I have answered non-stop calls and next thing I know I'm sitting in my chair yawning uncontrollably and realize it's 2am. At this point all I want to do is end my duty and throw myself in my bed. Having any form of policy in place that dictates the circumstances under which I can log off, yet again, infringes on my ability to do this. Most people can't just "go off duty 10 minutes early" or "prioritize the logging out process more" because they really don't have a set time for when they're getting off. We don't work in designated time shifts - some shifts can be 10 minutes, others can be 10 hours. Also, I highly doubt most people log into the server thinking, "okay, I'm going to RP for 2 hours, no more! my cut off time is 10pm!" Also yes, many people can make it to the parking lot as they have to go because they may have 2 minutes to spare before dinner time and it sure as hell beats the long drive up north (should the person reside in Paleto), getting out of their car, walking up to the front door of their house, and going through a menu to park before logging off. Personally, I drive home most of the time after I go off duty because I don't live too far from my work but I can't count the number of times I've said bye to somebody, turned a corner/left the hospital/etc. and logged - also let it be known that I'm one of the heaviest roleplayers you will meet on this server so I'm not just a slacker. When I'm done with RP, I'm done and that can be for a multitude of reasons. I find no need to have to get in my car, drive home, risk somebody following me home/waiting at my house and forcing me into more RP by robbing me, all before I want to go for the day/night. When I get offline and for whatever reason is and should always be my decision and nothing should dictate that considering this is a game. The only thing that should ever impact a player's ability to log is already defined in combat logging rules. I do not understand where you fail to see that this suggestion inherently infringes on the OOC lives of individuals playing this game who are not actively committing IC crimes. You are suggesting something that will blatantly set rules/guidelines/protocols for the circumstances under which faction members can log off. IRL emergencies come up, people lose track of time, people get tired, people don't want to potentially be forced to stay online for extra time (in the event that we get robbed). We are talking about dictating how people who bust their butts in their factions can log out of a game which is honestly ridiculous in my opinion. Now, as stated in my first response, bite the bullet and train yourself to ignore the disconnect just as everybody else does. There are so many more things that are immersion breaking than a silly dis/reconnect.
  11. The times I stated are solely based on anecdotal commentary provided by a previous poster. While yes, there is a point where making everything hyper realistic can take away from the experience but you do have to make sure everything is still within the bounds of realism and isn't just a joke. For example, lets say it takes 10 minutes to chop a vehicle. Should it also take the same amount of time to fill a 200000 gallon tank? Probably not. Any time adjustments should be based on reality (and slightly decreased as a nod to the fact that this is still a game) but it shouldn't be to the point of hilarity. It also needs to take into consideration payout vs. time invested and the length of timers already implemented. If you want quick cash there are alternative options that you can consider.
  12. Hahaha I have to agree with @GOAT on this one! Perhaps maybe a system where faction heads can submit a request to faction management so they can have it approved would be something to consider.
  13. As stated by multiple people, this has been something brought up multiple times. While I do think some form of judicial system would be nice, I do not think it would work in the way you and others are thinking about and let it be know that this is coming from somebody who has spent over 15 hours drafting documents for an IC law firm. 1. You may not see the concept of "starving" factions but trust me this is true. Recruitment is not as easy as you think for factions and retention is even harder. 2. Most legal systems would end up requiring set hours and/or scheduling which, considering we have lives outside of Eclipse, would be insanely difficult to do. 3. I'd be more in favor of a sub-branch, potentially within City Hall, that can take appeals or requests for record expungement (only under well defined circumstances). Should a bar exam be implemented, players can create law firms and submit these requests to City Hall on behalf of their clients. 4. Overall, as nice as it would be to see some form of a judicial system in Eclipse, this is an insanely difficult thing to actually accomplish. To my understanding, this has been something discussed with higher ups but it's something much greater than a suggestion on the forums or even a faction thread.
  14. As much as I understand it bothering to see things like that, you just have to learn to ignore it. With the server population being where it is, you cannot realistically expect to monitor/patrol the location of where people log in/log off. To have this suggestion even directed mainly towards factions and their heads is very narrow minded considering that this happens more often with the normal playerbase. Also, take into account that people may be on duty, have an IRL emergency come up, and have to quickly log off. Walking to your car, driving home, and parking it, can lead to you then being involved in RP that may take time that you realistically do not have. Finally, the same things happen when staff flip on a-duty and teleport elsewhere to deal with an urgent situation. So overall -1... just bite the bullet, ignore it, and keep on roleplaying.
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