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  1. Aldarine


    Beautiful location especially having the beach just a walk down the stairs. Best wishes in your selling.
  2. +1 I think there should be better property lines for each home. What is the point of having a decent amount of outdoor space at your home if you can't furnish it nicely?
  3. +1 This is a great suggestion! The crazy cruise control multi-toggle just to get it to catch is a pain
  4. Huge +1 If we have perm house and car keys we should be able to park each others cars. It's troublesome not being able to park especially if you're roommates/family/married and having to find a place to hide the car only for it to get chopped and then you have to pay money
  5. Thank you and I am sorry about the negative behaviors you came into contact with as well as the player who quit. I know that I didn't take part in that nor do I know you, but it still is disheartening. There is actually a player report I wanted to clip and post along with a video of my own of smaller behaviors that link to this thread. Unfortunately I am not at my PC but I can outline what occurred: 1. In the player report, a male was roleplaying as a female and comments included "let me see them titties" as well as '"the only thing you'll do with that knife is make me a sandwich" keep in mind they were reported for VDM which was occurring at the same time. Not the worst comments but then the female begins talking over VOIP, obviously with a man's voice and the comments then switched to "fucking tranny’" and "oh shit it's a macho-ma'am!" What great RP there - sarcasm intended. 2. The other day I was having a few mic issues mid session so I was using text chat instead of VOIP. At the parking lot I was engaging in conversation to then be asked "can I hear your lovely voice?" to which my typed response was "my voice? you're hearing it right now." The party in this scenario didn't push the issue and I walked away without trouble but with these two examples, at least in my eyes, show the "fascination" with female player confirmation that has absolutely no bearing on RP and begs the question of why is this happening in the first place. With Randul's suggestion, I do think behaviors that are unnecessary and demoralizing will begin to lessen. Of course there will always be rule breakers or else the player report forum wouldn't exist, but it won't be as rampant as it is presently.
  6. Celine, thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experiences thus far. I'm sorry your experience has been that way. First, let me state that if you have any issue with this behavior at MD please let us know with a report. I am a part of the faction and the members I typically rp with including higher ups are very well aware of this thread. That behavior is not acceptable. Second, I am hopeful that by speaking about this and having respectful conversations, these situations will lessen as there will be more weight behind our requests for it to stop.
  7. Absolutely. I think Randul's response about the rule would help this. The reason I haven‘t taken this behavior to the forums in terms of player reports is highly due to not really having a rule to cite that has actual weight aside from he-said/she-said which then results in meaningless reports and a lot of wasted time. With potential rule changes, there would be something enforceable and a process (stating discomfort OOCly first) which would effectively throw out the he-said/she-said time wasting. Player reports take time and effort both on the reporting party side and staff side and when the response from the reported party is "that's my roleplay" it makes things exponentially more difficult and can leave you feeling what is the point which is highly unfortunate.
  8. Randul, Thank you for taking the time so respond with a very good suggestion. Like you, I am a big supporter of embracing your character and not limiting roleplay opportunities. I think this compromise in the rules still allows for that while at the same time making sure we, as a community, ground ourselves of respect to have a fun and rewarding experience on the server.
  9. Along with that, a number to contact you would be greatly appreciated.
  10. -1 All jobs have different income amounts. Some are more profitable than others. Also, almost $5,000 an hour is not bad as other jobs make less. +1 Adding fish variety with maybe just 3 types of fish to have some more randomness to fishing and price variance.
  11. As much as I would love to +1 this because it would be awesome, syncing would cause so many issues. Also just like with dispatch, having actual traffic controllers would be impossible as that would be a 24/7 position and just not feasible.
  12. Any further movement on this home sale?
  13. Huge +1 Even bigger +1 if we can throw in some buffs and drawbacks
  14. +1 For something like this to be available for those with registered/licensed businesses and their employees.
  15. I would love to see a pro and con list to taking each drug. I would absolutely be in support of that but it has to be realistic with small buffs not things like night vision as that is an unrealistic reaction to taking drugs.
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