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  1. As a motorcycle enthusiast club, why such dark and violent name? Dead hands? Feels like I would be joining organ donor club.
  2. First of all I would like to say that I personally have been administrator and admin on many communities in my past and I know what burden the position is. I also understand that you often have to make unpopular decisions that will not go well, like that recent massive report against Irish Mob, where around 10+ people were punished. Now to the discussion of this topic - I do agree that sometimes the administration does not make the right decision due to a simple fact that in does not quite make sense if you consider the whole situation as it is. I do understand that there are rules, but there will never be rules tailored to every single situation, the rules are guidelines and to see how to apply the rule to the situation is upon the admin, that's why the admin is there. But I have rarely seen that admin would apply the rule individually to the individual situation. The most common thing you see is like mass production of a punishment, what I mean by "mass production" is that you look at the situation, tick some checkmarks and if you get at least 2 out of 3 checkmarks, then you issue the punishment, when in reality if you would consider the whole situation for real, then a different punishment, maybe just a warning, would be more appropriate. In no way Im saying that admins are doing bad job, because these cases are really case to case and most often they are pure rule breaking cases, but Im talking to individual cases where the situation was not so plain and straight forward that still did not get that whole situation consideration and was issued a punishment for hitting the chekmarks of a rule break.
  3. Well the system is not as simple as you put it here. You do not go to jail every time you speed. You go to jail only if you exceed some specific speed over the normal which makes sense I think. If Im not mistaking, then you go to jail only if you go over 150km/h in the zones of 70km/h, so if you got a speeding ticket for 140km/h you just pay the fine and are free to go. The issue is that your friends allowed to gather the tickets without paying them right away and when you have specific amount of unpaid tickets, you get a warrant on you. It all makse sense, what does not make sense is people not understanding the system and saying that it is wrong and should be changed. Literally 1hr ago I did speed up to 201km/ph near Tequila and I knew it's a jail time. Right away I went to PD and accidentaly got another speeding ticket near PD. Still, went in, payed the fines, turned myself in and served the time. I do have another ticket now and I will pay for it soon and in the end of the day I dont have no unpaid tickets, I do not have no reason to arrest me and Im good. -1 What I can stand for is the fact that you spend time in jail and lose some amount of the fines, but the times you showed is not alot considering the amount you owe. To grind up 50-100k of tickets, you have to make at least 20 speedings and that just till 50k, and you think 1hr jail time is enough?
  4. Appreciated! The property owner has been informed and his official reply is that the only reason he is considering to sell the house is due to the inflation and option to make some quick money, but in general there is no other needs to sell it, therefore if the right price for him will not be reached, it will not affect his lifestyle.
  5. OBESE

    Vespucci 13

    Claimed or not, still, you dont just roll in the town, make up a story and suddenly it's yours. Besides if any of the other gangs that have proven themselves to be serious organizations decide that they feel like there is reason behind the territory, they can fight for it. The city is not free space and various organisations operate or have their HQ's in different places.
  6. OBESE

    Vespucci 13

    Is the war with Los Vagos real, like with the actual gang on the server or that is just a story. If that is just a story then I would imagine you would have to worry about a different organisation who has been around Vespucci for a long time and have way bigger influence than the actual Los Vagos.
  7. The seller has informed me that he is not interested in low end offers like the current ones and is not even close to the desired price. Thank you for the shown interest and feel free to change your bid if willing.
  8. Greeting yet again! This time I come with a suggestion to add to one of the legal factions and more specifically - Downtown Cab Co. With one of the updates it was introduced that when at least one cab driver is on duty, you're not allowed to take out citybee (hope that has not changed, did not check) so due to that factor the Downtown Cab Co. has gain a lot of new customers and the demand for taxi has gone up quite a lot which leads to a sad reality that sometimes there are not enough cab drivers to take the taxi request right away. It is quite frustrating when you are driving a customer to it's location and it will take just couple of minutes before you can take the next request, but that might be too much for the client that did the request and is blindly awaiting for it to be accepted. It is quite annoying when you call for a taxi and then stand there for 3-4minutes not knowing will your request be taken and when. Suggestion The suggestion is simple - add an option for a cab driver to send a private message either directly or via dispatch to update the customer that you will accept and be on the way in few minutes. It could be something like a pm system, but in a rp way where the customer receives a message from the taxi dispatcher. It could have a command like /tru RequestID Message where /tru would stand for something like "taxi request update". Example: /tru 123 Hello Mr. Unknown, will be accepting your taxi request in 2 minutes. Thank you for your patience! I do not think that such update would be too hard as all the mechanic is in there either as pm, whisper, radio chat or faction chat, but it would really make it very nice for the players when such things happen. Thank you for your time! Kind Regards, OBESE
  9. Well if you think about it then another server that I will not mention actually has such system implemented and has their own social media platform for IG characters and I must say it is quite fun and interesting thing to have and add you know. Could add some interesting rp on many coasts. For example if you're a gangster who likes to brag about having big weapon arsenal or loads of money in your pictures, police could decide to check you out etc. That's just something that popped into my mind right away, besides the usual social media stuff.
  10. Today I am offering you a wonderful 3 garage, 2 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom apartment at a perfect location near Vespucci Canals. Just a walking distance from anything you might need in your daily life. Need a shop? It's right there, up the road. Need a clothing shop? Same, just keep walking and you will be there in no time. Looking to buy new wheels? No worries, forget about the driving or calling a taxi, High End is located just 15min walk from the house, ATM is just halfway there. Enjoy fishing or relaxing near water? Got you covered! You can either visit Vespucci Beach or just go outside your house and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Vespucci Canals at the boat dock. The house is one of the kind, with a bold and unique design that shows the mixture of new ideas and old values. Starting with a individual entrance that is locked off by a little porch type of area, where you can store your bicycle if you have one or use it for whatever purpose that comes into your mind. And ending with a great third floor balcony for a smoke or just fresh air enjoying the view that it presents. (Dildo 3g interrior) The house will be sold when the offers reach the sellers desired price or when decided. For visual reference, please see the pictures bellow.
  11. I feel what you say, but this seems like such a waste of time, because soon enough a police officer or even higher rank police employee will come and tell you that everything is peachy and you're dreaming. Nothing in Police work is OP and that police is actually struggling a lot.
  12. Im glad you feel that way! What you said about your plans is something what I wanted to do when I join the server with my group of guys, but due to the situation back then it was not possible so we joined one of the big league players to gain the insight of the criminal elite world, then my people slowly disappeared one by one and now I myself am at a point where I dont fancy criminal rp as it's just constant gta online vanilla version. My character actually has Russian roots on his mothers side to which he feels way closer than the other side, as he grew up with only his mother. So it is very nice to see Russian or Slavic group being represented well with good plans.
  13. I feel like Russian root groups should also create a Slavic syndicate and work closely together. Forget about the 90's and work together against the other groups.
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