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  1. Makle sure you have patch named - tax payer - and not the government tax...
  2. Ooof that ice cream punchline...I bet he gets them sprinkles and flake for free as well...
  3. Yeh I would like to know as well. I took a car from scrapyard a while back and now I have no idea where it is, but it shows on my vehicle list. https://prnt.sc/pfo85k
  4. Was only asking as Jay mentioned several IC mistakes...so was wondering maybe they fucked up the talks and they were given some demands to make it right what they did etc. That's about it.
  5. What was the diplomacy rp about this whole situation? Was there any chance given or straight away muscles were flexed?
  6. Make sure this time you come out on top!
  7. Seen this too many times and the outcome still hurts till this day...
  8. Will this be the rise or downfall of the Russian family! Good luck in the war!
  9. Just got the thing delivered and popped into my car and was blasting it full volume. Reborn freestyle was my favourite tho!
  10. That is a very good advice that I feel many are not taking advantage of. When it comes to bringing concerns to the appropriate staff by hierarchy, often it is very hard to get replies from higher ranked personnel, which does not really make it an effective way of dealing with problems. You do not sound like an asshole and I see where you coming from, but at the same times I would like to not put such information publicly for the sake of those I might accuse of being bias as administration - therefore being unprofessional. If administration wants to see or hear more specific examples, I can do that with all the proof needed. I dont want to be an asshole either at the end of the day. I am not talking about having opinion on situations where it is not really unreasonable opinion. You have not experienced it, but sadly I have and of course noone will say "yeah, I was biased" and will just deny it. As I said to the previous person - no one will openly agree as it could be that they are being biased even without realising it. Also it is hard to prove that someone is biased as it's a decision and you have no evidence how that decision was made. Recently there was a punishment given and in appeal similar situations were shown where the people reported got only warnings and the appeal was still denied. When the admin was confronted with the examples the answer was - I did not make that decision, so I cannot comment on it. I made this one and I stand by it.
  11. ((Hit me up if you want colab with Black Cassidy haha))
  12. OBESE

    New here

    This could help you a lot for the beginning when it comes to scripts and commands. I am not 100% how up to date it is, but most of the stuff there is what the server has. If anything then only few commands could be missing on that list.
  13. @tyson1904 I dont blame you for trying. I have tried as well with several topics about stuff that I think should be changed. But most of the times it just goes with few people agreeing, few disagreeing and then the whole thing dying anyways. Sometimes it feels like the suggestion or discussion part of the forum is just for your own amusement. The police loosing guns things and being able to loot them has been discussed multiple times. Also it has been discussed that PD should have to put in money for their guns as part of buying equipment. Gangs being at war with each other does not happen because there is this controlling power on the server that everyone is afraid to go against. Some smaller groups try to, but it is never successful because at the state that this power has put themselves in, it is just impossible. Also the server rules are not really supporting a war environment and in the end every war ends up being fought on forums via reports and has nothing to do with IC. About drug prices, I dont really care as I have never liked grinding, especially in the drug labs. I would say that the reason why legal jobs bring more money, as Mining is one of the last jobs added, is to make the civilian rp more attractive. The issue tho is the fact that you dont have to be a civilian to do it. So as a criminal you do whatever you want, as a civilian you are limited. I personally have not seen police with hakuchous but I have not been online for a month now. If that is a thing then the reason for that is because a lot of criminals like to use these bikes as they are fast and hard to catch. Many police officers were annoyed by that and were complaining, so probably the higher ups allowed to use the same type of bike to be able to catch these fast riders.
  14. There is no common sense in a lot of things from players on this server. So sadly asking them to have necessary rp to get the guns is probably too much to ask.
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