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  1. I can totally see this to be a thing, but at the same time the punishment system is not that bad, maximum you can get for shit loads of crimes is caped at 120min aka 2 hours. I like the idea as it is, but do not think it is needed addition.
  2. It could be like part of existing faction, definitely not police because I believe they already have too many departments. But it could be like extra part for DOC maybe?
  3. Hello all Eclipsians! Today I come to you with a suggestion due to the excessive amount of new players joining our server. A lot of these new players have never played role-play before and they have no knowledge or experience. That itself is not a bad thing as you can learn and we are here to help. But how do we make sure that the person, upon joining the server and wondering the streets of Los Santos, actually has the simple knowledge and understanding of RP that the server requires? The quiz is there and the written exam as well. We see a lot of people fail due to lack of knowledge, but then on the other side we see a lot of people pass it, but totally fail when allowed into the server. Such bad experiences and interactions do mess up the older player base role-play experience and upon allowing someone new into the server we have to make sure that the person will add to the experience, not take away. [Suggestion - TL:DR part] I suggest adding another legal faction - Los Santos Border Control - LSBC! This faction would be the one that is dealing with newcomers of the server and who's job is to actually confirm their knowledge and educate if needed via actual role-play! After the quiz and written exam is passed they would arrive at LS Airport where they have to go through the border control. The whole experience would be designed to introduce the newcomer to basic roleplay in terms of /me's and /do's and test their knowledge. It would consist of simple tasks that a border control officer would perform, like checking passport(licence), doing a body scan, inviting them to an interview room and asking for some simple questions as to "why are you here", "do you know anyone in town" and stuff like that. If the person shows understanding between IC, OOC, /do, /me and officer does not see no issues, then the person is let into Los Santos and is free to start their story. If by any chance the person shows lack of knowledge of the basic RP, then the outcome is really up to administration to decide. It could be explained on the spot via ooc method or denied entry meaning the person would have to try to educate themselves, ask on discord about stuff they dont understand and try the last phase again in maybe 4 hours, same as application cool-down. How to deal with it would come down to the level of lack of the knowledge. It is important for the whole community that we do our best to make sure we are met with at least average level of role-play, otherwise we will gain reputation of a bad RP server community due to the fact that large amount of newcomers do not understand basics. The screening system that we have at the moment is suppose to check for that, but unfortunately it allows the person to cheat while actual live role-play would make that task way harder even if someone would still assist, but even then the individual would see a real example how things work and learn. Just for laughs (Might have been trolling, but it's not far from truth we see) - I hope you will like this suggestion and consider it as I believe it would gradually improve the overall role-play experience and in matter of fact bring in new role-play with a new faction. Feel free to comment and add to my suggestion if you see how you could improve this idea.
  4. I get that, and Im talking about those zones as well. If we would now give criminals option to chose - follow fear rp or not, due to the fact they are in crime zone, then we would see like 80-90% of the situations being treated without following the fear rp. For the same reason there is not just IC but also OOC rule in PD about corruption, because the amount of corrupt cops would be unrealistic in ratio to the amount of police in general. The same would be with this.
  5. Yeah, but if Fear RP will be ignored, then people will take their chances with trying to fight instead of doing what is asked, because if both situation go wrong, then the outcome will be the same. By being allowed to pull out weapon and try to defend, gives at least slight chance of turning the tides around, therefore it will be overused.
  6. Nah, I totally see your point but at the same time it would just turn into DM, because crime zone or not, you have to fear for your life. If you get a jump on and they are aiming at you, you should not do stupid things. I always look at stuff like that - if you are willing to do a CK in case you're not successful, then do it. If not, then don't do it with a knowledge that they gonna rob you anyways and if you die, you will resurrect.
  7. OBESE

    ID 23 (V-DM)

    We were not suspects in first place. We did not open fire at none of the police cars which we could and that would have given you reason to attack us. This is not a debate about was it ambush or not. This report is about the fact that you had no reason given to smash into us. As far as you knew, we could have been there to give the driver change of vehicles to continue the escape and just happened to get there when you arrived. Per rules now VDM is under meaning of DM and the DM rules states it is act of attacking other player or its property without any proper roleplay reason. And we did not give you none. If we would have a report where group of people is parked outside my house, preparing to ambush me and my friend would be passing by and seeing it and decide to hit them, cuz he saw weapons and obviously an ambush, he would most likely receive punishment nonetheless. I will ignore your videos as they do not prove anything and does not even remotely show anything similar to our situation. Besides none of the videos prove that what the police did there was the right approach or allowed means of getting the suspect into custody.
  8. And how I am suppose to correct those wrongs if I have no information available to even recognise them as wrongs in the first place? This suggestion does make the server objectively better by adding another element of RP. It has nothing to do with serving self interest. Like i said, if the officer has done everything by the book, then he should not worry about what the criminal is saying. if he has not, well then the criminal has all the rights to point out those mistakes based on the rulebook.
  9. It feels that the only argument why not to have the information public is because it would create discomfort to the police officer conducting the arrest. Of course criminals will quote the rules, but how is that an issue? If you as a police officer are doing everything correctly by the books, then there is no issue there. If you are not and you are mistreating the suspect, well who's fault is it then that the suspect has a case against you? Definitely not suspects!
  10. You missing the point, Im not saying that it feels like powergaming because they are not sharing info, I say that rp from police feels like powergaming as there is not much you can rp against when officer has made their mind. Even your screenshot says in the first bulletpoint - Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions - so what are the chances given? How can I roleplay outcome of an action? What is usually done? Two things, either someone will try to run or jus obey, but the outcome will always be the same - behind bars. Why there are no one playing as a lawyer? Because there are nothing a lawyer on this server could work on to try to free his client or lessen his/hers sentence.
  11. Powergaming in a way that after the police officer has decided in his head that you're guilty you're guilty and there is not much chance you will get away. It's not the fact that I don't know the rule book, it the fact that I cannot appeal or have a chance to get out of the situation. It's a two stop journey if you lucky, could just be one stop journey. Last night I got imprisoned for the third time of my characters history and I would say that this was the first time where I honestly was 100% guilty and there was nothing to add to it, except the 190km/h delivery speed through the town, ignoring traffic and red lights with no sirens on. The reason why IRL such materials are available is because in reality Police and Government are public's servants, we, the public are the one you serve, not other way around, so as any employer we have the right to know everything that does not affect no one safety or process of investigation.
  12. Yeah, what I meant was that as a civilian I dont know that , because I do not have information on how police works and what they base their decision on. In such situations I see that I have just called police, gave them my statement of a crime, pointed out the criminal and all the police does is have a friendly chat, like they friends from a local pub. I don't want you to look at this as a negative option to give. I believe it just adds to the roleplay and just because you have often experience with bad characters or baiters, does not mean this is a bad idea. That being said we can see an obvious division in support between those who's characters are police and who's not. Not a single individual with a police character is for the idea as it seems they are afraid from such information being public. And when you try to hide something from public, it means you have something to hide. If you gonna say that Im full of shit, then as an example I can put down the fact that my criminal character was delivered to station on 190km/h with no sirens on, for no reason to rush, from one side of city, to another and if I would not have the small experience I had and chance to see the expectations of police officer, I would assume there was nothing wrong with it. Not here to argue, just trying to show my reasoning for this suggestion and find a strong reasoning why this would be a bad suggestion.
  13. Never said all and not the ones that police uses. It should be adjusted versions, meant for public as reference as how police works. Like even the thing when You get robbed, you call police and then point out the robber, police is not allowed to do nothing due to the fact that they did not witness it.
  14. I know about the attorney part and when it's given, Im just pointing out the usual, when you have no way to prove your innocence in rp way. But the fact that you say that LAPD in real life has public handbook, that just proves my point. As a police, your way of working should be transparent, not hidden. Of course Im not talking about special operations like SWAT and shit.
  15. Why is it so unrealistic? What is unrealistic is when you have no chance to prove your innocence. When you are read your rights and you ask for your lawyer and they say sure, then you are taken to prison and told - it's too late for a lawyer, you already been charged. When you are arrested and your property is searched without any probably cause just for the only fact that you were in proximity of a crime zone. How do you fight jail time if police officer has decided in his head that you're guilty? Police officer has to be 100% sure, and if he makes the arrest then everyone assumes he is 100% sure. My AI report outcomes proved that twice.
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