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  1. You dont waste good stuff you know 😉 Well, that part was added to the story really only after The Russians thread, based on some information that was put down there, but it will be there in the background, maybe as a nice plot twist at some point in the future.
  2. Well done and good luck holding it up!
  3. For 200k I would buy it rn.
  4. OBESE

    The Rooks

    Get to know some people, start talking about criminal activities in this town like civilian ,saying how bad the gangs are and neutrally try to find out info about the rooks, how they look like, where they usually hang out etc. But it all has to be ICly.
  5. Love the thread. My friends tend to bump into these guys a lot. These guys even make set-ups just to bump into my friends. So cute!
  6. Few good comments about the house and it went up for an extra 1mil hahah!
  7. Thank you for quick response, but unfortunately this is way over what I would imagine 1g goes for. Nonetheless good luck!
  8. Nowadays hard to know what is reasonable to whom, so could you give any estimates, what are you looking for per apartment?
  9. Feels bad man when you don't have your facts straight who was involved and who was the main players during both wars. 😞
  10. OBESE


    As someone already asked - could you show the outside? Is it actual house or an apartment?
  11. Self-made drug labs would make so much sense in terms of criminal roleplay which would also add to the PD rp, because at the moment there is no criminal growth. The best that the criminal group can achieve is becoming official which gives it's own benefit but that's all. +1
  12. I mean just like the previous poster said - there have been wars and large ones. The last one, where we finally saw officials and mores specifically council to go against each other ended up to be a forum war, just like the previous one and it was won via forum and OOC methods. The biggest opposition to both, the only officials right now, was destroyed via OOC methods. Why? Because the server rules do not support "war" environment, which leads to the fact that the whole war is bunch of DM's, not from RP side, but from server rule side. By the current server rules there is no such thing as "gang association" so you treat every individual as individual. Of course you could target the person, same as any other civilian in the city, but if you put a person at gun point who is part of your rival gang and suddenly 5 individuals, who happens to be part of the same gang as the person you have pulled a gun on, comes around the corner, then you're toasted because you do not have reason to open fire on them, although you know what they will do and that they are from the same gang so action will be taken, while they at the same time do have valid reason to open fire at you because you are pointing a gun at their friend/fellow gang member. Then you get to the reality of what the war on the server is - financial war. The war will be won by those who have bigger financial stash and it goes money wise and weapon wise. The war on this server is like poker, where some players have 10k chips, some have 5k chips, some has 1k chips and some has only few hundreds. So those who has only few hundreds or even few thousands of chips can be bluffed with high stakes that makes them go all in. Of course there is possibility that they can play out their hand smart and even win the encounter, but the amount that the players with 10k chips will lose is nothing and in the end the high chip players will win because they will put high stakes until they get the winning hand. To add to this comparison, then while there is no war, the high stake players charge the low stake players, have split monopoly on weapons and just are sitting there like dragons on gold becoming richer and making more chips for the time the poker starts.
  13. Nah, police is working with them, Im pretty sure about it. The other day, was at a crime scene and these random people in blue, assuming zetas, rolled up and started to talk to one of the officers like they best buddies, then told all sorts of false information about me, like I was the one who committed the crime and that I had an assault rifle on me which Police officers at the scene decided to follow up and searched me based on these false accusations. Of course none of that was true and luckily police let me go, but the fact that Police was doing what them people in blue said proved that they are working together. Im sorry for you for being scammed, but unfortunately in this city you will not see justice...
  14. A lot of people have been giving their negative experiences on constant robberies for no reason, the fact that gangs are ruling the streets, but somehow no one who plays criminal gave jack shit about the bad experiences that was being given to civilian players and new players on the server and now you think we should give a shit about the fact that you are not a smart criminal and play as you used to only this time you get a harsh punishment? Dont think so! Im happy for you all criminals sitting in prison for 8hrs. Makes my gameplay more relaxed and happier.
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