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  1. Ahh, thank you guys, did not even realise this was picked up and read half a year later haha. I guess I could update with the events after this story but meh, who cares.
  2. Wait, if I remember correctly, I might be mistaken, when the firearms licenses were introduced in the way they are now, everyone lost theirs, so it was said that all the crimes before introducing this license will not count. The licenses were added last year May, so if you're saying your last time in prison was 1 year and 4 months ago, then it was at least 2-3 months before the license wipe and the new system was introduced, which means, that those criminal records that you have should not matter and you should be able to get a license. Maybe someone can share a light on what I said. I might not remember correctly or something.
  3. It was a good run for you guys, you gave people opportunity to change things by sacrificing yourself, but people did not realise that. The leaders of this faction once again, with their second faction created, managed to get them to the point of official. Started with AVL and now WCA, sadly both faction disbanded for different reasons, but fact is, that these people know what they are doing as they have done it twice. Also I cannot wait to read more of these comments from people that dont really care, but will give "good wishes" when a faction is disbanding.
  4. OBESE


    I mean it is IC perspective, I understand, so yeh, you're right. Also if that was a pun about Carlos's "not in my eyes" desyncs...well done
  5. OBESE


    Very well done, was good read. Some of the "Valors" and "The Split" parts were false, but overall good stuff.
  6. Technically it's not in town! haha
  7. Alright, this was recent, when I was away from playing on Eclipse, makes sense. BUMP. Price set at the doors for 900k.
  8. Have not seen no posts where you looked for me, sorry. I mean you are free to get the property and have all it for yourself. Let me know your final decision here.
  9. Will be in town some time later today, if you interested, will put for sale for 900k at the doors. Let me know.
  10. I've covered everything to see there in the pictures. What would you be interested in seeing? You can easily find it in Paleto, it's right next to the clothing store.
  11. BUMP! Have decided to actually sell it to highest offer - buyout 1mil.
  12. Could you show the road access to the house and do you have any idea, could this property be split on half as seen on other houses in this area?
  13. Im looking for a 3g house, only will consider cash if an amazing offer will come in.
  14. As the title says, I am looking to trade my Paleto property for a house. It has to be a house, not an apartment and a 3g. If a good price in cash is offered I will consider that as well. For the house offers, please show pictures. Thank you! Contact: 2968447 Property Pictures Location - https://prnt.sc/rx8r9c
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