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  1. Knew this was gonna turn sour fast
  2. If interested in any of them give me a text and let me know which one you're interested in. Phone Number: 4778888
  3. What's going on folks, I've been apart of the "GTA RP" community for about 10 years now and feel I've ran into a bit of a problem. Most of my roleplaying history was SAMP RP servers, so text RP is one of my strong suits. I can recall about five different characters, which were all very different ranging from race, background, and their flaws/personalities. Moving to Eclipse, voice RP was so foreign to me and at times very nerve-racking, coming up with vocals to a character and messing with accents and all that fun stuff. Just making my character sound and look unique, which leads me
  4. Extremely excited to see the RP that comes out of this! The thread looks amazing!
  5. Did you not read my whole post or just the last part? My main character doesn't need to worry about hiding it from police officers but hiding it from people who are just scanning for .50's to rob. Also, I stated that there shouldn't be any bias towards PD or Crim's "Winning" from a certain change or added feature, but just promoting good RP. However, it appears there's a problem that some people don't fully RP situations and just see a gun on someones back and immediately attempts to arrest them or harass them about it.
  6. Here we go again with a very PD vs Crim argument which should just be a discussion of overall RP. Seems very fucked up that certain PD characters would harass and not role-play a situation in which someone is obviously trying to conceal a .50 or whatever weapon it may be via baggy clothing just because they see a couple of pixels clipping through it. To add CIV RP to the discussion, why exactly should the weapon i bought to protect myself have drawbacks or cons so to speak? Doesn't make sense RP wise. Of course, on topic of realism I understand a .50 IRL wouldn't be easy to ca
  7. +1 with the OP and this suggestion. Adding more depth economy wise and give a little break for those in a lower tax bracket and newer players
  8. Yeah, I'm not too sure what's going on in this thread. Thought we would be kinda happy about cheaper housing with two car garage parking. It's a shared living space with many other players, that could lead to various other types of projects in the future. Just take the awesome development and the fact that it works as well as some cheaper housing. No need for a whole economic breakdown on the housing market.
  9. +1 This is a cool thing, sure many people would like to use this feature.
  10. Honestly, I love the apartments and awesome local parking in the buildings garage. However, I initially thought interiors would vary depending on where in the city you are as well as price. Eclipse Towers or even Rockford Hills has the "high society" feel. Versus those next to MotorSport it would be a bit more " normalish?" I'm sure these are soon to come in some fashion, awesome implementation of group housing in one location.
  11. This has got to be in the works right? Regardless. +1
  12. Something very similar to Facebook/Twitter is coming to mind. There are plenty of examples already being used! I just feel that it's obvious we live in current time in the server but lack the technology/social media that we deal with everyday. Would make more sense of how word gets around so fast about everything, and just connecting with the community ICly.
  13. Looking for a pre-owned Dinghy. Cellphone:4778888
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