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Found 4 results

  1. Isn't this weird that we can cook drugs but we cannot cook foods, but still we can eat raw foods. So I am here with a suggestion for how to add cooking food in ECRP. It will not only boost RP in server but also make ECRP unique from other RP servers. I tried to make this idea/report flawless and simple with all my research possible. Every sink or tap furniture must be a source for water refill, it's funny that a person have a house but don't have water to refill their bottle or drink. Cooking UI: - Cooking furniture UI will be just like drug tables, but instead we cannot learn recipe, w
  2. The current method of removing furniture is very very inconvenient, especially if you're removing small details out of your build or trying to move something on a stack of items. You have to be directly on the furniture's anchor point to run the command and get it, but again, with stacked or close-together items, it poses a huge issue. I think that we should instead move the removal feature into the Ctrl+X menu. It would be so much easier to Ctrl+X then click the furniture and have a delete button, and it'd save a lot of headache when building things close together.
  3. FOR SALE 8 x house/business/property gates for $4500 each. Recommended retail price is: $5000 each Can sell altogether or in a bundle. Kind regards, Richard Pearson
  4. Date and time (provide timezone): 20 August 2019, 17:00 CEST Character name: David_Aceveda Issue/bug you are reporting: Outdoor Furniture is gone after the update from 19yh August Expected behavior: The furniture outside the door didn't broke any rule so it has to be where it was. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Every piece of my outdoor furniture (walls, door, plants, lights etc.) is gone. It didn't broke any rule to be removed by an admin, I heard that other players have the same issue too, so it has to be a bug.
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