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  1. REPORT DENIED Following the statements and evidence provided I have decided to conclude this report with the following: No punishments - inconclusive. It is clear that there has been some interaction between the characters before this, of which we have little evidence of, but that we know was of a hostile nature. As such I am not confident in the evidence provided in this video fully captures the context of both RP scenarios or that the reporting party was attacked without merit, some other hostile RP situation happened prior to this that the characters involved felt was worthy enough to be hostile towards the report party's character and with little evidence to go on I am not going to issue any punishment without conclusive evidence and as the reporting party had previously called the police relating to a firearm there is some merit in the reported party believing they would be searched by the police who have already had a call about the same person in the past brandishing a firearm. In short there is more to this report than originally meets he eye and since, as staff, we issue punishments based on conclusive evidence I am left with no choice, but to deny this report. With this being said I do think the general silence provided by the two other female parties involved in quite poor. The priority was to loot the bodies, and you provided very little interaction, verbally or RP'ly - people should not expect to be looted silently, you should always be providing RP. Going forward the parties involved should show no animosity or hatred towards each other based on this RP situation and any new hostilities should be base on entirely new reasoning. Regars, Aldari
  2. PENDING RESPONSE This report will be pending a response from the following player(s): Lucky_Collins Lexi_Blanche The player(s) will have at least 24hrs to respond with their side of the story and answer any questions. Lucky_Collins @DoofenshmirtzPlease answer the following question(s): Tell me about your previous interactions with Sharkeisha_Latriece Lexi_Blanche @lexi Please answer the following question(s): What in-character reason did you have to loot the injured players? (I do not need to be tutored on what the rulebook says. I am interested in your in-character motivations as to why you did what you did). Regards, Aldari
  3. PENDING RESPONSE This report will be pending a response from the following party: Sharkeisha_Latriece [204] May_Lay [13] Lexi_Blanche [89] The individuals above will have at least 24 hours to respond with heir side of the story and answer any questions. Sharkeisha_Latriece Please answer the following question(s): Given that the vehicle you are driving is not a cop car, but rather a stainer that you personally own, what in-character reason did you have to lie about being in a cop car? What in-character reason did you have to shoot the individuals after one of them called the cops? What is your affiliation with the two other reported individuals? May_Lay Please answer the following question(s): What in-character reason did you have to loot the injured players? What is your affiliation with the two other reported individuals? Lexi_Blanche Please answer the following question(s): What in-character reason did you have to loot the injured players? What is your affiliation with the two other reported individuals? Regards, Aldari
  4. REPORT DENIED Following the failure to complete the action stated above I have decided to deny this report. In the future be sure to make only one report per situation, every report is judged by its circumstances, evidence and intent, we will not judge multiple, yet similar, situations as one. Regards, Aldari.
  5. PENDING ACTION This report will be pending action for the next 24hrs or until the following task is completed: You will need to edit your post to include only one report, we will not accept two reports in one. The other situation will need to be reported separately. Regards, Aldari
  6. REPORT DENIED Following investigation I have decided to deny this report for the following reason: Player has already been banned for these mass VDM incidents. Regards, Aldari
  7. PENDING RESPONSE This report will be pending a response from the following player: Cooter_Johnson [125] I expect the reported party to answer the following questions: What was your in-character reasoning for reversing into the players fishing? The reported party will have at least 24hrs to respond with his side of the story. Regards, Aldari.
  8. REPORT DENIED As all parties have now responded I have decided to conclude this report with the following verdict. Daniel_Harry No punishments issued Firstly, in this situation the player is sat in a vehicle with their engine-on, just as importantly this vehicle is a heavy duty vehicle - providing them with considerable cover from inside the cabin. The fear-rp rule clearly states the following: As the player is in a powered vehicle they are not obligated to immediately comply with demands presented to them when their life is threatened as they have a realistic means of escaping with their life. Secondly, the player here is allowed to run a player on foot over once provided they have a proper In-character reason for doing so, as is stated by our deathmatching rule: I would consider threatening somebody with a gun to be a valid motivation for them to run you down in order to escape. Thirdly, the player here is not guilty of breaching the Fear-RP rule, in fact he behaved perfectly appropriately while he was attacked with bats. The Fear-RP rule states the following: It does not state that players must accept their death or no longer defend themselves, it states they must preserve their characters safety and life. However, the player does that here, once he realises you have the advantage he submits and surrenders - thus preserving his life. However, once the other players demonstrated they had no interest in accepting his submission and intended to kill him anyway - he thought back. A player is only under fear-rp and at the mercy of another player while that player demonstrates they could end their life, but are not as soon as the player demonstrates they are attempting to end their life. There is nothing to stop the victim from defending themselves. Lastly, offensive language is not strictly against our server rules, our rules state the following: The reporting party here made no attempt to inform the player that they were offended by the word and would like for the player to stop using it. The onus is not on the reported party to guess what you are offended by, it is for the reporting party to inform him. If he then continued he would have broken our rule, but since he was never informed, he didn't. Chode_Peterson rulebreaches Hello, throughout this report I am quite concerned by Your behaviour in the report Your interpretation of what is considered acceptable purely on the basis it is not precisely written anywhere. We have already established that the player has not broken Fear-RP, so I will not reiterate this. However, nowhere in the video did the player attempt to ram you 'multiple times', not once. You spent the entire time in the video behind the truck, the only point at which this was not the case was when you stopped to enter /b at which point the player had ample opportunity to ram you, but did not. So I am not particularly sure why you think the player was at any point trying to ram you when it seems so self-evident he is not. Furthermore, if you wanted to OOC'ly communicate with the player from a distance then you could have utilised /pm, this is no excuse to use VOIP as OOC chat, nor was it a 'few times', I count ten different occasions in which you speak OOC'ly in IC voip, both to the reported party and to your friend on the radio. I feel like in this response you're purposely downplaying what you did and exaggerating what the other player did. This is not what /b is for or any other form of OOC communication: At no point should anybody be pausing their RP to argue or debate with other players on the rules. OOC communication is for informing other parties that there is some disruption or information vital to the continuation of RP, if somebody breaks a rule you do two things: Report it using /report Continue IC'ly until an administrator pauses it At no point does the RP stop or your reaction go out of character because you think somebody broke a rule, you continue along with it IC'ly until a member of staff says otherwise. This concerns me, because something should not need to be explicitly stated in order for you to be aware that it is not realistic or believable, our non-rp rule states: Under what circumstance would bunny hopping on a bmx in order to acquire the speed of a motorvehicle be considered realistic? This isn't something someone should have to explicitly state to you, it should be self-evident to anybody attempting to portray a believable character that is interacting with the world. Korn_Wallace rulebreaches Firstly, it is not acceptable that your reaction to seeing a dead body, which was also your friends dead body, is to simply loot it at a hospital. You should not be looting bodies at all inside of No Crime Zones, but furthermore it is abysmal RP to see a dead body and your reaction to it is to nonchalantly stroll over, check its inventory for items and stroll away, like your character didn't just witness a corpse or touch it, how exactly would you react in real life if you saw a dead person? It seems to me you are not behaving here with any RP mindset at all, there is no attempt to play a character, you're just solely concerned about in-game items, by your own admission. Secondly, I am not sure why you thought it was appropriate to bunny hop onto someone else's car for no reason - this is just horrendous RP. Furthermore, on further review of your stream, I see that you too mixed IC and OOC chat, claiming the reported party broke non-rp "eight times". Lessons To Be Learned Fear-RP applies only to players in vulnerable positions under direct danger. It does not apply to those being actively, physically, attacked and it does not apply to those in a switched on car. VOIP is for IC chat ONLY, under no circumstance should you ever use VOIP as a means of communicating IC'ly OOC chat is not for arguments on rules or a method of influencing RP. You MUST RP at all times and remain in-character, if you think a rule is broken you report it and you continue to play your characters IC'ly Your characters are expected to behave realistically and believably, this means NOT bunny hopping BMXs constantly in order to keep up with motor vehicles, this means NOT bunny hopping onto other peoples vehicles for no reason, this means NOT outright ignoring corpses and just seeing corpses as some sort of inventory for you to loot like this is an MMO. I highly suggest the reporting parties hre re-read the entire rulebook and ask questions before continuing as I do not see you having very long futures on the server if you think this is acceptable or tolerable behaviour. Regards, Aldari.
  9. PENDING RESPONSE This report will be pending a response from the following players, I will expect each player to answer my questions: Daniel_Harry What was your in-character reason for running the player over on the bike? What was your in-character reason for attacking the players after they hit you with the bat? What was your in-character reason for calling the players a 'nigga' in IC chat. Chode_Peterson Throughout the videos provided why are you using VOIP as a means of communicating OOC'ly? Such as informing the player you need to type or referencing reports. Why did you stop the RP to enter /b and accuse them of breaking rules? Why are you repeatedly bunny hopping throughout the pursuit? Korn_Wallace Why, upon seeing your friends body outside of MD, did you immediately search the body? Why did you have no reaction to seeing a dead person? All of you What do you think about the quality of the RP you have provided here? All parties will have at least 24hrs to respond to my questions. Regards, Aldari.
  10. Aldari


    Hello, currently the only people able to RP as attorneys are moderators, you can request one using /report in-game.
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