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  1. Noah Baxtor (5,500 Credits)

    Character to be refunded: Noah Baxtor Date and time of incident: 21/06/2018 @19:52 GMT London Requested refund (what and how much): 5,500 Credits Description of incident resulting in loss: So I purchased this car a while ago now from the credit store, I don't like it nor do I drive it. It just sits there in the parking lot, so I was just wondering if I can get the car removed and my Credits back? As I cant sell it nor scrap it. Evidence of loss: Comments: If I cant I completely understand just thought I would ask though.
  2. Mask 9976_4974, Mask 5465_6451 (Non-RR, DM)

    ,Hello, Thanks to Kay133 for your report, Thanks to JackD248 replying. I can see this report is getting out of hand and I don't believe I need you to remind you both that this is meant to be dealt with professionally. This report is still pending an admin response and you have both stated your sides. Please keep this professional and understand if you want to counter the report please post it not state it on here as a hateful comment against the reporting party. Thank you both for understanding and remain professional. Support Team, ItzKnight PS: MrKantonine please don't comment on reports your not involved in this is not allowed.
  3. Account name: Noah Baxtor Character name(s): Noah Baxtor, Naomi Black, and Rory Mckay Admin who issued punishment: Multiple admins all pictured below Date of punishment: Multiple dates all pictured below Reason given for punishment: First of all I would just like to mainly ask if the "Bugged", "Crashing on login", and the unprison and prison can be removed as these ain't rule breaks just issues that happened that could only be solved by kicking me and I'm quite picky at looking at a clean record. So the first one I'm inquiring is back from January and it was metagaming from when I first started the server and made a discord or faction chat mistake I cant remember as it was so long ago that was on Noah Baxtor. The second one is Lying to staff in /report back in February I have no recollection of what happened so can't explain that one on Rory Mckay. Then finally there are 2 non-RP behavior ones on Noah Baxtor and Naomi Black, the one on Noah was for using an HSIU to pit a vehicle. The one on Naomi was pulling a weapon out a Tequilala Your explanation of what happened: So I can't really explain the ones from the top paragraph but the 2 non-RP ones I can, so the first one on Noah Baxtor this was a pursuit on a supercar and I used the HSIU to PIT a vehicle to slow it down this was when the new VDM rule stating about high-value cars came in like it literally came in that day and I wasn't aware of it fully and made a general mistake and have learnt from that mistake and feel I shouldnt have this on my admin log. The second one was issued on Naomi Black today and I don't see this one getting removed but I would like to ask so I pulled a weapon out around the back of tequilala when a gent was being aggressive and harrassing for money and IC I got fear full and pulled again once again i admit I made a mistake and forgot the outside of tequilala round back is now classed as a NCZ and again would like to state it was a general mistake and don't believe it should be on my log for a general mistake Why should your appeal be accepted?: So with the first couple, I think they need to be removed so I can see my clean record again. In relation to the older logs, It has been a very long time since those were issued and I haven't made the mistake since and learned my lesson back when those were issued. In relation to the 2 more up to date ones, they were general mistake and mistake that happened due to new rules I was still getting used to I would also like to state I have only ever been given one warning and that was back in January. I play this server on a daily basis and am always abiding by the rules I never purposely go out of my way to break them and if I do make a mistake I have always admitted to it with no hesitation. I believe my record should be cleaned and this report was taken into consideration because of my attitude and the fact these were general mistakes I think I should have just been warned about. I used to have a clean record and when I made that general mistake and got the Non-RP kick I was very upset with it and I know that I always follow the rules. So the reason this should be accepted and my record cleared is stated above and that they are all either old or not a rule break or just a general mistake I have learned from. I know I won't do this again and I apologize if I affected anyone RP in the game from these general mistakes I can tell everyone know it won't happen again and that I'm sincerely sorry for my actions. One thing I know is I want to see my clean record again as I know I'm not a bad player and I know I always follow the rules, when my record wasn't clean I was upset and know it shouldn't have been that way. Post any evidence or further details:
  4. Mike Jenson & Mike Onfrory ( Non RP)

    Correct Marco Davis was in an HSIU with another officer in a cruiser that came from the right side of the Heli by the dam @Marco Davis You know more information about what happened on the ground?
  5. Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Hello, Thanks for reporting Dekkar88 and thanks for your reply ImSuspensee but please can you both remember this is a player report, not a section were you both diss each other I understand you might both be agitated by the event but do not revert to OOC Insults, please. There's no need to be sarcastic with each other nor call each other "Childish". Currently, you are still pending an Admin response and please reply with your sides of the story but no more OOC Insults in the report keep it professional. Thanks Support Team, ItzKnight
  6. Player(s) being reported: Mike Jenson & Mike Onfrory Date of rule breach: 12/06/2018 Time of rule breach: N/A Your characters name: Noah Baxtor Other players involved: Marco Davis Specific rule broken: Non-RP - Players must value their vehicles and only use them for transportation or getaway and not for ramming other vehicles when it is not necessary. Players may not destroy their vehicles intentionally. A player who uses a vehicle to ram other vehicles must use a vehicle designed or able to do so realistically. Supercars should not be used for ramming in any circumstance. How did the player break the rule?: As you see in the evidence posted below we were in a pursuit with the two gents named above one driving the Zentorno and one driving I believe to be either a Rapid or a Spector cant remember Marco Davis will know as he was the ground unit. As you see the Zentorno flys of the little rock forcing his vehicle to flip on which the other vehicle in question turned around and used itself as a ram to un-flip the Zentorno as these were both supercars they should have rammed each other. Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5b1ff6d695e8c00edc/non-rp-ecrp?from=user
  7. Jake Ryan ($117,000)

    Hello ohadzz, Just so there's no confusion you spoke to me on the /report, I never stated you will definitely get a refund. I said that you can post a refund request to see if you can get your money back as this was a RageMP glitch with the vehicle customizations. Sorry if there was any confusion in the /report Thanks Noah Baxtor (ItzKnight) Support Team
  8. Augury Insurance Building

    Hello, Not really a server suggestion more of an addon, I was wondering if this building pictured below could be opened up with the Loan company interior ((Not become a loan company)). Augury is a thriving business me Noah Baxtor, Ed Liebenburg and Ricky Baxtor opened a while ago as we expanded we are realising having the building as an office would be beneficial to us in so many RP ways. So if its ok with the Development team, admins and Nobody can we please have this building opened. Thanks Noah Baxtor Augury Owner
  9. NUMBER UPDATED - 5928150
  10. Realistic Weather Transitions

    +1, I remember when we were in GTMP and had no weather at all so I'm not complaining but to have a more realistic weather pattern and before and after effects would be great.
  11. [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

    Love how this turned into a bidding xD I withdraw :)
  12. Crap I just changed it and needed to update it Ill change it soon you can contact me on it soon. ((OR contact me on discord ItzKnight#9869))
  13. [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park