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  1. Panic Alerts

    +1 I agree great idea
  2. Hello people of Los Santos, I am glad to announce that I am trying to sell my lovely house on Richman street. This house as you can see from the pictures below has a lovely front and back garden and a lovely driveway. This house is on a very nice street and in a very nice area, the garage is big enough to put 3 of your most amazing cars. It could be all yours for only 200K, yes only 200K go take a look i have posted the GPS location picture below.
  3. Map Suggestion

    Is there anyway this item below could be added to the EclipseRP server map its a map addon that makes the map 100x more realistic if it cant thats understandable but i thought i would ask and get everyone thoughts on it https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-v-remastered-add-on
  4. Impound

    I think as a officer, PD should be able to Impound vehicles in the impound lot by Grove Street. Details If players have a car impounded they would have to pay a vehicle release charge to get the car back. The price would depend on the reason its been impounded in the first place. this would also provide many more RP moments within the server this would provide players a better RP experience if there cars are to be taken by PD. This is something that happens IRL everyday and will improve the game that bit more for all players. What do people think of this idea?????
  5. Problem about PD with chases

    i agree with Hellequin as a cop i do see this somethings but if thats the case its FailRP on both ends cuz when i have pitted people before they have smashed into a wall or flipped and landed on there wheels etc and they start driving again like nothing happened so if this is a problem on the PDs side it cant be fixed unless people RP crashing properly after being pitted and smashing into a wall etc. I myself have had to go that extra mile to stop someone knowing they aint gunna RP the crash if i pit them like we are meant to. so im -1 to this as its a problem on both ends not just PD
  6. Please Delete

  7. Missfire - Elisabeth Parker (Ban Appeal)

    i agree, she is very new to the server i have helped her many times myself and i highly doubt she meant to have to mod in the first place. i agree she should be unbanned and given another chance.
  8. Alba Bus (Salary)

    Since this was my loan i wouldn't feel right not commenting. I can say that I defiantly had a loan with Abla 160K but including the tax it was 187K. I have paid the loan and can say on my side as well the loan has gone off my active loans. When i took the loan out i was called Noah Baxtor and just before I paid it all off i changed it to Noah Vinziatti, if that has made the money go missing i do apologise there Alba. Hope you get the money back man i sweated out getting that money back for you as quickly as possible as well hahaha.

    I, Noah Baxtor ask for a loan at Total Bankers of $160.000 and I will pay back within 2 weeks. And I agree that failure to pay will result in a seizure of my assets, a Toreno classic car i will be buying with the money. 11/02/2018 (( by signing this contract you oocly agree to hand over the financial company ownership your agreed asset(s) if you don't pay back the loans.))
  10. i can tell u exactly what to do the error is quite self explanatory, the error your seeing on your screen has no relation to GTMP at all it in relation to the GTA V game itself. What you need to do is launch GTA V (NOT GTMP), once you have launched GTA V Single player, story mode you need to start a new game, you will be presented with the prologue as normal what you need to do is complete the prologue up to the point Franklin returns to his home with Lamar once in the bedroom of Franklin's home sleep on the bed thus creating a "Save File" once you have saved the game (Created the Save) you can exit the game relaunch GTMP and it will load. (all that error is saying is you haven't played single player or have saved a story mode on single player (new) thus GTMP wont be able to open) PS: or you can download a 100% GTA V save file and put that in the story mode and try that way.
  11. Please Delete

    If a admin can delete this post that be great i have removed the original business that i made this post about thanks
  12. hi my names rahi im 14 xdddd

    Welcome to the Community :D
  13. when your ingame use the "/report 2" code and write "/report 2 im stuck inside the loan building [name of the loan company's building] can i get a hand. something like that anyways :)