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  1. Hello @armanhesari, Thank you for returning our Emails so quickly and we are happy that you accept the offer of £330,000 and wish you all the best of luck in your new home. To contact the owner please find attached his number and contact him at your earliest convenience. Number: 2473414 Thanks for using Augury today.
  2. Hello @armanhesari, We have spoken to the owner of the property in question here and he wants to thank you for the offer of $320,000 the owner has requested us to ask if you would take the house for $330,000 instead, we will await your reply. Thanks Augury
  3. Hello @armanhesari, Thanks for sending in your offer, we will contact the owner with your offer of $320,000 and get back to you as soon as we can Thanks Augury
  4. Hello Citizens, We at Augury are glad to announce a new property going up for sale on the market today. We have a beautiful 3 car garage house right on the side of the Los Santos beach and this is an amazing looking property in an amazing place in the city and you should feel great to own a property in this destination. Features: 1.) Frontside and Backside Parking 2.) Right on the beach line 3.) Amazing views 4.) Easy Access 5.) 3 garages worthy to hold 3 cars Price: $450,000 ONO Photos: Thanks For taking the time to check the advertisement, if your interested please feel free to go and view as it is on the current market or post your offers below and we will respond to you asap. Thanks Augury ((P.S: If you want Augury to help you advertise your future sales please contact our owner Noah Baxtor - ItzKnight#9869 with details and questions.))
  5. ItzKnight

    CPR Bug

    Date and time (provide timezone): 22/12/2018 Character name: Noah Baxtor Issue/bug you are reporting: CPR bug you can CPR yourself Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: When downed if you have been cpr trained or can use the command /cpr you can use this command on yourself which shouldn't be a thing a big bug that can be badly abused. Evidance: Look In-Game and try it
  6. @Devett I guess I won as no higher bid has been placed???
  7. @Devett Hello, when does the bid come to an end at this point I'm still sticking with my bid as no one has come for a higher offer. $160,000 - Naomi Black
  8. Get outta here @DDevastatedTV LMAO $150,000 - Naomi Black
  9. +1 from me ovs as you see me agree in my stream xD
  10. I have to agree with Roberto I give a +1 but I would like to see all the different weather effects in the server on a randomizer we get rain, sun and now snow, never have I see a blizzard, a big storm, frosty. GTA has got I believe coding for all the different weathers that you get in real life I would like to see the server just have the weather on a randomizer so we can take advantage of all the different effects and weathers.
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