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  1. Why is the server so empty?

    As a police officer, I completely agree with everything that was said here. We don't even choose the times anymore, we just Add the charge and it sets the time, we can't reduce it or anything like that. I believe the 4 hour prison time is a terrible addition to the server, at least in the state it is in. The prison is empty and there's no RP to be had there. As for police convicting without evidence, I have seen it done and I have confronted a couple officers about it. I've also pointed out to a few officers during an on-going investigation that either we don't have any evidence or this is the evidence we would need, lets attempt to obtain it. If we don't have evidence, I'd rat on his ass if he places charges. This server has taken a hit from the combination of the prison addition and the GTMP update. I try my best to keep as many people within the server as I can, and I try to get my colleagues to do the same. I'm sorry if they have wrongfully convicted anyone without evidence, I hope you don't take to offensively, as sometimes it is hard to distinguish whether you have solid evidence or if you are just metagaming.
  2. [EVENT] Halloween Night Poker Tournament

    Considering your night time will be my 3PM, it won't be as spooky as it should be. +1
  3. Moped Laws

    Deja Vu! Oh yeah, suggestion, uh, we have a slightly different plan coming soon, where instead of CityBee's, we will have bicycle rentals, and the overall cost of a bicycle may end up being cheaper as well. I've always felt the whole CityBee system to be pretty Non-RP, considering you can rent one without a license.
  4. [Appeal] Rick Fox

    The warning should not be considered an actual punishment, but more of a sticky note for admins to inform us that you have been spoken to about the rule and should not be breaking it again. Voiding it would mean almost nothing. Appeal Rejected
  5. [Appeal] Asad_Shami

    @Chilled I have noticed that you previously appealed for this same punishment. Even though your punishment was not documented, you were banned for RP'ing a terrorist and committing VDM without showing remorse for doing so. However, since it was so long ago, and you now should know of what you have done, we would like to give you a second chance in the server in order to show us what you can do. Please do not break any more rules, as you will be on a tight leash for a while. Appeal has been Accepted / Resolved Player has been unbanned.
  6. James Hughes

    Then gimme my upvotes xD
  7. James Hughes

    /me would still succeed because your awareness of the situation would not prevent the firecracker from being lit.
  8. Pc specs ?

    @tripzz_93 if you're getting a 1080, why not spice up your RAM. Go for 2400+ for future proofing.
  9. James Hughes

    *sneaks behind you, lights a loud fire cracker and runs*
  10. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    I see all these posts here saying there's no way to remove cars... The scrapyard still works guys.
  11. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

    Last I checked, Warreners were free to repair from above 600 HP. I completely agree with this suggestion, part of the reason I was so adamant on getting the explosive tanks removed from Bayview. +1
  12. Bahama Mamas Nightclub - Looking for employees!

    ((Locking until further notice to avoid more applications :( ))
  13. The fall of OsamaBigLag