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  1. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    This thread will remain unlocked until the factions are no longer at war.
  2. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    As far as I can tell, your reasoning is rather old. Also, the Savages are no longer the Savages and now have a new leader. I would like to ask you to OOCly return to being Neutral and only declare war through IC means with an actual reason and RPing with the actual leader.
  3. VDM Stanger 2442_6526

    Based off of the video provided, I cannot prove that the player intentionally VDM'd for 3 reasons. 1. Desync, your player model, after moving around a lot, will appear in a different place on his screen than on your screen. 2. You clearly ran out in the middle of the street, making yourself a target for traffic. 3. The player was in the middle of doing a wheelie when you ran out in front of him. In this case, he would need to land the wheelie and then steer, which he did not have time to do. However, the player is, in fact, cop baiting and will receive a warning for FailRP. Report Rejected / Closed
  4. Nathan Goliath [None RP Gang War]

    Please inform Nathan_Goliath of this report and that he will need to explain his reasoning behind declaring war.
  5. [SUGGESTION] Insurance Companies

    This would also cause a lot of problems on the admin end, as well. When someone's car bugs out and destroys, we generally have them use /vehrevive, which can be used anywhere, and then we just grab their vehicle and bring it to them. It would add a lot of unnecessary time to completing reports.
  6. (Suggestion) Extended Rental De-Spawn

    I like Triple Seven's idea. Long term rental cars were a nightmare for mechanics, then again, it could bring back the tow truck roles. Hmmmmm.
  7. [SUGGESTION] Outfits/Wardrobe

    Or you could do just like phones, limited outfits for non-VIP, and more outfits for VIP. Don't make it pay-to-win, but make it to where you can pay for a better quality of life.
  8. [SUGGESTION] Faction Vehicle Storage

    I do like the idea, I really do. Don't think everyone should be able to access your car though, as its still a garage and I would still lock my car, even parked in a garage.
  9. [SUGGESTION] Faction Vehicle Storage

    Okay, say you have 15 mechanics at 1 shop, where do they store the cars?
  10. [Appeal] Drake Mcgarrett

    Hacking was and never will be tolerated on this server. Appeal Rejected
  11. JET SKIS, a few locations.

    I mostly mentioned this because I don't know the PD requirements on who CAN pull out a boat.
  12. Appeal Sten Lohk

    I fully agree with @aon's decision. If you would like to report the player with proper evidence, please do so in Report a Player. This appeal is Rejected / Resolved Thank you for your time.
  13. Appeal Sten Lohk

    I had reviewed this report, as well. The proper resolution to someone breaking rules is not to, in turn, break rules yourselves, but rather report the player and avoid him. I will let @aon make his point here and then make the final decision, as he was the one who issued the ban.
  14. JET SKIS, a few locations.

    Perhaps a few preliminary requirements to renting them, as these would commonly be used to evade police chases.
  15. Unban appeal

    From the video Sane provided, this is a clear case of intentional VDM. Considering you had broken the rule before, you clearly knew what rule you were breaking and how you were going to break it. Appeal Rejected