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  1. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Lame and unoriginal. Go back and do it again at a later date. 4/10

    /me places gyrhnr on a pan. /me preheats the oven to 325 F. /me places the pan in the oven. /me waits 45 minutes. /me takes the pan out of the oven. /do Would it be roasted?
  3. You will be missed baby.

  4. Eclipse Staff Roster

    InvalidSun resigned from Public Relations and Senior Administrator.
  5. You're it! Like and share or Eriksen will eat your left ear off.

    1. ItsPazz


      What if that was my plan all along? :16_relieved:

  6. [APPEAL] James Jabumpkin

    Account name: InvalidSun Character name(s): James Jabumpkin Admin who issued punishment: InvalidSun Date of punishment: 02/06/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY) Reason given for punishment: "Kappa" Your explanation of what happened: I was just standing on the pier and this damn admin banned me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I wasn't doing anything. I DIDN'T DO IT. Post any evidence or further details:
  7. Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    I would also like to add that there are rules in the book against language in an OOC chat in section 3.2.
  8. Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    There are guide lines put in place that have different times for minor offenses than they do major offences. If you were permanently banned immediately, then you most likely had a major offence. Pending @BallinByNature's response.
  9. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: InfamousFelix has been assigned as PR Manager. InvalidSun has stepped down from PR Manager. flow has stepped down from Public Relations and Support. Citrine has stepped down from Public Relations and Support.
  10. While this was an absolutely joy to read, since the report contains a member of Administrative Staff and is suspecting them of abusing the commands given to them, it will require review from the Head of Administration, therefore, pending @BallinByNature for response. Locked until then.

  12. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    Player has been unbanned.
  13. [Appeal] Rudy VInziatti

    Appeal is pending further review. Please be patient while we sort out these last few appeals.
  14. [Appeal] David Garcia

    Now, while I appreciate your idea of the situation, the options are wrong. The situation we were dealing with were far more than simple pranks and annoyances. Members were put at risk and threatened with their own personal information, including usernames and passwords. "Dealing with the issue" for a while longer would put the security of others at risk, and honestly, our members being afraid to play a game because some angry guy got banned and wants to get revenge does not sound like something we want on our plate. We understand your displeasure in being banned because of this situation, but we need everyone to understand that this was a major security risk and we had to handle it in the way we did. Pending @BallinByNature for further review.