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  1. InvalidSun

    Ode to a Sunflower

    To be quite honest with you, I agree with most of your posting, but am a bit disappointed by the presentation due to the various scenes of profanity and insulting remarks. However, I'd like to present a bit of an explanation towards points of the matter that are a bit misrepresented. I will never personally insult an active member of Development, such as @NobodyLTU, who has always done as much as he could for the server, on their "lack of features". These things take time, and if not done right, could entirely ruin the rest of the server, let it be stability, economy, player interest in other features. It happens, yes, but he does his best. The job system and economy were fairly decent at the start of the server. The first few months, everyone was socializing, working hard for their dream cars. But, these were the days when as long as you were on duty, you were paid. Future issues involving members finding private places to enable a script, forcing their character to walk in circles while they sleep, caused economical issues, ensuring a tidy change that would force you to be at least at your job to be paid. This, of course, limited work outside of their general work area, which lessened conversation between areas. Is it a feature I would remove? Not really. Would a slight change make this better? Probably, but I do not know what that change would be. As for the jailing system; originally, there was only the jail, 60 minutes max, roleplay was actually quite enjoyable, especially with Randy Clark/Travis Palmer around. He always made it fun for the criminals in there. However, the jails became packed, since there were only 3 cells down there, and everyone wanted to be a criminal, and half of those always wanted to be arrested by Clark/Palmer so they could roleplay with him from the jail cells. So, they put together a prison. This prison was prepared for some amazing features and could potentially be a genuine experience, once given the development required to become so. Like stated previously, these things take time, and other features and fixes become more important, leaving the prison on the backburner. The most anyone can do for you, from the community, which has no involvement in Development, is recommend you to be a more discrete criminal or just do the time. That is nothing against you in any way, as it is the only two options available, and the only way that member can help you. That is my personal opinion on the matter. The server is a great place to come together with people and make friends, at least, it was for me. The money was a side quest while I enjoyed just having people to interact with visually, as opposed to just a small text conversation. That's what brought the experience together for me in a way that I had always enjoyed.
  2. InvalidSun

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    To answer your question, I would like to see RP where everyone is just having fun.
  3. InvalidSun

    Jeff Zed perm ban appeal

    I will issue your Discord unban, seeing that you will understand in the future that spam is bad and not stopping when told to is also bad. The in-game ban will be pending @BallinByNature.
  4. InvalidSun

    A trucker hello from Robert

    Eyyyyy what up other trucker named Robert!
  5. InvalidSun

    /do eurobeat intensifies

    I can upvote @WoogeTV's post, so I'll say "upvote"
  6. InvalidSun

    Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Lame and unoriginal. Go back and do it again at a later date. 4/10
  7. InvalidSun


    /me places gyrhnr on a pan. /me preheats the oven to 325 F. /me places the pan in the oven. /me waits 45 minutes. /me takes the pan out of the oven. /do Would it be roasted?
  8. You will be missed baby.

  9. InvalidSun

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    InvalidSun resigned from Public Relations and Senior Administrator.
  10. You're it! Like and share or Eriksen will eat your left ear off.

    1. ItsPazz


      What if that was my plan all along? :16_relieved:

  11. InvalidSun

    [APPEAL] James Jabumpkin

    Account name: InvalidSun Character name(s): James Jabumpkin Admin who issued punishment: InvalidSun Date of punishment: 02/06/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY) Reason given for punishment: "Kappa" Your explanation of what happened: I was just standing on the pier and this damn admin banned me. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I wasn't doing anything. I DIDN'T DO IT. Post any evidence or further details:
  12. InvalidSun

    Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    I would also like to add that there are rules in the book against language in an OOC chat in section 3.2.
  13. InvalidSun

    Lewis Smith - Ban Appeal

    There are guide lines put in place that have different times for minor offenses than they do major offences. If you were permanently banned immediately, then you most likely had a major offence. Pending @BallinByNature's response.
  14. InvalidSun

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: InfamousFelix has been assigned as PR Manager. InvalidSun has stepped down from PR Manager. flow has stepped down from Public Relations and Support. Citrine has stepped down from Public Relations and Support.