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  1. Can't find server

    Hmm, join our public discord and go to #helpdesk and our Support team can help you much quicker. Eclipse Roleplay Public Discord
  2. Can't find server

    Clicking launch should bring you into the GTMP version of the game, which will start you off with a paused menu with 4 tabs. You'll go to the second tab and quick connect will be there.
  3. Can't find server

    We changed hosts since and for some reason, GT-MP has not registered us in their masterlist. Go to Quick Connect IP: Port: 4490 No password Hit connect
  4. [APPEAL] Carter Shalami

    Insults directly related to things that happened on Eclipse are still OOC insults and are still treated the same as in-game OOC insults. Hiding behind another server or in someone's PM's does not make the direction of your insult any more innocent. Punishment will remain. Appeal Rejected / Locked
  5. Need help

    If you had stopped playing shortly after joining, we separated the forum accounts from the in-game accounts. You will need to go to and hit "Forgot Password" and set yourself up with a new login.
  6. Phone tracking

    Current protocols for tracking require the detective tracking to remain stationary and not partake in the pursuit, but rather communicate the location to fellow officers, which does not work well without street names on the map. :P
  7. Hey is this server still up because I can't find it on GT-MP

    1. OsamaBigLag


      hello, use this to connect to the server

  8. /me sniffs Toony's hair.

  9. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: KiloKryptonite has returned to staff as Trial Moderator. Sam6420 has resigned from Moderator.
  10. hello new here and got a question

    Yes, GTMP is completely safe to use. If you use the GTMP launcher, it is running a single-player instance of the game. If you launch the game normally, the GTMP modification is not running and you are able to play online safely.
  11. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: The following Support Staff has been recruited: Clara_Monroe
  12. Poor handling of my case

    Again, let me repeat. You stole a taxi. That is Grand Theft Auto, a law in which you broke.
  13. Poor handling of my case

    Next time you steal a taxi, RP taking a memory card out of the dash cam. /shrug Even ICly, you stole a taxi, you committed Grand Theft Auto. The officer arresting you was a Cadet and was still following the majority of PD protocol. Thanking someone for hitting you with a car was pretty out of line, but that is an IC issue, not FailRP. It's not about whether or not the admins decided to do anything, because honestly, if the taxi driver had just stated that you stole the taxi from someone who crashed, you would've been the one punished either way.
  14. Lowr prison time

    Prison time was lowered to 2 hours last week. Implemented, I guess?
  15. We have more openings available, come apply!