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  1. Simple request really, when looking at our taxes and debt tab, we get to see exactly how much we are worth with our total assets. It would be nice if this would provide a list, telling us what each object we own is worth and how it adds up. As it is, I have quite a few Import cars and I have absolutely no idea if they count towards my assets or not.
  2. NEW GIVEAWAY We at Jabumpkin's Sidearms will be giving away an Elegy Retro Custom! Drawings will be on April 5th! Go buy your weapons and get your tickets!
  3. We're just looking for offers right now.
  4. The winner never claimed So we did a reroll! The winner of the Elegy RH8 is now Nicole Crawford! Text me at 5206798 to get your prize!
  5. We have a winner! We want to congratulate Percival Banks on winning the lovely Elegy RH8! Contact me at 5206798 in order to claim your prize!
  6. Apologies for the delays, lots of things happened today that forced me to be busy elsewhere. I have the last set of drawings in and will announce the winner first thing when I wake up!
  7. DON'T WORRY We're still counting, taking names, and prepping for a giveaway. We had to take time to decide what to give away for this raffle and we think we may have picked one. Hope you guys will look forward to it, because we will be giving it away next Sunday. So, to the lucky winner of next Sunday's raffle, you will be receiving this amazing maxed out Elegy RH8! Good luck to all. Cya next Sunday.
  8. They're free to make new alts, but transferring the money to other characters of theirs would be entirely against the transfer rules. If they're caught, it's pretty much a perma. Also, once you have a character that isn't "New Player" anymore, none of your characters will be "New Player".
  9. I recommend the Real Estate section, not the Businesses section. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/20-real-estate/
  10. Apologies, I will be texting you within the hour.
  11. We have a winner! I would like to congratulate Cesare Levante on winning this Merryweather Mesa! Please contact me at 520-6798 to claim your prize!
  12. You're able to purchase melee weapons without a weapon's permit. That's why I made them count, so everyone can be involved.
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